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How I’ve Grown My Blog to 20,000+ Monthly Visitors In 7 Months (With No Ads Spend)

How I’ve Grown My Blog to 20,000+ Monthly Visitors In 7 Months (With No Ads Spend)


So what a journey it’s been for Forgetting Fairytales ALREADY! Launching in March 2020, I wrote here about how I’d grown my blog to 10,000 monthly visitors in three months. (Click here to see how I did it.) This was a pretty mighty milestone. Six months in, I was then sustaining 10,000 monthly visitors – but instead of it coming from hours of social media promotion, I was getting the vast majority coming from google search (after effective SEO strategies) which made it self-sustaining. Eight months in now and I’m on track to soar past 20,000 monthly visitors.

How Have I Done It?

Well I guess I better give you a bit of my backstory. I’ve been in business since the age of 18, have ran a Digital Marketing company for the past 5 years, and have been blogging for, well, as long as I can remember.

I guess that makes me a bit of an ‘expert’ in this area, but nothing that I do, you can’t do too. All of my strategies are also authentic which means it requires absolutely no marketing spend whatsoever – just your time.

In this post I want to share with you:

  1. A breakdown of my stats so you can see the results I’ve gotten.
  2. How you can do the same too.

Sounds good? Alright then! Let’s start with the case study…

How I’ve Grown My Blog to 20,000+ Monthly Visitors

So as briefly mentioned, I launched this blog in March 2020. Uh huh, right at the start of the global pandemic… nice timing right?! But actually it was, because COVID sent internet use higher than it has ever been before. What that means for us as bloggers? More people online, and more opportunities. (Hence why now is the perfect time to grow your blog… so keep on listening!)

By month three (May 2020) I was reaching over 10,000 monthly visitors. SEO takes time to pick up your posts so at this stage it was done pretty much entirely through effective social media marketing – Google hadn’t yet found me.

So what happened from there? Well, life took over. I kept creating content for my blog and sharing new articles regularly, but I wasn’t promoting as heavily on social media because I didn’t really have the time. I still had my social media marketing business to run and – luckily – I had some big campaigns going out for clients, so that took over as a priority.

When I checked back a couple of months later however, I notice my traffic had been sustained… AMAZING I thought! How it had happened? Because I’d been fully SEO optimising all of my blog posts and Google had started to spot them (this can take 3-6 months). Six months in then, my traffic had changed from 10K monthly visitors from Social, to 10K predominantly from Google Search. Look…

MONTH 1: March 2020

This is the traffic I hit on the first month of launching.

  • 6,349 page views, 3,073 sessions & 2,173 users.
  • 79% of this came from social media and just 1.2% came from Organic Search.

Please note: Direct traffic can come from different sources so we’ll discount that from our analysis.

MONTH 3: May 2020

By May, we had soared past 10,000 sessions and 17,000+ page views in the month. But again, the vast majority of this was coming from social media still. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 17,710 pageviews, 10,238 sessions, 8,058 users.


Six months later was where it all changed. This was also sustained in month 7 (which was September) so let me show you that, to prove how it’s kept up…

Over 10,000 sessions still. Well to be specific:

  • 15,117 pageviews, 11,077 sessions, 9,297 users.

But the difference this time is where it came from…

Notice the change? The blue part is now Organic Search (at 76.1%) and Social only generated 14.9%. Let’s see it in another way. This is the Daily Traffic Source in September. As you can see, the dark blue is organic – making up the majority of the daily traffic, and this is rising week by week.

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Predictions For This Month (October 2020: Month 8)

We’re just six days into October but these are the daily traffic stats so far:

4,292 sessions over 6 days, which averages at 715 sessions a day which would take it to 22,175 sessions by the end of the month… Not bad hey?

How To Grow Your Blog Through Social Media & SEO

Like I said before, all of my growth strategies via social media are done authentically which means so long as you have some TIME, you need no financial investment at all. Take my Facebook page for instance. I grew it from 0 to 5K in just three months upon launch and this was with no ad spend. Look…

Once you have the audience – and the knowledge for how to use that audience effectively – directing traffic becomes easy. Social media is always my recommended starting point for growing your blog because you can direct traffic instantly. Alongside this, you want to keep working on creating SEO-optimised content… that’s what makes your job and life far easier, especially in the long-run. Then, when you combine the two, you will see your site absolutely soar!

I’ll be sharing how to:

  1. Use social media to direct mass traffic to your blog.
  2. Craft blog posts that actually get picked up by SEO.
  3. Grow your social media platforms with new, loyal readers.
  4. OPTIONAL: Monetise your blog within 3-6 months.


All the best,

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