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30 Day Self Care Challenge

30 Day Self Care Challenge

30 Day Self Care Challenge

Whilst we’re stuck in self-isolation, there’s no better time for a little self-care. What exactly is this? Well, self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook and neglect. So, to get our focus back, I’d love you to join me on a 30 day self care challenge.

Time’s may be tough right now, but they won’t last forever, so in the meantime, we must make a conscious effort to look after ourselves and the way we feel. 

The 30 Day Self Care Challenge

How will it work? Well, it’s quite simple really… For the next 30 days, we will do one thing every day, that will positively affect our wellbeing. You can make your own, tweak the one I’ve created, or follow this 30 day self care challenge itinerary day-by-day. If you do decide to go for the latter option, below this list, you’ll also find a printable version, which you can use to tick off each daily task as you go along. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight in…

DAY 1:

Create a gratitude journal and for the next 30 days, wake up and write down 1-3 things you are grateful for every single morning, reading it again every night before bed.

DAY 2:

Go for a gentle walk, and become aware of the beauty around you. Allow your mind to switch off for a little while, and simply appreciate where you are right now.

DAY 3:

Up your water intake! Aim to drink 8 glasses / 2 litres of water today.

DAY 4:

Watch a TedTalk on something that will help, inspire or develop you.

DAY 5:

Call a friend and have a catch up!

DAY 6:

Work on removing one limiting belief that may be holding you back.

DAY 7:

Have a digital detox. Spend the day off the internet and social media, instead filling your time with things that make you feel good! (If you find this too challenging, then allocate a section of the day where you will do this… baby steps!)

DAY 8:

Get into the habit of writing daily, weekly and monthly goals, to keep you moving forward.

DAY 9:

Try a morning yoga session. (This can be online, there’s plenty available for beginners.)

DAY 10:

Put your feet up and spend some time listening to your favourite music. Or, blast it out, having a good sing whilst in the shower! #TheSimpleThingsInLife

DAY 11:

Start to develop some positive affirmations, or even your own personal mantra.

DAY 12:

It’s time to declutter! Clean or clear out something in your home and feel the satisfaction afterwards.

DAY 13:

Allow yourself to binge watch your favourite tv programme, or switch off with a good movie… The key here? To not feel bad about it! You’re not wasting time if you’re getting the rest you need and enjoying it.

DAY 14:

Do 10 minutes of journaling, writing down your thoughts, feelings and maybe even reflections of this 30 day self care challenge so far. If you find it helpful, make journaling a habit for the rest of the challenge. 

DAY 15:

Make a healthy meal plan for the week and stick to it. After all, healthy body, healthy mind.

DAY 16:

Write a bucket list of experiences, all the things you want to do in your life, and set a date for when you’re going to tick the next one off! (It’s good to have things to look forward to!)

DAY 17:

Have a mid-week pamper night. Treat yourself to a nice, hot bubble bath; sit back with a magazine and go through your favourite beauty regime.

DAY 18:

Spend (at least) 30 minutes doing something creative that you enjoy.

DAY 19:

Work on saying “yes” to you and “no” to the things you don’t really want to do … starting with one thing, today. This helps to build your self-worth.

DAY 20:

Learn about the art of mindfulness meditation and see how you can incorporate this into your life.

DAY 21:

Have an early night. Get to bed earlier than usual and give yourself a chance to catch up on sleep!

DAY 22:

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Go the entire day without complaining… Then see if you can extend it for the week.

DAY 23:

Wear an outfit that makes you feel great (even if you’re not really doing anything!) and look at how you can further develop your personal style.

DAY 24:

Start a new book and take time out to read it.

DAY 25:

Take better care of your skin. Wash, exfoliate, cleanse, tone, have a face mask, moisturise. We’re talking the whole works! Your face will be glowing by tomorrow.

DAY 26:

Release all the tension with a full body stretch.

DAY 27:

Learn something new! It could be a hobby, an online exercise class, a skill or even just expanding your knowledge in a certain area.

DAY 28:

Clean out your social media, unfollowing fake friends or negative people and finding new pages that support and encourage you. Like this one!

DAY 29:

Write a letter to your future self, so that you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

DAY 30:

Reflect on everything you’ve learnt this month and the benefits it’s had on how you feel. Then see what healthy habits you can incorporate long-term into your life… and commit to it!

30 Day Self Care Challenge
30 Day Self Care Challenge Printable

So there we have it, our 30 Day Self Care Challenge. If you want to focus on becoming the best, happiest version of yourself, subscribe to the blog below and I’ll send you more resources and recommendations, every couple of weeks.

You can also gain support from others following this challenge in our girl’s support group here. All the best!


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