21+ (Super Special) Anniversary Date Ideas

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Looking for ways to celebrate your anniversary? Things to do on your anniversary that are a little bit different? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 21 super special anniversary date ideas to get you thinking out the box!

Whether you’re celebrating 6 months or 6 years, these unique anniversary date ideas are ones that you wouldn’t do every day. They’re also particularly romantic… A winning combination for sure! So let’s get stuck in shall we?

What To Do On Your Anniversary

Anniversary’s are limited (you only get so many in a year!) And every milestone? They’re well worth celebrating. After all, every stage that you get to is special.

But what do you do? What makes the best anniversary date ideas? And how can you come up with the right idea for the two of you?

Well, you want to consider:

  • What do you and your partner like doing?
  • Are there any things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t been able to so far?
  • How can you add a little romance into it all?
  • How will you ensure you’re getting that all-important quality time here?
  • What’s gong to make your anniversary date extra memorable?
  • What things will you keep the same?
  • And how will this year be different to the last?

Map it all out. Map parts out with your partner, but also consider having a few romantic surprises in there too! It makes the world of difference. Especially when it comes from both sides.

21+ (Super Special) Anniversary Date Ideas

So now we’ve started to get you thinking – let’s get these special anniversary date ideas rolling, shall we? In no particular order, to celebrate your anniversary, you may like to…

1) Go Back To Where You First Met

Need we say more? This one is a bit of a classic when it comes to anniversary date ideas, because it just makes SO MUCH SENSE!

It doesn’t matter where you met or how you met – whether it was by chance, or that potentially awkward first date, out. Revisit the place where it all started for the two of you, and reminisce! It’s a beautiful way to spend an anniversary together.

Just be sure to throw in a few of these Cute Couple’s Questions to set the tone perfectly whilst you’re there too! What do you love most about our relationship? What are some of your favourite memories we’ve shared so far?… We’ve got all of that and more!

2) Recreate One Of Your Favourite First / Significant Dates

Now I know what you may be thinking – what if the moment you first met was not especially memorable? Perhaps you were friends for a while first, or something like that?

Then fear not – as instead of revisiting where you first met, you can re-create one of your favourite dates instead!

So you could go with the place you shared your first kiss, or the date in which “I love you”‘s were first said.

For me, my boyfriend made things 100% official, asking me to be his girlfriend at a concert (whilst also gifting me an infinity bracelet – SO CUTE!).

But that means for us – a concert would be the perfect anniversary date to re-create.

You see? Whatever was special to you – you can recreate it, to make a super special anniversary date. In a similar respect…

3) Or Bring To Life a Mad Crazy “Dream Date!”

Want to do something different for your anniversary date? Something you wouldn’t do every day? Then why not bring to life, one of your dream date ideas?

This can even be done on a small scale. (But is incredibly effective for making your partner feel loved!) For example…

Let’s say your partner has always wanted to go to Paris. Then why not bring Paris to you? Decorate your living room, cook us traditional French cuisine, and make it the next best thing!

This does require a little creativity and effort, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Things To Do On Your Anniversary

4) Create an Annual Tradition

Next up, I want to throw out the idea of creating an annual tradition to celebrate your anniversary…

So you will do the same thing each year, but that’s what makes it extra special… It becomes YOUR thing; what the two of you do.

When it comes to WHAT tradition, well, keep reading through this list of special anniversary date ideas and see what jumps out to you.

The tradition can be a big thing or a little thing; a full-on date that you do every year (but LOVE!), or, just part of a date. It’s entirely up to you.

In fact, on that note, let’s fire few a few examples of date ideas that can become traditions…

5) Pamper Yourselves at a Spa

A spa day is a popular anniversary date idea, because it’s a little luxury and not something that most people can do every day.

It therefore becomes a real treat (which – by the way – you totally deserve!)

Find somewhere with nice spa facilities; relax, swim, grab a Couples Massage, and hey… Why not even throw in some Prosecco?! As on this day – it’s all about cheers to YOU two!

6) Go For a Fancy Meal

Talking of treats, another classic anniversary date idea is to go for a meal. But why not step it up a notch? Why not go for the kind of fancy meal you usually couldn’t afford…

Forget anniversary gifts this year and instead splash out on living the “life of luxury!” (To whatever degree you can!) Have an anniversary night fund and go ALL OUT! Make it an anniversary to remember!

7) Party Together!

Another unique anniversary date idea is to get dressed up and go on a night out together – partying in a nightclub to celebrate the two of you.

Go out (just as a couple) and dance and sing like no-one’s watching! Ceeeelebration time – COME ON! [Cue the song] This not quite your thing?

Then plan an Anniversary Party instead and go all out with it, at home!

8) Go Star Gazing

What else have we got? What else have we got? Well, when it comes to anniversary date ideas we can’t leave out star gazing. It’s cute, romantic and very very special.

Whether you stargaze at home, cuddled up in front of a fire pit, or go out for a drink and cosy up with blankets in the back of your truck – the star gazing options are endless!

This is also another anniversary date idea that also works perfectly as an annual tradition, so be sure to see how you can incorporate it into your anniversary plans!

How To Celebrate Your Anniversary

9) … And Dance In Front Of The Headlights!

Now if you’re going for a drive for your stargazing, I have to now throw out the idea of using your headlights as stage lights, taking your music speaker and dancing away in front of it together, long into the night! This is BEYOND romantic, and totally original too.

Want to go one step further? Then make your “Drive & Dance” an annual anniversary tradition, picking your favourite song to dance to that year, and recording a cute little video every time. It will be amazing to look back on!

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10) Watch a Show / Performance

If you’d prefer less of a “leading role”, then don’t forget – you can still get the thrill from others when celebrating your anniversary together!

Find a play, theatre production, concert, festival or show that you’d love to attend. Make the most of local events / entertainment that’s on in your area. It’s a no-brainer, really!

Anniversary Date Ideas

We’re storming through these anniversary date ideas now. Which ones are standing out to you so far? Are there any anniversary ideas you’re leaning towards? Either way – let’s keep them coming…

11) Go For a Weekend Away

As we reach the half-way mark for the best anniversary date ideas, we’ve got to mention another no-brainer, which is to celebrate by going for a weekend away.

Need we say more? I think not! Don’t just do ONE date – do multiple in a complete mini break for two! Talking of which…

12) … Maybe Even Make It Abroad!

Depending on which anniversary number you’re celebrating, you may even like to turn your staycation into a full-on weekend / break away, abroad!

If it’s early days, you could even start a new tradition of visiting a new country each year. This is especially great for avid travellers, but also those who don’t get to travel enough…

Take your holiday leave, during your anniversary, for a whole range of anniversary dates and treats, packed into one!

Doing things together, seeing things together, experiencing things together – that’s what it’s all about. And that’s definitely what you get in boat-loads (or should we say, plane-loads!) when you go on holiday together!

13) Or Just Get a Fancy Hotel Room For The Night!

Now if a break away sounds too much, consider getting a fancy hotel room for the ultimate anniversary date night! It’s not seedy, it’s SWEET.

See, you’re getting out of your normal environment for quality time together. It’s pure and simple. You don’t even have to do anything there, as such.

Just get into your pjs, order in room service, have a phone ban (ha!) and spend the night, just the two of you. For entertainment, opt for simple Couples Question Games, or this Couples Trivia Quiz! (With these, the hours will pass in no time!)

But all you’re going for is a night alone, completely and utterly for the two of you. Again, this one makes a great anniversary tradition too… and is certainly one of the best (underrated!) anniversary date ideas.

Anniversary Date Ideas

14) Create a Love Den At Home

The other alternative to the Hotel Room Anniversary Date, is to work with what you’ve got at home, but step it up a notch by creating a cute little love den.

Click here for full instructions on how to make one. (You’ll find it at #11.)

It’s ridiculously cosy, and cute too. You’ve just got to get a little creative to pull it all off with that “WOW” factor! Talking of which…

15) Create an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Another great anniversary activity is a scavenger hunt. It’s one of the more creative craft date ideas for your anniversary.

But the cool thing is – here, you essentially turn gift-giving into a date activity – with hints, challenges and clues to reveal different things!

Keep things fun and playful in your relationship – no matter how long you’ve been together!

I personally love scavenger hunts as they’re great free date ideas at home, whilst still remaining special, intimate and exciting! (They’ve kind of “got it all!”)

16) Do Of “Day of Dates”

If you liked the idea of the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt, then a “Day of Dates” is well worth considering for your anniversary too. In fact, you could even tie the two together.

  • Start by leaving a cute little anniversary note for your partner in the morning. (Click here for 50 fun and creative romantic love note ideas!)
  • You then want to create clues for them to find, that reveal different activities (i.e. dates.)
  • You can take it in turns to have sections of the day that you each organise for.
  • Pack the day in, full fun things you both love doing (or would love to do!)
  • … And get that “phone ban” in place again, so there’s no scrolling through social media, and instead, the day is purely about the two of you, having a good time!

17) Push Yourself With an Adrenaline Activity!

If you want your anniversary to be really memorable, you could also go wild by opting for an adrenaline activity.

We’re talking skydiving / white water rafting / rock climbing – things like that. Click here for 25 Crazy Date Ideas to help you better decide!

The best thing about this, is you’re sharing new experiences together. There will certainly be plenty to talk about after it too!

18) … Or Something Still Just As Memorable

Now if adrenaline activities really aren’t for you, you ca still get your heart’s racing with something that’s special and unique (but a little smoother sailing!)

Like, a yacht cruise, hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride – something like that.

These are once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences, which – again – you can share together, but which aren’t quit as scary!

It’s another great option when it comes to the best anniversary date ideas. (Especially if it’s a big anniversary that you have coming up!)

Anniversary Date Ideas

19) Toast To The Two Of You!

Simplicity can be pretty beautiful too, which is why if you’re looking for special anniversary date ideas, you don’t want to forget about just toasting to the two of you!

This could be with wine, tasting, beer tasting, whiskey tasting – you get the gist. Or you could just go out for a few drinks, or do cocktail making at home.

As long as you’re still spending quality time together, and properly celebrating the two of you – that’s what it’s all about!

20) Cook a Three Course Meal Together

Another absolute-must we need to include in our list of anniversary date ideas, is to cook together (of course!)

It’s budget friendly but can still be super special, especially if you make a bigger thing of it.

So what you want to do is:

  • Go for three courses – starter, main and dessert!
  • Allocate the cooking. Team work makes the dream work, as they say. One of you is on starter and dessert, the other goes for main!
  • Cook together, with music going in the background. Make it fun!
  • Then once all the prep work is done – make sure you both go and get dressed up. Uh huh, dressed up to stay in… It makes it fun, flirty and different!
  • Don’t forget to lay the table and set the scene, making it all romantic with candles, too!
  • Then enjoy the rest of the night – just the two of you.

NOTE: This is one of the best foodie date ideas, especially if you love cooking. If cooking really isn’t your thing however, that doesn’t need to stop you…

You can always order in. Or do a restaurant crawl with starter, main and dessert at three different places. Whatever best suits you! These anniversary date ideas are here to make them your own.

21) Have an (Annual!) Photoshoot!

Last but not least then, we’ve made it to suggestion no. 21, and – I’ve got to admit – it’s one of my favourites!

See, what better way to celebrate your anniversary than to capture the moment with a photoshoot!?

You can get this professionally done, with a photographer. Or, simply do it yourself at home! Grab a selfie stick, maybe even get some cute couples matching t-shirts.

You could also go one step further to have props or things that highlight the year you’ve had.

  • For instance, if you’re starting this with anniversary number 1, you may grab a big “1” balloon.
  • As time goes on, you’ll meet different milestones. Perhaps one year you get engaged, another you buy a house so you can have snaps in front of your door, another you’re pregnant (pregnancy bump photos… cute!), then maybe you have the big year you get engaged, etc. etc.
  • Each year, you snap different shots to highlight where you’re at. It will become amazing to look back on!

Anniversary Date Ideas

So there we have it, the full 21+ anniversary date ideas!

The beauty of an anniversary date, is you can make it everything and anything you like – depending on the two of you, what you are like and what you would like.

For me, I’m a little “extra!” so I like to go all out. But use these ideas for inspiration and make them your own.

Either way – just make sure you make time to celebrate this special day!

Sending lots of love and “congrats!” on reaching another milestone. Here’s to many more happy years ahead!


Anniversary Date Ideas
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