125+ (Powerful!) Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend

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Want to make your boyfriend feel appreciated? Looking for thank you messages for your boyfriend to recognise everything that he does? Appreciation message for him? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s 125+ simple but powerful appreciation messages for your boyfriend.

Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend

Let’s get stuck straight in with these appreciation messages for your boyfriend.

If you’re sending an appreciation text to your boyfriend, you’ll just want to add a slight intro like, “hey babe”, or whatever you’d usually say…

Then – tweak the following messages to make them fit your style of texting.

If you’re using these appreciation messages for your boyfriend, to express your gratitude in person, then you can add them into conversations more naturally…

Or, simply “come out with them” as a bigger declaration and romantic thing to do for your boyfriend. Just make sure you speak from the heart, genuinely and with confidence!

The other thing you can do with these appreciation messages for your boyfriend, is incorporate them into cute notes to leave around the house! Now there’s a pleasant surprise for him, hey?!

The most important thing, is you’re getting across the things you want to say, and focusing on expressing your appreciation more…

How to tell your partner you appreciate them

Why Expressing Appreciation is So Important

Expressing gratitude is one of the essential healthy relationship habits to keep the two of you feeling happy and strong.

In fact, new research show that:

“Gratitude increases relationship satisfaction and commitment, while protecting couples from the corrosive effects of ineffective arguing and stress.”

Lack of appreciation can make your boyfriend lose their motivation to keep the relationship running strong.

It makes him less likely to want to continue to do the things he does and contribute to the relationship in the same way, if he continuously feels that lack of appreciation.

(And understandably so. I’m sure you would feel the same way, should it be the other way around. You can’t have a one-sided relationship.)

Therefore, it’s vitally important to recognise not just the things that your boyfriend does, but the positive ways he makes you feel.

This then continues to bring out the best in him, and allows your relationship to flourish…

See, the more appreciated you each feel, the more you’ll want to continue to do, and so it grows and grows and grows.

So let’s get started with some verbal appreciation and our powerful appreciation message for him…

thank you message for boyfriend

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Appreciate Him

Without further ado, here’s some simple yet powerful appreciation messages for your boyfriend.

If you want to tell your boyfriend you appreciate him, these will give you the initial ideas and phrases for how to best articulate this to him, yourself…

1) I just want you to know, how much I love, value and appreciate you.

2) Thank you so much for everything you do – not just for me, but for our little family too.

3) I struggle to put into words, how much you mean to me and how thankful I am to have you.

4) You are so, so, amazing babe. Honestly. You really are.

5) I’m so grateful that you came into my life and continue to stay.

6) You’re genuinely the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. Just one in a million. 

7) I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have found you.

8) You make me feel the way I’ve always wanted to feel, and give me the kind of love I once only ever dreamed of having. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me; how much you mean to me. 

Husband Appreciation Messages

9) I hope you know that I notice it all – the big things you do, but also the little things too. 

10) I used to think that love was always complicated and difficult, but you’ve shown me – with the right person, it’s easy. You’ve completely restored my faith.

11) Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, for making me feel so complete.

12) I’m so grateful for you; for everything that you are and everything that you do.

Thank You Messages For Your Boyfriend

Talking of thank you’s, let’s move on to some specific thank you messages for your boyfriend now. (After all, there’s plenty of things to thank him for.)

These should give you ideas for the little things to pick up on, and get you thinking specifically about everything and all that you can thank your boyfriend for, to better express your appreciation.

Remember – sometimes it’s just about the recognition.

It’s important to show your boyfriend you notice the things that he does and you are grateful for them. You don’t take him for granted, and you appreciate it all.

This in turn, is a very effective way to show someone you love them and it’s particularly powerful if Words of Affirmation are your boyfriend’s love language.

So, you might want to say things like…

appreciation message for him

Thank You For…

13) Always being here for me.

14) Always listening to me.

15) Valuing what I say.

16) Being your fun, fabulous self!

17) Loving me the way that you do.

18) Bouncing off me and my energy!

19) Bringing YOUR energy to the table, every day!

20) Accepting me for everything & all that I am!

21) Fighting for me when times get tough.

Thank you message for your boyfriend

Thank You For…

22) Being my best friend.

23) Being the LOVE OF MY LIFE. (Genuinely!)

24) Being my rock through thick and thin.

25) Always trying to understand me.

26) Listening to me; how I feel and what I have to say.

27) Being patient with me.

28) Never giving up on me, or on us.

29) Showing kindness and compassion.

30) Being beautiful both on the inside and the out.

thank you message for boyfriend

Thank You For…

31) Giving me the strength to believe in myself.

32) Allowing me to completely be myself around you.

33) Restoring my faith in MEN!

34) Restoring my faith in LOVE!

35) Showing me the kind of relationship I’ve always wanted, CAN exist!

36) Writing this beautiful, real life love story with me.

37) Treating me like an absolute Queen!

38) Stepping up and counting to step up – every day!

Thank You For…

39) Working so hard at work!

40) Being so focused and determined.

41) Showing such grit, strength and courage.

42) Staying calm and grounded.

43) Inspiring me to be the best version of me.

thank you texts for partner

44) Driving us anywhere and everywhere!

45) Being such a darn good cook!

46) Fixing all the little things around the house.

47) Coming back and doing the dishes!

Thank You For…

48) Pulling your weight & really being a team player!

49) Facing everything with me.

50) Showing that we are always stronger together.

51) Encouraging me to go after my goals!

52) Remaining positive.

53) Spreading good vibes and good energy.

54) Being so lovely to be around.

55) Making me feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

56) Putting so much into our relationship.

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Appreciate Him

Thank You For…

57) Making me laugh every day! (Literally!)

58) Making me go to bed with a smile on my face every night.

59) Making ME feel just as loved, valued and appreciated, as I want you to feel too.

60) Giving me your time, and valuing quality time in a relationship.

61) Investing so much into us!

62) Being the “bigger person” when someone needs to be.

63) Making the tough decisions sometimes, when you know it’s for the best.

64) Choosing me, and continuing to choose me. Just like I will always choose you too…

Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend

Are these starting to touch your heart? Think these appreciation message for him will do the trick, and mean a lot to your boyfriend? Then let’s keep them coming!

Here’s more appreciation messages for your boyfriend; perfect if you’re looking for different ways to say “I love you” and “I’m grateful for you.”

65) I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without you. Nor would I ever want to. You’re everything to me!

Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend

66) Words can’t express the amount of love and appreciation I have for you.

67) I know I may not say it every day, but I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you.

68) I don’t ever want you to go to sleep, without knowing how special you are to me.

69) I’ll forever be grateful for the love you bring into my life.

70) I don’t want you to ever doubt how much I appreciate you.

71) I promise that I’ll never take you, or your love, for granted.

72) Thank you for trusting me with your heart, and allowing us to be everything that we are.

73) You make my heart just BURST with love and appreciation!

74) I can’t even begin to explain the way that I feel about you.

75) I appreciate you opening up to me. Especially when I know that this can be hard and doesn’t necessarily come naturally to you.

76) I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me, and to always try to understand where I’m coming from.

77) I can’t tell you how lucky I feel, to have you in my life.

Thank You Messages For Boyfriend

Let’s keep the gratitude going, with some more short, snappy, thank you messages for your boyfriend. See, you might like to recognise the fact that…

I Feel So Thankful That I Can…

78) Share everything with you – my dreams, my secrets, my insecurities, my flaws.

79) Talk to you about anything and everything, without fear of being judged.

80) Rely on you, through thick and thin.

81) Always have so much fun with you. You really do bring out the best in me!

82) Open my heart to you – fully and completely.

83) Live my own life, away from you, whilst still always coming back to you.

84) Take my own path and know that it completely aligns with yours.

85) Do my own thing, without having to fear losing you.

86) Be completely and unapologetically myself around you… And know that, actually, you love it!

Appreciation Messages For Your Husband

I Feel So Thankful That You…

87) Are a true gentleman!

88) Make me feel so special.

89) Show me love the way that you do.

90) Always respect me.

91) Treat me as your equal.

92) Confide in me.

93) Are your true self around me.

94) Let your guard down.

95) Let me into YOUR WORLD.

96) Make life an exciting adventure!

97) Want to build a life with me.

98) Love me unconditionally.

99) Show me how serious you are about me.

100) Stay committed to me, and to us.

101) Remain loyal.

102) Show me I can trust you.

103) Continue to put your trust in me too.

Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend

I’m So Thankful That We…

104) Have the right balance in our relationship.

105) Always support one another.

106) Have got each other’s back.

107) Want the same things.

108) Would trust each other with our lives!

109) Have this crazily, incredible connection!

110) Can have full confidence and faith in each other.

111) Met each other by complete chance. (We were always meant to be!)

112) Chose each other, and will continue to, forever.

how to show your partner you're grateful

Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend

This leads us to the final section of appreciation messages for your boyfriend. See, how about saying something like…

113) I genuinely go to bed each night, counting my blessings – and you, and everything that you do, are AWAYS included in them.

114) I couldn’t feel happier or luckier to have you in my life.

115) You go above and beyond, for me and our relationship, and I want you to know that I see it and appreciate it. It doesn’t go amiss.

116) I feel truly honoured to be a part of your life.

117) I know that you’re a COMPLETE & UTTER CATCH! And I’m so thankful that you’re mine!

118) I know that a whole lot of luck was on my side, the moment I met you.

119) Thank you for showing me what true love really feels like.

How To Show Your Boyfriend You Appreciate Him

120) Thank you for being so selfless, good and pure… Despite what anyone else is like in this world!

121) You’re genuinely the best man I’ve ever met in my life. And I’m going to tell you that, every day, for the rest of mine.

122) I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, but I know for sure – I’m not ever letting you go!

123) I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, and I want you to know how special you are, and how much you mean to me.

124) I just can’t believe how lucky I got, to find a man who is everything I have ever wanted and more. YOU are incredible and I can’t even begin to express my love!

125) Words can’t begin to express the appreciation I have in my heart for you, everything that you do, and all that you are. I want to share that with you, today and every day, so that you feel it all too. Because you, babe, are genuinely one in a million!

Appreciation Messages For Your Husband

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 125+ (simple yet powerful!) appreciation messages for your boyfriend or husband, to craft plenty of heartwarming thank you messages for him.

I’m sure these will mean a lot to him… Even if he doesn’t want to admit it!

Just keep expressing, keep sharing, keep opening up, and – of course – keep appreciating!

See speaking up about your feelings and emotions doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable. It makes you (and your relationship) stronger. It’s something to admire!

So don’t hesitate to share more and more appreciation messages to your boyfriend. Because as long as they’re genuine – they’ll only help the two of you. (Trust me.)

I hope you’ve found this valuable. Sending lots of warm wishes your way.


Appreciation Messages For Your Boyfriend
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