Autumn Date Ideas: 30 Things To Do This Fall

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Summer is gone. The fall is upon us. But that doesn’t mean that the romance has to die! Looking for different things to do this fall? Here’s our 30 top favourite autumn date ideas for fun, seasonal activities to pack out your calendar.

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Our Favourite Autumn Date Ideas

Let’s jump straight in with our favourite autumn date ideas. These are all budget-friendly date ideas, that are both seasonal and fun.

1) Head To The Forest

What better way to start off our autumn date ideas wish-list than a trip to the local forest? As the leaves on the trees start to change and the hues of orange and yellow come through, it really does become a pretty romantic setting!

2) Visit a Deer Park

Autumn is the start of rutting season, making it the ideal time to visit a deer park. Watch from afar as male deer battle head-to-head using their antlers, all in an attempt to woo a female deer!

3) Go Apple Picking

The Summer may be all about berry picking, but as Autumn comes through – apple picking is THE THING!

Apple picking therefore makes a great Autumn date idea. You can also take your fruit back and make it into apple pie together – a two part date, for the two of you!

4) Go Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking is another cute activity for a date in Autumn. Do it on an afternoon, then head back home to carve it together. If carving sounds a little too messy – try painting it instead. This will also get you in the halloween spirit!

Autumn Date Ideas

5) Visit a Haunted House

Whilst we’re on the theme of halloween, why not try a haunted house or a ghost walk? The fear will have the two of you clinging onto each other for dear life… just what you want hey?!

Looking for more Halloween date ideas? Here’s our top 20 – click to read!

6) Try an Escape Room

Haunted houses too scary for you? A great alternative is a themed escape room. They’re fun, fast-paced, will test your teamwork and create a lot of laughs!

They’re also great to do in the Autumn / Winter months as the weather becomes more unpredictable. Got a groggy day? No worries. Get lost in an escape room! You can also do them at home with these Home Escape Room Games. Just as fun, and super affordable!

7) Have a Movie Night

An old classic, but one of my favourite autumn date ideas because it means you can snuggle up on the evening, no matter what the weather – and just switch off from the outside world for a couple of hours together.

Blankets, candles and nibbles are compulsory… is it really the same without them?! Oh, and if you want to make it more seasonal, you can always make it a Scary-Movie-Night watching a horror film.

8) Throw a Halloween Themed Party

Before we move on from the halloween date ideas, I want to throw a halloween party out there! This can be done with other couples, or just a little thing for the two of you (which is covid friendly- no matter what the lockdown rules are at that time!)

Get dressed up in some matching costumes (which you could even make yourself as a separate date), decorate your home, get the drinks flowing, play some games, have some tunes on… what more could you want?!

Autumn Date Ideas

9) Go To A Gig

The days of outdoor festivals may be gone, but there’s nothing stopping you from finding a local pub or bar that has live music nights. Have a few drinks, sing along to your heart’s content and let your hair down a little bit!

10) Try Wine or Beer Tasting

Want to do something different than the standard “let’s go out for a drink”? Then wine or beer tasting is a great alternative. You don’t need to be a connoisseur to give this one a try. It’s more about having fun with the experience than having to ‘know your stuff!’  

11) Make Your Own Alcohol

Another great activity is to have a go at making your own alcohol! You can do this at a local distillery or winery – or grab a home kit. 

12) Head To a Local Market

It may not be quite time for the Christmas markets yet, but you’ll still have local weekend markets or farmers markets to explore. Get out, grab some local produce, support small businesses and have a mooch!

13) Cosy Up With a Hot Chocolate

As the nights draw in and the cooler weather comes through, grabbing a hot chocolate (and maybe a little slice of cake!) in a cosy coffee shop, makes a simple, low-cost autumn date idea.

Autumn Date Ideas

14) Go Hiking

Autumn is still a great time to get outdoors. We spoke about pretty woodland walks, but don’t discount a good hike or adventure somewhere out in the great outdoors.

Just wrap up warm if you need, and make the most of the weather before it gets EVEN COOLER!

You can actually make a list of all the places you want to explore before a certain date & mix these in with other activities… you’ll never be short of date ideas then!

15) Go Biking

Want to mix things up a little? Grab a couple of bikes (pedal over motorbike, unless that’s your thing!) and explore somewhere by road!

16) Have a Good Hearty Meal

A nice pub lunch after an afternoon adventure finishes a date off perfectly. Go for a good roast, or a mean hamburger. Nom. Nom. Nom.

17) Walk a Dog

Whether it’s your dog, a friend or family member’s dog, or is even from one of those ‘Rent a Dog’ sites – dog walking is a great date idea because well, doesn’t everyone love the cuddly little munchkins?!

18) Try an Autumn Picnic

Pick a dry day, take all your usual picnic goodies, but instead add in a flask with a warm drink and lots of blankets. It’s the perfect romantic autumn date idea and actually far more memorable doing it this way!

You could also make it an evening thing followed by star gazing, or do that as a separate date night in its own right…

Autumn Date Ideas

19) Go Star Gazing

Drive off somewhere remote and park up with blankets, a hot chocolate and nibbles. Lie back in your car together (if you have a truck you can crash into the back of, all the better!) and watch the world go by, staring into the night sky.

20) Hunt for the Blood Moon

Another autumn date idea that you can only do at set times of the year, is moon watching. This year we have four lunar eclipse’s – with the next falling on Nov. 29-30.

When the moon passes through the innermost part of Earth’s shadow, we see a copper-colored lunar face. This is known as a total lunar eclipse, or otherwise known as the ‘blood moon.’

Pop the date in your diary for a unique experience with your loved one!

21) Go Horse Riding

Another different date idea for this fall is horse riding! Go to your nearest stables and wrap your arms around your partner’s waist as you ride through the autumn woods on horseback.

It sounds like a picture-perfect scene right? Even if it doesn’t QUITE work out like that (if the two of you are novices!), it will still create lasting memories.

22) Toast Marshmallows Over a Fire

Grab a fire pit, maybe get some sparklers (added bonus!) and toast marshmallows together. It’s cute, romantic and you can then cuddle up together under the stars, adding this into the other date ideas mentioned above.

This one is especially good around Bonfire Night. Want to go one step further? Try making your own mini bonfire! FEEL THE FIRE!

Autumn Date Ideas

23) Play Conkers

This one will take you back to your youth! Collect some conkers, dry them out, then have conker games where the simple aim is to smash your partners conker off the string! A childhood favourite… sometimes it’s just about the simple things!

24) Spend The Day in a Different City

Hit the shops, try the tourist attractions, take in the atmosphere. This is something you can do all-year-round, but it’s a great autumn date idea if you’re feeling particularly pent-up and just want to explore somewhere new.

25) Go To a Game

Football, basketball, ice-hockey, simply take your pick! If this isn’t possible, do a home games night and really get into the spirit of things, with a hot dog, popcorn and a couple of beers!

If your man’s into his sport, he’ll really thank you for this date idea and it mixes things up for you too.

26) Do a Spot of Baking

Make an autumn-favourite like apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding, or a nice pie! You could even bake two different things together, at the same time – then have fun trying both afterwards. Let the bake-off… BEGIN!

Autumn Date Ideas

27) Get Crafty

Try knitting or cross stitching, take a pottery class, or try your hand at painting! An arts & crafts date is the perfect Autumn date idea, and hey – you never know, you may find you like it and end up getting a new hobby out of it!

28) Get Creative

Similar to the craft idea, you might also like to get a little creative with some DIY projects.

Make your own terrarium, have a go at some origami or set aside some time for a mammoth baking project – like creating a gingerbread house together. Anything or anything to keep you both occupied and amused.

29) Have a Little Spa Day

Whilst we’re on the chilled vibes, I think it would be a good idea to throw in a spa day!

This can be at a local hotel or spa… Or – if that’s not possible or the budget won’t quite stretch – turn it into a home pamper night instead.

You can take it in turns to give each other massages and do a good detox to make you both feel well and truly refreshed!

30) Start a Book Club

Last but not least, our last autumn date suggestion is starting a book club… Only this is the most exclusive book club or all book clubs as it consists of just the two of you!

Have one night every week where you cosy up together and read a couple of chapters out of a new book, which you can then discuss as you go along! Get lost in a new story and share it with your loved one.

Autumn Date Ideas

So there we have it – 30 Autumn date ideas to keep you nice and busy this season. See how many you can tick off, and have fun creating lots of new memories with your loved one. Be sure to subscribe for more date ideas and relationship advice.

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