20 Best Breakup Gifts

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Looking for breakup gifts for friends? Breakup gifts for family? Those thoughtful pick-me-up gifts for anyone who’s struggling after parting ways with their ex?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our top 20 best breakup gifts to help someone through a breakup, or (at the very least) bring a smile back to their face.

20 Best Breakup Gifts

In no particular order then, let’s jump straight in with our top 20 breakup gifts for loved ones going through a difficult time.

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1) Resilient T-Shirt

Let’s start it off with one of our favourites, which is the – very true, plus 100% original – “Resilient” t-shirt.

Breakups are tough, but your bestie is tougher.

This t-shirt is the perfect reminder of this… Plus it’s actually very wearable and stylish. It comes in both black and white.

Breakup Gifts

2) You Are Loved Bracelet

You can never go wrong with something sweet and sentimental, which is why we can’t get enough of this “You Are Loved” Bracelet.

Breakups can be confidence knockers, which is why you’re reminding your loved one that their new relationship status – it doesn’t determine their worth!

3) Cosy Blanket Sweatshirt

After a breakup, there’s often a lot of tears. What do you crave? Comfort…

Which is why this Cosy Blanket Sweatshirt is actually one of the most thoughtful – and practical – breakup gifts.

They can use it to cuddle up in. Bring it over as a gift when organising a Sad-Movie-Cry-Your-Heart-Out post-breakup night!

It will make the world of difference!

4) Weighted Blanket

Another similar idea is a weighted blanket.

But the difference here, is the weight is said to be sensory, reducing stress and therefore aiding sleep.

Pretty clever huh? Well worth considering as one of your breakup gifts!

5) Getting Past Your Breakup Book

So whilst snuggled up on the sofa in their new blankets, your friend may also like to have a read of – in my opinion – the #1 Breakup Book…

Which is: Getting Past Your Breakup by Susan J. Elliott.

I can personally vouch for this book as it’s one that I’ve read before. It’s got some very powerful stuff in!

6) Breakup Candle

Another great breakup gift for those cosy nights in recovering, is a breakup candle.

I mean, the candle itself isn’t any different to a normal one – but it’s the message that’s printed on it that has the meaning. Like this one:

“I wish I could take your pain and give it to someone we both really hate!” … Like the ex perhaps!

But it should get a smile and encourage a little more relaxation into their life. Talking of which…

7) Breakup Pamper Kit

Pamper packs, kits, or hampers are always kind, thoughtful breakup gifts.

I especially like this one as it has everything your friend needs for a relaxing night in – plus some motivational messages to spur them on!

Buy it for them, but also arrange a pamper night for the two of you, to help them recover too. You don’t even need to speak (if they don’t want to.)

It’s the thought and the company which will mean the most.

8) Encouragement Cards

Talking of motivation, these Encouragement Cards also make a great gift for someone going through a breakup.

It includes 100 inspiring quotes, that they can pick up and read every day.

It sets the tone and creates more positivity through a difficult time.

9) Encouragement T-Shirts

Okay so here’s one of the most unique breakup gifts you will come across now. It’s the “I’ve got you” “I’ve got this” matching breakup tshirt’s.

Designed by us, the idea behind them is to turn up to your besties house, wearing the “I’ve Got You” T-Shirt. Come with choccies and flowers (all the usual extras that help!) Then hand them their “I’ve Got This” T-Shirt.

It’s the sweetest gesture. One that’s sure to make your friend smile. You can even rally all of your friends in to grab the same tee’s too. How amazing would that be?! Then after, they become great, comfy, loungewear tee’s. (Multi-purpose!)

Psst, don’t want the full set? Then the “I’ve Got This” tee, can be purchased individually – just as an encouragement t-shirt for your friend!

Unique Breakup Gifts

10) Breakup Journal

Up next, we’ve got a Breakup Journal, encouraging your pal to get their thoughts out on paper… instead of bottling them all up inside.

It’s practical, useable and really very sweet. I especially like this one as it also includes the prompts and is designed specifically for breakups, making it one of the best breakup gifts!

11) Breakup Mug

Now you can’t get stuck into some writing without a nice hot drink, which is where a breakup mug comes in!

Now there’s quite a lot of these on the market, but one of my favourites is the “You are so very loved” mug.

It’s sweet, stylish, and isn’t a reminder of an ex, but a reminder of what’s important – which is the fact that even without a partner in their life, they’re still very much loved!

12) Breakup Coloring Book

What else have we got? Well, something to add a little humour whilst still being – actually – pretty therapeutic!

The answer? A breakup coloring book!

This includes 50 unique hand curated best breakup insults to color!

It’s guaranteed to make them smile, and actually comes in very handy too – not just after a breakup but when you’re frustrated with guys in general! It’s a great stress-reliever.

(Far better than other – less healthy – outlets!) Talking of which…

13) Stress Ball

Another practical breakup gift that helps with all of those emotions, is a stress ball.

These are great for relieving anxiety, anger, and any mental tension.

Serenilite are an especially good brand, designed for adults. Highly recommend!

14) Breakup Jigsaw Puzzle

After a breakup, it’s about slowly but surely piecing yourself back together.

The perfect Breakup Gift for your friend / family member, is therefore this Breakup Jigsaw Puzzle.

Its message has meaning, there’s the thought all behind it, and when they’re feeling down – they can focus on piecing together the puzzle… until gradually, they themselves begin to feel whole again too.

This puzzle can be fully customised – with any photo you like, any graphics, any text on top. So it’s super fun and flexible.

Best Breakup Gifts

15) Revenge VooDoo Doll

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one(!)… it’s definitely working it’s way into crazy territory, but who am I to judge?!

The Revenge Voodoo Doll let’s you stab out your frustrations… in a safe, legal way!

16) Mini Punchbag

A better option if your friend is full of frustration after a breakup, is this Mini Punchbag!

In fact, it makes one of the best breakup gifts as – not only is it fun and kind of funny – but it can also be used, even when they’re on their own!

Simply stick it to the desk and punch away!

17) New Beginnings Necklace

A softer breakup gift now then, is this beautiful New Beginnings Necklace, encapsulating the lotus flower, with powerful text that goes with it.

It reads: “The lotus flower grows up through the dark and out into the light of the sun.

Let this necklace be a reminder of the incredible beauty and strength that can come from change. You too, will bloom out of darkness…”

18) Next Chapter T-Shirt

Keeping with the new beginnings theme, we can’t get enough of this Limited Edition “Onto The Next Chapter” tee.

“Printed on our recyclable circular fibre, our Remill® T-shirt’s are old clothes, made into something new.

Kind of relevant, huh? Considering this is all about your fresh start. Look good. Feel good. And embrace your next chapter…”

Breakup Gifts

19) The Little Box Of Sleep

Talking of darkness, sleep can always be a tricky thing after a breakup which is why we love The Little Box Of Sleep as a breakup gift.

Tisserand Aromatherapy are award-winning, have crazy good reviews, and will genuinely help your friend to sleep better (even with a million things racing through their mind!) Thoughtful and practical.

20) Boyfriend Body Pillow

What else do we all miss after a breakup? Well, cuddles of course! Well, there’s an answer for everything… now introducing the Boyfriend Body Pillow!

“Never fear, your cotton fiber human body pillow is here, to spoon you to your hearts content!” Genius right?!

This is one of my favourite gifts to buy after a breakup, and the perfect recommendation to finish on!

You can choose between “The Original” or “The Muscle Man.”

BONUS: Breakup Gift

We’ve covered a great selection of breakup gifts now, but if you’re looking for something a little more, consider buying a Power Hour Breakup Coaching Call with me.

I’m a Specialist Breakup Coach and can help them overcome their greatest struggles. Affordable, one-to-one breakup support… So that no matter what – you don’t have to stay stuck.

That’s All For This One

So there we have it, the best breakup gifts to buy your broken-hearted friend or family member this year.

Breakups can be absolutely heart wrenching, but showing your love and care really helps to make the difference.

Hope this helps.


Breakup Gifts
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