40 Fun & Creative Bumble Opening Lines

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Wondering how to start a conversation on Bumble? Want some good opening lines for Bumble? Then here’s 40 fun & creative Bumble opening lines (you have to try!)

These will not only increase the number of replies you get on the app, but also make you stand out amongst the crowd, as you’re not just saying the “same old things.”

Instead, you’re really drawing them in and getting conversation flowing from the get-go!

Sounds good? Then let’s get stuck in, shall we?

What To Include In Bumble Opening Lines

So first off, what does it take to create strong opening lines on Bumble? What kind of things do you need when crafting your own Bumble openers?

Well, here’s our basic “guidelines” to get you thinking…

  1. Keep it short, sweet and fun!
  2. Get your personality across.
  3. Make it – at least a little bit – personal.
  4. Say something that encourages an easy response.

See, each message should be unique to the person you’re messaging, or at least relevant for them, based on what they have on their profile.

To save time, make it easier and – ultimately – avoid dating app burn-out, it is (of course!) a good idea to pull together a few bumble opening line templates that you’re familiar with.

That way, when you log onto the app, you have the same standard things, you typically come out with – which work well and get a good response rate – but which don’t take you too much time to tweak and therefore come up with…

However, each of these can still be tweaked for the individual or selected based on what they have on their profile, to increase your success when sending that first bumble opening message!

Messaging men on dating apps

How To Create Opening Lines For Bumble

Now we’re going to give you some great Bumble opening line examples. These not only get you thinking but you can also use them by simply adjusting them, to make them your own.

However, if you’d like to make your own bumble openers from scratch, all you have to do is:

1) Decide On Your “Tone”

First up, you want to establish the kind of “tone” you want to try to get across in your bumble opening lines, as this sets the tone and is reflective of you.

For example, do you want your match to read it as fun, flirty, funny or happy? What tone are you going for here and which tone best suits you and your personality?

2) Craft Standard Opening Lines With “Rules”

Next up, you want to make a note of the key, standard things you could pick up on (on a persons profile), and what sort of things you could say if you see this in theirs.

For example:

If someone has [X] in their profile I could say [X] or [X] or [X].)

Again, think about the way in which you want to say these things too, which links back to the tone you want your Bumble openers to have.

3) Craft Standard Opening Lines To Use At Random

You may also like to come up with some standard Bumble opening lines, that you can use when nothing in particular jumps out at you, about a person’s profile.

Here, you’ll start the conversation off with a particular topic you’d love to discuss, or a viewpoint you have, that could be relatable to anyone or everyone.

Just try to avoid totally random or overly used conversation starters… Like for example, “Pineapple on Pizza?!”

(And definitely don’t send “hey” / “hi, how are you?” as an opening message!

After all, do you want to talk about the same thing, time and time again? No way!

It’s also not original at all. So think of things that are different, interesting and which they won’t have heard before.

You may also say a set “line” that becomes like your chat up line on bumble…

But if it works, it works. As long as it’s unique to you, and is written how you speak, it can be a great route to go down!

Opening lines for bumble

4) Questions Are Your New Bumble-Best-Friend

Similarly, you can also start the conversation off with a question.

You can – again – create templates for standard questions you’ll ask, depending on if a person has a certain statement or type of photo on their profile.

Or you could go in with a question about dating as these are always interesting, unique and relatable… And relevant too – especially as you’re speaking on a dating app!

Just add a little about what you think on the matter too, to get the discussion going.

[E.G. Don’t you think [X] type of messages on dating apps are just {X]?!]

You see? There’s so much you can do when it comes to creating fun opening lines for bumble. You most definitely NEVER need to go for the boring, “Hi, how are you?”

5) Getting Your Personality Across Is an Absolute-Must!

The most important thing in all of this – that’s well worth highlighting again – is to make your opening lines on bumble original and unique to you, by letting your personality shine through.

How do you usually speak? Can you text in a similar way as you speak? Can you use emojis to better get across what you’re trying to say and how you want to say it?

[For example: here’s the key emojis guys use to flirt. How about using the same back?!]

And what about your gramma? Can you use punctuation and capitalisation to do the same / a similar thing too?

We’ll add some pointers within our Bumble opening line templates to better demonstrate how this is done. But be sure to then incorporate that when writing your own…

How To Create Opening Lines For Bumble

This is the starting blocks to creating good opening lines for bumble. For more rules & guidelines for how to start a conversation on dating apps – click here.

Once you’ve started brainstorming based on these key points, you’ll find more and more flow through. (And actually, it can become pretty fun!)

Bumble is one of the best serious dating apps.

It’s also great if you’re not quite ready for a relationship, but don’t want time-wasters either, as it’s the second largest dating app (behind tinder) but has more genuine users on it.

For this reason, it’s well worth taking the time and effort to create your own Bumble opening lines as this then makes the best use of your time and leads to the highest levels of success on the app.

Bumble Opening Lines

40 Fun & Creative Bumble Opening Lines

Still looking for ideas when it comes to original, Bumble opening lines? Then okay – here’s 40 of our FAVOURITE fun & creative opening lines for Bumble…

Funny Opening Lines For Bumble

So let’s get the ball rolling with some funny bumble opening lines.

See, by using punctuation, insinuation or jokes, you can make some pretty funny bumble openers… and with ease. For example, you might like to go in with something like:

1) A dog picture on your Bumble profile… REALLY?! Is that even FAIR?! I mean, how could you possibly swipe no to that little face?! 😉 And yes… I guess yours isn’t bad either 😜

2) 🍋
Sorry, I couldn’t find an opening lime…💁‍♀️
(And yes, yes we will get on well if you like things that are… punny!)

3) Do you want: A) My best chat up line. B) My funniest joke. C) A question you totally won’t expect?! And, yes, I do have a lot of conversation starters here, so at least you know conversation will never run dry… Which has got to be a little refreshing, right?! 🤪

4) Well, HOW DREAMY ARE YOU?! Damnnn 👌🤪

You know how we mentioned the importance of showing your personality in your bumble opening lines? Well using expression in the way that you type is a great way to do this!

E.G. Isn’t “Well, HOW DREAMY ARE YOU?! ” far more engaging than a simple: “You’re hot.” / “You look good.” It’s not just about the language, but the use of capitalisation.

On a similar note – complements also go down a treat. (Especially as guys don’t tend to get them as much as women do!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming,,.

5) Do you like BAD girls? Because I’m totally terrible at this dating app thing. 💁‍♀️😂

TOP TIP: Notice how a slight change of words makes messages more interesting and humorous too. E.G. “totally terrible” adds far more character and personality than just saying “bad.”

6) Okay, let’s start this off with a game… The last meme in your camera roll describes our “relationship”… What is it?! Do I even dare to see?! 🤪

7) [If they have a pet in their pictures] You have the most beautiful fur and whiskers I’ve ever seen, and your human is pretty cute too. 🤪

It’s different… and unexpected! Which is what you want when looking to create original, funny opening lines for Bumble.

What message would break up all of yours? What kind of things would make you smile? That’s what you want to think about when crafting your own original Bumble opening lines.

Funny Opening Lines For Bumble

8) My biggest turnoffs: cheaters, liars, and people who clap when the plane lands. And yes, yes the clapping is a deal breaker 💁‍♀️😂 What are yours?

9) You seem like my type… Which is usually a red flag… 😂
But hey, maybe you can prove me wrong 🤪

10) I’m not usually a betting woman but I bet you a DRINK, your personality is even better than your looks. (And yes, I wasn’t sure if that could be possible either, but… I fancy my chances. I reckon it is 🤪)

How to chat a guy up on a dating app

Question Opening Lines On Bumble

Looking for something with a little more substance? Then why not include questions in your bumble opening lines to direct the conversation from the start?

They also encourage (and require) a response from the get-go which means your match has no “excuse” to not reply!

It’s also worth nothing that not all questions have to be intense or serious. They can still be fun and flirty too! For instance…

11) Yes, it is [random and insanely precise time written here, down to the minute], and yes, I am choosing NOW (of all times) to go through my Bumble matches. But I didn’t want to miss your match did I?! 😉 Have you been single long? (May as well get stuck straight in with the “big questions” right? I’m not one for small talk, I must admit!)

12) Let’s skip the small talk, shall we?.. What’s one of your most CONTROVERSIAL opinions? Because hey – if we can overcome this, we can overcome anything. 😉

13) Okay, so, what do you think is the FASTEST way to get to know someone?

14) Best and worst ideas for a first date… Go, go, go! (And yes, if we agree on the best one, we can most certainly give it a go! 😉)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

15) So what’s the BEST Bumble opener you’ve ever received? And are you prepared to get the NEW BEST ONE YET, right now?… 🤪 (And no, it won’t be something you expect!)

16) So what’s one thing you should probably be doing right now, rather than aimlessly swiping on Bumble? 😉 Because hey… I feel like I could actually make this app worth your time now 🤪

17) So how many matches do you think it takes, before finding your “perfect match”? 💁‍♀️ And yes, I know, I bet you’re fancying your chances that I am yours and you are mine… right? 😉

18) Okay, so what’s one thing you wish you could get across better on your profile? One thing that you think would make you get EVEN MORE matches?

This question may deter responses if a person doesn’t know what to say back.

But that can be a good thing – a way to better qualify your matches if you are looking for someone on the same page as you, who you can bounce off, and have strong conversations with from the get go!

So remember – if they don’t reply, they either didn’t see it, or they’re not for you! Never fear rejection when dating as ultimately, it’s doing you a favour!

opening messages for bumble

Question Opening Lines On Bumble

19) Don’t you find it hard, deciding which way to swipe on these dating apps? (Although tbf, I think your profile was one of the easier ones for me… I just LOVE [something about their profile here.] What makes you decide which way to swipe? 💁‍♀️🤔

20) If you had to delete either Bumble or… [other popular social media platform], which would you go for and why?!… Remember: think wisely with this one! If Bumble goes, we’d never have the opportunity to speak right now! 🤪

NOTE: This can lead onto other questions like – their thoughts on social media as a whole, or their thoughts on dating apps and what’s the best / worst thing about them.

It jumps you straight into two interesting discussion points or more personal questions to ask a guy, whilst still being able to have a joke around with him!

Cute Opening Lines On Bumble

We’re half way though our Bumble openers, so from inquisitive to… INSANELY CUTE!

Cute opening lines on Bumble can work well because, I mean, how can he / she then resist?! It would be hard NOT to reply to some of these…

21) Wow. So I feel like if I had a set “type”, you would totally be it 😍

22) Okay, so what’s the bet your dog usually gets most of the complements on here… Well, you know what? Your dogs cute… But not as cute as you 😉 (Now, was that smooth, or was that smooth? 🤪)

23) So I know EVERYONE probably says this, but your travel photos really are amazing! I’d ask where’s your favourite place you’ve been so far, is, but I know that’s probably pretty hard to pick! So… Where’s next on the list? 🌎

TOP TIP (And this is a big one, so take note!):

If there’s something you want to pick up on, but which you know most people probably will – acknowledge that in the message, to make your opening line different, show more personality and therefore stand out. It increases response rates dramatically.

24) No way! I didn’t think I’d find someone on Bumble who actually [write something you appear to have in common here.] That’s actually really cool. 🥰 [Related question to follow, here.]

25) I’m sure you get told all the time, but you actually have really amazing [genuine complement here.] It’s enough to have anyone melting at your feet! 😅😍

Best Bumble Openers To Use On Guys

Want some opening lines for bumble, that are specifically relevant for the app and the fact that it’s designed for women to message first? Then how about dropping in some things like…

26) How’s it feel to leave the girls to the opening lines on Bumble? Or do you find that most of our chat up lines are smoother than yours? 😉🤪

27) So Bumble gives a lot of prompt questions right? What’s one thing you wish you could find out about your matches, before you even match?!

28) You know one thing I DO like about dating apps? It means you can approach guys you TOTALLY wouldn’t have the courage to go up to in person?…
So hey… how you doing? 😉 (Do my chat up lines need some work?!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

29) How’s it feel to not have the POWER? 😉
Have you been watching my timer like a hawk – just hoping and praying that I’ll message in time? 🤪 (Just kidding, just kidding! Your profile totally stood out to me though!)

NOTE: This is an especially good bumble opener to use on guys if they Super-Liked you to express extra interest.

After all, the bumble rules are – they can’t message unless you message them within 24 hours, so it’s a good way to add in light-hearted flirty banter from the get go!

30) Umm, how have we not bumped into each other before?! Because I’m just SURE I’d notice you if we had! THANK YOU, BUMBLE! It’s actually not such a bad app now, is it?! 😉

Best bumble pick up lines

Flirty Bumble Opening Lines

Last but not least then, we have to add some of our FLIRTIEST bumble openers here. Right?! 

Now everyone flirts in different ways (that’s why it can be hard to tell if a guy is flirting with you) but know your style then use that… 

This will then attract someone who’s on your wavelength and has a similar style themselves.

31) Wow… you genuinely had me at [first line they wrote on their profile.] 😉 Just kidding… It was at least [line they put half way down their profile.] 🤪

This is an especially relevant Bumble opening line as Bumble has prompts which encourage more information to be shared and this is broken up throughout their profile, in between pictures.

So it’s not an opening line you could use on every app, but it works especially well on Bumble… And is fun, unique + flirty too. Win, win, win!

32) 🍕+ 🍷+ 👫 … ❓… 😉
Oh, sorry… I just wanted to see if I could draw you in, without WORDS! See, I had a feeling we’d be on the same wavelength, you and I 🤪

33) So it’s moments like these that I actually wish I had a few smooth pick-up lines I could throw out here as an opener, because… wow… you are… 🔥👌😂 Although I bet you get those ALL the time, right? 😉

34) So I actually thought online dating kinda sucked… Until I saw you 🤪🔥

Onto The Final Ones…

35) You didn’t need to put a [type of photo here. e.g. topless shot] to make me swipe right, you know? Although… it sure is good to look at! 😉

36) How about this then… Truth or dare? 😉 (And yes, I do have some dares already in mind… if you’re brave enough! Let’s mix it up a bit!)

37) Two truths and a lie. Go, go, go! (Gentlemen first… Just ease me into it 😉)

38) So how many messages do you think it will take, before you decide that you just HAVE to go on a date with me? 😉 [OR – SLIGHT RE-PHRASE] So how many messages do you think it will take, before you decide that we just HAVE to go on a date? 😉

39) You know, I did actually have a super slick opening line in mind when I swiped you, but you’re so hot – now we’re here – you’ve made me totally forget it! Will this one do instead? 😉

40) Okay so I don’t want to come across as COMPLETELY “BALLSY”, but I bet you a tenner we would have an absolutely awesome date 🤪

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – your step by step guide to creating really-great bumble opening lines… Plus 40 fun and creative opening lines for bumble that you can now simply tweak and use.

Uh huh, these dating apps just got easier. (Woohoo!)

Hope this helps. Stick with it and stay positive because – I promise you – the right person really is out there. (Even if it feels like a long and impossible battle at times!)

Take care.


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