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Why Hasn’t He Kissed Me Yet?

Why Hasn’t He Kissed Me Yet?

So you’ve been on a date with a guy. Maybe you’ve been on a second date, or third date even. You think it’s going well. … Read more

Dating & Relationship Milestones

20+ Dating & Relationship Milestones

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What To Do If You Get Stood Up

What To Do If You Get Stood Up

Ahh, being stood up – isn’t it what all daters dread? You get yourself ready, you’re looking forward to the date, you go there, and … Read more

Weeknight date ideas

Top 20 Weeknight Date Ideas

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Should I text him first?

Should I Text Him First?

Ahhh, the mind-boggling world of dating. So much to think about, so much to consider. Then crops up the question of, “should I text him … Read more

What to do when he pulls away

What To Do When He Pulls Away

Is he pulling away? Has he become distant? Not sure what to do, what to think? Uhh, dating. It can become pretty tiring, right? Especially … Read more

Morning Date Ideas

The Best Morning Date Ideas

So we hear all the time about “date night”, but what if you only have time in the day? Time in the morning in fact? … Read more

Signs He's Losing Interest

10 Signs He’s Losing Interest

Is he losing interest? Does he still feel the same way? Or is it just your fears and insecurities playing tricks on you? Whether you’re … Read more

Emojis Guys Use To Flirt

21+ Top Emojis Guys Use To Flirt

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Signs You're Falling In Love

15 Signs You’re Falling In Love

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Signs He’s Falling For You

10 Signs He’s Falling For You

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Signs You Can’t Trust Him

7 Signs You Can’t Trust Him

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Signs He's Playing You

10 Signs He’s Playing You

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Best Dating Books For Women

10 Best Dating Books For Women

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