Fed up of dating? Want to meet the right person, but this feels like an impossible task? Or perhaps you don’t know what to do in a certain situation; what to think or how to act? Then our Dating section is on hand to help! Destroy your dating demons, learn how to date smarter and more effectively, and ultimately – increase your chances of finding a love that really lasts.

Should I text him first?

Should I Text Him First?

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What to do when he pulls away

What To Do When He Pulls Away

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Signs He's Losing Interest

10 Signs He’s Losing Interest

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Emojis Guys Use To Flirt

21+ Top Emojis Guys Use To Flirt

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Signs You're Falling In Love

15 Signs You’re Falling In Love

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Signs He’s Falling For You

10 Signs He’s Falling For You

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Signs You Can’t Trust Him

7 Signs You Can’t Trust Him

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Signs He's Playing You

10 Signs He’s Playing You

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Best Dating Books For Women

10 Best Dating Books For Women

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How To Deal With Feeling Unwanted

How To Deal With Feeling Unwanted

Do you struggle when you feel unwanted? Does it hit you hard, affect your level of self-worth? Make you feel empty, alone? See, when you’re … Read more

How To Find Someone More Attractive

How To Find Someone More Attractive

So you’re dating someone, there’s heaps of potential there, but you’re just not 100% sure if you’re “feeling it” in terms of physical attraction. In … Read more

Alternatives to tinder

Top 3 Alternatives To Tinder

Tired of tinder? Looking for the alternatives to tinder? Different ways to meet people? Different apps to use? Or perhaps even, different ways entirely – … Read more