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Let’s Clear Up Our Countryside Whilst In Lockdown

Let’s Clear Up Our Countryside Whilst In Lockdown

Let's Clear Up The Countryside

I’m a big believer in making the best of bad situations. The coronavirus has hit hard, and is tragically taking so many lives. But, all we can do is push through it, try to keep ourselves safe and protect the people around us. In many ways, the world is coming together. There is also a positive environmental impact on the planet as a result of the pandemic. In fact, scientists have already seen how quickly the climate, and nature, is already revitalising and recovering from human climate change damage.

It’s certainly something to be thankful for, and to build on where we can, which is why I want to encourage you to help clear up the countryside whilst on lockdown!

Why? Because we’re still able to social distance when we do it, we’re allowed out for one piece of exercise per day (and trust me, this is more tiring than you think!) and it really is a great use of time.

What We Did This Morning

This morning my Mum and I went out on a litter picking mission! We walked literally less than half a mile from our home, picking up rubbish along the side of the road. We sorted it into things that could be recycled, and things that couldn’t. It took us just short of an hour, and we had to head back then because our bag was getting so full… yep, there was a lot of trash floating around!

Clear Up Our Countryside

On our way back, a car pulled up on the other side of the road. A little old lady called Ellen stopped to speak to us (don’t worry, we both stayed away at a safe distance!) We’d never met her before, but apparently she lives in the area. She used to gather piles of rubbish every week along this road, then come back with her car and literally fill the back of it up with bags! She hadn’t been able to do so for the last six months for health reasons. But she praised our efforts and was actually so appreciative. If Ellen can do it, so can you!

Littering is responsible for the death of millions of animals each year. It can also lead to soil, water and air pollution. Not to mention becoming costly to the economy. If we all did our bit, we could dramatically reduce this. So helping to clear up our countryside helps in more ways than you may even know!

Will You Do It Too?

I want to challenge you to a countryside clear-up, in the same way that my Mum and I did. Especially whilst we’re on lockdown and our options for things to do are limited… there really is no better time!

Go out as a family for an hour. Get those rubber gloves on and have ‘pickers’ and ‘bag carriers.’ If you split it into these two separate roles, it makes it easier. The bag carrier is also the litter spotter. (Uh huh, no rubbish gets past these guys!) Then the picker dives in and retrieves it.

NOTE: I recommend wearing full length trousers for this. I got stung on the bottom of my legs like a million times! I also recommend you grab some litter pickers from Amazon. Here, just like this. Far safer that way!

If you go out as a family it makes it more fun. You can also make it into a bit of a challenge! Or, if there’s no-one to venture out with you, go alone and see how much you can pick up anyway. You’ll feel so proud afterwards. It’s actually very rewarding!

It doesn’t take a lot, but if everyone did the same thing, imagine the impact it would have…

Like This Idea?

Then share this post on social media to encourage others to do it! I’d also love to see the trash bags of your little picking efforts, so if you go out and do this – be sure to share the end result with me on social media!

“Alone we can do little, but together we can do so much…”


Clear Up Our Countryside
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