20+ Fun & Creative Couples Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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Looking for couples pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween 2023? Want to craft some pumpkins together, but not sure what to do? Then here’s our top 20(+) pumpkin carving ideas for couples… proving that pumpkin carving is most definitely not “just for kids!”

Top 20 Couples Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Let’s get stuck straight in, shall we? Here’s our top 20 couples pumpkin carving ideas for 2023.

1) Start It Off With Pumpkin Picking

So before you even begin your couples pumpkin carving, the first thing you HAVE to do is head Pumpkin Picking!

This is actually one of the best Halloween Date Ideas, that ties in perfectly with pumpkin carving and creates yet more fun – even before the pumpkin carving has begun!

It also means you can pick the best pumpkins to suit the designs the two of you want to go for.

3) Carve a Significant Date

So what sort of cute couple design ideas can you go for, once you’ve picked that perfect pumpkin?

Well, significant dates always work well – especially if this is around the time of an anniversary.

Carving dates is super simple, but then creates very sweet personal Halloween decor in your home!

3) Carve Your Initials

Similarly to significant dates, carving your initials is one of our favourite (simple!) pumpkin carving ideas for couples.

Carve your initials, or your names. Carve this across one pumpkin or two. You could also include a date or message on there. It’s entirely up to you!

4) Carve a Romantic Scene

Looking for more technical couples pumpkin carving ideas? Then why not have a go at creating a romantic scene?

There’s no end of different sketches you could go for… it just depends on whether you have the SKILLS to carve it. But… there’s only one way to find out, right?!

5) Or a Romantic Message

Another nice idea, is to each carve a romantic message on your pumpkin and then give it to your partner. Carve text, or have a go at some picture designs / additional decor too.

It’s the thought that counts, really… (Even if it ends up looking like a five year old has done it in the end – it actually won’t matter!)

Couples Pumpkin Carving Ideas

6) Creative Pumpkin Carving Competition

Now if you’re looking for couples pumpkin carving ideas that are fun, as opposed to cute and soppy, then you can always turn your pumpkin carving into a competition.

Set a timer, go head to head and see who can come up with the most CREATIVE carved pumpkin design.

At the end, you can even share your finished pumpkins on social media (without revealing who carved which one) and get your friends and family who should be crowned the Pumpkin Carving Champion!

It’s great fun, and a totally original date idea, keeping your relationship fun & exciting!

7) Funny Carved Pumpkins

Likewise, another light-hearted couples pumpkin carving idea, is to carve opposite each other and try to come up with something that will make your partner laugh…

Like this one: “Free candy next door!” – What a way to deter the trick or treaters and have a giggle together at the same time.

[Psst, looking for funny couples fancy dress costumes? Here’s our 15 favourite for Halloween 2023!]

8) “Carve Your Partner” Competition! (Realistic)

Ready for something a little bit riskier? Then how about another couples pumpkin carving challenge whereby you have to carve your partner into the pumpkin the best you can!

That’s right – it’s like the titanic scene, recreated… Halloween style!

Sit opposite each other, stare into one another’s eyes (ah, romantic!) and get to work.

You can either go for a literal recreation, trying to get their facial features and expressions as close as you can…

9) “Carve Your Partner” Competition! (Creative)

Or opt for the more, “if you were a pumpkin, you’d look like this…” approach! (Oops, no insults intended!) Either way, it makes for a pretty hilarious Halloween date idea!

** This is actually one of our top-rated pumpkin carving ideas for couples that helps to keep your relationship playful, so it’s well worth giving a try! **

10) Carve Your Own Pumpkin Heads!

Feeling fun and “freaky?!” Then you can even actually carve your own pumpkin heads!

Uh huh, there’s actually a process to create your own Mr & Mrs Pumpkin Heads. [Click Here For a Guide] Picking the correct sized pumpkins are essential, then from there – it’s actually not as hard (or as heavy!) as you’d think!

GUARANTEED to become ever-so-memorable. Just make sure you get a “photographer” at the ready, to snap some pics once you’re done!

Couples Pumpkin Carving Ideas

We’re half way through our couples pumpkin carving ideas. Seeing many that are taking your fancy? I hope so! Now let’s keep them coming. We’re determined to make this Halloween the best Halloween there’s ever been!

11) Create Cute Kissing Pumpkins

So what else have we got? What else have we got? Well, kissing pumpkins just HAVE to go into the list of cute couples pumpkin carving ideas, as it’s an absolute classic!

Make your “his” and “her” pumpkins, put some big pouty lips on “her” and you’ve got yourself a couple of kissing pumpkins! (Woohoo.)

12) Come Up With Something SCARY!

Now all of this cuteness is all well and good, but would it really be Halloween without a little bit of horror?! I think NOT!

So we’ve covered the creative couples pumpkin carving competition as one of the best couples pumpkin carving ideas. But you’ve also got to – at some point – give the scary pumpkin carving competition a go.

It works in exactly the same way – set a timer, get carving, then see who can come up with the SCARIEST carved pumpkin. Again, this can be put to a vote by sharing them on social media!

Let the battle of the scary pumpkins… commence!

[Psst, want to go scary this year? Here’s our top 10 scary halloween costumes for couples!]

13) Create a Pumpkin Garland For Your Front Door

If you can’t get enough of pumpkin carving, another fun halloween activity for couples, is to team up and make a whole garland of carved pumpkins that you can then put around your front door.

It’s fun, becomes a bit of a project, but is ever so memorable (and well worth it by the end!)

Remember – you can always use pumpkin carving stencils to give you a helping hand… That gives you a more “front-door-worthy” carved pumpkin, a little easier. So it then also doesn’t matter how arty or creative you are!

14) Decorate Your Doorstep Together

Likewise, another similar pumpkin-themed date ideas for couples, is to work together to pull off the most IMPRESSIVE doorstep scene.

Bring the pumpkins out on the masses! Carve some, dot some around, decorate with other bits and pieces and create something you’re really proud of!

It’ll be sure to impress the Neighbours while you’re at it too… Just get ready for it to attract a lot of trick or treaters. (But hey – that’s what Halloween is all about, right?)

15) Create Cute Candle Holders

Keeping with the home theme, we can’t get enough of these cute love-heart carved candle holders! All you need is some diddy-sized pumpkins that you can cut out to fit a tea-light in.

Adorable or what? They make great table centre-pieces through the season, so be sure to add this to your pumpkin-carving list!

Remember – you can carve any halloween pumpkin stencil into these… A pumpkin in a pumpkin, a skull for something spookier, or even a little cat.

(After all, these black cat facts reveal why they’re associated with Halloween!)

Couples Pumpkin Carving Ideas

16) Mr & Mrs Pumpkins

Here’s one for the newlyweds now then! Not long got married? Then why not create your own Mr & Mrs Pumpkins to put on the mantelpiece.

Any excuse to celebrate in the first year, right?! They’re cute, easy to do & one of the simplest couples pumpkin carving ideas!

17) Work Together on a Masterpiece

Want something a little more challenging? Then on the flip side, you could always team up to come up with a real masterpiece this Halloween.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work, as they say!

Instead of carving two pumpkins, why not work together on one to create something you’re really proud of?! And make it an annual tradition, trying to step it up a notch each year…

18) Or a Funny Pumpkin Duo

If intricate details aren’t really within your skill-set, you can always work together on a pumpkin duo. (This one’s kinda gross but I still can’t help but love it!)

Thinking of the idea and then bringing it to life, is all part of it.

19) Pumpkin Painting Is an Option!

Now here’s a little cheat if you’re looking for couples pumpkin carving ideas but do not have a creative bone in your body!

See, instead of carving, you can in fact – draw or paint on them!

This saves time, makes it far easier, and still means you can come up with something cool! (So there’s absolutely no reason you have to miss out on a pumpkin-themed date this Halloween!)

20) Carve, Snap & Print

Whichever pumpkin designs you go for, don’t forget to snap and print a picture of it at the end.

This can actually become an annual tradition. It will be super cute to look back on and means you’re well-and-truly getting into the Halloween spirit each and every year.

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – our top 20 pumpkin carving ideas for couples.

I hope this has filled you with inspiration, as pumpkin carving is most certainly one of the best creative craft date ideas for Halloween.

There’s also plenty of Autumn date ideas you can do too, of course. The trick is to embrace every season and everything it has to offer. Because, well – it would be a waste not to, right?!

Enjoy! Take care.


Couples Pumpkin Carving Ideas
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