200+ Couples Trivia Questions

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Looking for a fun couples quizzes? Fun relationship quizzes? Where the only trivia topics on the cards are about you, your partner and your relationship? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 200 couples trivia questions that not only reveal how well you know each other, but also help you continue to get to know each other. (It’s exciting!)

What Is Couples Trivia?

Couples Trivia is a game that tests how much couples really know about each other by asking them questions about their relationship, each other and their life in general.

It’s fun, entertaining and makes for both a great date night idea, or to simply spice up a mundane mid-night evening – when you have some time to fill.

How To Play

  1. Share this link with your partner. Or grab the Digital Download version, so you can print and play straight away.
  2. For each question you need to write down your own answer on one sheet of paper, and what you’re guessing is your partners answer, on the other sheet.
  3. Do this in sets of 5-10 questions. Don’t worry – you only need to write your answers in brief!
  4. You then take it in turns to ask the questions, guess the answers, and then reveal if your partner was right or wrong!
  5. Set a score you need to reach to win, and tally it up as you go along. 
couples relationship trivia

Relationship Quiz for Couples

Our couples trivia questions essentially creates a relationship quiz for couples. It’s pretty popular – but only if you play properly. So the “rules” that come with it…

– Be Honest

Cheating will get you nowhere in this game. In fact, it completely defeats the purpose of it, and stops you from getting to know each other better!

So share your honest answer – without being afraid of judgement or giving judgement either. This leads me onto my next “rule!”…

– Be Non Judgmental

Some of the deeper couples trivia questions, may give answers that you don’t necessarily like, or, perhaps you didn’t expect.

But that’s okay. It means you’re learning and growing and becoming closer with your partner. So make sure you don’t put them off!

– Respect If Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Answer

If there are questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering (or vice versa with your partner), just skim over them. That’s okay!

And that’s actually the great thing about having 200+ couples trivia questions… It means you can pick and choose the ones that are most interesting to you!

– Don’t Just Assume

Like I said – there’s going to be some answers in here that surprise you!

So often we think we know our partner like the back of our hand – or don’t push to find out new things.

But actually, there’s quite a lot of depth to this game, so things are about to get very interesting… very interesting indeed!

– Enjoy!

This couples quiz is actually one of my favourites so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

200+ Fun Couples Trivia Questions

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in with our couples trivia questions, shall we?

All of these questions are written about your partner – guessing what their answer would be.

But remember, (for most of them) you also need to answer them as if your partner had asked them to you too, so you should have two different pieces of paper and two answers for each of these.

Makes sense? Alright then. Here’s 200+ fun couples trivia questions.

Work your way straight through, take it in turns to pick the next question or pick them at random with our Printable Couples Trivia Question Cards, listed below.

Whatever way you choose to play – have fun and good luck!

Couples trivia questions

Couples Trivia Questions

Let’s start with some of the basics – featuring classic couples trivia questions to see how well you know each other.

1) What’s your partners favourite TV show?

2) Do they have a favourite movie? If so, what is it? (Or one of their favourites.)

3) What type of books do they like reading / listening to? (Fiction / Non Fiction + Genre?)

4) Does your partner have a favourite song? / Can you name one of them?

5) What’s your partner’s favourite “savoury” food?

6) How about their favourite “sweet” food? / Dessert?

7) What’s their favourite takeaway?

8) How do they take their tea / coffee?

9) How does your partner best like their eggs?

10) What’s their go-to non-alcoholic drink? 

11) And their go-to alcoholic drink? (On a night out, let’s say.)

12) What’s one of the best dishes they can cook? What’s their speciality? (Or one of them!)

13) What does your partner think is one of their greatest skills / talents?

How Are You Getting On?

14) What’s one thing your partner wishes they were better at? 

15) List all the different nicknames they’ve had. (Or as many as you can think of!)

16) What’s your partners favourite colour?

17) How about your partner’s lucky number?

18) What shoe size does your partner have? 

19) How about their t-shirt / dress size? Be careful with this one! You should always be helping your partner to feel confident about the way that they look!

20) What household chore does your partner least like doing?

21) How does your partner best like to spend their free time?

22) How does your partner like to spend their money?

23) Who spends the most money out of the two of you?

24) Does your partner budget their money, and if so, how?

25) If your partner could change their name to anything, what would they change it to?

couples trivia questions

Let’s Step It Up a Notch…

26) How important is religion in your partner’s life?

27) Who’s your partner’s role model / hero?

28) What social causes do they care about?

29) If your partner was able to donate 1 million dollars, which charity (or type of charity) would they donate to?

30) If your partner was going to become famous for one thing, what would they want it to be for? (And / or – what would it actually most likely be for?)

31) Would your partner want to be famous? What would they like / dislike about it?

32) What would your partner do with their money if they suddenly won multi millions in the lottery?

33) Who does your partner vote for, politically?

34) And how important is politics to them? How passionate are they about it?

35) Would your partner consider themselves more introverted or extroverted?

36) What do they think are the biggest things that have influenced the person that they’ve become?

37) If your partner could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

38) What’s one thing they wish they had more of?

39) How important is money to your partner?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

40) How much value do they put on physical activity?

41) And what about good health – how much do they value good health?

42) How much do they focus on personal development and self improvement?

43) How much do they personally think they have grown in the last 12 months?

44) What’s more valuable to them: experiences or things?

45) Do they think more with their head or their heart? How do they make decisions?

46) How well does your partner think they deal with stress? Do they have their own set of relaxation techniques to calm down when they need, too?

47) And how do they de-stress when they need to?

48) What sort of things stress your partner out the most?

49) How will your partner most likely spend their time once they retire?

50) What is your partner most grateful for in life?

Relationship quiz for couples

Couples Trivia Questions About The Past

How are you guys getting on? Enjoying this fun couples quiz? I hope so! Our next section now then, features couples trivia questions, based on your partner’s past.

51) Who was their best friend growing up?

52) Who were they close to when they were younger, who they don’t see now?

53) What grades did they get at high school?

54) What was their favourite subject at school?

55) Did they have any part-time jobs as a teen? If so, what?

56) As a child / teen, what did they want to be when they grew up?

57) Did they get in trouble much at school?

58) Did they have any pets growing up? If so, what? (Bonus points if you remember names too!)

59) What do they miss most about childhood?

60) What advice would they give to their former self?

61) Is there a fear that they’ve overcome? If so, what? And how?

62) What’s their biggest fear now, that they still can’t let go of?!

63) What’s their biggest regret in their life so far?

Are these questions testing you?

Some of these questions may be a little tricky, but it’s good to talk these things through…

64) How about the most difficult thing they’ve been through in life?

65) What / who has hurt them the most in their life?

66) Is there anything that they think they’re unable to let go of, about the past?

67) Do they hold onto things, or let go easily?

68) What’s your partner’s greatest accomplishment to date?

69) Has your partner ever had any past experiences with mental health issues?

70) Has your partner ever got in trouble with the law?

71) What about hospital? Has your partner ever ended up in hospital? If so, what for?

72) What’s been their favourite place they’ve travelled to so far?

73) Or their craziest, wildest experience to date? (And yes, this can include any crazy date ideas they dragged you on too!)

74) What has been the happiest time of their life? (Excluding now, with you!)

75) What do they need in order to feel happy?

Relationship quiz for couples

Relationship Quiz For Couples

Let’s carry on our relationship quiz for couples, by taking our trivia questions a little deeper…

76) What does your partner like most about themselves?

77) And what does your partner like most about you?

78) What’s one thing you do that really annoys your partner?

79) What does your partner think is their worst habit?

80) Does your partner have many insecurities? What is their biggest one?

(Some of these questions are a little deeper or more intimate, but remember – it’s good to ask intimate questions in a relationship and find out things your partner wouldn’t share with everyone. It brings you far closer and therefore strengthens your relationship further.)

81) How confident is your partner? How high would they rate their confidence on a scale of 1-10?

82) Who wears the trousers in the relationship? (Overall!)

83) What is your partner’s ideal date night?

84) How does your partner feel about PDA (Public Displays of Affection)?

85) Would your partner say that they’re an affectionate person? How much on a scale of 1-10?

86) What’s one thing you know about your partner that many people don’t know? Or wouldn’t notice?

87) What does your partner find the most challenging thing about relationships?

88) What does your partner think is the best thing about being in a relationship?

89) And more specifically – what do they love the most about your relationship?

Are there any answers which are surprising you?

90) What does your partner think are their strengths and weaknesses in a relationship?

91) What’s a nonnegotiable in a relationship for them? Any deal-breakers?

92) What does your partner find the most attractive in a person?

93) On the flip side, what’s some of the biggest turn off’s for them?

94) Do you know your partner’s love language? How does your partner like to give love in a relationship? 

95) And how do they like to receive love? What sort of things make them feel the most loved?

96) Would your partner ever move / relocate for love?

97) Could your partner handle a long distance relationship? Why / why not?

98) Does your partner like or dislike “alone time” and how much do they need?

99) Would they rather speak on the phone or speak over text when you’re apart?

100) How does your partner feel about commitment? Is it something they crave, or something they fear?

Fun relationship quizzes

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

101) Would they say they’ve had more positive or negative experiences in relationships?

102) How does your partner feel about their exes?

103) What’s your partners view on being friends with an ex?

104) Is there anything your partner misses about being single?

105) Are they more passive or confrontational?

106) Do they respond quickly or need time to process in an argument?

107) How do they like to be apologised to? What means the most to them?

108) Do they appreciate actions, or words more?

109) Are they more logical or emotional when it comes to relationships?

110) Are they more dominant or submissive in the bedroom? (Or prefer to switch it up?!)

111) Do they prefer structure or going with the flow?

112) Do they like routine or spontaneity?

113) How do you know when your partner is angry?

114) What small things can brighten your partner’s day?

Use these answers to further improve your relationship!

115) What makes your partner jealous? And how jealous of a person would you say that they are?

116) How often does your partner compare themself to others? And in what way? What over?

117) How often does your partner feel lonely? And what sort of things / situations make them feel lonely?

118) How much does your partner care about what other people think about them?

119) How different do they think you are when it’s just the two of you, compared to how you are when other people are there? And in what ways are you different?

120) Is there anything your partner wishes never happened in the relationship?

121) What does your partner think is the biggest mistake they’ve made in your relationship?

122) What lesson(s) have they learnt since being with you?

123) If you haven’t met each other, how different, do you think, would your life be?

124) What would your partner most like to happen between the two of you in the next one – two – five years? (Pick your timescale. This is an interesting one! You’ll see if your life and relationship milestones align!) 

125) What does your partner think makes the two of you so good for each other? Why and how do you work so well?

relationship quiz questions

Couples Trivia Questions – The “Facts!”

We’re storming through our couples trivia questions now, so let’s break it up with 10 quick-fire questions to test your memory on some significant moments!

126) How and when did you two meet?

127) What did your partner think when they first saw you?

128) What was your partner wearing when you first met?

129) When did you first know that you were in love with each other?

130) Who said I love you first?

131) How did your partner first tell you they loved you?

132) Who instigated the first kiss? When? And how? 

133) When was your first argument / fall out and what was it about? How did you resolve it?

134) What has been your partners top 3 favourite dates with you so far?

135) What romantic gesture have you done, that your partner appreciated the most?

Psst, enjoying this? Want more quick fire questions? Then our “This or That” Couples Question Game or the “Who Is Most Likely To” Question Game For Couples. (Both are super fun!)

Relationship Quiz For Couples

We’ve looked back, so let’s now look forward with what the two of you want, whilst evaluating where you’re currently at. There’s some deep questions in here, that will not only help to establish how well you know your partner, but also, whether you’re on the same page!

136) Does your partner want to get married?

137) What age did they always see themselves getting married, if so? I mean, how soon is too soon to propose?!

138) What does a happy, healthy relationship look like to them?

139) Does your partner want to have children? (Or more children.)

140) If so, do you know how many?

141) And ideally, by what age?

142) What’s their favourite boy’s and girl’s baby name?

143) Does your partner want pets? And if so, what? 

144) Where would your partner like your relationship to be in  two – five – ten years time? (Pick the timescale.)

145) What things do you both think you have in common, when it comes to what you want moving forward?

couples quiz questions

146) Are there any differences you think you have in terms of what you want or how important something is?

147) What would they like to have achieved financially in two – five – ten years time? (Pick the timescale.)

148) What would they like to have achieved in their career in two – five – ten years time? (Pick the timescale.)

149) Do they have any other challenges / life goals they’d like to achieve aside from this? (Again, in two – five – ten years time: you pick!)

How are your answers aligning?

150) What do they think is their life purpose? Or what purpose would they like to focus on?

151) How would they like to help others / give back? And how important is this to them?

152) What does your partner like and dislike the most about their job?

153) If your partner could do any job, what would they do?

154) If your partner could change one thing about their life right now, what would it be?

155) What scares them the most when thinking about the future?

156) Does your partner like talking about the future? Why or why not?

157) What’s one thing they’d struggle to accept, if they didn’t / couldn’t have it in their life?

158) If your partner could live anywhere in the world, where would they live?

159) What are the top 3 places on your partner’s bucket list?

160) How about 3 top experiences on their wish-list, that they’re itching to do?

Couples Trivia Questions

We’re into the final section, so will be finishing off our couples trivia questions with a real mix! Questions about you, questions about them, and questions about the relationship as a whole!

161) How close would your partner say that they are with a) their parents? and b) their siblings?

162) Were their parents supportive of their dreams and goals?

163) Are there any life experiences your partner feels like they’ve missed out on?

Relationship quiz for couples

164) How superstitious is your partner? What things do they believe in or are wary of?

165) What does your partner think happens after death?

166) Was your partner’s childhood experience more positive or negative?

167) Who would your partner say is their best friend? (If the answer is you, that’s a good sign! I mean, 83 percent of married couples consider their current partner to be their best friend, so it’s normal. But try to give a second answer too!)

168) How has your partner fallen out with friends in the past? What over?

169) What makes your partner dislike a person?

170) Does your partner think they’re easy to get on with, or not?

171) Does your partner think they’re a good judge of character or not?

172) Who does your partner act nice to / is polite with, but secretly dislikes?

173) In what moments / situations does your partner feel the most like themselves?

174) What situations make them feel the most uncomfortable?

175) What have been the healthiest and unhealthiest periods of your partners life?

We’re Nearly There!

176) How about the worst emotional or mental anguish they’ve endured?

177) What’s been the biggest betrayal they’ve ever experienced?

178) What worries them the most day-to-day?

179) Who was their biggest celebrity crush growing up?

180) Who is their biggest celebrity crush now?

181) What would your partner say is their worst habit? Is it a bad habit in a relationship?!

182) What’s one thing you wish your partner knew about themselves? Or realised more?

183) What does your partner like most about your family?

184) And is there anything that irritates them about your family? (Be careful!)

185) What irritates them about their own family?

186) How do they feel about your friends?

187) How often does your partner dream about you?

Relationship quiz for couples

188) And what’s the weirdest dream your partner has ever had about you?

189) What keeps your partner up at night? And how easy do they find it to fall asleep?

190) Do they prefer waking up early or going to bed late? (Early bird or night owl, essentially!?)

191) What’s your partner’s favourite season? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? And why?

192) What’s their favourite sport or activity? (Maybe you could try getting into one of the many sports for couples, to bring you closer too!)

193) What’s their ideal way to spend a vacation? And what type of vacation would it be?

194) If they could learn one musical instrument, what would it be?

195) What would be their idea of the greatest gift they could receive?

196) What do they like most about life?!

197) Is there anything coming up that they’re dreading, or find a little daunting?

198) What makes your partner feel attractive?

199) What has taken up too much time of their life?

200) What do they wish they had more time for?

What Are Some Good Trivia Questions For Couples?

Ultimately, good trivia questions for couples are ones which genuinely challenge them.

You want a mix of questions your partner SHOULD know, fed in with questions that get them thinking and learning more about you. (This then helps to really also put them to the test!)

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

If you liked our Couples Trivia Questions and want to build on this further, then try out ULTIMATE How Well Do You Know Me Question Game next…

Here we’ve crafted 365+ classic, creative & totally original how well do you know me questions for a fun, simple, daily game to bring you closer to your partner. Click here to read…

That’s All For This One

So there we have it! We’ve reached the mighty 200 couples trivia questions. The game is complete!

This offers plenty of fun conversations to fill your evenings with now.

Remember, you can also create your own questions – testing on specific things to see how well your partner knows you!

This also gives you an opportunity to open up and share something new with them too, which in turn helps to bring you closer.

Like I said, this is probably my all-time favourite relationship quiz for couples, and the best part is – you really can make it your own!

Just don’t be shy to throw some deep questions in there. It will only strengthen your bond further and help you to understand each other better.

Good luck, have fun, and keep bonding, sharing & becoming closer.

Take care.


Couples trivia questions
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  1. We had so much fun with this! Even after 7 years we are still learning things about each other. It was so interesting to find out what the other person thought our favorites and opinions were based on all our conversations throughout the years. What a great date night activity.

  2. Hubby and I had a glass of wine last Friday and played a game with these trivia questions! Even though we’ve been married for years there were still some surprises. A great roundup of questions and a ton of fun, as always. Thanks Ell!


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