25 Crazy Date Ideas

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Looking for wild date ideas to get your heart racing? Different date ideas that many would consider as a little bit crazy?! Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 25 crazy date ideas to get you thinking outside the box. Your challenge? To pick even just ONE and schedule it in!

Crazy Date Ideas

There’s no point hanging around. Let’s get stuck straight in with our top 25 crazy date ideas… before you change your mind!

Remember dates like these – they’re amazing bonding experiences.

They will also hands-down become one of the most memorable dates you’ve ever done – so they’re well worth it (even if they do fill you with dread, just reading them!)

But be bold, be brave. Add a little spontaneity into your relationship. And – live a little!

It’s all about stepping outside your comfort zone… then seeing how much closer it brings you and your partner / date.

So what have we got for you? Okay, let’s have them…

1) Skydive

First up, we’ve got a skydive! I mean, could we really start with anything else?! Isn’t it one of the first activities that come to mind when you think of doing something wild?

It’s a classic adrenaline-activity that many put on their wish-lists for things they have to do at least once in their life…

So why not experience that with your partner in crime as one of your crazy date ideas?!

Crazy Date Ideas

2) Bungee Jump

Next up, there’s a bungee jump. This goes hand in hand with skydiving – so if the thought of relying on a parachute to keep you alive is a little too much – rely on a cord instead!

(Just kidding. Both are perfectly safe – and amazing experiences! Do it, do it!)

3) BASE Jump

BASE Jump… Say whaattt?! Did you even know this was a thing?! Well all the more to do it!

See, a BASE Jump is basically a bungee jump – from a fixed point, but with a parachute. So you’re jumping off a high building or something similar, rather than an aircraft.

It’s still safe and you can do it with others, but even the title sounds insanely cool, right?

“What was your third date?! Umm… a BASE Jump!” Doesn’t that sound epic?!

4) Karaoke Night

What else takes undeniable courage?! Well… Karaoke. Standing up in front of a crowd, all eyes on you, watching as you sing your heart out…

It’s terrifying! But brilliant at the same time!

So from one extreme to another, our next crazy date idea has to be hitting a karaoke night – just the two of you. Let your hair down, go all out. Maybe even give a duet a go!

You can always start with karaoke night in the comfort of your own home first… This makes a great (totally free) home date idea!

The earlier the days it is for the two of you, the crazier it makes it, as it’s not your standard date idea. But one thing you can guarantee – is it sure will be memorable!

Hilarious Date Ideas

5) Zombie Apocalypse Experience

Talking of all things frightful – a Zombie Apocalypse Escape Challenge is another super fun, yet definitely crazy, date idea!

And no, this doesn’t have to just be a date idea for Halloween!

They have them all over the place now, running all-year round… For a reason. Simply google it to find one in your area and get ready to fight for your survival in this unique escape challenge!

6) Shark Cage Experience

Talking of experiences, another one to add onto our list of crazy date ideas, is a Shark Cage or Crocodile Cage experience. Whichever you prefer!

These can be with a company, out and about in the wild (as you do!) Or you can find them through experience days, at things like local aquariums (far easier!)

Again, they’re pretty terrifying when you think about it – but when you’re actually there, inside, they’re far more exciting and thrilling.

The great thing with this one, is you can usually do them with other people, which means both you and your partner / date can go in at the same time… clutching hands, and experiencing it together! Who’d have thought it could be so… cute?!

7) Paragliding

Want something a little more freeing? Then okay, let’s get back up in the air with, drum roll please, paragliding! Race off the side of a mountain and float up into the air!

I’ve actually done this before and I can tell you – it’s not as scary as you’d think, but again, makes for an amazing experience!

Wild Date Ideas

8) Wing Walking

Want something even more thrilling? Then you can’t really get much more than Wing Walking!

This is the act of moving along the wings of an aeroplane – up in the air, during flight (all safely attached of course!)

It used to be a daredevil stunt but is now often on experience days that you can buy as a couple.

9) Flying Lesson

Want to feel more in control? Then a flying lesson makes a great crazy date idea!

“What did you guys do today?” “Oh, only learn to fly a plane!” (Jaw-drops. Gasp. Amazement!)

It’s very unique, certainly wild and pretty expensive… But worth it, because what a bucket-list experience you can then both tick off together!

10) Helicopter Ride

Keeping with the luxury experiences, we have to put a helicopter ride on here.

It’s crazy because again, it’s not something you’d do every day… In fact, many never get to experience this at all.

So if you’re looking for something memorable and different, it’s certainly one to consider…

11) Hot Air Balloon

Similarly with a hot air balloon ride – that’s another awesomely crazy date idea, that will create memories that last a life-time!

Crazy Date Ideas

12) Visit Open Homes

If you don’t feel full of richness, but would like to, a super fun and original crazy date idea is to visit open homes… pretending to be rich for the day!

Visit the million dollar plus properties, the homes you would (right now) only ever dream of buying…

Dress up and see how well you can blag it – pretending that you’re in a position to purchase!

Yes, it’s not something you should do every day… but one weekend, a few houses… it won’t do the estate agents too much harm, and makes an insanely different date for the two of you!

13) Go to Adult Soft Play

On the flip side, maybe you’re done adulting and want a blast to the past again. If this is the case, then Adult Soft Play makes for a great date idea!

Slide, jump, bounce and battle until your heart’s content. Or, if this isn’t quite for you – google adrenaline slides in your area.

These are similar… but step it up a notch! Simply browse and see!

14) Zip Lining

Soaaaaar through the sky on a zip-line. This is another more common crazy date idea – one that you can’t really go too far wrong with.

It gets your heart racing (almost as much as your date does… we hope!)

You can select 100% zip line worlds, or go for a tree-top rope courses, which includes zip lines within them. There’s plenty of options with this one as it’s a popular adrenaline activity!

crazy activities

15) Flyboarding

What else have we got for you now then? Well, we can’t talk about crazy date ideas without including flyboarding.

If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, essentially, flyboards work by taking the water output from a jet ski and diverting it through a connected hose to a board with jets on the bottom.

Riders strap the board to their feet, and the jets under the board push upwards as the jet ski operator increases throttle.

Clever huh? And they LITERALLY make you look like a superhero. What a way to make an impression on your date!

16) Cliff Jumping

A fan of the water? Love being out in the great outdoors? Looking for the best summer date ideas?

Then cliff jumping is another option when it comes to those that are a bit crazy!

Now with this one – you need to make sure you’re safe, and so if you’ve never done it before or are doing it for a date, I highly recommend you going with a tour. (Be careful please!)

However, it’s a simple, adrenaline-filled date idea, similar to coasteering, where you jump off rock-forms into the ocean. Try not to scream!

17) Free Diving

Next up then – it’s free diving! We love this date idea if you’re near the ocean, as it doesn’t require any heavy tanks or kits. Simply hold your breath and dive down below.

Splash around, take photos, have a laugh whilst you’re there. It’s really quite magical… which only adds to the romance!

Crazy Date Ideas

18) White Water Rafting

What other wild date ideas have we got? Well, white water rafting certainly deserves a feature!

The great thing with this one, is you can pick whether you want a more gentle or bumpy adventure. Then simply jump in and get ready to ride the rapids together!

19) Paintballing

Another great activity that can become a pretty crazy date idea, is paint balling. With this, you’re shooting paintballs at your partner at 300 ft/s! It’s pretty brutal but heaps of fun.

Team up together and take on others, or go head to head. This one also makes a great group date idea – although I wouldn’t rule it out if it’s only the two of you.

Just be ready to take the hits, and try not to scream too much!

20) Rage Room Experience

Talking of screaming, this one has got to top it when it comes to crazy date ideas!

A Rage Room is a room where people can vent their rage by destroying objects within a room. They’ve actually become pretty popular and you can buy them as couple gifts for you and your partner.

Let out that frustration on something else, other than each other. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll feel completely and utterly at peace!

21) Mountain Biking

One of the best ways to come up with crazy date ideas is to think of a standard activity… then step it up a notch! The best example of this is mountain biking.

This is a popular sport that you may be more familiar with, but perhaps haven’t done together before.

So instead of gently heading out on the calm, countryside roads together, grab some mountain bikes and fly down rough terrains!

It’s fun, fast-paced and you can pick the paths based on your experience level. (Ideal!)

Wild activities

22) Rally Car Experience

If you and your partner are into cars and bikes, then a rally car experience is another option.

Buckle up and learn a whole new set of driving skills on a purpose-built course. See who can master what, see who can get the top speed and battle it out, one after the other!

23) Supercar Experience

The alternative to a rally car experience, has got to be a supercar experience. With these you can either choose to take a backseat, or drive them yourself – focusing purely on feeling the power!

It’s pretty amazing, and again – will give you and your partner so much to talk about after!

It also makes a really sweet, fun and exciting romantic gesture for your partner if cars are his / her thing. So that’s also something to consider!

24) Go Sailing

We’re coming towards the end of our wild date ideas, but not everything has to be fast and furious! Hit the seas with some sailing.

Become part of the crew as you take on the waves, and admire the beauty around you as you go. Talking of which…

25) Go on a Spontaneous Day Trip / Road Trip

If you’re looking for things that are a little wild and crazy, then all you actually have to do is get in your car and go on an adventure together!

Pick a random spot on a map, or somewhere on your “wish-list” for where you’ve always wanted to go. Head out, without any major set plan and see where it takes you!

It’s the “yes” attitude to everything (including life!) which makes it the most exciting. So go on… what are you waiting for? Go out and head somewhere new together, today!

Original dates to do with your partner

Crazy Date Ideas

That rounds up, 25 of our favourite crazy date ideas.

What’s the craziest date you’ve been on so far, and which will you give a go next?

Comment on this post below. Let’s keep the inspiration flowing!

Life is a collection of moments. See how many extraordinary ones you can make…


Crazy Date Ideas
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