50 Cute Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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Looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday? Want to buy a few things that show him how much he means to you? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 50 cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend – filling you with inspiration, and giving you heaps of options to choose from.

50 Cute Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

So without further ado, let’s get stuck straight in, shall we? Here’s some of the best birthday gifts for your boyfriend to show him exactly how much you care…

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1) A Book About You

So, I see nothing better to kick off the list with, than the “Book About You” gift.

Birthday’s are all about celebrating the person, which is why this is one of the best cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend, that really does – celebrate him, and everything that makes him so special!

The book is beautifully designed and includes text, graphics and prompts which you then write in the spaces for…

The best way to understand it, is to click this link and check it out (as there’s also sample pages on here too.) You’ll then see how perfect it is! [Click Here To Shop]

2) I Love You Because Box

We also can’t get enough of this “I Love You Because” Box.

This includes 15 reasons why you love him or her, engraved on love hearts and then stored in a wooden box.

This can be kept in his room – and is very sweet, whilst still remaining fairly masculine in design.

It’s totally unique! [Click Here To Shop]

3) Reasons I Love You Book

Another similar option is to grab a “Reasons I Love You” Book and fill it with, well, all those fabulous reasons!

This is simpler, but very personal. It comes full of blank pages too, which means you really can make it your own.

[Click Here To Shop]

4) Fully Customisable Bobble Head

Of Him

Make your man feel like THE MAN, with one of these Customisable Bobble Head Figures.

With this one, you just pick an outfit, send a picture and BAMN – your boyfriend has a mini version of him, capturing how awesome you think he is! [Click Here To Shop]

Of The Two Of You

You can also get Bobble Heads made for two, which is also pretty cool. (And of course, still, very cute too!)

Instead of having a photo of the two of you in his bedroom, he can have a recreation of you both. How awesome is that?!

It’s certainly an original gift, he won’t have expected! [Click Here To Shop]

5) Engraved Boyfriend Watch

Looking for something super special? Then this Engraved Boyfriend Watch is a firm favourite of mine!

It’s stylish, meaningful, but also very affordable. (Check out the reviews – thousands are vouching for it!)

Click here to browse all the different engraved message options. You’ll be sure to find one that’s the perfect fit!

6) Watch Box Organiser

If your boyfriend already has plenty of watches, another nice gift idea may be to get him a fancy organiser instead.

It’s sweet and thoughtful – as you want to keep some of his most valuable items safe.

This one is my personal favourite. [Click Here To Shop]

7) Engraved Boyfriend Wallet

A wallets also makes a great birthday present, but what better than to engrave his new one with a sweet message, and pop a picture in to go with it? This one reads:

“TO MY LOVE. Sometimes it’s hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my everything. I love you always and forever.”

Isn’t it just adorable? He’ll have a constant reminder of your love, every day with this one! [Click Here To Shop]

8) Cute Wallet Insert For Your Boyfriend

Another romantic gift for your boyfriend is this cute wallet insert. It’s the perfect addition if you’ve already got him a wallet before, but want something extra and special. This one reads:

“When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have, I love you more than any distance between us, and I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most.” [Click Here To Shop]

9) Bond Touch Bracelets

Next up, we have these Bond Touch Bracelets.

Now these have mixed reviews with people either LOVING them, or having issues with connectivity right from the start – so certainly take a look yourself before making a decision.

But I had to feature them in this list because – if they work – I think they’re absolutely brilliant. (It’s just such a beautiful concept!)

Essentially, when you touch this bracelet, the other’s bracelet will perceive it, just like they were right by your side.

For this reason, they’re a great Long Distance Relationship Gift, but they also make a cute birthday gift for boyfriends if the two of you have busy lives and are often apart. [Click Here To Shop]

UPDATE: Further Research…

If you – like I – loved the idea of the Bond Touch Bracelets, there’s also this brand that are a little more expensive but have incredible reviews (no risk of problems with these guys!) click here to check them out. They work in exactly the same way, but the design is just a little different.

10) Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet

Another nice option is to personalise one of these Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet’s.

They’re high quality and very stylish – made to last (just like your love is!)

See, there’s more jewellery options than you may think when looking for cute birthday presents for your boyfriend!

[Click Here To Shop]

11) King & Queen Matching Magnetic Bracelets

Keeping with the theme of cute presents that your boyfriend can wear – I love these King & Queen Matching Magnetic Bracelets.

One for him, one for you! They’re cool, stylish, but still completely and utterly sweet. [Click Here To Shop]

12) Reminder Box

Another cute birthday gift for your boyfriend that is bound to make him melt is this “Reminder Box”. In fact, there’s two options here.

One which reads:

And another which says:

Take your pick. They make a great extra little present to add in!

13) “I Love You More” Beer Opener

Now for a cute birthday gift for your boyfriend that you really can’t go wrong with… This “I Love You More Than You Love Beer” Bottle Opener.

It’s fun, original, whilst still being very very sweet. It also makes a great little “extra” gift to go with whatever else you’ve got him.

Once he has this “bad boy”, every time he cracks open a bottle – he’ll be thinking of you! It will also be sure to bring a smile to his face!

[Click Here To Shop]

14) This Guy Has an Awesome Girlfriend Glass

Let’s throw in a funny gift now! A lot of these suggestions have been all about him – so let’s make your boyfriend smile with this beer glass that states:

“This guy has one awesome girlfriend!”

Uh huh, it doesn’t matter who he’s drinking with now – everyone will know he has a great girl waiting for him at home!

It’s just a jokey present, but one which he’s likely to think is rather sweet! [Click Here To Shop]

15) Funny Summer Tank Top

Keeping with the Summer, chilled vibes, this tank top makes a great cute birthday present for your boyfriend! It reads:

“I Flexed And The Sleeves Fell Off!”

Not only is it funny, but it’s also bigging your boyfriend up (which always feels pretty good!) [Click Here To Shop]

16) Beer Coats

What else have we got? Well these fabulous little beer coats!

Funny and innovative… not to mention, practical too. Your boyfriend simply wraps them around his cans of beer and it keeps his hand warm, whilst his beer cold.

Pretty genius, right? [Click Here To Shop]

17) Messages in a Bottle

Want to make your man feel special on his day? Then grab a Romantic Messages Capsule!

The best thing about this one, is it’s a gift that keeps on giving, as there’s 50 capsules he can open… Whether that’s once a day or once a week. Uh huh, the love just keeps on coming!

You can grab message capsules you write on yourself (but this takes a lot of time), so instead – this one has romantic messages already written for you. [Click Here To Shop]

18) Boyfriend Music Box

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy!” – this is what will play, when you grab a Boyfriend Music Box.

It’s sweet, meaningful and actually very dinky… small enough to hold in your hand! Inside, it also reads a romantic message for your man.

This is a great gift if you’re looking for something sweet and different.

It’s also stylish enough for your boyfriend to want to keep it out on his bedside table… for again, a reminder daily, of how much he means to you.

[Click Here To Shop]

19) Personalised Boyfriend Guitar Pick

Before we move on from music, I’ve got to mention this brilliant Personalised Boyfriend Guitar Pick.

Whether he plays the guitar or not, it has been cleverly created to also double up as a small keepsake gift.

If he loves music – you’re onto a winner with this one, as it’s simply saying: “I couldn’t pick a better boyfriend!”

Punny, huh?! [Click Here To Shop]

20) Birthday Scratch Prize

A fun idea to go with other little presents, is to grab this Boyfriend Birthday Card where your partner then scratches & matches to see which prize he wins!

There’s some pretty naughty ones in there, but it’s just a bit of a laugh and is guaranteed to show you’re really thinking of him! [Click Here To Shop]

21) Deep Kneading Shoulder Back and Foot Massager

Now one of the “prizes” in the above birthday card, is a massage (ah, don’t we all just love them!?) so this leads me onto my next cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend suggestion… a massage pillow!

It’s totally sweet, especially if your boyfriend has long, hard days at work. This says, “I love you, I care about you, and I’ve got you covered when I’m not there!” [Click Here To Shop]

22) Engraved Wood Docking Station

Another thoughtful, and practical gift for your boyfriends birthday is this wooden docking station. It’s stylish too, huh?

If your man has a habit of constantly losing things – this is the perfect addition to his room.

And the best part? It’s also engraved with the cute message of “I love you more.”

Heart-warming or what?! [Click Here To Shop]

23) Engraved Tool Kit

Sticking with engraved cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend, we can’t get enough of this hammer gadget!

It’s pocket-sized and folds out to include 14 mini but useful tools. It’s also engraved with a super cute message.

Well worth checking out! [Click Here To Shop]

24) Hand Casting Kit

Talking of building things, why not grab one of these hand casting kits for your boyfriend’s birthday, and get creative, making romantic art?!

It’s beautiful, meaningful and can then become a focal point in yours / his home!

This gift is a continuous best-seller from our site, so we can highly recommend it! [Click Here To Shop]

25) I Wanna Know You Better: A Quiz For My Favorite Person

If it’s still fairly early days in your relationship then this “Get To Know You Better” book, could be the perfect gift!

It shows you how much he already means to you, whilst also having that excited inquisition about him (something that’s bound to make him feel good – especially on his birthday!)

This book is also super fun to work through. [Click Here To Shop]

Cute Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

We’re half-way through the list of cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend.

Has this started to get the inspiration flowing? Remember, think about:

What does he want? What does he need? And how could I add a romantic little twist on this?!

26) Best Boyfriend Award

Let’s keep these ideas coming! What other cute birthday gifts have we got for your boyfriend?

Well, you could always use his special day to “award” and thank him for being the World’s Best Boyfriend!

This gold trophy is fun, original and really very sweet. Present it to him comically alongside (for example) a surprise trip away (as he totally deserves it!

It’s a great, different way to reveal an experience gift actually – and well worth utilising! [Click Here To Shop]

27) Bring Me a Beer Socks

Liked our last jokey suggestion? Then you’re bound to love this one too! We can’t get enough of these “Bring Me a Beer” socks!

They’re one of the best cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend because not only will they be used, but they also come in a funny gift box, and will then continue to add value to your boyfriends life, as he’ll get your “beer grabbing” services from it!

(We all know which socks he’ll choose to then wear on his birthday!)

It’s perfect, right? [Click Here To Shop]

28) Mr Good Lookin’ Is Cookin’ Apron

Now, no-one wants a relationship to be one-sided, so if you’re spoiling him rotten on his birthday, but want to encourage him to do more in the kicthen moving forward… Then this Mr Good Lookin’ is Cookin’ Apron is the perfect way to subtly do this!

It’s a simple, fun, useable gift – and if he already has a bit of a flair in the kitchen, it becomes an even more relevant gift.

CONSIDERATION: How can you flatter your man, whilst getting him something he needs? Try to think outside the box with these cute birthday gift ideas! [Click Here To Shop]

29) The Mighty Breakfast Sandwich Maker!

Okay so here’s a cute birthday gift for your boyfriend that should inspire just MORE genius ideas!

Let’s say your man can’t get enough of a breakfast sandwich (it’s his favourite meal of the day!), then make it easier for him by grabbing his own Breakfast Sandwich Making Kit!

It’s kind of comical, but practical too – whilst remaining very cute. Win, win, win! You can come up with cute gift ideas similar to this, by applying the same thought process…

  • What does he really like?
  • Is there anything I can buy that would make that easier?

Clever huh? [Click Here To Shop]… if he’s a big breakfast fan!

30) I Forking Love You Fork

A cute gift for your boyfriend if he already loves to cook (or is a bit of a foodie and enjoys a good meal!), is a “I Forking Love You” Fork!

It’s small, simple, but very very sweet. [Click Here To Shop]

31) Snack Box Subscription

Talking of food, if your boyfriend is a bit of a snacker, there’s no better thoughtful gift than a Snack Box Subscription…

This way, your man can get tasty treats delivered straight to his door, for as long as you like (or can afford!) It’s another great gift that keeps on giving.

When it comes to Snack Box Subscriptions, there’s plenty to choose from. From healthy snacks to sweet treats, right the way to a meat-eaters dream!

Just browse what’s out and about and find the best fit! [Click Here To Shop] This leads me onto my next suggestion…

32) Man Box (Recommendation 1)

Okay so next up – the Man Box, and we think this makes one of the best gifts for boyfriends, especially on a birthday.

It’s packed full of unique, practical gifts and reads: “YOU ARE THE MAN!”

The reviews for this product are really great too, which is why we think it’s well worth checking out. [Click Here To Shop]

33) Man Box (Recommendation 2)

If the last Man Box wasn’t quite fitting for your boyfriend then we also really like this one.

It’s still packed of useful goodies, but the gifts also have sweet messages on, like:

  • “Thank you for being awesome.”
  • “Sometimes you forget that you are awesome so this is your reminder…”

Uh huh, it’s certainly a cute birthday gift for your boyfriend, that’s for sure! [Click Here To Shop]

34) Drive Safe Keyring

What next then? What next? Well how about a “Drive Safe Handsome” keyring for his car keys?

Again, this is something he will then see daily, to remind him how much you care! [Click Here To Shop]

35) Bluetooth Key Finder

Whilst on the topic of keys – is your boyfriend always losing his?!

Then one of the best cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend is a key finder… Uh huh, take away his frustration and save him time.

I personally have Tile for my keys and could certainly recommend them.

This is a really useful, thoughtful and modern gift, so it’s well worth considering. [Click Here To Shop]

36) You Hold The Key To My Heart

Talking of keys, does your boyfriend well and truly hold the key to your heart? Then little gifts like this one make a super sweet added extra!

It’s sweet, romantic and is more about the meaning than anything else! [Click Here To Shop]

37) I Love You Soundwave Art

So a lot of these cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend can get a little soppy. (Which is great if that’s what you want!)

Looking for something that’s more subtly sweet? Then this I Love You Soundwave Art is certainly that.

How It Works?

  1. Record your own audio by mobile or tablet.
  2. Send the link or audio file.
  3. The picture is then designed and printed for you – this is available in a range of different colours.

This means, you can say anything you like! But you then have a meaningful, hidden message that your boyfriend can hang in his room, reminding him every day, just how much you love him!

Clever or what? [Click Here To Shop]

38) Personalised Boyfriend Cufflinks

Another great way to create a meaningful gift for your boyfriends birthday is to customise your own cufflinks.

There’s designs with messages like:

These are both very cute, but you can also use this one, to design it entirely yourself, crafting your very open message.

Pretty perfect, right? [Click Here To Shop]

39) Exploding Love Box

Let your love EXPLODE with this brilliant DIY Photo Gift Box.

Ready made and easy to assemble, you then simply make it your own by printing and adding your favourite photos.

It’s a great cute gift for your boyfriend’s birthday because he will open the box but be totally surprised for what he finds inside!

Romantic and original – you can’t really go wrong with this one. [Click Here To Shop]

40) Matching Ring Necklaces

A ring?! For his birthday?! Really?! Well yes… But don’t panic. You’re not “popping the question!”

Instead, these engraved rings get worn on a chain around your neck, kept close to your heart.

His reads: “Her Forever” and yours will read “His Always”.

It’s special, adorable, and the perfect statement gift to give him on his birthday. [Click Here To Shop]

41) Key To My Heart Matching Keyrings

If your relationship is continuing to head in the right direction, you may like to buy one of these cute couples matching keyrings for your boyfriends birthday.

Maybe use it as a surprise invitation for him to move in with you – or to simply show him he’s welcome around any time.

If you already live together, this matching keyring set is still the “perfect fit!” (literally) as it then gives him a reminder of how much he means to you. [Click Here To Shop]

42) You Stole My Heart Teddy Bear

There’s not many teddy bears that are suitable for boyfriends in most cases – most of them are made too girly.

But this little guy? He perfectly fits the bill!

So if you’re looking for cute birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend and want to give him something he’s probably never got before – definitely go for this one! [Click Here To Shop]

Cute Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

43) “The Man The Myth The Legend” Balloons

We’re about to head into our final birthday gift ideas now, but not before throwing out the idea of COVERING your boyfriends bedroom with these epic balloons!

It’s sweet, funny and just kicks off his birthday in the best way! An extra little gift, used just for the day – but which he will then go on to always remember. [Click Here To Shop]

Whilst we’re on this note with little extras, we also love this Happy Birthday King Cake Topper and Birthday King Sash! It’s little thoughts like these that make all the difference!

44) Cute Custom Blanket

Next up, next up, these custom blankets make a cute birthday present for your boyfriend.

Customise it completely with images of your choice and your boyfriend will never worry about getting cold… as he can snuggle into a blanket, filled with (presumably!) photos of the two of you!

It’s fun, original and again – useable – so long as he doesn’t get embarrassed! [Click Here To Shop]

45) Burrito Blanket

So if the photo blanket is too much, the next best thing is a burrito blanket (uh huh, this is actually a thing!)

Never let your boyfriend get cold again! This is an especially great gift if you always steal the duvet or blanket as now… he has his own… and isn’t it the most adorable one?!

This cute gift is bound to make him laugh! [Click Here To Shop]

46) Scratch Off World Map

Are you guys less about cuddling up, and more about getting out and exploring?!

Then a Scratch Off World Map could be the perfect cute gift for your boyfriend’s birthday… especially if the two of you have upcoming travel plans!

This one is my personal favourite, but if you’re based in the US, I also recommend this one as it comes with an additional US map so you can break down both global and US travel. Cool, huh?

47) LoveBox Messenger

If you guys already spent a lot of time traveling, particularly apart, then a LoveBox could be the perfect cute birthday gift for your boyfriend.

With this, it’s a more meaningful way to send messages – wherever you are in the world. The best way to understand it is to click this link to check it out.

It’s a firm favourite of mine however, and top rated too. It also couldn’t be more relevant if you’re in a long distant relationship, so find what’s most fitting for the two of you!

48) Funny Boxers For Boyfriend

What do men always seem to get for their birthday… or Christmas… or any occasion really?! PANTS! Always!

So why not surprise your man with some of these instead? They’re full of “love you”, kisses and personalised with your face. What’s not to love about that?!

It’s a classic cute, funny gift to add into his pile of birthday presents so the perfect added extra! [Click Here To Shop]

49) Funny Socks For Boyfriend

Don’t fancy getting the boxers? Then another great, similar alternative is these funny boyfriend socks!

With these – you can have both of your faces on!

It’s fun and silly, but will actually bring a smile to his face every time he wears them! [Click here To Shop]

50) Cute Coffee Mug

Last but not least, we have this cute coffee mug. It reads, “Being my boyfriend is really the only gift you need!”

It’s joking (of course!) but is very sweet and funny.

It’s the “little extra” when looking for cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend for sure! [Click Here To Shop]

That’s All For This One

So there we have it! 50 cute birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

I hope you’ve been able to find a few extra gifts from this list. See, a classic men’s cologne or snazzy watch – of course – makes a great birthday gift. But there’s actually far more meaningful extras you can add in, as a sweet, romantic gesture.

Whatever you do, however you celebrate – wishing you both a truly wonderful time.

Take care! Happy shopping!


Cute Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend
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