155+ (Fun & Original!) Dares For Couples

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Looking for couples dares for your next games night? Dares SPECIFICALLY designed for the two of you?! Then here’s 155+ (fun & original!) dares for couples, to spice up your relationship.

See whether you’re looking for cute couples dares, funny couples dares or flirty couples dares – we cover it all and more; throwing in PLENTY you won’t expect.

When To Use These Dares For Couples

Couples dares always come in handy. See, you don’t have to use these, simply for the standard, “Truth or Dare” game. You can also:

  1. Play “Drink or Dare” before a wild night. Either you do the dare, or you drink. (Uh huh, it’s pretty self-explanatory, right?!)
  2. Use them as FORFEITS during Couples Drinking Games. Yup, there will be no more umming and arring about what to come up with for these!
  3. Create your own ongoing Couples Dare Game with them. How this works? Well…

How To Play The Couples Dare Game

If you want to turn these couples dares into an ongoing Couples Dare Game, simply:

  • Use these couples dares as your master list, saving it as a bookmark so you can easily re-visit it.
  • Each month you have 3 “Dare Moments”, each. This means, you and your partner, can both challenge each other to a dare – 3 times a month, whenever you wish.
  • By doing it this way, you each have no choice but to complete the dare. It’s not optional! You can keep a points tally if the dares are refused, with a master prize at the end for the person with the least points. (We’re thinking massages, treats or romantic gestures!) Or, you can come up with ULTIMATE forfeits if the dares aren’t attempted! It’s entirely up to you.

By using these couples dares in this way (and fully making the most of them), it keeps your relationship fun & exciting, therefore sustaining the strong bond that you have.

Dares For Couples

155+ (Fun & Original!) Dares For Couples

So, without further ado – let’s get stuck in with these couples dares, shall we? In no particular order, here’s 155+ fun & original dares for couples…

SAVE it, SHARE it, PRINT it & USE it to spice up your relationship!

We have a big mix of different dares for couples, so pick and choose the type you want to go for – and how naughty / funny / difficult, you want it to be!

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Dares For Couples

1) Let your partner paint your nails (fingers or toes… it’s up to you!)

2) Pick one person from your contacts list to text: “Look behind you!”

3) Give your partner a catwalk show with 3 of your favourite outfits. (They then rate your performance out of 10!)

4) Let your partner make you spoonful of ANYTHING that you have to eat / drink.

5) Post a 1,000 word soppy Facebook status, expressing your love for your partner!

6) Go outside and serenade your partner. Sing at least two lines of your chosen song (with music if you prefer!) through an open window. This has got to be one of the most romantic dares for couples, right?!

7) Act out a scene from your favorite tv show/ movie and let your partner try to guess what it is.

8) Suck your partner’s big toe for 60 seconds. (This could be potentially gross, I know… Depending what you’re into!)

9) Stand outside and wave-like-a-maniac to every person you see for 5 minutes.

10) Spin around 10 times, blindfolded, then try to walk straight. (If you can – your partner has to drink a shot! If not, it’s back to you! That’s if you want to turn this into a drinking game, that is!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

11) Give your partner a steamy strip tease. (Be brave! Have confidence!)

12) Do your best impression of your partner… Outfit optional!

13) Be tickled for one minute straight – no fighting it or fidgeting! (Suck it up!)

14) Go live on social media and do the Macarena.

15) Let your partner browse anything on your phone for 1 minute!

16) Fess up to a secret fantasy that you’ve never told anyone before! Not got one? Then dig deep for one you COULD probably have!

17) Phone a friend and get them to explain the rules of monopoly to you for at least 7 minutes. Keep asking questions, whilst your partner runs the stopwatch in the background!

18) Get your partner to pick one substance that you then have to lick off their body. We’re thinking squirty cream or chocolate sauce… as the nice option!

19) Run up and down the hallway… with no clothes on!

20) Pretend you have won a grammy for being the best partner ever. Stand up and give your speech!

Couple dares

Funny Couples Dares

21) Eat a cookie (or similar) without using your hands.

22) Twerk for 30 seconds. (Shake it, shake, shake, shake, shake it! That’s right!)

23) Do whatever your partner tells you to do for 1 minute. And yes… we mean ANYTHING!

24) Show your partner a selfie you’ve never shown anyone before. (You decide how “hot” or “cringe” it is!)

25) Send your partner the dirtiest text you can think of… whilst sitting across them in the room!

26) Do your best attempt at the moonwalk.

27) Let your partner draw a moustache on your face (using a washable marker!), then keep it on for the rest of the game.

28) Make out with your partner for 5 minutes straight, WITHOUT being able to touch their body.

29) Call a random number and sing the ‘happy birthday’ song. If they don’t answer, leave it as a voice message.

30) Text 5 people saying you’ve just got engaged & don’t tell them it was a dare until you’ve seen what they say!

Download Your Printable Couples Dare Cards Here…

Download the complete set of 160 Couples Dares, available as a Printable Digital Download. Step your couples dare game up a notch, by literally picking out one of these dares at random…

Couples Dare Cards

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

31) Dad-dance for 30 seconds, with your cringiest dance moves… EVEN MORE exaggerated!

32) Bite your partner’s booty! (Not too hard!)

33) Give a detailed presentation on how to seduce a person, in the style of a TED talk.

34) Eat a food of your choice in the LEAST attractive way!

35) Tell your partner an embarrassing story… that you’ve never told anyone before! (The rule then is – this story has to stay between the two of you!)

Struggling to find one they haven’t heard before? Then you guys are CLOSE! Have a few rounds of this “How Well Do You Know Me” Quiz… The loser then takes the next couples dare!

36) Massage your partner’s neck with your mouth.

37) Stare at your partner for 2 minutes without smiling. If you can’t do it – take a drink! Multiple attempts allowed, but with forfeits for unsuccessful rounds, each time!

38) Order a takeaway and when the delivery arrives, open the door in swimwear & sunglasses! (This dare works best if it’s the middle of winter… Talk about baffling!)

39) Stand up and sing your National Anthem. Let your partner record it! (And yes, it probably will come back out on socials on your next birthday but hey… that’s all part of the dare!)

40) Take off your partner’s shirt using only your teeth. Want to make it even harder? Then blindfold them too!

cute couples dares

Dares For Couples

41) Wear 3 items of your partner’s clothing for the rest of the game. (They pick!)

42) Shout out the window that you love your partner, 5 times at the top of your voice!

43) Lip sync a love song to your partner… without losing eye contact the entire time!

44) Order a raunchy (yet funny) outfit for yourself or your partner… that must be worn the day it arrives! (If not – there will be a forfeit!)

45) Feed your partner something using only your mouth. (Crisps can be pretty cute!)

46) Pretend you and your partner have never met. Act out how you’d chat them up! (And hey… some of these flirty jokes may help!)

47) Take the cheesiest over-the-top couple photos you can think of and set it as your screensaver for 2 weeks.

48) Stand in a freezing cold shower for 30 seconds and let your partner record it! (Uh huh, this one takes COURAGE, but it will be kind of nice having your partner warm you up afterwards! Hot water bottle’s at the ready!)

49) Perform a 2 minute stand-up comedy show to your partner. Don’t worry, you get 10 minutes to prep!

50) Do your best angry gorilla impression around the living room. Go “all out” with it!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

51) Take off your trousers using only your elbows!

52) Whisper the words of your favorite song, as seductively as you can, in your partners ear. And that’s right… we’re talking chorus and verses!

53) Knock on your Neighbour’s door and ask them for a banana! (Or any other, hilariously random object of your choice!)

54) Give your partner the most dramatic, movie-like kiss that you can! (They’ll especially love this one if their Love Language is physical touch!)

55) Write a funny love poem for your partner… Then stand up and read it to them.

56) Do whatever your partner tells you to do for one minute. (And yes – they can go TOTALLY wild with this one!)

57) Give your best belly dance performance! 

58) Let your partner dress you up in any clothes of their choice and then take a picture!

59) Make up 3 silly secret sign language messages that you can both use when out in public. (This couples dare is actually super cute!)

60) Give your partner a full-body massage for 20 minutes. (Uh huh, it’s actually a pretty romantic thing to do for your partner, so they’ll certainly be thanking you for completing this dare!)

intimate couple challenges

Naughty Dares For Couples

61) Start touching yourself and see how your partner reacts! (Eek!)

62) Log into Facebook & like 30 photos of a random friend, all in one go! (Your partner picks who!)

63) Call an unknown number & start talking to them like they’re your partner. Go into ridiculous depth about your day, in a funny rant-like tone, and keep dropping your partner’s name in – without giving them chance to correct you!

64) Let your partner set a target for how many sit-ups you can do in one minute. (They can then play Mr Motivator for you!)

65) Do the tango with a broom!… Then swing your partner into it!

66) Let your partner pick an accent then speak in it for the next 10 minutes. Use these funny questions to ask your partner, to make them laugh even more!

67) Give your partner a jokey “beginners” tutorial on how to kiss.

68) Give your partner a jokey “beginners” tutorial on how to touch you.

(And hey – you never know, they may actually learn some helpful tips from you! In fact, WARNING: This may actually lead to more intimate questions to ask your partner, about how they genuinely do like to be touched! Although this will only strengthen your relationship!)

69) Recreate your first date, at home in your living room, acting out how it went, playing both parts! (Want to build on this further? Use these cute questions to ask your partner, to get the two of you reminiscing and remembering, further!)

70) Put on steamy music and choose one household chore to do as HOT-ly as you can!

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

71) Let your partner post anything they like on one of your social media channels.

72) Take off your clothes & let your partner draw you! (10 minute time limit!)

73) Let your partner give you a “wet willy”… without complaining!

74) Try to touch your nose with your tongue. Keep trying until you get closer and closer… or master it!

75) Suck your partner’s finger for 30 seconds… As if you were sucking something else!

76) Write a silly personalised poem and send it to a friend, with no explanation.

77) Start an epic pillow fight with your partner! Go, go, go!

78) Stand on the side of the road for 5 minutes with a sign that says “HONK if you think I should propose to my partner… tonight! :D” (I mean, how soon is too soon to propose, anyway?! ;P)

79) Phone your partner’s parents, thanking them for raising such a wonderful human!

80) Change your Facebook status to “Feeling in the mood for… [your partner can suggest something naughty to write here.]”

dares for your partner

Flirty Couples Dares

81) Demonstrate 5 “positions” in the bedroom (using a pillow!) and keep doing it until your partner guesses the right one!

82) Find a position you’ve never seen before & give a jokey tutorial of that to your partner!

83) Hold a mouthful of water in your mouth until the round is over.

84) Draw eyes above your belly button and pretend to give a presidential speech! (It’s silly, I know, but it keeps your relationship playful!)

85) Start off everything you say with “Oh my sweet, sweet, sweetheart…” for the next 30 minutes. If you forget at any point – have a drink / do a forfeit! 

86) Get within one inch of your partner, look them straight in the eye, and tell them how you feel about them for one minute.

87) Find an old, funny photograph and recreate it as closely as possible.

88) Find a picture of a celebrity couple on the internet and have a go at re-creating that! (One of these would be ridiculously cute – just make sure you go all out matching hair, makeup and clothing too!)

89) Take a naughty picture with your partner. (You can delete it after if you want!)

90) Take a selfie making your best “o” face, then (if you’re feeling brave!) let your partner pick one of your contacts to send it to! (YIKES!)

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

91) Choreograph a new dance inspired by the act of doing and folding laundry. Make it as hot as you can!

92) Pretend to be a workout instructor and lead a 1 minute overly-enthusiastic “class” to your partner.

93) Try to convince your partner to make out with you. They have to refuse. Keep trying to convince them in different ways for two minutes. 

94) Talk dirty to your hand as if it was your partner. Act out their response too!

95) Entirely re-dress yourself with whatever you find in the kitchen. You can wear nothing but kitchen objects / items… So let’s hope there’s plenty of clean tea-towels and some ties to fasten it onto you! 😉 

96) Spell out a secret word on your partner’s back, tracing it with your finger. Extra forfeits for the loser!

97) Let your partner pick your new profile picture (any photo of their choice.) You must keep it for 48 hours.

98) See how fast you can remove your bra / your partner’s bra… WITHOUT taking off your shirt! Time it!

99) Wash your partner’s feet (no matter how smelly they may be!)

100) Let your partner put lipstick on you… blindfolded!

couple dares

Cute Dares For Couples

101) Create cute “matching tattoos” on you and your partner, in pen.

102) Create a “flower bouquet” using items from your bedroom & give it to your partner, telling them what each “flower” means. EG.”This candle reminds me of…”

103) Change into the HOTTEST outfit you have… you have 2 minutes! Go all out!

104) Try to juggle 5 potatoes. For every one you drop, you have to drink or do an extra dare!

105) Call a hotel and ask if they have a room free for the next few hours… a room with a massive mirror on the ceiling. (That’s the requirement for your booking!) Express deep disappointment when they say no!

106) Show your partner the most flexible thing you can do with your body! (Try to think more creatively than just touching your toes!)

107) Make funny faces for 2 minutes straight! Maybe even mimic the emojis guys use to flirt!

108) Create a funny couples TikTok video. (Whether you share on socials or not!) As it’s your card – you play “Director.”

109) Put in your headphones and dance around to your favourite song. Try to get your partner to guess which song it is!

110) Create a bikini set out of the nearest household items (EG toilet paper, napkins, wrappers etc) then do a catwalk walk (hopefully without it falling off!)

Download Your Printable Couples Dare Cards Here…

Download the complete set of 160 Couples Dares, available as a Printable Digital Download. Step your couples dare game up a notch, by literally picking out one of these dares at random…

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

111) Go on your partner’s amazon account and buy something naughty (it must be $20 or less!)

Note: With Amazon Prime, you get FREE one-day delivery on millions of items and can even grab a FREE 30 Day Trial, making this dare even easier!

112) Use naughty hand gestures every time you talk for the next 5 minutes.

113) Phone a friend and tell them that you’ve fallen out with your partner over starting an “Only Fans” account! See their reaction!

114) Send the funniest message you can think of (via DM) to a celebrity crush!

115) Demonstrate your best technique for you-know-what on your finger.

116) Roleplay a character for your partner!

117) Facetime your friend, going into detail about what you get up to in the bedroom… See how fast you can get them to ask you to stop!

118) Describe your favourite part of your body in detail.

119) Describe your favourite part of your  partner’s body in detail.

120) Turn out the lights and try to turn your partner on using sounds only.

funny dares for couples

Dares For Couples

121) Do a one-minute freestyle rap about your relationship. (That’s right! This is one of our favourite, fun and original, dares for couples! It’s also actually a great way to show your partner you love them… In a way they won’t forget!)

122) Read an entire page of a book, with your mouth filled with marshmallows (or something similar!)

123) Pretend you’re out clubbing with your partner & grind on them like you would!

124) Make a “music video” in the shower, singing! (Or miming – whichever you prefer!)

125) Do your best sexy crawl, from one side of the room towards your partner.

126) Let your partner choose a random video off of YouTube, and you have to dirty dance to it (no matter what it is) for two minutes.

127) Draw a picture of your partner and post it on Facebook or Instagram, saying how much you love them.

128) Write a list of 30 funny things you love about your partner & post it on Facebook or Instagram.

129) Battle it out with your partner to see who can wear the most items of clothing. You have 60 seconds to put on as many items as you can. The loser then has to drink or take a forfeit!

130) Give a cooking demonstration of “How to Make Cereal”, completely naked & comically.

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

131) Open your front door and yell as loud as you can “Harder, harder, harder!”

132) Lick your partners face like a dog!

133) Make as many different sounds with your lips as you can, for a full minute! (This one is guaranteed to make you both laugh!)

134) Remove your partner’s socks using only your teeth. (Let’s hope they’re fresh on and not days old… That could be pretty smelly!)

135) Let your partner take a funny selfie that you have to set as your screensaver for 14 days!

136) Wearing a blindfold, identify three objects of your partner’s choosing, using just your tongue.

137) Challenge your partner to a race! See who can take off their underwear the fastest, without removing any other items of clothing… then see who can out them back on again the fastest! The loser has to drink!

138) Let your partner pluck your eyebrows. (They can be as kind or mean as they like with it!)

139) Point out your 3 favourite moles to your partner! (This is a rather “weird and wonderful” couples dare, I know!)

140) Pretend that you’re playing twister and put yourself in a compromising position. Or, play Twister with your partner… with no clothes on!

saucy dares

Fun Couples Dares

141) Have your partner quiz you on basic math questions while you watch a one-minute clip of something hot.

142) Dance as un-sexily as possible on a video & post it on social media, saying that you’re training to be a lap dancer!

143) Put as much popcorn (or similar) in your mouth as possible without chewing and only start chewing when it’s full.

144) Put a bra on your head and pretend you’re a DJ rocking it really hard for one minute.

145) Put an ice cube inside your underwear and leave it there until it’s melted!

146) Let your partner give you a naughty name and change this to your name on social media for 24 hours! (With no explanation!) Who knows… Maybe this will become a cute nickname for them then – with a funny, little hidden meaning!

147) Chat your partner up with the corniest, most original chat up lines you can think of!

148) Make out with your partner’s belly button. (Or any other random body part of your choice!)

149) Give your partner a demonstration of how to put a condom on, using a banana.

150) Put a colander on your head and pretend you’re walking through space!

Onto The Last Ones…

151) Let your partner give you a wild spanking!

152) Place a food order, either online or over the phone, incorporating as many naughty words as possible. EG “a big breast of chicken” or “a massive mouthwatering sausage!”

153) Give your partner the silliest smooch… without laughing!

154) Insert a dirty word of your partner’s choice into every sentence for the next 30 minutes. If you forget, have a drink!

155) Get your partner to pick one thing you have to eat… whilst lying upside down on the sofa!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it! 155 (fun & original!) dares for couples. I hope this has helped – and given you heaps of inspiration for your own couples dares.

Be brave, be confident, allow yourself to get a little bit silly, and HAVE FUN WITH IT! After all, that’s what helps to keep your relationship fun, playful and strong.

Good luck!


Dares For Couples
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