50+ Funny “Dating Me Is Like” Answers

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Looking for funny and original, “dating me is like” answers? The very best “dating me is like” jokes?! Then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s to throw into a conversation with a date, or to answer a question prompt on a dating app, here’s 50+ of our favourite “dating me is like” answers.

Where This Question Comes From

The “dating me is like” question most commonly shows up on Hinge.

Hinge is a FREE dating app (designed to be deleted!), which provides question prompts directly on your profile, which you can answer to stand out.

Now I think it’s fair to say, thinking of witty answers for questions like these, is not always easy. But that’s where we come in, you see!

“Dating Me Is Like” Answers

This article includes a mix of the best “dating me is like” answers that we’ve come across, plus ones that we’ve made up ourselves! Have a read, and see which ones you can relate to.

You should then:

  • Use these as inspiration to create your own “dating me is like” answers.
  • Tweak the ones you read, to make them more of your own.
  • Use the ones we’ve written, but change how you write them so that they’re written more like you! (The more personalised, the better – just remember that!)

Using It When Dating

Now don’t forget, you don’t have to solely use these “dating me is like” answers purely in response to a question prompt. If you don’t use Hinge, you can still:

  • Use these lines in your description on other dating apps. A little comedy always helps to make you profile more attractive, so you may as well make use of it!
  • Drop these lines into conversation when speaking to people on dating apps.
  • Drop these lines into conversation in real life. They’re bound to get a giggle. I mean, why do you think “funny first date questions” and “flirty jokes to make your date smile” are such popular searches?! Because they know this kind of stuff goes down a treat, that’s why!
  • You could also use them as a clever opening line to send on dating apps. (Because we all know how important this is – you want to make an impression right from the get-go!)
Hinge Dating Me Is Like Question

50+ Funny “Dating Me Is Like” Answers

1) Waking up to sunny skies… after a week FULL of rain!

2) That hot mug of cocoa on a cold, winters day.
(Only this one warms you up in more ways than one!)

3) Getting lost in a good book, where you just don’t know what will happen next!

4) Watching the first episode of [Addictive TV Show Here]
(You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into!)

5) Your favourite song coming onto the radio… just when you need it!

6) An unexpected promotion… with a pay rise… and heck, a cake, and “congrats” banners, the lot! (Yup, THAT’S what dating me is like… an absolute win!)

7) Scoring the winning goal at the biggest game of the season! (VICCCCTORY!)

8) When the fortune in your fortune cookie is so accurate, it feels like it was actually meant for you. (Yes, yes I do believe in fate! 😉)

9) Finding an old wallet with a boat load of money in… when you thought you’d actually lost it![OR…] Finding a dollar (or even better, $10!) you forgot about in your pocket.

10) Being able text your boss “I QUIT!” because you ACTUALLY(!) just won the lottery!
[OR simply just…] Winning the lottery… for real… I am genuinely like winning the lottery! 😉

Dating Me Is Like Answer

TOP TIP For “Dating Me Is Like” Answers

You can still use standard “Dating Me Is Like” answers (like the one above.) When doing this however, just change the way you write it and write it with more personality so that you stand out instead of them thinking, “oh, that old answer again!” Use punctuation, emojis and write how you would speak. (It makes the world of difference!)

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Let’s Keep Them Coming…

11) Waking up after a night of drinking and not having a hangover. (Pure bliss!)

12) Finding an extra chicken nugget in your Maccies. (What an absolute win!) OR: Extra fries in the bottom of your takeout bag. OR: An extra cookie in the bag. Etc. Etc. You get the gist!

13) Having a best friend, a partner and a badass sidekick, all in one. (What more could you want?!)

14) Finding left-over pizza (that actually still looks pretty good), right when you’re about to get hangry!

15) Waking up and discovering you have another two hours of sleep before you have to get up.

16) When you think it’s Thursday, but actually… It’s FRIDAY! (Woohoo!)

17) Finding out you left your house unlocked all day and nothing was stolen. (Hella lucky!)

18) Dating [Super Hot Celebrity Name Here]… Okay, maybe it’s not, but it’s still pretty close!

19) When you find out the song you’ve skipped for the past week is actually fire! 🔥 (Uh huh, and how about we just skip that part and you appreciate me from the start?! 😉)

20) Adopting a new puppy. Uh huh, I am pretty cute. Let’s just not mention the pee on the floor! (Just kidding, of course!)

Dating Me Is Like Joke

Riskier “Dating Me Is Like” Jokes

Let’s throw in some riskier, but still just as funny ones…

21) A walk in the park… except there are land mines… everywhere!

22) Hearing your favourite song on repeat. It may get a little annoying… but you still can’t help but love it!

23) Getting a huge tax refund. (Okay, it’s not the sexiest, but it’s pretty frickin’ great, right?!)

24) Getting that Instagram-perfect shot first time… without any editing even needed! (I know, I know, it really does sound too good to be true!)

25) FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS… but surviving! (Just kidding, the only falling you’ll do is for me!)

26) Mastering a new skill, because boy – I’m not going to lie, I can take some work!

27) Finally finding the end of the sellotape. (It took a lot of patience, but felt like an absolute victory by the end!)

28) Your favourite thing and your biggest nightmare… both at the same time! (Uh huh, buckle up!)

29) IKEA furniture: hard to understand, not well put together, ever so slightly unstable, BUT – overall, aesthetically pleasing enough to show your friends. (They’ll never know about the rest, hey?!)

30) The day you finally move out of your parents basement! (Damn, has it still not happened yet?!) 😉

Funny Hinge Answers

Funny “Dating Me Is Like” Answers

31) Walking into the wrong movie theatre… then staying, because, well, you can’t actually imagine how any other movie could be better!

32) Dancing like no-one’s watching! (Because isn’t that just heaps of fun?!)
OR] Singing your heart out in the shower. (Because isn’t that just the best thing?!)

33) Cliff jumping in [Dream Location]. Let’s go, let’s go! (Isn’t it exciting!?)

34) A rollercoaster – with far more highs than lows, and a hell of a lot of laughter (no tears, I swear!)

35) Riding your favourite roller coaster… but it never stops running… and you can’t get off of it. (But hey, I guess you’ve just got to embrace the chaos!)

36) Quality time, with the people you love… You’ll get a lot of that with me!

37) Finding a pair of jeans that ACTUALLY FIT PERFECTLY (first try!) What are the chances of that?!

38) Earning the Nobel Prize, because – let’s be fair – it’s real honour to get it. (Make sure you have your winning speech ready… if you fancy your chances here, that is, of course!)

39) Gravity?! Because I’m totally down for everything!

40) Asthma!? Because I’ll totally take your breath away! 😉 (But hey, don’t panic, I’ve got an inhaler too!)

Dating Me Is Like Hinge Prompt

Onto The Last Ones…

41) That first sip of coffee in the morning. (Wasn’t it everything you needed & more?!)

42) That semi-sleepy state where you’re just ridiculously comfy, and every time you change positions in bed, it (somehow) feels even better than the last!

43) Getting into your comfies after a long day at work. (Oh what a treat!)

44) When you’re driving, and the light turns green before you have to come to a stop! (Hallelujah!)

45) A smile from a stranger. (To be fair, I’m a pretty friendly person. I’d probably also be one of the “strangers” smiling at you in real life too!)

46) When you stretch your back and it clicks right the way through! It shouldn’t feel this good, but it just DOES! (Pure bliss!)

47) Receiving a package with a bunch of bubble wrap that you can pop, pop, pop. (It’s undeniably fun!)

48) Eating ice cream straight out of the tub. Such a guilty pleasure!

49) A picnic on a spring day… with bottomless mimosas. Now let’s cheers to THAT!

50) Tacos. Because let’s be fair, have you ever met a single sad person with a taco?! 🤪

Funny Hinge Question Answers

So There We Have It!

There’s our 50+ favourite, funny “Dating Me Is Like” answers.

Which ones stood out? Which one’s took your fancy?

Remember, from here, you can now tweak them for your own dating profile, or use this as inspiration to create your own.

Just have fun with it, keep it lighthearted and watch your answers go down a treat!

All the best.


Dating Me Is Like Answers
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