Dating Someone With Different Political Views

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Dating someone with different political views can be difficult. I mean, how open and expressive should you be? What if you don’t agree with what they say? And is this actually a deal breaker? Should you date someone with different political views? Well, let’s explore things further…

Dating Someone With Different Political Views

Dating someone with different political views can be a tricky one – especially at times when politics are at their peak, during campaigns or elections.

Usually, politics-talk is one of the “no go’s” when it comes to dating… and for this very reason! Conversations can get heated – focusing on “bigger issues” instead of looking at the two of you.

And yes, political views can be a reflection of morals, values, beliefs. But it’s also not that black and white.

  • How did they get their political views? Where did they come from?
  • What was their upbringing like, and how does that influence their beliefs?
  • How have their experiences been different to yours, and how could that come into it?
  • What have their parents taught them / drilled into them? And would you share the same beliefs if you’d been told / taught the same things?
  • Are they heavily into politics or is there a level of ignorance / lack of awareness there too?
  • What’s their personality like – do they love a good debate and so will get into any politics talks, without fully knowing all of the information?
  • Is it worth getting into political talks at this stage? I mean, will it be useful, important, helpful?

There’s no right or wrong answer with the last one – as politics can mean different things to different people, like we said. However, it’s not always helpful to get into politics straight off, before you know and understand a person fully.

Also, unless you’re extremely into your politics – it’s probably not necessary to rule someone off straight away, just because you know they support a different party to you. Like we said before, what are the reasons? Could you possible learn to understand?

Always seek to understand, not assume. Because presumptions will get you nowhere.

Does It Matter If Someone Has Different Political Views?

So then comes the question of does it matter if someone has different political views? Well that entirely depends on:

  • How important it is to you.
  • How important it is to them.
  • Whether you will still respect these differences and communicate calmly and maturely, should the matter of politics comes up.

The other thing worth considering when it comes to dating someone different political views, is why they agree / disagree about certain things, and what it means.

For instance, if someone has a strong political opinion and they explain it, you don’t agree with it, but you can understand their rationale behind believing and supporting that particular initiative, you’re more likely to be able to accept it, respect it, and continue to get to know them.

However, if someone believes in things that conflicts with your moral compass and beliefs – then it becomes more of a problem.

Should You Talk About Politics When Dating?

If dating someone with different political views isn’t so much of a deal breaker, then discussing politics during the early stages of dating, isn’t really needed.

I mean, there’s far better things you can talk about than a heavy topic like that! Or if you do want to find out – make sure you’re asking, listening and not arguing or debating. Share your opinions for sure, but don’t force them or disrespect the other person.

Also make sure you’re not making the date ALL about politics. Because that’s not every single thing to you, right? And if you focus fully on this, you may end up making assumptions and avoiding getting to know the person for who they really are.

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Should You Date Someone With Different Political Views?

So should you date someone with different political views? Does dating someone with different political views have to be a big deal? Ultimately, it depends on the conflicts, like we said above.

  • How strong are your political views and how strong are his?
  • Does he force his opinions on you, and vice versa?
  • Does he listen to your opinions, and vice versa?
  • Do you still feel like you’re able to have your own thoughts, views and opinions?
  • Are you both able to respectfully communicate with each other?
  • Do discussions on politics blow up? Or can you have calm conversations?
  • Will politics come into, or influence your relationship that heavily?
  • Do you have any concerns with the differences in views – and like we said – what they mean?
  • Is this a deal-breaker to you? And if so – why / why not?
  • Are you willing to accept that his are different to yours, and vice versa?

That’s essentially what it comes down to and what you need to establish to understand if this will be a problem or not.

So What’s The Verdict?

Ultimately, if you’re feeling unsure about dating someone with different political views, then talk to them about it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but communication is key.

Just remember – the perfect person for you doesn’t necessarily tick EVERY SINGLE BOX! You could also find someone who aligned with you perfectly politically, but doesn’t connect with you in other ways.

So it’s all about taking a step back, putting things into perspective, knowing what’s “right”, what’s not, and what’s truly important to you, then making a decision from there.

How important are political views when it comes to relationships? That’s for you to decide.

Good luck! Hope this helps.



Should You Date Someone With Different Political Views?
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