24 (EPIC) Easter Date Ideas for 2024

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Looking for some cute date ideas for Easter? Fun easter activities for couples? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s 24 themed Easter date ideas – to not only get you in the holiday spirit, but also make Easter 2024, egg-stra special! (Excuse the pun. Ha!)

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24 (EPIC) Easter Date Ideas for 2024

So let’s get these Easter date ideas flowing. In no particular order, we have…

1) Eggs In Bed

It’s Easter! Could you really have any other breakfast in bed than EGGS?!

To turn this into an actual date-worthy event, take it in turns over the weekend… one of you cooks on the Saturday, the other cooks on the Sunday.

Think of it as like a bake-off egg-off, to see who can make the best egg.

The focus? Really spoiling your partner rotten and making it feel like a special treat! Get as creative as you can… go that extra mile!

Keeping with the Easter-themed foodie date ideas

Breakfast In Bed

2) Easter Brunch

If early starts aren’t really your thing – why not go for a late-morning date idea of Easter brunch?

Head out to your favourite restaurant or – my recommendation – have fun cooking up a storm in the kitchen together! The best dates are all about quality time.

You can also make it more easter-themed by adding some cute decorations. Or by going for a traditional easter brunch recipe – like hot crossed buns.

There’s plenty of different ones you can make too…

We’re talking custard-stuffed hot cross donuts, hot crossed bun caramel slice, surprise-inside chocolate hazelnut buns or even hot cross bun French toast.

Mmm… Is your mouth watering right now too?! I hope so. It’s your sign to give this Easter date idea a go!

3) Easter Bottomless Brunch

The next step up when it comes to brunch time Easter date ideas – is to turn that brunch “boozy” with a bottomless brunch.

Head out to a restaurant / bar, or get the Prosecco popping at home, with your own DIY version! It certainly helps to make the date more of an occasion!

Easter Brunch

4) Easter Egg Making

Okay so as you can imagine – we’re going to have lots of EGGY date ideas in this post. But before we get stuck in with the classics, I want to throw out the idea of making your own Easter eggs.

Uh huh. You can always count on us to throw in some date ideas that are original!

Making your own Easter eggs is actually pretty easy with a few moulds. The next level up would be to…

5) Make Your Own Easter Chocolates

If you want a real Easter challenge – chocolate makes for a great Easter activity for couples.

Simply find a strong recipe and work through the process of taking cocoa beans to real chocolate itself!

It’s a bit of a task, but what better time to take it on than during Easter – when chocolate is so heavily indulged in and appreciated?!

6) Easter Egg Painting

A classic Easter date idea we HAVE to mention is Easter egg painting. I mean, it would be almost CRIMINAL not to include that in here!

Get back to your youth by creating some wacky characters together – you could even try to turn each other into eggs – (attempting to) draw portraits on them!

That not your thing? Then go for more sophisticated decorative eggs using water paints.

It’s actually super impressive what you can come up with when you have the time and patience for it! It also shows – Easter egg painting is a great Easter activity, no matter what your age!

Easter egg Painting

7) Easter Pinata

Bash away any Easter blues with this totally different, but insanely fun Easter Date Idea! All you need to do is get an Easter egg Pinata and a blindfold… and you’re good to go!

You can actually go one step further with this one however. So for example:

  • Take it in turns to take your hits, but make it last longer, by each asking fun “Couples This Or That Questions” as you go.
  • Ask the question, your partner then writes down their answer, you guess your partners answer and if you guess it right – you get to take a swing.
  • Guess it wrong and it’s back to your partner.
  • The person who manages to knock down the pinata first – wins, and gets all the treats inside!

We have plenty of (free!) fun couples games like this if you like this idea.

You could also add your own treats and challenges into the pinata.

This really makes more of an Easter date out of this classic activity. You just have to get a little creative with it. That’s what it’s all about!

8) Throw an Easter Themed Party

If you like the sound of a piñata, why not go all out, and throw an Easter themed party, whilst you’re at it? Whether it’s just the two of you or with family or friends – it really doesn’t matter.

Part of the fun is in grabbing Easter decorations to transform your place. Then think – drinks, games, good company, good music. What more could you want?!

9) Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Have you and your partner got each other some Easter eggs this year? Perfect, then take it in turns to hide the egg and do an Easter egg hunt. Indoors, outdoors, it does not matter!

If you’re trying to steer clear of chocolate and want to make your Easter egg hunt a little harder, try hiding normal eggs instead.

These can be collected in a DIY Easter Bunny Basket to avoid… well, any eggy-mess!

Then simply:

  • Set a timer.
  • Do “hot and cold” with your partner if you’re feeling generous.
  • And do it as a competition to see who can find the most in a set length of time.
  • You can also add “rewards” or “prizes” for the winner to make it a little more fun and flirty!
Easter Date Ideas

10) “Adults” Easter Egg Hunt

If hunting around for chocolate (or raw) eggs doesn’t excite you enough, then have a go at some of these themed adults Easter egg hunts.

They work in exactly the same way, but instead, you look for different things inside. So for example, you might have:

  • Plastic eggs filled with money to find!
  • Plastic eggs with wine inside!
  • Easter eggs with fun couples dares inside!

There’s really no end to the different ideas you can run with this one. So think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to come out of your “shell!” 😉

All you need to make it happen are these fillable plastic eggs. Clever aren’t they? Then you can really let the creativity flow!

11) Easter Treasure Hunt

Going one step further than an Easter egg hunt, you may also like to create an Easter Treasure Hunt for a cute Easter date idea.

How this works? Well it’s still pretty simple. All you have to do is number your plastic eggs, hide clues in each one and these lead to one big master “prize” or Easter date finale!

You can also do this both ways – with one of you given one section of the house / garden to work with, the other has another.

It’s fun, different and yes, takes time and effort, but makes for a memorable Easter in the end!

12) Easter Flower Planting

We’re storming through our Easter date ideas now, so it’s time to steer away from the eggs for a moment for a different date suggestion… planting some flowers together!

See, Easter symbolises rebirth, so what better day to plant some tulips or daffodils with your loved one?

I mean, fall is technically the season to plant bulbs in most regions, but you can plant them indoors anytime of year, or buy flowers already in bloom and transplant them outdoors on Easter. Clever huh?

Cute Dates at Easter

13) Make Easter Cocktails

Cocktails are always a fun date idea – at any time of the year. So why not have a go at making some Easter themed ones?

From a floral Spring Fling to the carrot-peel, “Whats Up Doc”, an Easter egg Martini to the sweetest Tea-Party Punch, there’s plenty of Easter cocktail recipes to choose from – or you could have a go at coming up with your own!

Simply grab your own Cocktail Making Kit, and go wild with these at home. Talking of a tea party…

14) Have an Easter Picnic

Another cute Easter date idea that you can’t go wrong with is a themed Easter picnic! This is perfect if it falls on a day with nice weather. It’s pretty romantic too.

Simply stock up your picnic basket with themed Easter goodies – either shop bough our home made.

From Eggs in a Basket to Mini ‘Carrot’ Peppers Stuffed with Herb Cream Cheese, Healthy Avocado Egg Salad Sandwiches to Whiskey Speckled Easter Donuts – there’s plenty to choose from!

Go all out to make it fun and unique. It’s guaranteed to then be a date day to remember, and is – unsurprisingly one of the most popular lunch date ideas at Easter time, for this reason!

15) Get Baking

What else have we got? Well, why not use this holiday as a chance to do some baking together? (Easter-themed of course!)

Pick a recipe, get yourselves all aproned up and have some fun in the kitchen. Work on a MASTERPIECE, go all out – then indulge together afterwards!

There’s plenty of classic Easter baking ideas to get the inspiration flowing. It’s a great way to get into the Easter spirit whilst doing something fun together.

Easter Baking

16) Do Some Easter Craft Making

Looking for some craft date ideas? Then you’ll never struggle around Easter time.

From a classic Easter wreath to a handy DIY egg tree, cool bunny treat jars to your very own Easter egg weaved basket – simply search the internet and see what takes you fancy…

Then have a go at making it together, as a sweet couples Easter activity!

17) Have an Easter Games Night

Another nice, chilled Easter date idea, is to have an Easter games night.

From Bunny Ears Ring Toss to the classic Carnival Easter Knock-Down. Our favourite is the Bunny Dartboard!

But there’s plenty of themed games to keep you busy. Or you can come up with your own! Speaking of which…

18) Have an Egg & Spoon Race

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter with your partner is to get some sweaty headbands on, wipe lines across your face and go all out with some mighty egg and spoon races!

It’s a battle between the two of you, with again, “reward” incentives for the winner! Different round ideas include:

  • Left handed (if you’re right handed)
  • Two handed – eggs in both hands.
  • In a circuit (make the trail trickier)
  • And maybe even BLINDFOLDED.

A “judge” may be needed for the last one, or you can take it in turns to run the race with the other person timing you. If you do go for a timer option, you could mix up the races by adding “obstacles” like…

  • Dodging pillows that get thrown at you.
  • Your partner having a water pistol (spraying in the face is allowed!)
  • Your partner trying to distract you… ANYTHING goes with this one.

Uh huh, it’s the perfect fun-filled Easter date idea. There’s nothing like a bit of creativity when it comes to date-days hey…

Easter Date Ideas

19) Have an Easter Movie Night

Looking for something a little more chilled? Then an Easter movie night is always a nice idea. And hey – you may be surprised to find there’s more Easter movies than you might think!

Classic Easter movies include – “Hop”,  “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” and “Easter Parade” (to mention just a few!)

So snuggle up and take your pick… With plenty of chocolates for snacks of course!

20) Have an Easter Potluck Dinner With Friends

If you’re fond of group dates, then an Easter Potluck dinner is always a great idea, with friends.

How it works? Well, everyone simply brings a dish that fits the Easter theme – then you all get together to INDULGE! Talking of indulging…

21) Melt Chocolate in a Fondue

If you’re looking for cuter, more intimate couples Easter date ideas, then this one is really going to fit the bill!

In fact, it’s the perfect Easter date night idea that (if you’re not careful) will soon become an unbreakable tradition!

Simply put all your eggs and chocolate treats together and turn it into a romantic evening for two with a chocolate fondue! YUM.

Light candles, get the atmosphere just right, then break up the eggs, get them all melted and dip your favourite sweet treats into them. Strawberries, marshmallows, the lot!

Forget Valentine’s Day ideas – Easter will never have felt more romantic!

Easter Date Ideas

22) Attend an Easter Service

Whether you’re religious or not, an Easter service is a really beautiful thing, and a great tradition, you can get into year on year.

Search local Easter services in your area, as it’s definitely one to consider. Speaking of which…

23) Go To a Local Easter Event

Around Easter, you should never be short of date ideas, as there will ALWAYS be Easter events hosted by others, close to you.

Whether they’re Easter themed or just tapping into the busy Easter weekend – it’s well worth checking what’s on if you’re looking for different things to do with your partner over Easter.

24) Have an Easter Photoshoot

Last but not least, our final Easter date idea for couples is to have a little themed photoshoot!

Go all out with Easter accessories, or simply capture precious moments from your Easter dates, together at home.

You could even turn it into an annual tradition, which would be super cute to look back on. Just start now – give it a go!

Easter date ideas for couples

That’s All For This One

So there we have it! Our top 24 Easter date ideas for Easter 2024 – filling you with things to do with your partner this Easter.

Have fun and remember – it’s all about the memories, and some of the strongest ones are actually made by the simplest things.

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Take care.


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