20 (Beautiful!) Engagement Gifts For Friends

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So your friends just got engaged? You’re looking for the best engagement gifts? Something that’s special? Personal? Meaningful? Then look no further! Here’s the best engagement gifts for friends, to show them just how happy you are for them.

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20 Best Engagement Gifts For Friends

So let’s get stuck in. Here’s our top 20 recommendations when it comes to the best engagement gifts for friends. Stock up with engagement gift ideas, because – by the end of this – you’ll feel more than prepared!

1) Wedding Planner Book

To kick off the list of the best engagement gifts for friends, we have to start with this beautiful wedding planner book!

If you’re based in the UK, I love this one from Martha Brooks. There is however, plenty of wedding planners on the market. Another personal favourite of mine is this one. [Click here to shop.]

Engagement gifts for friends

2) Personalised Love Book

Talking of books, a Personalised Love Book is a very unique engagement gift, perfect for close friends. Simply tell their story and capture the moment of their engagement forever!

I recommend selecting the “Wedding” “Proposal” or “Best Friend” love book then personalising from there, but click here to see how it works and what your options are.

Engagement gifts for friends

3) Wedding Fund Box

Weddings are costly things – although worth every penny, I’m sure! A great engagement gift for friends is therefore a Wedding Fund Box.

There’s heaps of pretty ones on the market, so plenty to choose from. They also make great decor: a little reminder in your friends home of what’s to come! [Click Here To Shop]

Engagement gifts for friends

4) HoneyMoon Fund Box

So we’re half-way through the best engagement gifts for friends and have covered the Wedding Fund Box… but what about the honeymoon!?

If your friends love travel and have a dream destination in mind – this is arguably even better than the Wedding Fund Box! [Click Here To Shop]

5) Couples Hand Casting

A very unique engagement gift for friends now, is this Couples Hand Casting Kit. They’ve made a promise, they’ll soon officially tie the knot, so preserve this precious memory with a special piece of their very own personalised hand-made (literally!) art!

I really like this gift, and it’s certainly not something they’ll have had before. [Click here to shop]

6) Framed Engagement Print

Another great way to capture the moment for your bestie is to literally frame it!

Again, you’ll get quite a selection when it comes to prints, but my personal favourites has got to be this one, as it’s personalised with the names, dates and a stylish, abstract map. [Click Here To Shop]

7) Engagement Gift Box

Another one of our favourites when it comes to the best engagement gifts for friends, is this Engagement Box by Small Packages.

This includes 7 fabulous prezzies, packaged and presented perfectly! This gift definitely says, “I love you, and I’m happy for you!” [Click Here To Shop]

Engagement gifts for friends

OR: How To Be Married Book

Taking inspiration from the last gift set, instead of going for the full box, you could grab Jo Piazza’s “How To Be Married” book and give that as a gift in itself.

It’s top rated, gets them fully prepared and looks pretty… which is always a bonus! A practical engagement gift they can actually use! [Click Here To Shop]

For more recommendations on relationship books for couples, click here.

8) “Totes Engaged” Tote Bag

Another fun engagement gift for friends is this “Totes Engaged” tote bag. It’s fun, original and makes a great stand-alone gift – or a holder for other mini gifts inside. [Click Here To Shop]

On another similar note, we can’t get enough of this “Pairs Well With Wedding Planning” wine bag. Click here to check it out!

9) Engagement Memory Book

Next up, it’s the Bride to Be Journal of Memories – a place where your friend can keep all her special moments (both photos and written memories) in one place, leading up to the big day. [Click Here To Shop]

Pair this with a Disposable Camera for the groom, encouraging him to take more pictures to get straight back for the book! It’s fun and different – another engagement gift for friends that they won’t have already got!

10) Wedding Planners Glass

Next up, it’s this super fun and comical “Wedding Planners Glass Set.” Of course the men’s is just a pint glass as the “Observer”, whereas your girl – she’s fully prepared!

You can complement this with a little note, getting a date in your diary to help your bestie with her brainstorming! Show her you’re there for her, you want to get involved! This gift set is always sure to bring a smile to your friends face. [Click here to shop]

Engagement Gift Ideas

11) Future Wifey Gift Set

If you like the wedding planner glasses, another set before we move onto other anniversary gift ideas, is this Future Wifey and Future Hubby set.

It comes ready packaged in a gift box with 2 stainless steel insulated tumblers and 2 pairs of matching socks! [Click Here To Shop]

There’s also this Deluxe Version which I can’t get enough of. [Check It Out] Classy or what?!

12) Mr & Mrs Passports

Talking of luxury, your friends can’t get away on their honeymoon without some cute newly-wed passport holders!

This one comes fully gift wrapped, with luggage tags and a pen too. Perfect! [Click Here To Shop]

13) Wedding Hacks Book

Another fun little extra engagement gift for friends is this Wedding Hacks book, including ideas and inspiration for “the big day!”

See it doesn’t matter if you think it was too soon to get engaged or not – it’s happening, so you may as well be supportive by equipping them as well as you can!

This also makes organising far easier for them. (A win, win, for sure!) [Click Here To Shop]

14) Wedding Countdown Block

Has the date been set? Is the wedding happening soon?! If so, one of the best engagement gifts for friends is a Wedding Countdown Block.

They’re cute, add excitement and make great decor in a home!

The great thing about this one is you can keep using it, switching it around after the wedding – counting how long it’s been after, and how long it is until your anniversary. [Click Here To Shop]

15) Engagement Photo Frame

Your friends may be about to embark on a whole new chapter of their life – so a great engagement gift is one that gets them looking back at how far they’ve come!

Grab a pretty frame, print a cute photo of the two of them, and wrap it up as an engagement gift for your friends. I especially like this one, with the text feature, but there’s plenty to choose from. [Click Here To Shop]

16) Engagement Photo Holder

Feel like your friends have got enough photo frames? Then an Engagement Photo Holder is a great alternative.

This is something they can put up in their own home, at an engagement party or even at the wedding reception – showing a series of photos from when they got together.

There’s this one which is a bit bigger, or this one which is the smaller version. [Click Here To Shop]

17) A Year Of Us

Up next, we’ve got the “Year of Us” book – a perfect engagement gift for friends. See this wedding – it’s going to come around pretty fast. Like a whirlwind in fact! And before they know it, they’ll be totally hitched!

In the meantime, it’s nice to remember what they do have, and to keep building their bond. This book helps exactly with that, asking one question a day (which they then write down the answer for and can look back on) to celebrate how far they’ve come. [Click Here To Shop]

18) Feyonce Engagement Candle

Okay so I could probably write an entire article with cute candles suitable for engagement gifts for friends. I mean, look at this: “Couldn’t Bee Happier For You” candle… adorable. There really are some awesome ones on the market!

The great thing is, candles are actually a very practical gift as they’re something people can genuinely use!

One which will certainly bring a smile to your friends face? A Feyonce candle, “He liked it so he put a ring on it!” [Click Here To Shop]

19) His & Hers Vows Books

A beautiful keepsake for your newly engaged friends are some wedding vow books. Here – the bride and groom to be can jot down their romantic words… the drafts, the final script.

It makes a wonderful thing to look back on, and is a really different engagement gift that most people won’t think of. [Click Here To Shop]

20) Personalised Ring Box

So the proposals done, the wedding is happening, but your friends are going to need somewhere super safe to keep the rings!

A personalised ring box is therefore a great engagement gift idea for friends.

You can get a personalised one like this. Or two secure love heart ones (keeping the rings separate) which also works well. [Click Here To Shop]

Engagement Gifts For Friends

So there we have it! The best engagement gifts for friends.

Has it given you plenty of inspiration? I hope so! Getting engaged is a new milestone – a truly special time in their life.

So celebrate it properly with them. Get them a little something that makes the next chapter – and shows your excitement for it too.

Planning their hen party? Then here’s 15 of the best bachelorette party games. These can also be played at an engagement party so they’re well worth checking out!

Got a wedding just around the corner? Then here’s the best wedding gifts for friends. Uh huh, you’ll be well and truly prepped after this!

Take care. Happy wedding season!


Engagement gifts for friends
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