What To Think & Do If Your Ex Moved On Quickly

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Has your ex moved on immediately? Started dating? Seems happy? Got into a new relationship even? Find yourself asking, why did my ex move on so fast? How could they, even? Well my friends, let’s get to the bottom of it all. Here’s what to think and do if your ex moved on quickly. So let’s start from the top.

Why Did My Ex Move On So Fast?

Before we look at what to think and do if your ex moved on quickly, let’s try to get your head around why they moved on so fast – or how they were even able to. Because I know what you’re thinking…

Why don’t they miss me? How can they just carry on? Did I mean NOTHING to them?

These are the kind of thoughts it starts to ignite. Plus there’s the fact that really, you don’t want to see them with someone else. You wish they were still with you. So it’s tough, I get it.

The thing is, how a person acts and how they really feel (whether they’re fully conscious of their emotions or not), doesn’t always match up. Yes, sometimes your ex will seem like they’ve moved on, and they really have. In fact, let’s pause this and jump over to these articles to determine that.

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If that’s the case, click here for how to deal with your ex moving on. It will guide you through the process. However, sometimes there’s more to it. It may not be what it seems…

Why Do Exes Move On So Fast?

There could be many reasons why your ex has seemingly moved on so quickly.

Maybe the relationship was toxic and they stopped loving you before the relationship was over. Or perhaps the two of you had grown into more friends than lovers.

One of the most common reasons why exes move on so fast however, is because they can’t stand being on their own or dealing with the effects of the breakup.

Ultimately, when confronted with a traumatic experience, we as humans tend to react with our fight or flight mechanisms. We either stand up and fight the experience, or we “flight” and run away to try to escape it.
Forgetting Fairytales

So in answer to our question, why do exes move on so fast? The simplest explanation – because they chose to try to escape the pain instead of facing it.

They’ve taken, what they think is, the easiest option. Yes, it’s typically the fastest way out. But it’s not the healthiest and it very rarely lasts long term.

I mean think about it – are they happy because they’ve found the right person or because they’ve escaped their past pain? It is possible that it’s both but in most cases – it’s usually one or the other.

See if your ex moved on quickly, there’s a good chance they’ve not had the chance to fully heal. This means yes, from an outsiders perspective, they’ve moved on.

But inside, there’s still some broken pieces. Broken pieces that will still need to be healed internally – although the chances are, if they’re looking for a quick fix, they won’t do this, they’ll just continue to cover over the cracks.

Alternatively they may carry that weight into their new relationship. Remember, no-one should be there to take away a feeling or fix something within you that’s broken… You have to do that internal work yourself first to be in the right relationship for the right reasons.

My ex moved on immediately

What To Think If Your Ex Moved On Quickly

With this in mind, doesn’t it shift the way you see things when it comes to why your ex moved on quickly?

You start to think, hold up a minute… this is nothing to do with me, nor is it a reflection on me. And however they choose to deal with it, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

See, you can’t control how anyone else feels and responds. You’ll also very rarely know what’s going through a person’s mind, bubbling underneath the surface either.

But as soon as you accept that, and feel okay with it, it starts to get easier.

You don’t need to have all the answers. All you need is to stop asking questions that aren’t helpful – that hold you back.

Why has my ex moved on so quickly? What does it mean? Don’t they care? It honestly doesn’t matter. Your ex is in the past now and it’s all about looking forward to the future.

“My Ex Moved On Immediately”

Now we often get write ins saying things like “my ex moved on immediately.” And we get it. It is especially hard when your ex literally goes from you to someone else.

You start to think: was there a cross-over? Were they cheating on me? When did they stop loving me and start thinking about other people?

What to do and think when your ex moves on immediately?

Well exactly the same as if your ex moved on quickly – it doesn’t matter how long it’s been. You just have to understand that that’s their way of going about it… and try not to obsess over the “what ifs”, because the truth is – in many cases, you’ll never even know for sure.

To help you deal with this, I highly recommend following the same process of how to gain closure when you don’t understand why it ended.

Click Here: How To Create Your Own Closure After a Breakup

Essentially you need to feel the pain, grieve the loss, but create your own closure by finding the most logical explanation and running with that in your mind, instead of saying stuck in “detective mode.”

You take control by determining your own explanation and story. Click here to read more.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to make up lies or live off things you don’t even know is true. Your “theory” will still be based on facts.

But it just means you have something more concrete to help you accept and let go.

Does It Ever Work Out?

If your ex moved on quickly, does it ever work out? Well for sure. I have to play devils advocate here – and sometimes it does.

Although I guarantee there are more road bumps in that relationship than you’ll realise.

See, it is also possible that your ex moved on quickly and genuinely moved on. I mean, we offer a Heal From Heartbreak Coaching Programme’s so it is possible to work through it in a shorter space of time.

But most people don’t do what they need to. They try to rush the process so it’s not real.

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It’s also possible that your ex did manage to let go, move on and find love with someone new – faster than you can get your head around. After all, “some of the best things happen when you least expect it…”

So providing your ex wasn’t actively looking for it, or trying to pursue something with someone new, it could very well be that they genuinely have moved on fast. (Lucky huh?!)

And yes, perhaps you’re a little envious of that. But it’s not about them anymore, it’s about you. And that’s what you need to focus on from here. Also remember: if they can do it, so can you.

If anyone can do anything, it means you can do it too. So it’s all about outlook and choosing the way to see it – instead of taking things personally and feeling rejected and hurt.

Why did my ex move on so fast?

What To Do If Your Ex Moved On Quickly

What to do if your ex moved on quickly? Accept it. That’s all you can do. Accept it. Let it go. And release any pain that comes with it.

Deal with it properly. Deal especially with any anger. Don’t let it build into resentment.

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It’s not easy. It takes work and strength. You have to keep reminding yourself of the things you already know, be kind to yourself, and motivate yourself to keep pushing… to find your fight.

It’s a balancing act of feeling and pushing, feeling and pushing. You can’t be strong all the time, but you also don’t want to allow yourself to wallow.

If Your Ex Moves On Quickly…

Don’t fear it. Don’t fear your ex moving on. It’s going to happen. And whether it happens quickly or slowly, it’s actually irrelevant. It makes no difference if you really think about it.

What matters is getting yourself back on track: ensuring you’re able to move on properly. You don’t want to carry any baggage from this into your next relationships. You can also choose to heal in healthier ways, because that’s what enables you to heal fully.

Just because you’re not over your ex just yet – that’s okay. Because you’re doing this the right way.

Hope this help. For more breakup support, click here. Take care!


What to think & do if your ex moved on quickly