Fun First Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

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Dating can be a bit of a numbers game, but it doesn’t have to become monotonous. In fact, if you can mix up those dates with different things to do, you’ll actually find yourself having a ball! Think of it as improving your social life – meeting new people, doing new things and hopefully at the end of it – finding someone you really click with. It’s a win, win really. To help you get that inspiration flowing, here’s a few fun first date ideas to spice up your love life! When you next get asked out (or decide to ask someone out – we are in 2020 after all), make sure you suggest a couple of things from this list. Be brave! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

1) Venture Out Into The Great Outdoors

It could be a hike, a visit to a nature reserve, or even just a gentle stroll through a park. Go somewhere that’s public so that you stay safe, but this hands-down beats the average first date, because instead of just sat in front of the other person, awkwardly staring at each other, you’re out and about, moving, exploring. It really helps to diminish those first-date nerves within a more more casual, relaxed environment.

2) Get a Little Foodie

If you’re a big foodie but are getting bored of the whole ‘wined and dined’ when the chat goes stale, why not mix it up a bit? How about a Dessert Night Date at a local dessert parlour? Or themed foodie nights – so you pick a restaurant, for example, thai, and aim to try as much local cuisine as you can from there… Don’t just go for the safe options! You could even do a Street Food style date. Or a picnic on a nice day (cute!) All are fun first date ideas and specific to what you like! As the dates progress, if this is your thing – you could then carry it on to both cook for each other, or take a cookery workshop. Which leads me onto one of my suggestion…

3) Try a New Class

Pottery, yoga, cooking, sewing – it could be anything. If you’ve both never done it before, then that’s even better. It will be a new experience you can share together! Life is all about different experiences so think outside the box and see what you can try! It will also be interesting to see how your date embraces it. Not that we’re testing them of anything… right?!

4) Try a New Activity

Similar to the class, only this time – you’re taking the reigns with things! I’m talking mini golf, ping pong, ice skating, kayaking, laser tag, go-karting or rock-climbing even, if you’re for something a bit out of the ordinary and more adventurous! You could even write your own date bucket-list with different things you want to do and tick them off as you go! Dating should be fun remember and it will set you guys up into healthy habits if your relationship begins by doing things. Start as you mean to go on as they say!

5) Share Your Interests

On the flip side, a great way to mix up your dates is to do something that one of you are interested in. So for example, if he loves football – go to a local football game together. Or if he’s quite artistic – how about heading to a local museum? It gives you a chance to get to know the other person better, sharing their passions in an environment they’re familiar. It also makes the first date more personal and interesting. You can take it in turns to share what you love – just let your date go first (encourage it even) so you can then see what they’re all about. They’ll also think a lot for you – like how many people do you meet who just genuinely want to ‘get’ why you’re interested in different things? It’s pretty flattering!

6) Check Out Your Local Events

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit, social media is pretty damn handy for finding different things on in your area. Especially if you use the Discover Feature for Events on Facebook. Pick a date, see what’s going on, write down your different options and hey – why not take a lucky dip? You’ll have heaps of fun first date ideas to choose from. So why not have a bit of spontaneity and pick at random!? If the event turns out rubbish, at least it’s a laughing point, giving you things to talk about. Or, on the flip side – find different events you fancy, then see who’s free to go on a date with you to it. If it’s something you’re attending anyway, you’re already likely to have a good time – and the new company is just an added bonus!

7) Challenge Your Date To Different Games

Okay this is actually my favourite one because there’s nothing that gets sparks flying more than a little healthy competition! I personally love the old classics with darts, pool or bowling. You can’t go too far wrong with these and they’re great ice-breakers too. If you want to mix things up a little more – why not add a little card game to your standard first-date drinks? Or, go one step further (if the date is going well!) and have a full blown tournament, challenging your date to different games and keeping a tally to see who at the end scores the most and wins. It’s heaps of fun and who cares if it sounds dorky. The very fact you’re up for a laugh and don’t care what anyone else thinks, will work in your favour. Confidence in itself is attractive, after all! So seriously consider this when you’re looking for fun first date ideas. You won’t regret it – I promise!

8) Check Out a Local Attraction

You’ll be surprised by how how much there is to do, right on your doorstep – even if you live in a town or small city. Become a tourist for the day, in the place you live, or where your date is from. You’ll be surprised at the hidden gems you find! Try a National Trust (always a good starting point!), a museum, a gallery or some gardens; perhaps an old bookstore, a beautiful trail, a castle or some woodlands. In fact, I challenge you to this – wherever you are in the world, google Top Attractions in your hometown and see what comes up on Tripadvisor. Is there anything that comes up on there that you’ve not done before? Because if your dates local, I’m sure they wouldn’t object to checking it out too!

9) Try Something Sporty

How about a badminton match? Or going to a driving range? What about horse riding (yep, you’d be brave with that one!) or biking? You can go with something you’re both good at, or something you’ve never tried before. Like I mentioned before – there’s advantages and different angles to both. Don’t feel embarrassed to get a little sweaty. In fact, research shows the sweaty hands, racing pulse and shortness of breath that come along with exercise mimic the physical effects of romantic lust… so getting physical (uh, not in that way!) may not be such a bad idea after all!

10) Spice Up Those First-Date Drinks

If you do have a soft spot for the relaxed first-date drink, one way to mix it up a little is by picking different places each time. One – it stops you from becoming a regular by going to the same place (but with different people each time!) And two – it will get you discovering places you may not have been before. Drinks are a fun first date idea, so we don’t want to leave them out completely. Other ways to mix it up could include wine tasting, beer sampling, cocktail making or even change up the timing and go for some bottomless brunch! It’s an old classic, but with a twist, making it a strong contender when it comes to fun first date ideas.

NOTE: Some of these suggestions will take longer than usual. If you want to stay motivated when dating, you might like to be mindful of how much time you’re investing into each person – before you know whether or not there’s a spark. Some people don’t mind. They take the outlook of just enjoying themselves either way… in which case, you may as well mix things up with these fun first date ideas. However, if you are conscious of your time – maybe save some of these for the guys you feel you bounce off better with on chat, or who you’ve maybe met before either briefly or on a first date… Then you’ll go into it with more enthusiasm if you already know you may kind of like them.

See what you think anyway and whatever you decide – be happy with it. Single life is awesome when you learn to really enjoy it, so let your hair down a little and get yourself out there!

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