45+ Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

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Looking for fun things to do with friends inside, no matter what the weather? Want some budget-friendly activities to do with friends at home, any day, any time? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 45+ fun things to do with friends at home (that you’re going to LOVE!)

See quality time is essential – not just in romantic relationships, but to build on the friendships that you have with others too. It’s not just about how much time you spend with someone though, but what you do during that time that makes a real difference as well.

So instead of sticking the TV on, or just sitting down for the same-old glass of wine every time, why not try some of these different activity suggestions? Really mix things up!

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45+ Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

In no particular order then, let’s jump in with our top 45+ suggestions for fun things to do with friends at home.

Have a read, share this article with your friends, then plan at least ONE “mates night” based on these suggestions.

See, when it comes to fun things to do with friends at home, you could…

1) Have a Pamper Night

A pamper night is always one of the best things to do with friends at home because it’s budget-friendly, therapeutic and can help to get you in the habit of practicing daily self care.

So get your girls around, and load up with beauty treatments!

You want to have face cleansers, exfoliation, face masks, toners, moisturiser, oils… the lot!

Your girls can bring over their own favourite products and devices, and you can all make recommendations for each other.

You can also buy some extra pamper packs for an extra special treat! Then simply sit back, relax, put your feet up and have a good chat…

It’s the next best thing to having a spa day. Only this one, you’re in the comfort of one of your homes, with your “comfies” on!

pamper night with friends

2) OR An Adults “Slumber Party”

Who says you’re too old for a slumber party?! See, adults can have these too! Pack an overnight bag and take it in turns to host a slumber party within your friendship group.

You can set a theme, or just see who ends up being the “hostess with the mostest.”

Expect the classic: pjs, pillow fights, or even make a fort like you would as a kid. Only now that you’re older, expect to value the quality time and heart to heart conversations that adult slumber parties bring, even more.

See, we happen to think that a slumber party is one of the best things to do with friends at home to bring you closer, so it’s undoubtably one to add to your mates-night list!

Want to make it a little bit spicy? Then throw in some of these juicy questions to ask your friends, but you pick the tone and the theme!

3) Host A Cocktail Party

Looking for fun things to do with friends at home? Then you can never go wrong with a girly cocktail party! Get the girls around and have fun making some cocktails together…

You don’t have to be drink masters and it’s more than likely that you’ll end up making them far too strong (oops!) but you’ll have so many giggles in the process.

There are actually heaps of simple cocktail recipes to try at home, so grab a cocktail making kit then work your way through them – rating each others creations to see who’s tastes and looks the best!

For any non-drinkers or sober curious – mocktails are absolutely an option too!

Girly cocktail making ideas

4) Do Wine / Cider / Beer / Gin / Vodka (etc) Tasting

Another one of the boozier things to do with friends at home if you’re looking for a night in that can actually compare with a girls night out, is to host a tasting night!

The options to this one are endless because you can do it with almost anything – wine, beer, cider, gin, vodka, whiskey. You name it!

How it works? Well, each person brings a different brand or flavour of the chosen alcohol, and you rate them all to find your favourite.

If there’s some different ones – you could even pour them into a glass (secretly mark them underneath so that you know who’s is who’s & which is which!) then try to guess the flavour.

It’s heaps of fun and a cheaper alternative than doing it out in a bar.

5) Make Your Own Gin / Vodka / Rum / Wine

Want to go one step further? Then instead of simply tasting – have a go at making!

My personal favourite is the “Do Your Own” Range with my preference being – rum.

It’s fun, different, very fancy… And an activity you can do, to make something you can then actually drink / use. So it’s a win=win.

6) Do Chocolate / Cheese Tasting!

Want to steer clear of alcohol? Then another alternative is to host a chocolate / cheese tasting night for your friends – depending on whether you’re more of a “sweet” or “savoury” gal.

Again, it can work in the same way where everyone brings something slightly different, and you take it in turns to try the chocolate / cheese – analysing each one and ranking them.

(Uh huh, you’ll feel like complete connoisseurs by the end!) On a similar note…

different things to do at home

7) Have a Dessert Night

When looking for fun things to do with friends at home, you can NEVER go wrong with a dessert night! (I mean, what’s not to love about it?!)

Get your pals around, with each of them bringing a different dessert of their choice. It can be homemade or shop bought – or you can try to guess!

Then you just taste, try, indulge and really treat yourselves. Because hey – you deserve it!

8) Do a Big Bestie Bake-Off

A big bestie bake-off is exactly the same as desert night, except with this one – everyone obviously makes their own creations, and one of you will then be crowned the “champion baker!”

It’s the perfect way to get you into baking as a new hobby, as you’ll have to “up your game” if you want to win!

You can even grab a cheap little Golden Spoon Trophy for the winner, to make it even more fun and playful.

Or, if you’re looking for fun things to do with friends at home, on a regular basis – you can take it in turns to host, with each of you trying your baking masterpiece, in your own home…

So you’ll alternate it and run the competition over a number of weeks.

This leads me onto our next suggestion…

9) Have Themed Dinner Nights

This is one of our favourite foodie date ideas, but it’s also something you can do with friends instead.

How it works? Well, you cook traditional food to a particular country / cuisine, and pair it with a traditional activity (or two!) that matches.

For example:

Let’s say you went for “Japanese Night” – you could eat sushi and make origami.

Or with Italian night for example, you could make pasta / pizza and have that as the activity before indulging in your home-made goodies!

You see?

There’s plenty of different cuisines all over the world, and you can decide how much you want to narrow it down… You can also have fun seeing just how creative you can get with it too!

So it’s a really fun and different thing to do with friends at home – that works during a weekday evening, or over the weekend.

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

10) Or a Potluck Dinner!

Another alternative that gets all of your friends chipping in, is to host a potluck dinner night at one of your homes.

This works where each person brings a specific part of the meal, and you combine each of the elements for the ultimate feast! Clever, huh?

11) Have a Breakfast Mates-Date

So often when you’re looking for fun things to do with friends at home, you automatically think of afternoon or evening activities…

But why not mix it up, by heading over in the morning instead?

Morning date ideas are actually proving to be ever-popular, and they can work in the same way when considering what to do with your friends.

So why not head over to your mates for a cute breakfast date?! You can treat yourselves to pancakes, pastries or waffles etc, or go all out with bacon and eggs…

Coffee and a catch up with it is, of course, also a must!

12) Or Do Your Own Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless brunch is a super popular activity to do with friends, but it can prove to be rather pricey. So, the alternative? To do your own at home!

Even if you order in (to cut out the cooking) the “boozy” part of the brunch is far cheaper when you’re buying it yourself and hosting it at home.

It’s also just as fun – if not more – as you can blast your music at the same time, or even keep your pjs / comfies on if you really want / need!

And if it’s a seasonal celebration or for a special occasion all the better…

For instance – boozy bottomless brunch “mates date” a fun Christmas Eve activity?! Sounds perfect, right?!

how to celebrate christmas with friends

13) Garden Picnic or BBQ

If the weather’s good and you’re looking for summer activities you can do at home, then a BBQ or garden picnic is always a good shout. In fact, you can’t really go too far wrong with it!

Pair it with garden games, and good company, and you’re always in for a successful afternoon!

14) Indoor Picnic Lunch

Looking for fun things to do with friends at home, when the weather is bad? Fun things that are also DIFFERENT? Then an indoor picnic is your answer!

It works in the same way as an outdoor garden picnic, but instead – you get the blankets out on your living room carpet and take it all inside.

It’s incredibly cosy, cute and memorable. In fact, it’s one of the most popular winter date ideas at home for this reason, and can be easily replicated with friends!

If you all chip in to bring something different for the picnic, it also reduces the ‘workload’ and actually, trying different things from different people is one of the best bits!

15) Do Homemade Afternoon Tea

Got a friends birthday coming up? Or a special occasion? Want to go to a bit of effort? Then making homemade afternoon tea is a super cute idea.

We’re talking mini sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, then of course the fancy miniature cakes, all served on a pretty, pink, afternoon tea stand. (Adorable or what?!)

After all, there’s different ways to say I love you, and going to the effort to do something like this for your friends, is guaranteed to show them how much you love and appreciate them!

girly things to do at home

16) Take on a Home Escape Room

Love challenges? Been to an escape room before and enjoyed it? Then grab a home escape room game and do one at home, for a fraction of the cost!

They’re fun, fast paced and really get you thinking, so they’re a great activity when looking to mix mundane evenings up!

17) Or Do a Murder Mystery Night

On a similar note – did you know that you can grab murder mystery games, to do these with friends at home? These work as one of the best group date ideas.

You’ll have the characters, you’ll each really get into character yourself, you’ll have scripts to read, and everything will be uncovered…

Only, again, all of this comes for just a fraction of the price, and you can go ALL OUT, with fancy dress, takeaway food… the lot!

My personal favourite is the 1920’s Murder Mystery Pack, although there’s plenty to choose from.

18) Have a Games Night

An absolute classic that HAS to make the list of fun things to do with friends at home, now then… Is a good old games night with your gals. It’s simple, but fun.

You can go for board games, question games, video games, or even drinking games – if you’re hanging out at home together, before a night out.

You can also spice up any game by throwing in some dares for your friends as forfeits in they lose! (How about that then?!)

The great thing is, there’s plenty of options and you can mix it up each time!

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

20) Do a Closet Cleaning Party

Have you been talking about cleaning out your closet for what feels like a lifetime?! Had it on your list of things to do when looking to keep busy at home, but procrastination always beats you?!

Well then, it’s time to grab a little assistance! Get your friends well, and take on your wardrobe together…

They can help to tell you what’s “still hot” and “totally not”, and if you have any cast-off’s they like the look of, you can always bribe them by telling them they can keep them if they help you!

After all, what are friends for right?!

By the end, you’ll have a far clearer wardrobe (ready for your next shopping spree together!) and a pile of clothes you can donate to charity… For your little act of kindness completed for the day!

19) Or a Style Night

If you want to do a little bit different, why not have a ‘style night’?

How this works? You each create different categories. It could be, ‘Summer Look’, ‘Festival Vibes’, ‘Date Night’, ‘Meet The Parents’, ‘Home Comforts’, ‘Going Out Out’ etc.

Prep your looks beforehand then get together. Have some wine, blast some music and you then want to all go into different rooms – get changed at the same time and then come out to see your pal’s outfit choice!

You get chance to ‘pitch’ your look and why you went for what. You can also talk about the kind of trends you do and don’t like at the moment. PLUS, pick some wacky wild-card categories to get some giggles.

If you love fashion, this is one of the most fun things to do with friends at home.

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

21) Do a Clothes Swap Night

Does closet cleaning not quite sound enticing enough and a style night a bit too much? Then how about a Clothes Swap Night?

Uh huh, we’ve got alternatives to always help you find the “middle ground!”

Here, you and your friends meet up at one of your homes. You each bring unwanted clothes that you know really will look good – but will just look better on someone else…

Then you make swaps between you all.

It’s a great way to freshen up your wardrobe, without having to spend a penny. And it always proves to be a super fun and exciting night!

22) Do a Makeover Night

Want to feel better after a breakup? Cheer a friend up? Or perhaps even just feel like YOU again?

Whatever the situation – a makeover night with your friends is often the perfect answer!

Watch hair and makeup tutorials, follow along with them together, or allow your friend to “let loose”, doing your hair and makeup from scratch.

There’s heaps of different ways to go about it, but whichever route you go down, you know you’re guaranteed to have a fun, girly night in together!

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

23) Have a Photoshoot

So let’s say you’re looking to re-create yourself, you’ve done a pamper night, style night or makeover night and have played around with different looks…

Then, the next fun mates-night has got to be a photoshoot! In fact, we happen to think this is the ULTIMATE girls night in.

Learn how to feel confident in the way that you look, with the encouragement of your friends, as you pout and pose in front of the camera! Mess around taking cute, funny photos that you can add to your collection around your room.

Best friends are priceless and sometimes we don’t capture enough moments with them.

You can have individual photoshoots (perfect if you’re single and trying to spruce up your dating profile!), or you can have a group photoshoot to get some cute pictures with your friends.

All you need is a selfie tripod with a wireless remote, as the kind of photos you can get on your phone nowadays are still so high quality!

Either way, this is definitely one of our favourite things to do with friends at home, so you just HAVE to give it a go!

24) Create a Scrapbook

Whilst we’re on the topic of photos, creating a scrapbook with your friends is always a fun thing to do together at home.

I mean, how long have you kept your photos all stored up on your phone, and have been meaning to sort through them and get them printed? Well, now’s your time!

Prep before, then bring all your print-outs to your besties, where you can share photos and reminisce together.

It’s a great way to get to know each other better, and a nice, relaxing, evening activity you can do any day, any time.

girly things to do at home

25) Make Vision Boards Together

Another super unique, yet just as fun, thing to do with friends at home, is to make a vision board together.

This is especially helpful if you’re working through our personal development bucket list to become the best version of you.

It gets you focused, and by sharing your goals with your friends too – they can help to keep you accountable, plus also show their support and encouragement.

26) Write a Best Friend Bucket List

So we all know that having a Singles Bucket List is essential. But how about creating a Best Friend Bucket List too?

That way, no matter what your relationship status, or how life evolves and changes, you’ll always find time to do different things with your mates.

So get together, write out different things you want to do and experience, and come up with a master list that you can then tick off – one by one.

27) Learn a Dance Routine

Have some FUN and get dancing! Depending on what kind of person you are, you can either do this as like a workout and challenge, or just for a bit of a laugh together.

Simply go onto YouTube, find a dance tutorial, learn it with your besties and then you know full well, you’ll end up ‘performing’ it on your next night out!

Go for a classic ‘girl power’ track and make sure you add your own sass to it!

how to spend time with friends

28) Or a Zumba Night

A Zumba night, could also be another alternative… Especially if you’re looking for active things to do with friends at home. Dance around to the beat of the music, guided on a video tutorial.

A workout video is another option, but – for the sake of keeping it fun and fairly manageable – we happen to think Zumba is the best starting point!

29) Have a Yoga Night

Dancing a bit “too much” for you? Looking for some fun things to do with friends at home that are a little more “zen”? Then a yoga night could certainly be an option.

Yoga is great for helping to CALM your mind and feel more emotionally stable.

It’s a great practice to get into, and if you can learn to love it with friends, you may well find it’s a new hobby you then continue.

Yoga also doesn’t need to take up a lot of space, which means it always works at home, no matter what size room you have to work with.

So why not give it a go, as something different to do with friends one of the times?! See, it’s an activity that just may well surprise you!

30) Start a Band Together

Love music? Want another outlet? A different way to express yourself? Then why not make a band with your friends?!

It doesn’t matter what you currently know how to play, or how musical you are (or aren’t!)

You don’t have to do this seriously. It’s just a fun thing to do with friends at home, that also gives you an “excuse” to get together more regularly.

In time, if you’re looking for different places to hang out with friends – you can move it from your home(s), to a studio, church or community centre.

But you’ve got to start somewhere – so why not give it a go?!

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

31) Have a Karaoke Night

Next up – we’ve got to throw a karaoke night into the mix, as it is – hands down – one of the most fun things to do with friends at home…

And by having it in the comfort of your own home, you can sing full blast, without having to care what anyone thinks!

Grab yourself a karaoke machine, or better yet – just get some inflatable microphones and get Youtube up on your TV, playing songs with lyrics on the screen.

It’s one of the most popular bachelorette party ideas, but can actually be done anytime, for any occasion, or no occasion at all – if your friends are up for it and just want to have some fun! So test the waters… Throw it out there as a suggestion!

IDEA: Send this article to your pals with no words, just: Number 31? 👀 Next Weekend?! 🤪

32) Drink and Draw

Next up – it’s drink and draw. Well, you can do Drink and Draw… Or Drink and Paint… Or even Drink and Create, even, which is open to ANYTHING!

For instance for a halloween mates date idea, you could try pumpkin carving.

Or for Christmas activities, you could make Christmas decoration.

It can be seasonal, and totally flexible. And that’s part of the fun – deciding what exactly you’ll do!

The main part is that you’re working on something whilst having a chat and a nice little beverage. It just adds a different activity to your usual get-togethers.

This leads me onto our next recommendation…

33) Paint and Prosecco

Paint and Prosecco is another adaption from Drink and Draw… Do you like the alliteration there?! We do! And we love the activity too!

If you’re not much of a painter, grab a cute paint by numbers kit. Or try diamond painting even.

But it’s a fun, classy, therapeutic thing to do at home, and keep doing every time your friends come over – usually for an evening activity to break up the week.

Because hey – midweek date ideas can work well too you know? You can always find time for quality time with friends!

different activities to do with friends

34) Puzzle Night!

Next up, it’s puzzle night, and yes, this is indeed fully deserving of a spot on our list of fun things to do with friends at home. Why? Because it’s DIFFERENT!

Now there’s heaps of different types of puzzles – mathematical puzzles, logic puzzles, word games, the list could go on and on.

But my favourite puzzle for a puzzle night with friends, has to be a classic jigsaw puzzle!

Here, you can take a big one on together, or have little ones you can race to do!

There’s actually plenty of modern, funny jigsaw puzzles that you won’t feel like an O.A.P doing (ha!) Just have a browse and see which ones take your fancy!

35) Do a Psychic Night!

From astrology readings to palm reading, crystal balls to tea leaf reading – there are so many different ways to tell your fortune nowadays.

Whether you’re into this kind of thing or not – there’s no denying – it makes for a great girly evening in with friends.

36) Ask Each Other Questions / Have a Discussions Night

Fancy a bit of quality conversation? Looking for simple things to do with friends at home that are just as fun? Then why not get together for a good old chat!

There are plenty of fun and interesting questions to ask friends, to create HOURS of conversation!

You can also do “Chats About” nights…

Simply pick a topic, swat up on it before, then discuss it. It could be something like self-confidence, financial freedom, equality or even questions about self love.

Go as light-hearted or deep as you like! Or get more specific like, ‘let’s debate solo female travel!’

It’s a fun way to spend the evening and actually helps to bring you even closer, as you get to know each other more and more.

Then, when you really do feel like you know your bestie like the back of your hand, you can then use these “how well do you know me questions” and turn it into the ULTIMATE quiz game!

different things to talk to friends about

37) Give a DIY Project A Go Together

Another fun thing to do with friends at home is to take on a DIY project together.

Get some inspiration online… then get cracking together in person! Pick something that really excites you – whether that’s something big or small.

It could be something as little as drink coasters or photo frames; right the way to a new furniture piece for your home.

You can each make the same thing (but different versions to reflect your personality) or team up together to make something mighty for a friend.

The choice is yours, but you’ll never go too far wrong when you’re doing something creative with friends! On a similar note, if you find that you enjoy it…

38) Pottery Painting

Now, crafty afternoon project that that you definitely HAVE to add to your list, is pottery painting!

See, you can grab a pottery painting kit, as soon as the next day with FREE Amazon Prime one-day delivery. (Uh huh, you can do this on a free trial from my link just there too… You can thank me later! 😉)

This means, if you’re looking for different, spontaneous last minute activities, you’re all set!

Pottery painting is a great creative outlet, perfect for doing at home, on a weeknight or Sunday afternoon, whilst nattering away to friends.

It’s one of my all-time favourite fun things to do with friends at home, so I highly recommend giving it a go!

different evening activities

39) Create an Arts / Crafts Club

If you’re looking for fun things to do with friends at home on a more regular basis, and you found DIY projects enjoyable, you can always create a weekly / fortnightly / monthly craft club!

Here, you’ll work on different things together, or separate things, but at the same time. It’s fun, creative, supportive and inspiring; in all the best ways!

40) Create a Book Club

We’ve very nearly made it to the end of our list for 45 fun things to do with friends at home – so here’s another recommendation that can be a more regular thing… A home book club!

Yes the conversation usually drifts off the book and onto the latest gossip- but there’s almost at least 15 minutes of educated discussion on it!

And it means you always have a new book to read… bonus.

Try one of our best books for single women (whether you’re single or not – they’re incredibly empowering!) Or how about one of the top books for building confidence, if you want to help each other be the REAL you!

I also update my personal reading list every month, so you can follow along and become part of my FREE book club if you want. (We’re all friends here!)

But that’s the best thing about it – you can take your book club whichever route you and your friends want it to go, and have endless options for different things to read and then discuss!

book club ideas with friends

41) Or a Podcast Club

Not much of a reader? Then a podcast club is also an option, for something to set up with friends.

Here, you listen to podcasts (or audiobooks) instead, then meet regularly at one of your homes, to discuss the different ones, on a regular basis.

Learn and grow together. It’s a pretty neat way to spend your time!

42) Have a Movie Night

Next up – it’s a movie night! And, okay, so this might not be the most original but I think it deserves it’s place on the ’45 fun things to do with friends at home’ list because it’s a CLASSIC!

Get your girls around, snuggle up on the sofa with lots of tasty nibbles and watch a movie. You can each take it in turns to pick the movie (the ‘host’ chooses) and then each week, you can have it at someone else’s house to mix it up a bit.

Pick a movie that is ‘SO YOU!’ and see what your friends think.

43) Have a Comedy Night

Laughter is good for you, it’s good for your friends, it’s good for your friendship and it’s good for your SOUL! So instead of watching the standard movie – consider tuning into a comedy roadshow!

Laugh the night away, with themed comedy night with your friends at home.

It’s the perfect answer if your friend is struggling to get over their ex, or currently going through relationship issues and just wants to SWITCH OFF for a little while.

It’s a distraction… But the best kind. And one which makes everyone feel good, regardless.

Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

44) Binge Watch a TV Series

Now let’s not forget – binge watching a tv series can make for another good night with friends at home, if you’re looking to really get into something gritty!

45) Switch Off With S’mores Indoors, or Outdoors

Or, if you’re really wanting to switch off – forget the TV and opt to make S’Mores, indoors or outdoors.

This is one of our favourite free date ideas at home, but it’s also something you can do with friends too, of course. In fact, when my friends and I did it, it was one of the most memorable girly nights of all time.

Why? Because it’s DIFFERENT! You also get the cuteness, the quality time, interesting conversation and of course – the most delicious nibbles.

And with both an outdoor fire pit and a mini indoor fire pit, you have the versatility to do it whatever the weather. (Uh huh, it’s better to be well prepared and I guarantee you – these little beauties will certainly get their use!)

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 45+ fun things to do with friends at home to fill you with ideas and inspiration.

Remember – don’t just read this… But take action. Commit by scheduling one new thing into your diary today, with something different you can all do in the next week / month.

What’s your favourite thing to do with friends at home? Drop a comment below to let us know!

Take care. Have fun. And sending lots of happy memories your way!


Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home
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