50 Fun Things To Do With Your Mom

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Mom’s: aren’t they amazing? For many of us, they’re our rocks – helping us through the hardest of times (including all of the breakups and relationship stresses!) and making us smile through the best. Looking for fun things to do with your Mom? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s to celebrate Mother’s Day, a birthday, or simply to have some quality Mother-Daughter time, here’s 50 fun things to do with your Mom – 50 Mother Daughter date ideas, to create more memories to treasure with one of your favourite people in the world!

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50 Fun Things To Do With Your Mom

Let’s get stuck straight in with our Mother-Daughter “date” ideas. Here’s some of the best fun things to do with your Mom, to get the inspiration flowing.

CHALLENGE: Have a read and see how many you can tick off so far! Then, pick one activity you’ll do next from this list, setting the date with your Mom so that it’s in your diary straight away. Deal? Deal!

After all – there’s no time like the present. And quality Mother-Daughter time is always a blessing!

So let’s get the ideas flowing, with 50 fun things to do with your Mom…

1) Have a Pamper Night

First up, it’s the classic pamper night. This is a great thing to do with your Mom, as it can be done with ease, in the comfort of your own home.

Stock up on all the beauty essentials (or grab a ready-made Pamper Night Kit), get snuggled in, and take some “you time”, together. For an even deeper detox…

2) Go For a Spa Day

The alternative is to treat yourselves to a spa day! And this really is… A TREAT! Book somewhere locally or try somewhere new.

Make use of the spa facilities, then indulge with a treatment and lunch. It’s a win, all round. And ends up being a really special day to share with your Mom.

3) Get Your Nails Done

Whilst on the topic of TLC, getting your nails done is another fun thing to do with your Mom. In fact, it’s a typical girly activity – that can be done alone but is even better when going with others.

Book in a manicure or pedicure for the same time, have fun selecting your nail colours together, then have a natter whilst other’s look after you!

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

4) Give Your Mom a Makeover

Next up – why not give your Mom a makeover?! If you haven’t done this – oh you REALLY have to! It’s fun for you, it’s a treat for Mom, and it’s a great bonding activity.

Make your Mom look and feel amazing by allowing her to sit back and relax whilst you do her hair and makeup for her!

No good at this? Then book a professional! Just make sure you make plans for afterwards to make the most of all that great work that’s been done!

And yes, your Mom looks beautiful even without proper hair and makeup… but it’s always nice to feel looked after and do something a little different with your appearance!

5) Be Each Other’s Stylists

Okay so this has got to be well-up-there with my favourite fun things to do with Mom’s, and that is – a Style Swap day. How it works? Well it’s simple.

Let your Mom pick an outfit for you, and you’ll pick an outfit for her!

This can be done from each other’s wardrobes – or if you live separately, that’s not easy, or you really have limited things to work with… shop online and pick an entire new outfit for each other!

It’s totally fun, something very different and you may well be surprised at the end outfit choice. Pleasantly surprised I mean!

Fun things to do with your mom

6) Go Wine Tasting

A rather sophisticated Mother-Daughter activity now then, is wine tasting! Pretend to be connoisseur’s as you sip on different samples. It’s guaranteed to get a few giggles!

This is best done out, at a proper wine tasting event. However, if there’s not currently any running in your area – you don’t have to miss out.

Instead, create your own wine tasting at home by grabbing a few different mini 20cl bottles of wine or a set like this and sharing these as you sample some different ones. (Clever, huh?)

7) Do Cheese or Chocolate Tasting

Talking of tasting, cheese or chocolate tasting is another fun alternative for those who don’t drink.

Again, find an event, or “do it yourself” at home, by buying in a selection and rating each one.

If you’re more sweet people, go for chocolate of course. More savoury fans? Then cheese it is!

8) Go For Afternoon Tea

A classic activity that has to go on all Mother-Daughter wish-lists, is heading out for afternoon tea.

Get a little dressed up, make time for each other, and indulge with sweet and savoury treats! What’s not to love?!

9) Go For a Picnic

Keeping on the theme of foodie treats – going for a picnic is another fun thing to do with your Mom.

Get a cute wicker picnic basket (this one is my personal favourite), fill it with your and your Mom’s favourite delights, then go for a little walk until you find a nice spot.

You can then sit down, relax and spend a good couple of hours, munching away whilst catching up. It’s perfect!

If the weathers not good, you can still do exactly the same thing – just indoors instead. Don’t let anything stop you! In fact, an indoor picnic is even more original, yet just as fun!

Mother daughter day

10) Go To a Cocktail Class

It’s time to SHAKE THINGS UP, with a cocktail class for our next suggestion.

Learn straight from a bartender, how to make all of your favourite drinks. These can actually be done virtually if you prefer. On that note…

11) Make Your Own Cocktails At Home

If you don’t want something quite so fancy, you can still have a go at making your own cocktails at home. Follow online recipes or tutorials, or see what you can come up with yourselves!

All you’ll need is a cocktail making kit and a selection of ingredients. And to make this one more fun, you can both make each other cocktails the “rate” each other’s efforts!

12) Cook Together

Cooking is another option when it comes to things to do with your Mom. And I know what you’re thinking… But is this really fun?! As often cooking becomes a chore, for many!

But again, when you do it together, it actually becomes a really great activity. Especially if (as mentioned above), you can learn one of your Mom’s classic recipes. How sweet is that?!

Recommended Read: The Best Family Favourite Recipes

13) Bake Together

What next? What next? Well, baking is always a fun thing to do with your Mom.

It’s fun when you’re younger and can be just as fun as you grow older… only it’s usually something that’s forgotten about!

So pick a recipe, work on it together, or – better yet – make one of your Mom’s classics, learning from the best!

You can then sit down with a tea / coffee and your end masterpiece, appreciating what you’ve managed to make!

fun mother daughter activities

14) Do The Gardening

Okay so this is – in some cases – a stereotype, yet still rings true for many.

See, what do many parents like? Well, gardening! So if your Mom loves getting into some pruning, keep her company by helping her too!

How great would it be to work out what to plant with Moms… with your Mom!

To make it more fun, put some music on. Have a laugh with it! She’ll also be sure to appreciate the helping hand and on a hot summer’s day – gardening is actually quite a delight!

15) Throw a Garden Party

If gardening is not your thing, then a Garden Party is another way to get out in it. After all, on a hot, summer’s day, it’s always a fun place to hang out!

Whether you invite others over for it, or just have it for you and your Mom, it’s all about good food, some nice sunshine, maybe some outdoor games, and relaxing!

Sounds pretty blissful, right?

16) Binge Watch Favourite TV Shows

Whether you do something big or something small, quality time is the best time to spend with your Mom.

Is it a rainy day out? Or you’ve got some free time after a long, tiring week? Then binge watching your favourite tv shows with your Mom can actually be a really lovely thing to do.

Find something funny, or get to the same point on a good new series then carry on watching it together, whilst snuggling up on the sofa. Cute or what?!

17) Have a Movie Night

Similar to watching your favourite tv shows together, having a movie night with your Mom is another nice thing to do.

Whether this is out at the cinema, or back home in your comfies – as long as you pick a movie that’s fun and entertaining, you can’t really go too far wrong!

18) Have a Games Night

From card games to board games, right the way through to question games (my favourite), there’s plenty to choose from when having a Games Night with your Mom.

The great thing about this, is it’s fun and different. You’ll also never run out of different games to play, and can keep mixing it up!

19) Create a Jigsaw Puzzle

Like a challenge? Want to take one on with your Mom? Then give a jigsaw puzzle a go! But not just any jigsaw puzzle… a personalised one of you and your Mom. Click here to shop!

It’s pretty tricky, but doesn’t necessarily need to be done in one day. With a Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat, you can do it little and often.

The sense of accomplishment when you see your faces smiling back at you, fully pieced together at the end, is always worth it! Try it out for yourselves.

mother daughter day ideas

20) Create a Scrapbook

Another fun thing to do with your Mom – that will take you down memory lane – is to work on a scrapbook!

Grab a Family Scrapbook Album, print out your favourite pictures, gather any keepsakes that you have and piece it altogether… together.

Talk about different memories and moments as you do it. It’s a great bonding exercise and becomes a special memory to treasure in itself.

21) Have a PJ Party

Ahh, Pyjama Parties – they’re not just for kids! Stay over at yours or your parents house, if you don’t still live together.

Put on some PJ’s or matching comfies and do many of the things mentioned above, to create a memorable night in for the two of you! Perfecto!

22) Chill in a Coffee Shop

Coffee shop dates are always cute, which is why they make another simple, fun activity to do with your Mom.

Head to your favourite or find a coffee shop you’ve never been to before, get yourself a comfy little corner and catch up over coffees or hot chocolates.

There are plenty of meaningful questions to ask your Mom, so you won’t fall short of conversation.

Go all out by treating yourselves to a cake or pastry too… you deserve it!

23) Create Your Own Book Club

Whilst we’re on the topic of coffee shops, I want to throw out the idea of creating a book club between you and your Mom too. (Coffee shops make the perfect venue for these!)

The beauty of this one? It gives you an excuse to make a more regular thing out of it.

Simply write down a selection of books on pieces of paper, each month draw one out (at random) and that’s the book you then read.

Set a date for when you aim to finish it by and then get together on that date to discuss it.

It creates more focused conversation – and something different to talk about. (Although it will be sure to go off topic by the end!)

Something really different to do for all the Mother-Daughter avid readers!

Mother Daughter Book Club

24) Go Out For Breakfast / Brunch

Okay so we’re starting to move onto the foodie activities when it comes to fun things to do with your Mom.

First up, we’ve got breakfast / brunch – which you can never go too far wrong with. Whether you go for something light or heavy, it’s a great way to start the day!

25) Have a Lunch Date

Another classic, is going for lunch with your Mom. We’ve all got to eat, right? So make time in the middle of your day to have something tasty and spend quality time, just the two of you.

26) Go Out For a Meal

It’s dinner time! Pick your favourite type of cuisine – from American to Mexican, Indian to Chinese (and everything else in between!)

Whatever the two of you fancy, find yourselves a nice restaurant and save cooking that night. (What a treat!) Talking of treats, this leads me onto my next suggestion…

27) Head To a Dessert Shop

Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner are all pretty common activities. What is done less so, however, (but which is just as fun, if not more!) is going to a dessert shop.

Choose from all of your favourite puddings – plus crepes, waffles, ice-cream, the list could go on and on.

You still get the table-service, sit-down experience, but satisfy your sugar cravings at the same time! After all, we can’t all be perfectly healthy 24-7 (how dull would that be?!)

28) Do Your Own Food Tour

Okay, the last of the foodie suggestions for a while now – but another must-mention idea for fun things to do with your Mom, is creating your own food tour!

How it works? Well it’s simple! Pick three different restaurants, or take a stroll and see what takes your fancy.

From each restaurant then, you’re going to have: a starter at one, a main at another and a dessert at the final one! You can swap your cuisine or go for the same type and compare food quality!

By the end of it, you’ll feel like a bit of a connoisseur! This Mother Daughter date idea is fun, original and adds more excitement! This also makes it pretty memorable too!

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

29) Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Now here’s a different one (for most!) – visiting a museum or art gallery.

In fact, if you don’t usually do this, it can actually make for an even better Mother Daughter date idea, as it mixes things up… makes the day a bit more memorable and unique!

So have a wander, have a giggle (where you can!) and stop for lunch after.

30) Explore a New City

Take your Mom out for the day and be a tourist in a new city.

Whether it’s close or far, go somewhere you’ve never properly been before and give all the top attractions a go.

Jump on a train to make it even easier (no worries about driving then!) and have a natter on your way!

31) Go on a Countryside Walk

Not a fan of big cities? Then opt for a countryside walk with your Mom instead. The fresh air, the beautiful scenery – what’s not to love? Explore somewhere new, gently on foot. Or…

32) Go on a Hike

Step it up… literally! If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous then a hike is always a fun thing to do with your Mom. Especially if the two of you are still pretty active.

Remember, there’s no rush, you can still take it easy. But this one is all about exploring together! You’ll feel super accomplished by the end!

33) Go on a Bike Ride

If you and your Mom have bikes, then a bike ride is another great option to fill a couple of hours in an afternoon.

Ride around together. Or, drive somewhere pretty where they offer bike hire. There’s plenty of places to get this experience in together. Feel wild and free!

34) Go to an Exercise Class Together

Whilst we’re on the theme of keeping active, going to an exercise class together is another great idea.

Opt for yoga, Zumba…. boxing even! There’s so much to choose from. And that’s the beauty of it – there will always be something new to try! And trying new activities with someone else, always makes it less daunting!

Mom and daughter date ideas

35) Get Creative

What other fun activities can you do with your Mom? Well, something more creative. You could paint, draw, try pottery, make different crafts.

Again, the options feel pretty endless, as there’s plenty of creative craft date ideas.

Just pick something different to give a go, learn something new, or go back to an old favourite… As long as you’re doing it together, it’s a great way to get quality time in with your Mom.

36) “Paint & Prosecco” Night

So I want to throw out an extension of our last suggestion now – which is to team up something creative, with something else.

So you can make it a “Drink and Draw” night, or “Paint and Prosecco.” There’s heaps of different alternatives to go with it… and of course you can make your own.

You’re simply making a bigger occasion out of the activity, whilst keeping it fun and relaxed!

37) Do an Escape Room or Murder Mystery

Ahhh, escape rooms. Take on the challenge and prove what a great team you and your Mom really are!

How they work? Well, you have an hour to find clues and complete tasks in order to “escape” a room. It’s great fun, and they’re easy to find in many areas now.

Another similar suggestion is a Murder Mystery night. Go to one just the two of you, or bring along others to attend as a team! It makes a great social night – and again, it’s something different to do.

There’s also home versions for both of these, enabling you to do them for a fraction of the price, without even having to step outside the front door!

Click here for an Escape Room Set, or click here for a Home Murder Mystery Game. It’s amazing what’s on the market now!

28) Go Shopping!

Going on a shopping spree is always a fun thing to do with your Mom – especially if she’s your go-to woman when it comes to approving outfits!

Whether you fancy a wardrobe refresh, want to recreate yourself or are even just looking for a new date-night outfit, it’s always nice to get your Mom involved and makes the trip far more fun in the process!

Fun things to do with your mom

39) Go to the Theatre

A theatre trip is always a nice, girly activity when it comes to fun things to do with your Mom.

Find a feel-good musical, or a funny show / play. There’s also the ballet and opera to consider too. And again, make an afternoon out of it, by going for food and drinks before / after too.

40) Watch a Girly Movie at the Cinema

If you’re looking for more affordable fun things to do with your Mom, whilst still being able to get out of your home, consider a cinema night… especially if there’s a girly movie that’s showing.

Grab some popcorn, pick your seats, and get ready to switch off from the world for a couple of hours – together!

41) Find a Local Event

So you’ve got some free time, you want to have a Mother Daughter date day, but are unsure what to do. In fact, you feel like you’ve done most things together already…

The answer? See what’s going on in your local / surrounding area. Make the most of the events that are already being hosted!

A simple “events near me” search should do the trick and you’ll instantly have tens if not hundreds of options.

Just be open-minded and willing to give different things a go! In more cases than not, you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised!

42) Go to a Food / Drinks Festival

Whilst scouring local events listings, you’ll probably come across some food / drinks festivals – especially in the Summer.

It’s a great fun thing to do with your Mom, because you can satisfy your stomach whilst lapping up the atmosphere and enjoying ant extra entertainment.

So pop this specifically into your searches and see what’s on!

43) Wander the Weekend Markets

The markets can actually be another great Mother Daughter date morning, making the most of what’s right on your doorstep.

Shop local crafts or find fresh fruit and veg. In fact (going one step further) if you head to food markets in the morning, you can actually complete the day by heading back and whipping up a fresher-than-fresh lunch after!

44) Volunteer Together

Okay so what else have we got when it comes to different activities to do with your Mom? Well, you could consider volunteering together.

Animal shelters are always adorable. Homeless shelters are also incredibly rewarding too. So why not spend time together, making a positive difference? It’s easier than you think!

things to do with your mom

45) Have a Photoshoot

We’re back to another favourite of mine. See if you’re looking for fun things to do with your Mom, a photoshoot is 100% it.

The photos you get, will also become ones you’ll treasure forever, so it’s an all-round win.

Either book in a professional shoot (and consider treating yourself to a makeover before… making her feel like the absolute royalty she is!) The alternative is to do a home photoshoot.

All you’ll need for this is a Selfie Stand Tripod (this is the one I’ve got – it even comes with a remote so you don’t need to worry about a timer. These Selfie Stands with Ring Lights are pretty good too.

You can then snap away just on your phone and are still able to create shots you love!

Grab a Backdrop if you’re conscious of the background and want to go for something that’s more pro-shoot like. Or have a laugh with some selfie props. You pick the style and any themes!

46) Recreate Old Photographs

Another absolute favourite when it comes to fun things to do with your Mom, is a blast-from-the-past, “Recreate Old Photographs” session!

Simply go through old photos and reminisce. You can then pick a few and re-create them in the exact same poses.

  • So it may be one of you sat on your Mom’s lap as a toddler – when you do this one again you’ll see just how much you’ve grown! (It’s super funny!)
  • Or perhaps you want to re-create in outfits too, so popping yourself back in dungarees and restyling your Mom’s hair how she used to have it. Uh huh, a little creativity is required!

Not only is the whole process heaps of fun, but the photos you then have after too, are absolutely priceless!

47) Do a Different Activity

Next up, it’s activity time! This could be something fun and competitive – but something you’d more-so do with friends.

So, we’re talking bowling, mini golf – that sort of thing. Challenge your Mom to a game instead!

Or it could be something even more out there like axe-throwing, shuffle board, ping-pong… the list could go on and on. Simply do a few quick searches or think outside the box!

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

48) Go on a Mini Girly Bar Crawl

Why not hit the town together?! Especially if your Mom is not only your Mom but your best friend too. (I know mine is!)

Have a laugh, head to some different places and make the most of “happy hours!”

If you’re not big drinkers, you can still go – just opt for Mocktails instead. Uh huh, this is still one for everyone!

49) Watch Live Music

There’s concerts and festivals, but these are usually bigger things.

The alternative is to find a local gig and head to that together instead. You can still laugh, dance and have a drink together, but you also get the atmosphere from it too.

So let your hair down together – see what’s on! Whilst we’re on that note…

50) Listen To Music

We’ve mad it to our final suggestion and I actually want to finish it off with one of the simplest ones.

See, if there’s one person you can be 100% yourself with – it’s usually your Mom. After all, our Mom usually knows us better than anyone, having raised us their whole lives (if we’re lucky.)

So a simple Mother Daughter date idea is to stay in, blast your favourite songs – sing, dance, the lot!

It’s perfect if you’ve had a long, busy week and just want a bit of a release, and there’s plenty of cute songs about family to make it extra sweet!

Mother daughter day

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 50 fun things to do with your Mom. You should be sufficiently stocked up with Mother Daughter date ideas now. (Woohoo!)

Remember the challenge – pick one thing from this list and set a date for it right now.

It’s time well spent and time you will never regret!

Enjoy. Wishing you all the best.


50 Fun Things To Do With Your Mom
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