15 Funny Couple Costume Ideas

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So you’ve got a fancy dress party coming up? Or maybe Halloween is around the corner? You’re looking for couples fancy dress outfit ideas? The best funny couple costume ideas to really make an impression? Bring a few giggles? Okay, we’ve got you! Here’s 15 funny couples costumes for you and your partner.

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15 Funny Couple Costume Ideas

Let’s jump in with our funny couples costume wish-list. These are some of our favourite funny couples fancy dress duos that the two of you can re-create! To get it started, we’re going to go with some general classics…

1) Plug & Socket

First up, it’s the plug and socket! He’s got the plug, you’ve got the socket. Oh what a perfect fit the two of you are! It’s random, but that’s what makes funny couples costumes all the more brilliant.

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One of our favourite funny couple costumes ideas is to recreate the scene from Jaws! Pop your partner in this hilarious Shark costume, grab yourself some glasses and go as police officer, Martin Brody. You can also easily add some blood and gore to make this Halloween-friendly. It’s creative, different and totally unexpected!

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3) Soap & Sponge

Next up, it’s the soap and sponge… and who’d have thought you could look so good in it?! It’s fun, original and a great couples fancy dress outfit combo.

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4) Classic Tourists

Another new one – it’s those classic overly-enthusiastic tourists! You’ve got the Hawaiian shirt, the hat, the “bit of a belly!” This funny couples costume works great at a themed Hawaiian / tropical party… or just any general summer fancy dress theme!

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5) Couples Baseball Costume

Got a game coming up? Then this couples baseball set is the perfect fancy dress costume to turn up in! Be bold. Be brave.

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Funny Couples Fancy Dress Outfits

Next up, on our funny couples costumes list, we have some classic food combo outfits. These ones always go down a treat! (Ah ha, very punny!)

6) Peanut Butter Jelly

He’s the peanut butter to your jelly. It’s pretty cute, kinda soppy, but TOTALLY unexpected. Imagine rocking up to your friends fancy dress party as a matching slice of bread! This ones certainly an original.

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7) Candy & Sugar – Dip Stick

Another of our favourite funny couples costumes ideas is this totally random dip stick duo. You’re the sugar (of course, so sweet!) and he wants to dunk… uh hum.

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8) Avocado On Toast

Isn’t avocado on toast one of your favourite combos? This my friend, makes it a great funny duo costume.

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9) Couples Hot Dog Costume

Another one for the foodies! He’s the sausage, you’re the bun. We think this costume is hilarious – especially the male version, and the little face poking through. It’s therefore one of our favourite couples fancy dress outfits, guaranteed to bring a smile!

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10) Cookies & Milk

The funniest fancy dress outfits are the ones that go together like nothing else, yet you’d never think of it! And this one – does just that! Did someone say cookies?! Turn yourself into a tasty little treat with this fun matching couples costume set. And yes, yes your partner is turning up to a party as a carton of milk!

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Funny Couple Character Duos

To finish off our list of funny couple costume ideas, I want to share some of our favourite couple character duos. Here’s some of the best fancy dress outfit ideas to show what an absolute team you are!

11) Flinstones Couple Outfit

First up, we have the classic couples duo from the Flinstones – Fred and Wilma. This pair work great for any summer fancy dress party. “Yabba dabba dooo!”

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12) Shrek & Fiona Ogre Couple

Another classic couple duo, full of character, is Shrek and Fiona. Head to a party as a pair of ogres for the night! It’ll be sure to well… turn heads!

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13) Cruella & Dalmatian

Next up, we’ve got a two-part couples duo costume, grabbing Cruella here and your Dalmatian partner here.

This is a funny couples costume idea, perfect for Halloween, because it’s certainly got those “spooky” vibes – whilst being totally unexpected!

14) Beauty & The Beast

Another funny do-it-yourself matching duo set is to go full-on Disney! You’re the “beauty” (of course!) but the funny part comes when your partner rocks up as “the beast!” Click here for the HIM and HER outfits – sure to bring a few laughs on the way!

15) Toy Story Couples Fancy Dress

Last but not least, let’s end with a wow, creating a funny couple character duo from Toy Story… but not going for the standard Woody and Jessie, instead, throwing your partner in as Rex!

Uh huh, the blow up shark for Jaws went down such a treat… we just had to add this one in!

Which Is Your Favourite?

So there we have it! 15 funny couple costume ideas to get the inspiration flowing for your next fancy dress party.

Looking for something sexier? Try these sexy couples Halloween costume ideas instead! Or how about something scary? Here’s our top 10 matching scary couples costumes!

Wherever you’re heading, whatever you’re doing, wishing you good times and happy memories to look back on. Take care!


Funny Couple Costume Ideas

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