20 Funny Gifts For Boyfriends

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Looking for funny gifts for your boyfriend? Funny Christmas gifts for him? Or maybe it’s a birthday? National Boyfriend Day perhaps even? Whatever the occasion here’s 20 funny boyfriend gifts – the best funny gifts for boyfriends.

WARNING: Some of these gifts are a little bit rude, but – suitable for the “laddish” sense of humour!

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20 Funny Gifts For Boyfriends

So let’s get stuck in. Here’s our top 20 funny gifts for your boyfriend. Have a browse, see what makes you smile, then add them in as little extra funny boyfriend presents, great for Christmas or birthdays!

1) Funny Boyfriend Shirt

So let’s start off with one of our favourite funny gifts for boyfriends which is a humorous boyfriend shirt.

This one I think is especially great, especially if your partner has any stag do’s coming up! It reads:

“If you can read this t-shirt, my girlfriend says you’re too close!”

And of course the writing is MASSIVE! Uh huh, “back off ladies!”

It’s fun, original and actually pretty handy! Click here to shop.

2) Funny Boyfriend Mug

If boyfriend / girlfriend gifts are your thing, you’ll also like this “My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than This Mug” mug! It also has on there “Yes, she did buy me this!”

It’s a great funny gift for boyfriends if he often takes a mug for his cuppa’s at work. And what better thing to make his colleagues laugh (whilst reminding them who the TRUE boss is!) Click here to shop.

3) Funny Boyfriend Keyring

So you’ve recently moved in together, or maybe you’re planning on.

A great gift then becomes a keyring – but instead of the standard soppy ones, why not go for a funny one like this?

It’s still kind of cute with the little heart, but will be TOTALLY unexpected (even if he does end up hiding it amongst other ones!) Click here to shop.

4) Funny Scented Candle

Up next on our funny boyfriend gifts list, is one of GSPY’s funny scented candles. And I know what you’re thinking… “But candles are my thing, my man won’t want that!” But hold up, hold up, wait until you see the lines on these bad boys!

“When this candle is lit, give me that D*CK!”

It’s bold. It’s out there. And it will totally surprise him when he sees the message on the side… not to mention want to get those candles burning all night long! Click here to shop.

5) Personalised Film Poster

Another original prezzie when it comes to funny gifts for boyfriends is one of these Personalised Film Posters (they’re actually amazing!)

Simply choose one of your pictures, think of the movie and titles you want on it, then create it exactly how you like.

Whether it’s putting you two in a comedy or recreating a scene from your story, it’s very unique. Click here to find out more.

6) Funny Men’s Apron

Want to encourage your man to do more in the kitchen? Then you may also like to consider a funny apron. There’s plenty to choose from!

From the ruder ones of “I’ll Feed All You F*ckers” and “Once you put my meat in your mouth, you’re going to want to swallow!” to the cuter “Mr Good Lookin’ is Cookin‘” (my personal favourite!)

You’ve also got funny boy ones – giving your man a six pack or a beer belly! Click here to shop.

7) Dust Mop Slippers

Feel like he’s not pulling his weight with the chores? Then one of the best funny gifts for your boyfriend HAS to be these dust mop slippers!

All he has to do is wear them as he walks around the house and he’ll get your floors sparkling clean! Genius right? And sure to bring a smile to his face… You’re making his (and your) life easier after all! Click here to shop.

8) Burrito Blanket

Are the two of you foodies? Foodies who love a cuddle? (Even better!) Then what better funny gift for your boyfriend than to be able to wrap the two of you up in a burrito blanket!?

Whether it’s for those snug winter nights on the sofa, or to use as a travel blanket if you’ve planned a trip away – it’s another great funny gift that you can actually use. Click here to shop.

9) Finger Weight Lifting

Has he been saying he needs to join the gym for ages? Or maybe he has some home weights he hasn’t used for months?

Then another funny gift for boyfriends could be these Finger Weights – “weights you can actually handle babe!”

It even comes with a little finger sweatband! Click here to shop.

10) Funny Bottle Opener

“If you know, you know!” Ever heard of the circle game? Did your boyfriend go through a phase where he was obsessed with it? Then this is the bottle opener for you!

There’s also lots of other funny bottle opener options which make great little funny boyfriend gifts!

Like a Donald Trump Opener, a Michael Scott Opener, or there’s ones you can fix to doors if your boyfriend has a Man Cave. I like this one as it says “Go Ahead Take Your Top Off!” So there’s plenty of choice!

Funny Gifts For Your Boyfriend

11) Toilet Timer

Feel like your boyfriend spends half his time hogging the bathroom?! Then another funny gift idea is one of these (rather crude!) toilet timers.

They make a great little extra if you have a bit of an “inside joke” going on about it. Click here to shop.

12) Personalised Face Cushion

What better funny boyfriend gift could you get than a “mini me” personalised cushion?! Got a trip coming up? Spending time apart? Or maybe you just work late and often aren’t together?

Then one of these cushions is the perfect funny gift for your boyfriend. It will make him smile – not only when he opens it, but every time he sees “you” sat on the sofa waiting for him! Genius huh? Click here to shop.

13) Funny Matching T-Shirts

Couples matching t-shirts are another great idea if you want to buy something totally unexpected that makes your man laugh.

We actually pulled together a list of the top 10 couples matching t-shirts. Click here to read. One of our favourites:

This brilliant “pizza my heart” matching set. It’s subtle, kind of cheesy, but totally adorable too! They’re also top-rated for a reason.

Click here to shop.

14) Glow In The Dark Boxers

What do men always seem to get for birthdays or Christmas? Boxers! Will he have seen any like these?! I think not!

Again, there’s heaps of funny boxers on the market (especially at Christmas!) but one of my favourites has to be these glow in the dark ones!

The “smart arse” lights up on, well, his arse! Great for your nerdy partners. Click here to shop.

15) Do Not Disturb Socks

Likewise with the boxers, some great funny boyfriend gifts are “Do Not Disturb” socks.

They have ones for gaming, watching football, even ones for avid nappers! “I’m not asleep, I’m just resting my eyes!”

They’re heaps of fun. Have a mooch.

16) Pizza Box Socks

Talking of socks, I honestly can’t get enough of these Pizza Box Socks.

They’re perfectly packaged to provided the most brilliant surprise, and again – are putting a funny twist on what is usually a very common men’s present.

A popular funny gift for boyfriends all round! Click here to shop.

17) Ring For Beer

Does your boyfriend love a good beer? Then this novelty beer bell could be a great funny little extra – especially if he has a birthday coming up!

“For one day and one day only, when you want it, you’ve got it!” Click here to shop.

18) Beer Suspenders

Talking of beer, why not grab your man one of these six-pack beer suspenders for your next BBQ!? Beer on demand – can’t be bad hey?!

It’s fun, functional and a great funny gift for boyfriends.

Click here to shop. It’s simple but fun!

19) Funny Mankini

Got a holiday coming up? Then another cracking funny boyfriend gift is – of course – a Borat-style sexy mankini!

Will he be brave enough to wear it? Probably not! Will he totally try it on at home? Absolutely!

This makes it a fun little extra. Click here to shop.

20) The Gift of Nothing

Last but not least, we have the “Gift of Nothing” for the person who has everything!

Looking for funny gifts for your boyfriend but been together a while and can’t think of anything fresh? Then maybe this is the perfect answer!

“What did you get for Christmas?” “Oh, nothing much!” – can now be taken LITERALLY! Click here to shop.

What’s Your Favourite Funny Boyfriend Gift?

So there we have it – 20 funny gifts for boyfriends. Which one will you be buying next?!

Happy shopping!


Funny Gifts For Boyfriends
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