20 Fun Group Date Ideas

20 Fun Group Date Ideas

Looking for some fun group date ideas? Things you can do to spend time with both your loved one and your friends? See, it’s a win, win. A no brainer! Make memories with your partner, without being glued at the hip! It’s the best of both worlds. Truly it is. So without further ado, here’s why group dates rule and 20 group date ideas to get you started.

Why Group Dates Are Great!

So if you’ve not really done many group dates before, I just want to quickly run through the benefits. See, group dates are different to double dates (when there’s just two couples there.) Instead, group dates are more like one big friendship group, getting out and doing fun things together. This means…

  1. It gets you building on the friendships that you already have. Or – gets you building new friendships with a mix of people. This depends on whether you make the group date between your friends (and their partners) or the other way around. You can of course also have a mix!
  2. You’re still experiencing things with your partner, but don’t have to be with each other 100% of the time. Of course you’ll still do things away from each other too – but this is the middle ground between it solely being the two of you or you doing things totally separately.
  3. It creates a healthy dynamic. You see your partner in a different environment – surrounded by other people. You also get to be yourself (of course). There’s distance yet still closeness at the same time. It’s very healthy.

Essentially, group dates allow you to make memories with your partner, make memories with friends, and still go back together that night – reminiscing about the day you’ve had, but with slightly different shared experiences. It’s great for the relationship and great for you!

Why Group Dates Are Great

20 Group Date Ideas – Dates You Can Do With Friends

So what are some group date ideas to get you started? Well, bear in mind, these are all activities suitable for a larger number of people. There will be at least six of you here, which means all of these dates are space-friendly, allowing optimum mixing!

1) Go For a Hike or a Walk

Getting out and about, in the fresh air – is there really anything better? Whether it’s a tough one, a challenge – or more of a chilled afternoon wander. You can also take a picnic and a few drinks for a break along the way.

The best walking dates are when you head somewhere different – explore somewhere new. It adds to the experience then as you discover new landscapes. It makes it more exciting!

2) Head To An Amusement Park

Another fun one – a trip to an amusement park! This is PACKED full of things to keep you busy. It’s also not something you probably go to every day, which makes it more of a special experience, a proper memory for the memory-bank

There’s the food, the atmosphere, the excitement… the chance for coupes to win their partner cuddly toys and silly prizes on fairground games.

Then of course there’s the rides and the great thing about these – is it brings you back to experience this with your partner again as you couple up on the carriages. Perfect, right?

Amusement Park With Friends

3) Go To A Festival or Event

Food and drink festivals are my personal favourite. They have everything you need for a good time, plus the music and the atmosphere. It’s just guaranteed fun, with something there for everyone.

See what’s going on in your local area, or perhaps even travel further afield and share transport. There’s no end to your options. The key? Picking something that everyone would be super pumped and excited for!

4) Have a Movie Night

Next up – it’s movie night! Go for something fun, humorous or scary! Get the lads on the one row, and the women on the row in front. Partners sit behind partners so they’re never far away, but you still have that quality friendship time.

After the movie, you can then also go for a social drink, or grab some food (just make sure you don’t get too full from the popcorn and nibbles beforehand!) This is a nice, light, low-pressure and casual group date idea. Definitely one to try.

Group Date Ideas

5) Get Together For Drinks

You may also want to strip it all back with something simple and low-key so I now want to throw out the group date idea of drinks and music. Head over to one of your houses, maybe order some pizza in and get the “party vibes” going.

It’s cheaper than a night out, actually allows proper mixing and conversation (instead of having to shout over the noise at a busy club or bar!) yet it’s always guaranteed a good laugh.

Alcohol also loosens everyone up a bit, brings you closer. Plus of course, non-drinkers can still go alcohol free! Play some couples games or drinking games together. That’s always heaps of fun too!

6) Have a Games Night

Another simple classic – a games night (or day, whatever you like!) Pair up with your partner, or go as individuals, all head to head.

The great thing with this one, is it’s a real GROUP thing. It gets everyone mixing with everyone, which brings you all far closer together as a group.

It’s also very flexible. With such a broad range of different games you could play, you can never really get bored!

Group Date Ideas

7) Go To The Zoo

Providing the animal welfare is up to scratch, heading to the zoo is a great group date idea. There’s plenty to see, plenty to do.

It also provides ample “conversation starters” if not everyone knows each other properly (which means far less awkwardness) as there’s always something to look at, a cute little animal to comment on.

It also gives you an excuse to “get back to your youth” in a way – but because of the company, it makes it. It’s just a laugh, good fun! Talking of which…

8) Take a Trip To The Beach

BEACH DAY, BEACH DAY! Taking a trip to the beach is always a winner when it comes to group date ideas. Whether it’s down the road or a couple of hours away – it’s a fun, special experience to spend with friends and your loved on.

Going as a group, also makes it a little more… wild! Take snacks, games and a speaker for music. Rounders or cricket on the beach really mixes it up!

If you’re brave enough, you can also go for a dip in the sea. If it’s not quite beach weather, you can still snuggle up in blankets and watch the waves. Sounds like pure bliss, right?!

Date Day At Beach

9) Go Bowling

This has got to be one of my favourite group date ideas. The guys have a bit of healthy competition, the partners can ogle at their men (as I guarantee they will really get into it!)

You can also do teams, with each couple against the other couples, to bring you all closer and make it even more fun. Activities are also great ice-breakers like we mentioned above, so there will be no empty silences with this one, that’s for sure.

You can go in the day, grabbing a burger lunch, or the night – with drinks and pool / ice-hockey after. This is also a great year-round activity, because it doesn’t matter what’s happening with the weather outside. (Perfect!)

10) Go Go-Karting

Get “dressed up” in the racing gear and feel the adrenaline pumping through you as you speed your way around the track! 

If you have a big group, do different rounds with different “components”. The best thing is when someone totally unexpected wins this one! Great fun.

Go Karting Date

11) Try Paint Balling or Laser Tag

Another great team activity for different group dates ideas – and something which is far better doing with friends instead of just yourself, your partner and a bunch of strangers – is paint balling!

Whether you go for paint balling or laser tag (laser tag is the less painful version of paint balling so it depends on how “hardcore” you feel!), you’re still guaranteed good fun.

Is it a little childlike? Yes perhaps. But will everyone still love it? Absolutely! Play on the same team as your partner or go head to head… show him what you’re made of!

12) Play a Round Of Mini Golf

Another great group activity is mini-golf. Again, it creates a bit of healthy competition, but with a lower pace and a quieter environment, you can still also chat and mix with ease.

Nowadays, there’s actually a lot of adult mini golf courses, with cocktails and beers encouraged throughout. You could also mix it up by doing “loser shouts the next round of drinks!” Or “the winner picks where we’re eating after!”

Mini Golf

13) Take on a Pub Quiz

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. A lot of these group date ideas are about battling it out – but with this one, it’s all about working together. Find a local trivia night, think of a fun team name and tap into each other’s knowledge to come out on top!

14) Hit The Karaoke

Did you know, there are places that you can hire private karaoke rooms? That’s right, you guys can sing to your hearts content, away from strangers in rooms allocated just for your group. They usually come with food, and definitely with drinks.

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But it’s a great night out once you feel comfortable around one another. Make sure you do a duo with your partner! At the end of it all, it will certainly be a date night you won’t forget!

Fun Dates With Friends

15) Attempt An Escape Room

Another date idea to keep the team spirit going, is an escape room! If you’re going to be trapped somewhere with just puzzles and clues to piece together to get you back out – who better to do it with than your friends and loved one?

Escape rooms are super trendy right now, and they’re trendy for a reason… so they well worth considering when it comes to group date ideas.

16) Do a Couples Scavenger Hunt

Another great “games” group date idea is a scavenger hunt where you team up with your partner. There are heaps of different types of scavenger hunts but my top three recommended ones are:

  1. Photo Scavenger Hunt: Each team has to snap a photo of them with the items on your list. So this could be photos in front of monuments in a park, or somewhere like a mall – finding objects to snap one with. Bonus points for humorous shots! You have a set period of time, then the couple who get the most by the end of the timer, wins. The great thing with this one is you’re left with a whole lot of photos for the memory bank!
  2. Video Scavenger Hunt: This is the same as with a photo scavenger hunt, except with video. You could also get a little creative with this one, so for example: proof of you asking someone for directions to a bizarre place, or a video of you demolishing a donut in under 30 seconds!
  3. Virtual Scavenger Hunt: This is a scavenger hunt that takes place online which means it’s perfect for when lockdown restrictions are in place (that’s right, there’s no stopping this group date idea!). Participants have to find items on the web or within their own home and show them on the screen. Same concept, just done virtually.
Couples Scavenger Hunt

17) Do Couples Come Dine With Me

One for the foodies now, but the one of my favourite group date ideas HAS to be a “couples come dine with me!” This works best when you’re in a group of six.

Simply take it in turns to host a dinner party. You cook a starter, main and dessert, hosting and entertaining of course too. At the end of the night, each couple records a video giving the other couple a score.

Each partner gives a score out of 10, for a total score out of 20. The two couples totals are combined for an overall score for the “host” couple.

Spread this date out over three weeks – with one couple hosting each week. At the end, the scores are revealed and a prize is given to the couple with the most points!

18) Have a Pizza Night

Talking of food, if you want something simpler, you can always vouch for a good old classic Pizza Night! Order in enough to feed 500 (aren’t left-overs just the best?!)

Or, something a little different, get busy in the kitchen making your own… They’re not actually too tricky to make from scratch and you can then all pull them together to sample each others in one mighty feast!

Pizza Night

19) Head To a New City

Pick a city at random, jump on a train and head there for the day. The girls can do some shopping, the guys can grab a beer and maybe watch part of a game.

You can also meet up altogether for food or an activity. Whatever you fancy! The key with this one is spontaneity, going with the flow, seeing what comes your way!

20) Rent a Cabin, Treehouse or Lodge

As you all start to form stronger relationships and get on really well as a group, you can also think about a little weekend getaway as a group!

Find some quirky accommodation – perhaps a cabin, lodge or even treehouse. Find somewhere that can fit you all in and just have a weekend away – packed with good food, good company and lots of little adventures!

Group Date Ideas

That Rounds Our Group Date Ideas

So there we have it – 20 different group date ideas to get you building on both your friendships and your relationship. Enjoy! Go wild!

I guess the only question is now… which one will you go for next?!


Fun Group Date Ideas

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