40 Cosy Home Date Ideas | Winter Date Ideas At Home

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It’s time to get creative with some home date ideas! Keep busy during the colder months – even if there are COVID restrictions in place. So, without further ado, here’s 40 winter date ideas that you and your loved one can do from the comfort of your own home. They’re simple, creative and super affordable (win, win, win!)

Winter Date Ideas: Our Favourite Home Date Ideas To Bring You Closer

Here’s some of our favourite winter date ideas – the best stay-at-home date ideas to do this winter! The challenge? To see how many you can tick off!

1) Have an Indoor Picnic

First up on the home date ideas list, is a fancy indoor picnic!

Gather all your favourite picnic nibbles, throw that blanket on the floors, light candles all around you and crack open a bottle of wine or Prosecco!

You can have it as a lunch date idea, or an evening date – depending on when best suits.

Either way, it’s cute, romantic and super cosy – perfect for winter, when the outdoor option will prove a little harder!

2) Do a Candlelit Three-Course Dinner

Next up – it’s got to be a three-course candlelit dinner.

Who says romance has to be dead? Have fun cooking together in the early evening – either going for a joint effort throughout or allocating one of you one dinner duties, and the other on starter and desert. You could also order-in if you prefer.

After that, it’s time to indulge! The key to this home date idea however? You HAVE to still get yourself dressed up! That way, it’s going to feel more date-like and actually pretty special!

3) Decorate Holiday Cookies

Tis the season to be JOLLY! It’s also the perfect time for some different winter date ideas… like decorating festive cookies!

This one is especially easy as you don’t even need to be good at baking.

Instead, you can buy in, then skip to the fun part of decorating. Try creating candy canes, snowflakes, even ugly sweaters on those cookies.

This home date idea is also best complemented with Christmas songs… cute or what!?

4) Have a Go At Baking!

Decorating not enough? Then go one step further and get busy baking.

Go all out with the classic winter recipes. You might even like to have a bakeoff… there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition right?

5) Make Some Different Hot Chocolates

Another different foodie date idea is to have a go at making some different hot chocolates.

Here – check out this link for 30 recipes to get you started!

From Kahlúa Hot Chocolate to Chocolate Hot Buttered Rum, Vanilla Mocha Hot Cocoa to (my favourite) the Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate.

There are so many for you to choose from – try one, two, or even small batches of multiple until you find your favourite flavours. I guarantee you’ll have heaps of fun in the process!

Winter date ideas

6) Try Camping In Your Backyard

Next up, it’s time to get up and get outside, with a SUPER ADVENTUROUS little backyard camp out! I love this as it’s the perfect example of a fun, free date idea at home!

Simply hang some outdoor string lights, grab few super-soft blankets, fill a couple vintage thermoses with those hot chocolates you’ve just made, build a roaring fire and you’re all set for a close-to-home adventure!

Combine this with stargazing, card games, stories, and, of course, your favourite nibbles! The best part? You’ll have access to real bathrooms – and heat, whenever you need. Perfecto!

7) Get Lost Star Gazing

If you’re not keen for the full shebang – as mentioned above – you can still have a cosy home date night with stargazing – whether that’s done indoors or outdoors.

Pick a clear night sky, get all cuddled up, and lose yourself in outer space!

8) Get To Know Each Other Better

Some of the best winter date ideas are the simplest. After all, it’s all about spending quality time with your partner and continuing to bond so that you feel closer to your partner again.

So, cosy up on the sofa and play a couples question game, or the mighty couples trivia quiz.

You should also focusing on asking your partner deep questions, to help you get to know them better and understand them more.

There’s also intimate questions to ask your partner, taking it one step further, so there’s plenty here, to fill you with ideas.

Just be brave, drop your guard and be willing to allow yourself to become a little more vulnerable. As it works wonders for strengthening your relationship.

9) Reminisce Your Favourite Times

Talking of bringing the two of you closer – another great date idea (particularly on a groggy winters night!) is to make your own photo album together!

Reminisce, reflect and go through some of your favourite times together – including the ones you may have forgot!

This is also a great time to discuss future plans and what’s on your wish-list, so no matter how hard life may be right now, you know there’s still things to look forward to.

10) Go for a Crisp Winter Walk

Right – it’s time for a change of scenery! Need a bit of fresh air? Then wrap up (no matter what the weather!) and see where you can explore close to home.

Take a blanket and a flask for a little pit-stop somewhere on the way. This is one of the easiest winter date ideas. It’s also a totally free date idea (which always helps the bank balance around this time of the year!)

11) Laugh Away The Winter Blues!

Talking of switching things up, if you feel frustrated then why not tune into some standup comedy to LITERALLY laugh away the winter blues?!

Laughter is good for the soul. Scrap your usual Netflix series and instead, turn it into a comedy night, watching a comedy show on TV.

12) Drink and Discuss

Next up, it’s time to get snuggled up on the sofa as we’re introducing… DRINK & DISCUSS!

How it works? You pick a TedTalk, Documentary or can even watch a short film. Whatever you like! The key part? The discussion after!

Conversations can get a little ‘samey’ when you’ve been with someone for a long time so this one ensure that chat NEVER runs out – mixing it up with something different!

It’s a great home date night idea as it’s different, easy and of course, free! This leads me onto my next suggestion…

13) Start a Puzzle Together

Another different winter date idea is not a games night, but instead – a puzzle night!

Sit down, grab a glass of wine and get stuck in. If you can complete it with no arguments – you know you really are the perfect fit!

14) Get a Little Astrological!

Talking of compatibility – why not have a night where you look into each other star-signs, read up on how well you work together (and how much of what you read you think is true!)

You could also take personality tests and compare each others there.

It’s different, fun, and will certainly create a couple of hours of entertainment! Click here for a free personality test or here to read up more on star signs.

15) Toast Marshmallows Over a Firepit

Put your brand new firepit to good use (mentioned in the Backyard Camping suggestion), by turning it into a regular date-night!

Grab a big bag of giant marshmallows and toast them together! Complement this with gentle music, no phones and intimate conversation.

Don’t fancy the cold? Grab an indoor fire pit instead. They’re safe, compact and actually pretty stylish!

Winter date ideas

16) Have a Themed Movie Night

Is a winter date ideas list really complete without the classic movie night? I think not! Only this time – we’re going to go one step further, making it THEMED!

How this works? Well, it’s a movie night with some little extras! We’re talking room decoration, games and even fancy dress – in line with the film of your choice.

It’s fun, different and the way to break up, what can feel like, the more mundane home date nights.

17) Watch The Ice Hockey

Another of our different winter date ideas is to tune into the ice hockey.

Stream this from anywhere in the world and get into the competitive spirit! Never watched this before? All the better!

This leads me onto my next suggestion…

18) Get Your Skates On!

Winter is the season for ice-skating right!? But if your ice-skating rink isn’t currently open due to COVID, that doesn’t have to stop you from this awesome winter date classic!

Instead, grab some roller-skates (you’re never too old to try something new or get back to your youth!) Grab a pair for your partner and head out together.

And yes, they may be surprised as hell when you give them their skates, but stuff like this will bring you closer than ever. It’s good to try new things!

19) Build a Fort

Have some fun getting back to your youth by making… drumroll please… a fort!

Think pillows, sheets, cushions – whatever. Let your imagination run wild and your creativity hit the max. Once you have your den, cosy up together… or let sparks fly!

But HAVE SOME FUN TOGETHER… find the joy in the little things again!

20) Make Mulled Wine Together

Another seasonal classic that has to be included in our winter date ideas list!

The good news is – making mulled wine is actually pretty simple. It’s fun too, and tastes great. Click here for the recipe. Just four steps, created in less than 30 minutes!

Winter date ideas

21) Make a Pizza

Another great thing to do when the nights are cold and long, is to up the heat in the kitchen!

Cooking together can be great fun… so long as you can agree on the meal. So keep things simple with a pizza night. The best part? They’re super easy to make.

Create your own, then sample both yours and your partner. Have fun decorating with different toppings and playing around with new flavour combos.

You may actually find you like this one so much – you’ll want to make it a regular thing! Talking of which…

22) Have a Couples Pamper Night

The chances are, a little pampering, is already in your weekly or monthly routine. So why not get your partner involved?

It’s a cost-effective, home-friendly date idea, that enables you to recreate those tranquil spa feels.

Grab some face masks, whip up a hot bubbly bath, maybe try a little aromatherapy and BE SURE to give each other massages.

The end result? A romantic, intimate night in at home… perfect with all that wintery weather whipping around outside!

23) Paint or Draw Each Other

It’s like Rose and Jack all over again… only without the tragic ending!

Create your own little ‘set’ on the sofa and take it in turns to draw one another before doing THE BIG REVEAL!

Just try to make your drawings complementary, and don’t rush them. That way it bulks it out into more of an evening of fun – and a memorable one at that.

Painting / drawing each other a little too “soppy”? Then paint / draw together, experimenting with different techniques.

From cross hatching to pour painting, there’s heaps you can learn and do. And hey – you may even find you get a new hobby out of it at the end! On a similar note…

24) Try Something New Together

Another great thing to do together, is to try a new skill. A few suggestions:

  • Origami, calligraphy, needlepoint, watercolor, coding, woodcarving, or even a spot of knitting.

You can make Christmas presents from it once you’ve mastered the skill! The one “rule”? It’s got to be a new skill for the both of you, and a joint effort too!

25) Have a No-Power Night

Let’s go back to basics even further now, with a No Power Night!

How it works? Well it’s simple… Just pick a time and BAN that power! No phones, no tv, no technology. Just you, your partner and the glowing candle-light.

Order takeout, have a heart-to-heart and feel close to one another again. It’s very intimate and is particularly fitting if your love language is Quality Time.

Winter date ideas

26) Watch a Virtual Dance or Theatre Performance

If theatres are still closed – that doesn’t have to stop you!

There’s a whole world of opportunities now… online opportunities. So get dressed up and bring the theatre to you at home, tuning into a performance instead. Clever huh?

27) Have a Little Dance Yourself!

Keeping the fun going with these winter date ideas now – why not crank up the volume and have a good dance in your living room?

Have some drinks, put on your favourite tunes, and create a ‘night out’ at home!

It’s fun, super memorable and guaranteed to bring the two of you closer. You could also have a go at making up a dance together or trying a couples TikTok video… whatever’s more your style.

Just get ready to let your hair down a little and be willing to have a laugh. Bring out that confident, care-free side!

28) Do a Karaoke Night

Sticking with the wild side, why not sing your heart out with a karaoke night? They’re actually pretty cheap but can offer HOURS of fun

Whether you’re good at singing or not, it’s just like bringing the nightclub to your own home. Get dressed up and get ready to party!

This could be combined with your dance night too – why just do one thing when you can have a laugh with both?!

29) Make Your Own Fondue

Next up – it’s time for another historic winter treat. The choice is yours when it comes to sweet or savoury – chocolate or cheese. Depends what your thing is!

You could also do a DIY version – without the fancy set-up. Either way, get some tasty things for dipping and you’ve got yourself a very simple, but romantic, night.

30) Create Your Own Gingerbread Man House

Another mouth-wateringly-good home date night idea – ideal in winter – is to get to work on your own gingerbread man house!

It’s the perfect project to tackle together, with that tasty treat at the end, as you then get to tear it apart!

Just be sure to snap some pictures before you do this – another one to then add to the memory bank.

Winter date ideas

31) Takeaway Night

All this cooking and activity… Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and leave the hard work to someone else! Has it been a long week? Then treat yourselves by ordering in.

Still got a lot of energy? Then try a homemade takeaway night. This is cheaper, healthier and sometimes tastier too…

Simply cook up those takeaway favourites. Simplest option: get things you can just pop in the oven. Easy as pie!

32) The Big Brunch Off

If you’re looking to fill some time in the day now, the Big Brunch-Off is the answer! It works great as a Sunday morning home date idea.

Take it in turns to cook every other week / month, trying different things each time. Mimosas are also encouraged – of course!

33) Create Your Own Winter Cocktails

Talking of mimosas, why not have a cocktail making night, with these themed winter cocktails.

From Sugar Cookie Martinis to Mistletoe Margaritas, Drunk Jack Frosties to a Boozy S’Mores Milkshake – there are so many to choose on.

They look, sound and – from those that I’ve tried so far, I can certainly vouch for in saying that they – taste amazing!

34) Do a Winter Themed Photoshoot

It’s photo time! One of my favourite home winter date ideas is a DIY photoshoot!

Pick some outfits, get some ‘sets’ created in your own home, maybe grab a few props and HAVE FUN with your loved one!

You can also go back-to-basics with instant camera, enabling you to print out the pictures as you go along and put them in a scrap book!

This means the photoshoot can be as fun and cheesy as you like – because the photos are for your benefit, not for anyone else!

35) Start a Winter Book Club

Make way for the most exclusive book club of all book clubs because this one, my friends, is there just for the two of you!

Pick a book, set a date, read to your hearts content then get together on the sofa to discuss! Date nights that are regular, themed and actually pretty intellectual.

It will be a very nice addition to your usual home dates!

Winter date ideas

36) Go Christmas Light Hunting

When “it’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!” turn your winter walks into an evening outing, and go on the hunt for some cute Christmas light displays!

Get into that holiday cheer and have fun finding them! This leads me onto my next winter date idea…

37) Play Christmas Light Bingo (with forfeits!)

Get that scarf on and head out into your neighbourhood.

Write yourself a bingo grid of Christmas light displays – Rudolph, Santa falling off a roof, house with enough fairylights to be visible from space, nativity scene, sled – and shout bingo whenever you’ve seen a whole row.

Last one to get a full house makes the drinks once you’re back at home. It’ll give you lots of ideas of how to then decorate your own house/flat/terrace yourself – which can be your task for the next day. 

38) Get Out In the Snow!

When the snow arrives this winter, make full use of this – no matter what age you are!

Take some time out together to be kids again – build a snowman, have a snowball fight and hey, if you’re feeling brave – why not jump on a sledge?!

If there’s one thing this year has taught us it’s that you have to embrace every moment you get… so make most of the snow when it comes!

39) Make Your Own Christmas Decorations / Wreath Making

Our winter date ideas are nearing to an end, but not before we add in this festive suggestion!

Pick a night, grab all your materials, maybe complement it with some of those winter cocktails we recommended above – and get to work creating your own Christmas decorations.

If you’re pretty creative, you can even give wreath making a go. This leads us onto our final suggestion…

40) Get Christmas Decorating

Forget about decorating being a chore and instead, make it a date!

Blast those festive tunes, have some fun together whilst you get everything set up and turn decorating your houses/ apartments into a Festive Date Night tradition!

Winter date ideas

That’s All For This One…

So there we have it – 40 winter date ideas to keep you busy this season.

Which date idea will you start with first? Be sure to let us know!

Take care. And HAVE FUN!


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