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How To Increase Your Energy

How To Increase Your Energy

How To Increase Your Energy

Right guys, in today’s post I want to run through how to increase your energy and how more energy changes your life. See, I think it’s something that’s often overlooked. We don’t realise the power and difference it makes – in ourselves, in the way we feel, in the way we deal with situations, in our career, our passions, AND our relationships.

For the first section of this post, I’m going to share with you Tony Robbin’s teachings on energy increase, then dig a little deeper to see what else you can do. Sounds good? Alright then. Let’s start from the top.

How More Energy Changes Your Life

More energy changes your life. Trust me. I mean, think about it…

If you wake up in the morning full of energy, are you likely to feel more motivated? Umm, yes. If you stay in that high energy state, are you likely to get more done? Absolutely. If you’re in a high energy state, are you more likely to be more positive? For sure!

This in turn affects how you interact with those around you, because energy massively influences your state and your mood.

Let’s think about this further for a moment, looking specifically at your relationships:

If you’re in a relationship and you love each other and you’re in these peak, high energy levels, how are you likely to be around each other? More loving, right? More kind, thoughtful, giving?

You’ll also want to do more, express more, give that time, energy and attention to your partner that they really deserve. In fact, combine high energy with intense love and the result is extraordinary, magnificent even.

When that energy level drops, so does the effort. You’re state affects everything. But let’s look at the flip side. Let’s look at when you’re in a LOW energy state..

You’re stressed out, exhausted, fed up. It doesn’t matter how much you love that person, the level of love will stay the same, only this time – with low energy – your relationship will be completely different.

You’ll retreat, be less engaging, be in a completely different mood. You might snap, say things you don’t mean. There’s a completely different atmosphere, completely different interactions and in turn, it will have a dramatic affect on the quality of your relationship.

Let’s now consider what it’s like with an imbalance of energy levels between both partners. Let’s say your partner is very high energy, and you are very low.

It’s likely to create tensions, frustrations and arguments even. Now – no matter how deep your bond – you’re no longer really connecting on the same level. [Click here to read more about what’s involved in a deep connection.]

So, you see? Energy affects everything.

How To Increase Your Energy

What Energy Level Are You Currently On?

Think about it, and rate your energy level, right now, as you’re reading this. We’re going to re-visit this at the end of the post because I promise you – if you apply what you read, you’ll feel a shift in your energy levels almost instantly.

See, we want to work on how to increase your energy so that you’re living life to its full capacity. With that, you’ll then push forward with more strength and power, be able to better cope with the things that life throws at you and be more equipped to dealing with them. 

  • So, ask yourself again – what energy level are you currently on?
  • What energy level would you like to be on?
  • Or what energy level do you NEED to be on to create the life you want? To have the relationships you want?
  • What difference will that then make?
  • Or more specifically, what difference do you want it to make?

And just so we’re clear now, you’ll still have bad times. Days when you wake up and feel exhausted, feel like not doing anything, feel like feeling sorry for yourself! That’s normal. We all have moments like those. But that’s all they are – moments. You decide how long you make it last. You decide how you define it, what it means.

It might not be an “off” day, but a rest day. Or half a day, or just an hour, you know?

Because once you learn how to increase your energy, once you create that shift in your energy levels – it becomes like a muscle. When you work hard, train often and build up muscle, one slip up, one off day even – that won’t make the muscle disappear. It’s still there. So think of it like that. Train yourself and keep training yourself. 

Energy is a habit. In fact, science shows that 48% of everything we do is habitual. So let’s look at how we can make high energy a new habit. ARE YOU READY?

How To Increase Your Energy

For this section, I want you to not just read, but apply as you read, okay? I want you to experience it. See the difference for yourself – but do so with an open mind. If you do these things and do them half-heartedly with an attitude of,

This is dumb. This isn’t going to actually work…

…then you will literally convince yourself that that’s true. So try these things, THEN make a judgement. Sounds fair? I think so! So here’s what we’re going to do…

Using Power Postures

First up, I want to introduce you to power postures, sometimes known as power poses. So wherever you are right now, I want you to stand up (head over to somewhere private to do this if you need to but you have to do it now, as you read.) Okay? So…

  1. Stand up!
  2. Push your shoulders back.
  3. Raise your chin.
  4. Make your eyes lift up with it.
  5. Engage your facial features.
  6. Take some deep breaths.
  7. Put your shoulders on your hips.

Do this for two minutes. If you want to build on it further, you can also jump up and down on the spot a few times – short, snappy, strong movements. Perhaps punch the air a little – but do it with EXCITEMENT!

Think about something that excites you. Make the noise you do when you’re excited. (Because sound also affects the way you feel as it changes your biochemistry, wakes up your nervous system.)

Don’t feel stupid. Do it where no-one’s watching. And if people are watching, who freakin’ cares?! You know how kids are full of energy – they could run into a room, do something daft and then run out – no care in the world at all. They have that energy not just because of their age, but because of their actions!

So get that childlike energy back by WAKING UP your body! Feel the energy inside you building, then act on it.

How To Increase Your Energy

Get back to that power pose, think about what you’re going to do next, the results you’re going to get, the way you want to feel. And go for it. Go for it once you’ve done this short, snappy, two minute routine.

And by the way, it’s not crazy. I’m not winding you up here or filling you with some fluffy theory. This is actually proven by studies now. Don’t believe me? Well hear me out…

Why This Works

See, energy doesn’t come from FOOD. Food is an energy source but it’s not THE source of energy. I mean, think about it -at Christmas, you eat heaps of food, are you then full of energy? No way! You’re tired, sleepy, lethargic and feel like NAPPING – not running!

Some people may also think that SLEEP is the source of energy. But haven’t there been times when you’ve had so much sleep – 8, 9 hours or something… and yet you still feel exhausted? In fact, sometimes more sleep only makes you sleepier. 

On the flip side, haven’t there been times when you’ve had no sleep, yet you’re absolutely buzzing?! Something’s happened or stimulated you (maybe that’s a party or arriving in a new country, or being at an exciting event) and you’ll feel full of energy, despite being a little sleep deprived. So sleep isn’t the primary energy source either.

Nope. Energy comes from YOU. Your mind. Your body. Energy is actually a habit. And it starts with the way you move, the way you breath and the way you speak. That’s why this strategy works. And it’s now actually backed up by science.

See, a study at Harvard recently proved this. They looked at postures and their research showed that power postures in particular:

  1. Increase Testosterone by 20%.
  2. Decrease the Stress Hormone by 25%.
  3. And increased Risk Intolerance by 33%. 

This is PROVEN. Proven FACTS! Which means it’s a freakin’ big deal! A power posture will change your biochemistry. It works in your favour. It pushes you, makes you more likely to do things, genuinely gives you that energy to take action! So this, my friends, is the best place to start, the easiest place to start.

Get Into The Habit Of Using This Strategy

Every time you need an energy boost – get up, stand up, energy burst, power pose.  Whenever you need. When you do then sit back down, don’t slouch. Keep that posture right – shoulders back, back straight.

Another great tip is when you get tired, you’re usually actually dehydrated. When we’re dehydrated, we don’t always feel thirsty, but our body is starting to be drained. (Sometimes you also may think you’re hungry, but you’re not.)

So to increase your energy, also get into the habit of always having a bottle of water next to you and taking regular sips throughout the day. It will make a different, trust me.

Feel stronger, feel more enthused, and shake off / readjust whenever you need.

Other Strategies To Increase Your Energy

Want to know some other ways for how to increase your energy? Well, like I said, that is definitely the best starting point – something anyone can do, and with ease. A few other ways to boost your energy however…

Mental Strategies To Increase Your Energy

Looking first at the things you can do to increase your energy by working, acting or thinking smarter, you want to…

1) Control Your Stress

Stress-induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy. Wasted energy.

Talking with a friend or relative, joining a support group, or seeing a psychotherapist can all help diffuse stress.

Relaxation therapies like meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, and tai chi are also worth looking into. For more relaxation techniques, click here to read this post.

2) Control Your Focus

Similarly to reducing stress, you should also reduce toxic or negative thinking.

Focusing on problems instead of solutions, for example, will drain far more energy than needed – so using the power of your mind is essential.

You have to know the best places to direct your energy. Once you know that, you then put your focus there.

3) Lighten Your Load

Another big one is to know that you can do anything but not everything.

Have goals, have key focuses, but don’t try to do every single thing, all at once. It will burn you out and actually result in you making LESS progress in the areas you really want to.

So be smart with it. Set your priorities. This therefore then ties into focus too.

4) Learn To Manage Your Emotions

Letting your emotions control every action can be energy-draining, not to mention detrimental when it comes to your relationships. I therefore recommend our guide to emotional stabilityclick here to read.

This runs through all the tools and strategies you can use to take control of your emotions when you need it the most.

This means that it doesn’t matter what happens or gets thrown your way, you’ll be able to better deal with it, preserve your energy and put it on the right things.

Practical Strategies To Increase Your Energy

We’ll now finish off with the more practical or technical strategies to increase your energy. These are…

1) Improve Your Diet

So we’ve said that energy DOESN’T come from your diet – well, specifically, your diet alone. That’s why you can be healthy as can be or FULL of good food, but still tired as anything.

However, food – of course – doesn’t still come into it, it does still help, which is why improving your diet will only make our core energy boosting strategy easier.

Energy Boosting Foods

Click here for foods that increase your energy, as recommended by Healthline.

We have bananas, fatty fishes (like salmon or tuna) sweet potatoes, eggs, brown rice and goji berries. There’s also oatmeal, yoghurt, edamame beans and lentils.

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I highly recommend clicking over to the full list, as not only does it show you what to eat to increase your energy, but also what each type of food has in it to actually create that energy boost.

2) Supplement Your Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are the best ways to maintain your natural energy levels.

However, high-quality supplements can fill those gaps with nutrients your body needs to thrive and increase energy while improving overall health. 

From ashwagandha to rhodiola rosea, CoQ10 to citrulline, click here for the full list of energy boosting supplements, recommended by Healthline.

You can also look at vitamins. For instance, Vitamin B2 (also known as thiamin) helps convert carbohydrates to glucose, a necessary process to provide needed energy to your body.

Similarly, Vitamin C is famous for boosting immunity, but it’s also important for regulating metabolism and synthesizing neurotransmitters that lead to mental alertness.

So there’s plenty of things you can easily add into your diet to give you all the energy boosts you need – it’s just a case of researching and finding the right ones!

3) Drink More

Water is essential for life. It’s involved in many cellular functions, including energy production. Not drinking enough water can therefore lead to dehydration, which can slow bodily functions, leaving you feeling sluggish and tired.

By drinking more water, it can therefore boost your energy and help fight the feelings of fatigue.

As mentioned above, you don’t always feel thirty when you’re dehydrated, so the best thing to do is get into the habit of drinking water regularly throughout the day.

Coffee also increases your energy, due to the caffeine, as we know. However, better than coffee, is green tea.

Not only does green tea have it’s own separate health benefits, but it also contains a compound called L-theanine. L-theanine can moderate the effects of caffeine, such as anxiety and the jitters, and it produces a smoother boost of energy.

Moreover, green tea can be a good energy booster for physical activity, as it can decrease fatigue by increasing the breakdown of fat and release of the hormone norepinephrine.

You can read more about all of this in this article here, with Healthline.

4) Increase Your Exercise

I know what you’re thinking… “wait, aren’t we looking to INCREASE energy, not wipe it out?!” And yes, of course! But exercise actually does this!

See, the more active you are, the more mitochondria your body produces. Without getting too technical here, more mitochondria means greater use of oxygen to produce more energy.

In a nutshell, exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle, well, everything in daily life.

So the fitter and healthier you are – the more energy you’ll have… Simple!

As an added bonus, it will also help you sleep, and a well rested-body will also helped to give you energy (just make sure you’re not OVER-RESTED because as mentioned above – over-sleeping actually does the opposite!)

Focus Is Key

When it comes to how to increase your energy, awareness and focus are key.

Know its worth, know the energy levels you want to be living your life at, and develop healthy habits that will make it easier to sustain.

Map out an energy plan and get into routines. If you start eating better, sleeping better, exercising more regularly AND using the power-poses whenever you need, it actually starts to become quite easy. Habitual and natural even.

You also need to become aware of your words, and the things you say yourself. For instance, if you tell yourself you’re shattered, you’re more likely to feel it.

If you do a quick energy boosting activity, shift your state and say, “Nah, I’m good!” you’ll believe it and your body will respond accordingly. 

So, that’s all on this topic for now. I hope you’ve found it valuable.

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Take care!


How To Increase Your Energy

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