How To Keep Your Relationship Fun and Exciting

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Want to know how to keep your relationship fun? How to keep your relationship exciting? Keep that spark burning bright between the two of you? Then you’re in the right place. Here’s how to spice up your love-life, no matter how long you’ve been together!

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How To Keep Your Relationship Fun and Exciting

So when it comes to how to keep your relationship fun and exciting, you want to think:

  1. What it was like in the beginning.
  2. What the two of you are like as people.

See in the early days, in the first stages of dating, it’s always fun and exciting. This person is new. You click. And you’re enjoying getting to know them – enjoying the possibilities of where it could go from here.

But what else made it fun and exciting back then? Was it the things you did, the way you were together? Look back so you can think about how to keep that going moving forward.

The kind of people the two of you are, is also crucial when it comes to how to keep it fun and exciting. I mean, what do you both see as fun and exciting? What do you find fun? Where and how does excitement come? 

When you know that, making your relationship fun and exciting, no matter what stage you’re at, actually comes far easier. It just takes a bit of thinking and creativity!

So here’s some general ideas for how to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

How To Keep Your Relationship Fun

First up then, let’s look at how to keep your relationship fun. What are the core elements here? Well:

1) Do Things Together

It’s a no-brainer really, but sitting at home, getting comfortable, falling into the same routine every evening – it’s kind of nice, kind of comforting, but it doesn’t create the most fun in a relationship.

So our first suggestion? Write a list of all the different things you want to do together, and aim to tick off one, once a week. These can be big things, little things. Here, why not grab some date cards or a date bucket list if you’re short of ideas?

My top recommendations:

With these, you’ll have no end of things to do together, keeping it fresh and fun. Just remember, as much as you may not feel like it sometimes – it’s worth it to make the effort. 

You just need to find and keep your flow, get into the habit of regularly doing different things together, because that’s how you’ll keep the relationship feeling ALIVE!

2) Do Things With Others

Another way to make your relationship fun, and mix things up a bit – is to do things with friends, family, other couples. Here, have a look at these group date ideas.

Why this is so good for your relationship? Because it gets you experiencing things together, without being glued at the hip. It also mixes up the dynamics. You have different people to interact with together.

Doing things just the two of you all the time, can be isolating. It can also become a little repetitive / predictable too, if it feels like you’re always doing the same things and know the other person inside out.

Knowing that you don’t always have to be either together or apart, it creates a fun, middle-ground.

And on that note – if you want to keep your relationship fun, remember that keeping your own life, is important too!

Spending too much time together becomes suffocating, which is a fun-sucker in itself. Instead look to have time apart, and then quality time together. That’s the best, healthiest mix!

3) Keep Getting To Know Each Other

Having fun in a relationship doesn’t always just have to be about doing things. You can continue to build the bond that you have to keep it fun and exciting.

After all, that’s one of the major things that made your relationship so exciting at the start, right? Uncovering more and more about this person.

So when you’re together, make it quality time together. Be fully engaged, fully present. Talk to each other, continue to learn about each other, keep appreciating each other and being amazed by what you learn!

To help with this, we recommend giving some of these question games a go. We’ve got:

The last one you can do together, sharing your answers with your partner and vice versa. It will be interesting to know what you both discover about yourselves, as well as each other.

How To Keep Your Relationship Fun

4) Be Playful

A great way to keep your relationship fun, is to be playful. Click here to read our guide on: How To Be Playful in a Relationship as this breaks it all down – not only with the core fundamentals but also some practical suggestions to add more playfulness into your relationship right now!

See, according to a new study in the journal Social and Personality Psychology Compass, being playful in a relationship “increases satisfaction and may even lead to longer connections.” So it really does make a difference!

5) Spice Up Your Sex Life

If you feel like your relationship is becoming stagnant, a great way to spice it up is in the bedroom. You are after all, not just friends but also lovers.

See, it’s likely that you know what each other likes and generally, you have pretty pleasurable experiences. But if you want to keep it fun – keep it fresh!

This means surprising your partner with sexy new outfits, trying new positions, trying new things. There’s so much on the market now to make it EASY to spice things up…

From male sex toys to female sex toys to couple sex toys. I mean, they even create wearable panty vibrators now – that can be controlled by your partner, anywhere and everywhere! If that’s not about to make your relationship more fun – I don’t know what is 😉

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How To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Let’s keep things going, looking now at how to keep your relationship exciting.

1) Take It In Turns To Plan Surprise Date Nights

So we’ve said about the importance of doing regular date days / nights together, to keep your relationship fun.

NOTE: Dates don’t always have to be on weekends! Mix it up by doing some dates in the week too! Click here for our Top 20 Weeknight Date Ideas (there’s some really special ones in there!)

If you want to make it even more exciting:

  1. You can use one of the recommended date cards, picking one at random and committing to doing it this week. This means you don’t know what you’re going to get – but you have to go with it, that’s the rule, otherwise a forfeit comes into place! As a reminder, you have the Date Scratch Poster Bucket List, Date Bucket List Box (my personal favourite) and Date Deck Cards.
  2. Another great idea however, is to take it in turn to plan date nights. Do this once a month – each taking a turn each. When you do this, really think what your partner would enjoy… then surprise them! You can even turn it into a little game – who can plan the best date night this month?! (There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition, especially when it spurs you both on to put your partner first!)

Surprises always add an element of excitement into a relationship. Talking of which… Simple little love notes left around the house also make a great surprise!

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(WARNING: Some of these are very punny!)

2) Do Random Acts of Kindness

Random little surprises / acts of kindness in a relationship, also add strength to the two of you. So I’m talking things like:

  • Treating your partner to a massage when they’ve had a hard day.
  • Getting your partners favourite dinner ready for when they get home.
  • Leaving little love notes around the house and reminding them exactly how you feel.
  • Creating a matching bio even (this is a new one!) Click here for how to do it!
  • Arriving home with a thoughtful gift, or something cute and romantic.
  • Booking a last-minute getaway when you both need some quality time!

By doing little things that will mean a lot to them, and mixing these things up so they don’t know what to expect – it of course, makes the relationship exciting. And that’s what it’s all about…

If you want to keep the spark alive in your relationship, spend less time thinking of you, and more time thinking about your partner. When this is reciprocated, the impact is amazing. You’ll both be putting each other first, thinking about how you can make one another happy, and doing things that are good for the both of you.
Forgetting Fairytales
How To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

3) Make Plans Together

Having things to look forward to, is another key element when it comes to how to keep your relationship exciting. This not only means having dates / trips / adventures planned together, but also life plans.

Make goals. Have a vision for what you want your life to be like. Then work on these both individually, and together. See, you can both pursue different things, but be working towards a similar, shared end goal.

You’re a real team then. A real team, on a mission – supporting, encouraging and growing together. This in itself is incredibly exciting. Just remember: it’s not only about reaching the destination, but enjoying the journey as you learn and grow together!

4) Increase Your Energy

I want you to pause this article for a moment now and bob on over to this one for how to increase your energy. See, they say “what you put in, you get out” – and it’s exactly the same with relationships.

What are you bringing to the table? How much energy and enthusiasm do you have for your relationship and how does that then materialise?

If you have low energy day to day, you have less energy to put into your relationships – and that really makes a difference. But if you follow the process in the article above, it’s going to be an absolute game-changer for the two of you – trust me. The impact is astounding!

5) Keep The Relationship Moving Forward

Last but not least, a great way to keep your relationship exciting is to keep it moving forward.

Now this doesn’t mean rushing things, but when the moments right – allowing it to progress and not being scared of it progressing.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s easy to feel external pressures when it comes to relationship – to follow the most standard path. But remember, you write your own story here. You can make each chapter whatever you want. Follow your heart, not society’s expectations.

So whether that’s moving in together, getting a puppy or heading out on an adventure of a lifetime – know what you want in your future together, and keep stepping along that path.

Changed your mind? Want to do something different? Got another idea? Want to throw that out there into the mix? All the better!

Remember, anything is possible, especially when you’re together!

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That’s All For This One

So there we have it. How to keep your relationship fun and how to keep your relationship exciting – the two core relationship essentials, especially as time goes on!

Remember: don’t just read this, but apply it. Start by implementing at least one of the above suggestions into your relationship today! Go on… I dare you.

To keep building on your relationship further, I also recommend one of these Top 10 Relationship Books for Couples. You can even turn learning and growing together into a regular date night!

Take care. Wishing you all the very best.


How To Keep Your Relationship Fun and Exciting
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