How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

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Want to know how to tell a guy you like him? How to express how you feel, in a way that’s appropriate for the stage you’re in? Then good news. You’re in luck! In this post, we’ll be answering all of your burning questions when it comes to how to tell him you like him. So let’s get stuck in.

“When Should I Tell Him I Like Him?”

So before we look at how to tell a guy you like him, let’s answer the question that usually comes before that, which is, “when should I tell him I like him?”

Because I get it. It can be hard to gage how he feels (sometimes), you may feel like you don’t want to say it first, you’re unsure if it’s too soon and you don’t want to scare him away.

There’s also that fear of rejection and therefore feeling unwanted… Maybe you worry about him potentially not feeling the same way back… which by the way, he can worry about too!

(Be sure to look out for the signs he likes you but is scared of rejection, my friends!)

The thing is, this doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, I encourage you to change the way you look at it, so that – no matter what stage you’re at – you just keep it light, open and honest.

You don’t have to pour your heart out, be over the top of constantly tell him exactly how you feel. But if he asks, be honest. If he makes you feel good, tell him. If you like where things are at, feel free to share it.
Forgetting Fairytales

Dating in today’s world often includes a lot of uncertainty. It’s so much more complicated than how it used to be where: boy meets girl – they like each other – they get into a relationship.

Nowadays Dating Is More Like…

Boy meets girl – boy also meets other girls – girl meets other boys – girl and boy like each other but they don’t put all their focus on each other – girl and boy don’t totally know how the other person feels – girl and boy both have their guard up – girl and boy get closer but still don’t know “what” this is – and so on and so on. Uh huh, you get my point!

It’s no wonder more than half (56%) of singles feel like dating is getting harder and harder!

So, if you want to make dating easier, make telling a guy you like him, more entwined in the entire process. You don’t need to play games…

If you want to know where you stand, tell him where you stand. Just do it in the right way… So let’s look at how, shall we?

“How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?”

So when it comes to how to tell a guy you like him then, we’ve already established, you’re going to vouch to a whole new level of openness. But what does this mean? 

Well, essentially it’s just about being more expressive.

You won’t lay all your cards on the table or openly express every single thing that you feel. That could be far too full on, depending on how long you’ve known each other.

And remember – it pays off to take things slow when dating (in the right way!)

But if you think he’s pretty cool and you’re enjoying  getting to know him, you won’t be afraid to share that.

Get the openness from the start and carry it through as time goes on and the relationship progresses. It will just make it far easier (and healthier) in the long run!

Communication, after all, is everything.

How To Tell Him You Like Him

Telling Him You like Him Doesn’t Have To Be a Big Deal

I’ll give you some templates in just a moment, but as you’ll see – you can keep it light and casual, it doesn’t have to be a big deal, and you don’t have to say the exact words, “I like you” for him to understand that.

Your Tick-List Before You Tell Him You Like Him

Before you tell a guy you like him, there’s a few things you need to know, do and consider.

  1. How Do You Actually Feel? First off, before you tell someone you like them, make sure you’re not just doing it for the sake of it. You’re not forcing it, you’re not getting carried away in the moment. Make sure you’re actually clear how you feel. Are you falling in love? Does it feel right, real, healthy and potentially long-lasting?
  2. How Big Are You Making This? Next up, you need to establish where you’re at. Do you want to go for just a little passing comment, just to express interest in him? Or is this a “I want to take it to the next level” sort of expression? (We’ll establish the approaches for both below but it’s good for you to identify which stage you’re in.)
  3. Are You Telling Him On Text or In Person? Either is actually fine, depending on the type of expression you’re going for. On text, you can be more controlled, more concise. In person, it can tend to mean more.  You can also drop in little comments across both.
  4. What Will Be “Your Moment”? Are you going to bring this up out of the blue, or wait for the conversation to move there? If so, what sort of moments are you looking out for, in which you can build it in from there?
  5. How Do You Feel About Doing This? When you tell a guy you like him, you should feel confident, sure. I know it’s scary catching feelings, but with the right person, it feels that little less scary, because you feel safe and secure. That’s what you want to feel. So trust your gut as well as listening to your heart. You should also have a pretty good idea that he likes you too – which again, makes it more natural and easy.

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him [Templates]

So how do you go about it? How do you tell a guy you like him? Well, let me break this down.

1) If It’s Early Days

If it’s early days, you can tell a guy you like him, without directly saying it, but by saying things that indicate it. So for example, you might drop in comments like:

  • You’re actually a pretty cool person, aren’t you?
  • I must say, I’m quite enjoying getting to know you 😉
  • I’m glad we matched. You’re just one of a kind, hey!

Notice how some of these lines include lighter words like “actually” and “pretty” – these soften the comment, they make them more casual.

It’s like, “I haven’t been thinking about this in depth, but I’ve just realised…”

There’s also the use of jokes and emojis. So you’re saying a complement, but you’re saying it in a jokey way, again, to remove the intensity.

After all, guys do similar things too. There’s plenty of emojis guys use if they like you.

And let’s not forget, you can read his text, as there are signs he likes you over text. (Which certainly comes in handy!)

But these kind of strategies really are great, and most suited to use, to tell a guy you like him when it’s not been very long.

After all – you don’t want to lay ALL your cards on the table too soon. We still want him to know he’s got to put in the graft (just like you are with him too!)

2) If Things Are Progressing

If things are progressing, it’s even more reason to tell a guy where you’re at. However, you still want to keep a bit of mystery… This fundamental when it comes to not only keeping a guy interested, but also making him want you.

So how do you tell him you like him, in the right way? Well, you could drop in things like:

  • I’m so glad I met you, you know? You actually make me so happy!
  • Dammmmn, you are making me MELT here!
  • You know what, I think I actually miss you a little. Looking forward to [Day of Next Date]
  • Now, I don’t want you to get big-headed here, but I think (yep, THINK!), I may actually be getting “the feels” a little bit here… Just a little bit. What are you doing to me? 😉

When you tell him you like him, you don’t need to make it like an announcement.

Just drop it in when the conversation naturally flows onto the topic. Say things that indicate you like him, rather than making a bit deal about it. Also do things that show him.

Alongside this – don’t keep asking him how he feels. You’ll generally know how a person feels by the way they act. Don’t come across as clingy or insecure by constantly seeking that reassurance.

If he asks you however – that’s great. It means he’s thinking about it and wants to know where you’re at. So when the question arises from his side, you have the opportunity to be a little more expressive – if you want to of course, and it feels like the right time.

You want it open, honest, light and easy. Without any pressure, expectations or too much intensity… especially in the early days. Let it progress naturally!
Forgetting Fairytales

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How To Ask Him How He Feels

On this note, if you don’t know where you stand and you feel like you need to ask for clarity – because you’re getting mixed messages more than anything – then you can approach it like this:

  • So I just wondered where we’re at? Like, from my side I’m enjoying getting to know you, but do you think there’s something there romantically?
  • Where we at then NAME? 😉 Because as much as I think you’re a cool guy, I actually have no idea how you feel!

Essentially you want to keep it light, short and straight to the point. But like I said, only ask if you don’t know and be sure to look for the signs he SECRETLY likes you, as there will be plenty of giveaways, even if he hasn’t yet expressed it with words.

How do I I Tell Him I Like Him

“Can We Have Heart To Hearts?”

It’s also worth mentioning that, with all of these templates for how to tell a guy you like him – they’re light, they’re easy.

If the two of you do have lots of deep chats, heart to hearts and discussions about your relationship then – of course – you’re able to be far more expressive… and my one tip for then? Just say how you feel!

However these lines are perfect if it’s not really been broached, and you’re not sure how to tell him without it being too much.

NOTE: If heart-to-hearts are big for the two of you, try not to get carried away with all of his chat or charm. Always only say how you feel, and stay level headed. You don’t want to fall into the trap of fantasising about someone, or having him “love bomb” you!

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

So back to it now… Only this time, let’s step it up a notch, looking at how to tell a guy you like him if you want things to move to the next level.

3) If You Want To Be Official

So if you want to tell a guy you like him, because you want to take things to the next stage, you can start to be more expressive. 

Just bear in mind how long it takes to get to know someone, and how long you should date before becoming exclusive or relationship-ready.

You may also like to have a read of this to decide if he’s the one (or at the very least, he’s the one you know you want to be with right now!)

The good thing is with this, if you’re following our process for how to tell him you like him, up until now, you’ve not overly poured your heart out.

He naturally knows you kind of like him – so this won’t come out of the blue. But it will mean more to him when you do express it at this stage. He’ll also know that you really mean it.

When it comes to what exactly you say, well, I’m not going to offer any templates for this one.

After all, you know more than anyone else how you feel. Also remember, that nothing you say at this stage is going to scare him off if he’s the right person.

You should go into this feeling confident about how you feel and confident about how he feels (maybe you’ve recognised the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon anyway!)

But ultimately – it should feel natural, not too scary and really, quite easy.

If you have trouble expressing yourself, give me a shout. I’m here to help. But trust yourself. Have confidence in yourself. And know that you’ve got this! ❤️

That’s All For This One

So there we have it, the key simple steps when it comes to how to tell a guy you like him.

Good luck. And remember, whatever happens, know that it will work out the right way.

Take care!


How To Tell a Guy You Like Him
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