How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Text

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Want to know how to tell if a guy likes you over text? Want to learn the secrets to effectively interpreting a guys text and what they mean? Then let’s put the power in YOUR HANDS! Here’s the key signs he likes you through text – the biggest indicators that he likes you, based on how he texts.

How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

So let’s start from the top. Here’s how to tell if a guy likes you over text.

1) He Asks You Lots of Questions

So first up, if a guy likes you, he’s going to make conversation. He won’t just talk about himself or his day. He’ll turn it around on you. He’ll be interested in both the little things and the big.

So yes, there will still be small talk, but they’ll also be deeper questions in there. He’ll dig further. Ask more.

And in order to make you feel comfortable and encourage you to open up, he won’t be afraid to open up too. See it’s not an interrogation. It’s a mutually invested conversation. It works both ways.

But he wants to get to know you, he’s genuinely intrigued by you, and – whats more – he wants to build that bond and connection.

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2) He Keeps The Conversation Flowing

As well as making conversation and asking you lots of questions, he’ll also keep the conversation flowing.

So instead of sending one word answers, he’ll elaborate a little more. Instead of just answering what you ask or say, he’ll continue it further – branching into other topics or asking something more from there.

Now of course, some people are better at doing this than others. But you’ll notice the effort. He’s trying.

See the truth is, he doesn’t want to stop talking to you. He’s enjoying this. And when you feel that – that’s how you know a guy likes you through text. That’s one of the key giveaways!

BONUS: If the conversation naturally flows and just keeps going back and forth – that’s another good sign. You’re really clicking. There’s something there. And it’s definitely worth exploring!

Signs He Likes You Through Text

3) He Replies Faster or Longer…

Another way to tell if a guy likes you over text is if he replies faster or longer, or faster / longer by his standards. This is a big one!

See not everyone is a massive texter. Not everyone likes texting or spends much time texting.

So if he’s going out of his way to text you longer messages, or text you more often than he usually would text other people – it’s a big sign he likes you, one you can tell through text.

4) He’s Not Afraid To Text First

Now this one isn’t ALWAYS the case as some guys aren’t especially mature, they play games or try to “play it cool”, but if he’s not afraid to text first, or worried about double texting – it’s definitely a good sign.

He likes you. He’s being straight with you (without even needing to say it!) And whats more, he feels comfortable enough to know it’s fine to text first or double text.

Dating can feel pretty complicated at times. You often have to think about how you’re coming across, have to wonder about how the other person feels.

But when you find someone who pushes that aside and just does what they want to do – it makes things far easier to gage.

So if he’s often texting first, “Morning beautiful.” “How was your day then sweet?” “Thanks for a lovely afternoon, can’t wait to see you again!”

Or he’s double texting – not necessarily to chase but because he’s got excited about something he’s seen and wants to let you know – then he’s openly showing effort and interest.

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5) He Says Nice Things

Other obvious signs a guy likes you over text – and isn’t afraid to show it – is if he says nice things. He complements you, he flirts with you, he tells you how he feels.

So maybe it’s little things like, “I love our chats.” “I’m really enjoying getting to know you.” “I wish you were here.” Or maybe he tells you he’s starting to get feelings, he tells you just how much he thinks of you. He makes all of it very clear!

If he does any this – believe him. Believe everyone until they give you a reason not to. Don’t make judgement based on past experiences. This guy could genuinely be a good guy. And one of the ways you know this is if texting him makes you feel good.

How a person makes YOU feel is often a reflection of how THEY feel.
Forgetting Fairytales

You’re not worried, you’re not overanalysing, you don’t get any “off” vibes or bad gut feelings. And this is often because of the way he speaks to you. He wants you to feel this way.

Everything’s just…. easy. And that in itself is a great sign!

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How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text

6) He’s Considerate

Now, actions can speak louder than words too, as they say. So another giveaway that a guy likes you over text, is when he can’t text – he tells you.

For example, let’s say you have light conversation back and forth, but he’s going to be busy for a few hours… Instead of just disappearing, he’ll let you know so you’re not left wondering. He doesn’t have to do it, but he wants to do it.

Similarly, when he sends cute little goodnight and good morning texts. He wants you to know he’s thinking of you before he goes to bed and when he wakes up.

And that’s when you know that he sees you – or wants you to be – a bit of a thing.

7) He Gives It Away With Emojis

Now not everyone uses emojis. But if he does – you can actually interpret them pretty easily.

We wrote here about The Emojis Guys Use To Flirt (useful read – highly recommended bobbing over if you haven’t seen it already!) And flirting is most definitely a good sign… He’s interested in you romantically, he wants to show it.

NOTE: Some guys flirt by teasing. So jokey comments could be their way of flirting too! Click here to read more on that – why it works and how it work!

But if you find he’s also sending affectionate emojis, like love hearts, love heart eyes, hugs, kisses, etc etc – this isn’t something he’d send to EVERYONE, and so it too, is an indication as to how he feels. Here’s the full list of emojis guys use when they like you.

8) He Talks About The Two Of You

How else can you tell if a guy likes you over text? Well, he’ll probably like talking about the two of you, or creating little “in jokes”, referring back to conversations so build that camaraderie / bond.

So for example he’ll bring up different memories you’ve made. He’s essentially reminiscing (because you’re on his mind!) and he wants you to think about these nice moments too.

It could be the time you first met, a funny thing that happened on a date, something that you did that he thought was cute. He’ll tie it into conversation where he can.

And yes, friends do this too – but when you’re more than friends, it’s different, it means more.

You’ll also find that he remembers little things – the things you said in past conversations, the things he knows you’re doing. He’ll bring them up again and “check in” or ask.

This not only makes you think more of him. Like, “Wow, that’s really sweet. He actually really listens!” But it also makes him feel closer to you. He’s building that bond. He’s making you two more of a thing.

So it’s subtle giveaways like this that you should look out for when it comes to the signs he likes you through text.

What His Texts Mean

9) He Wants To Tell You Things

He gets a promotion at work? You’re the first person he wants to tell. He has some “goss”? He’s straight onto sharing it with you – like you’re best mates!

Or maybe he’s had a bad day? He may not bring it up straight away, but you’re the comfort he wants.

He shares things with you. And wants to share things with you. Again, he wants the two of you to be a thing.

It’s moving into relationship territory and – in a way – he’s testing the waters to see what it would be like to be in a relationship with you. He’s building up that bond.

10) He’s Not Afraid To Pick Up The Phone

Last but not least, if he likes you and you’re getting closer, he also won’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

So maybe a text has been misinterpreted – he’s not having that, he’ll call and clear it up! Or perhaps the conversation is getting so long, it would be faster and easier to continue it further over the phone.

He could also call you, just because he likes you and wants to speak to you, which is always a nice feeling!

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Over Text

Now it’s really important to note that although this is how to tell if a guy likes you over text – he should still want to meet you in person, and make an effort to do so.

His behaviour should also be consistent when you’re with him. He shouldn’t be great on text, but disconnected when he’s with you, and vice versa. Something wouldn’t quite add up.

Remember: you are amazing. Truly you are. The right person will see that. And you will feel that.

Signs He Likes You Through Text

So there’s some of the key signs he likes you through text – how to tell if a guy likes you, based on how he texts. How many sound familiar? How many ring true?

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Swat up! Get better at reading and understanding men, because it will make the world of dating far easier and clearer.

And hey – if you realise he does like you, and you like him too, here’s how to tell him. Put yourself out there! Be bold. Be brave. You never know where things can lead.

Good luck! Happy dating.


How To Tell if a Guy Likes You Over Text
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