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How Well Do You Know Your Partner? (QUIZ)

How Well Do You Know Your Partner? (QUIZ)

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

How well do you know your partner? Take the quiz to find out!

How it works?

Simply sit beside your loved one: read the question out loud and say what you think the answer is. If you get the answer right – tick yes. If you get it wrong – unfortunately it’s a no. Work your way through all the questions and at the end, we’ll tally your score up for you and tell you what it means!

Please note: the ‘How Well Do You Know Your Partner’ Quiz is designed for couples who have been together a good few years. We’ve tried to put some challenging ones in there for you – it’s designed to test you and encourage more, deeper conversations.

If you score high, having been together for a shorter period of time – seriously impressive work! If you’ve been together far longer and the score is still not up to scratch, fear not – it just gives you more things to chat about to re-connect on a deeper level again.

So, are you ready? Let the quiz…. COMMENCE!

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

So what was the verdict? How well do you know your partner? Better or worse than you thought?

Either way, I hope it’s started to get discussions flowing! If you enjoyed this, check out these 100+ questions to ask your partner. (Click here to give it a go!) You can also turn this one into a game by trying to guess theirs answers in the same way.

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How well do you know your partner? Quiz
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