101 (EPIC!) Hypothetical Questions For Couples

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Looking for entertaining hypothetical questions for couples? Funny scenario questions for couples? Or perhaps you want to use relationship hypothetical questions to put your partner “to the test”?! Whatever it is – here’s 101 epic hypothetical questions for couples, in each category, filling you with ideas for your next date night!

Our Guide To Hypothetical Questions For Couples

Now, our hypothetical questions for couples are based specifically around love and relationships.

Some of them are “just for fun”, but some of them can actually be pretty important or insightful… Possibly even verging into the tough relationship questions, you know you need to ask, but don’t know how to! (Eek!)

For this reason, we recommend turning these couples hypothetical questions into a date night question game, or to ask as a series of questions on the nights when you want to pass a little time … But make your partner aware that this is part of a game.

That way, your partner knows WHY you’re asking them! (As opposed to thinking that you’re making up all of these crazy scenarios in your head, at complete random!)

If you’re feeling nervous, and want to make it more light-hearted, turn it into a couples drinking game, even, instead!

I mean, this isn’t going to be one of the most romantic games for couples, but it is entertaining, insightful and fun… So it’s well worth getting stuck into! (Trust me!)

So, What Are Some Good Hypothetical Questions For Couples?

Now, you can think of all the “weird and wonderful” hypothetical questions at complete random… But the best hypothetical questions for couples relate to the two of you, or your relationship.

That’s why hypothetical relationship scenarios are so popular and tied in so closely here too. It makes them relevant and therefore more interesting, you see…

We’re about to run through our favourite hypothetical questions for couples, but you should also use this article to come up with your own too!

You could even use them to become one of the how well do you know me questions, if you’d like to play the ULTIMATE how well do you know me quiz game!

How this works? You create the hypothetical scenarios and GUESS what your partner will answer, based on how well you think you know them.

How about that for a free home date night game idea, then?!

Basically – your options are pretty endless for it. The most important thing is that you’re opening up the conversation and HAVING FUN!

Hypothetical Questions For Couples

101 (EPIC!) Hypothetical Questions For Couples

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in, shall we? Here’s 101 hypothetical questions for couples, to get you started…

Relationship Hypothetical Questions

Let’s start it off, with our classic, and most popular, relationship hypothetical questions. 

These are hypothetical relationship scenarios that “test” what your partner would do in a particular situation, that would relate to, or affect, the two of you! 

So we’ve got things like…

1) If you could look into the future and see what happens in our relationship, would you look and find out?!

2) Are there any mistakes you’ve made in our relationship, that you WOULD change if you COULD?! And what do you think would have been different if you hadn’t of made them?!

(Remember, it’s important to not hold onto resentment in a relationship, so using hypothetical questions like these, can help to open up the conversation about it… to start to release it!)

3) If you could stop my face and body from aging, would you go for it? Or would you rather watch me grow old with you?

4) If you had $500 to spend on something special for me, what would you buy?

5) If you had to try to plan my DREAM date (without asking me what I wanted!), what would you do?!

(You may like to do this both with a budget and without a budget! And yes, you can take these ideas and use them as a romantic gesture for your partner in the future, from here!)

6) If we, jointly, won the lottery, do you think we’d argue about what to spend our money on?! What would you want to do with the money and what do you think I’d want to do with it?!

7) If your favourite celebrity confessed his / her love for you, would you dump me to date them? Be honest!

8) If we could feature on one TV show, which TV show would you put us on? And why?

scenario questions for couples

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

9) If we could be like any celebrity couple – which would you want us to be like? Who’s lives would you love to swap with for a day or a week or a year?!

10) If I went missing and my body was never discovered, would you move on or devote your life to looking for me? Plus – if you did move on, how long would you wait till you gave up?!

11) If you had to keep a MASSIVE secret from me, do you think you could do it?!

12) If I secretly had a double life / secret identity, do you think you’d be able to find out?

13) What would you do if only ONE of us could cook for the rest of our lives – would you rather it be you or me?!

14) If you had to choose either MARRIAGE or a CAREER, which would you choose?! And why?

(FUN FACT: Studies show more single women value a career over marriage, but how true will this ring for you?!)

15) If we had to have a long distance relationship for 5 years, living in different countries (but then – after that, we can spend the rest of our lives together!), do you think you could do it?!

16) If you could teleport us anywhere in the world (or universe), for an entire day, where would you take me?! Where would we go?! And what would we do in each place?! Similarly…

scenario questions for couples

Relationship Hypothetical Questions

17) If we could jet off and live anywhere in the world (taking friends / family with us too!), where would you want to go?

18) If we could live in any era (going both forward or back in time), what year would you take us to? And why?

19) If you could grant me ONE wish (without asking me what I wanted most), what would you grant me?!

20) If you could take us to live in either Hogwarts or Narnia, which would you choose and why?! (Fast “This Or That Questions” can make great scenario questions, you see!)

21) How about if I had a medical problem that made it IMPOSSIBLE for us to be physically intimate anymore… Would you still be with me? Do you think we would / could still last?

22) If you could permanently eliminate one person from my life, who would you choose and why?

23) If we could get any pet tomorrow (and had the space and time for it!) what would you get us? And why?!

24) If we had to be in a “secret” relationship for a year, would you still want to be with me? (That means none of our friends or family knowing about each other, and everyone else, thinking that we’re single!)

25) If you could take us on an epic road trip tomorrow (for any amount of time), where would you take us and what sort of things would we do?!

scenario questions for couples

Funny Scenario Questions For Couples

Next up – let’s put the two of you in some different situations, and see how your partner responds to these funny scenario questions!

TOP TIP: You can go as realistic or “out there” as you want with this one.

26) If I was abducted by aliens, how long would you wait for me to come back before you started seeing someone else?!

27) If you could get us a robot to do ONE household chore (for the rest of our lives), what would you programme it to do? And does this take away the burden more from me or you?!

28) If you ended up falling in love with my Gran / Grandad – how would you break the news to me?!

29) What would you do if you found out that I used to date your sibling?! Would it change anything?!

30) What would you do if your parents walked in on us being physically intimate in the bedroom?! How would you react? And how on earth would you remove the awkwardness after?!

31) What would you do if I wanted to get into some really “out there” things in the bedroom? Would you embrace it?!

32) If you could go back to the day we first met and give me ONE cheesy chat up line (that you think would actually go down pretty well!), which would you choose and why?!

fun things to talk about with your girlfriend

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

33) If you could change one thing about yourself, that you think would make you COOLER, what would it be?!

34) If you had to rate your kissing skills on a scale of 1-10 (1 being – I’m utterly hopeless at kissing, and 10 being – I genuinely couldn’t be any better!), what would you rate them? BONUS: And what would you rate me?!

35) If we could be intimate any number of times, in the week, how often would you want it to happen? And where / how?!

36) What would you do if you were out at a party, but told me you were at home… Only to find ME at that same party?! Would you try to hide, or fess up and try to dance the night away with me?! (Let’s say you were supposed to be staying in to look after our kitten, or something similar!)

37) What would you do if we were put on baby-sitting duties… for TEN toddlers?! How do you think we would manage and what would be our “plan” to keep them entertained?!

38) How about if we had to look after 20 puppies?! Think we would cope?! What would be our “strategy plan”?

39) If there was a zombie apocalypse, would you keep me around even if it meant it would lower your chances of survival?

40) Would you dump me for 20 million dollars, if the one condition was also that you could NEVER see me again?!

(Think carefully about this one… Think very carefully 😉 It’s the ultimate love-or-money question, built into a funny scenario question for couples!)

41) What would you do if we went away on an ultra-romantic getaway… Only for it to be GATECRASHED by my parents?! How would you respond?!

scenario questions for couples

Funny Scenario Questions For Couples

42) What would you do if you accidentally crashed into my car whilst parking yours? Let’s say there’s no damage to yours, but there’s lots to mine. Would you fess up and tell me it was you?!

43) What would you do if we had to wear matching clothes, EVERY DAY? Would you try not to go out with me?! Would you be embarrassed?! Or embrace it?!

44) If you were to design up matching tattoos, what would you design them like and where would you put them? (Psst, you can’t try to hide them away or make them a simple dot – that wouldn’t count!)

45) Would you swim across the Wabash and Erie Canal (which is America’s longest, at approximately 460 miles, by the way!) if it meant that you could spend the rest of your life with me?!

46) If you could make our last name anything (so that we become Mr and Mrs [Whatever You Choose], what would you make it and why?! (Once you’re married of course… if you’re not already!)

47) What would you do if I accidentally dropped your phone down the toilet?! How would you react?

48) What would you do if I suddenly had a mans / woman’s voice (whichever is the opposite for you) – could you still take me seriously?! Would you still be with me?… Just not want me to speak in public?! 😉 

49) If you turned into a Zombie, would you turn me into one too?!

50) What would you do if I turned into an animal… Would I then become… your pet?! And which animal do you think would best reflect me?!

(Yep, some of the funniest hypothetical questions for couples are actually the silliest / strangest!)

Couples Scenario Questions

“Serious” Hypothetical Relationship Scenarios

Want to move onto the “bigger stuff”? Looking for questions to test your boyfriends love

Or perhaps you want to use hypothetical questions for couples, to lead into some of the tough relationship questions, we mentioned earlier?

Then here’s some clever hypothetical relationship scenarios that really start to open up those all-important conversations. So, you may want to ask things like…

51) If I wanted to be in an “open relationship” with you, would you be willing to give it a go?! Why / why not?

(INTERESTINGLY: Up to 12% of people have actually experienced some form of an open relationship, so it may be more common than you think!)

52) If we didn’t meet when we actually did, where do you think you would be now? What do you think would be different?

53) If you were given the chance to meet me again for the first time, all over again, would you take it?! And if yes – what things would you do differently?!

54) If you ever cheated on me, do you think you would tell me? And would you tell me straight away or put it off and wait?

55) If my phone was kept unlocked and you could snoop around and read my messages (without me ever knowing), would you secretly do it?

56) Would you happily swap phones for a week? Why / why not?!

57) If you could re-live one day or moment in our relationship so far, what would you want to go back to and re-live all over again?! And why? What made that especially special to you?

Couples Hypothetical Questions

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

58) What would you do if I said I wanted to go “on a break”… for a YEAR?!

59) Let’s say we’re married – would you want to keep our finances separate, or together?

60) Let’s say we’re married – would you want one of us to be “stay at home” parents? And if so – who? How would you see all of that mapping out (in an ideal world)?

61) If we were to suddenly have a child tomorrow (or another one if you already have kids) – how do you think we would cope?!

62) What would you do if you found out I was in thousands of pounds worth of debt? And had just been lying / hiding it?!

63) If you could change one habit of mine (or one that you think is a bad habit in the relationship!), what would you change and why? Plus – what habit would you then replace it with?

64) If you had to change one thing about me, as a person, what would you change? And why?

65) If you could change one thing about YOU, in terms of how you act or feel in a relationship – what would you change? And why?

66) If you could change one thing about (either mine or yours) past relationship(s), what would you change? And how do you think that change would have influenced our relationship, today?

67) If you had a secret, that you could share with me, but you had to trust me (with your life), to not share it with anyone else – would you confidently tell me? Why / why not? (Remember, my life is on the line here!)

relationship hypothetical questions

“Serious” Hypothetical Relationship Scenarios

68) If you were to learn ONE key thing you’ve learnt from relationships – FASTER – what lesson do you wish you could have learnt sooner than you did?

69) If you could make me show my commitment to this relationship in one way, what would you want me to do? (Without having to ask, of course!)

70) If I had a best friend of the opposite sex, and we did things together, just the two of us, on a regular basis, would this make you feel uncomfortable? Or would you still feel just as trusting and secure?

71) If you could do one thing to improve trust in our relationship, what would you do?! (This is a tricky one, I know! It will get you thinking!)

72) What would be the BIGGEST trust of test… That you would actually do with me?! (Don’t worry, you don’t literally have to do it! These are just hypothetical relationship questions remember!)

73) If you could make me better understand you – what would you want me to learn / know?

74) If you could get into my mind – what things would you want to really learn, or better understand about me?

75) If you could find out who your TRUE soulmate was (and that may or may not be me), would you?! Optional: And what do you think you would then do if you found out it wasn’t me?!

hypothetical couples questions

Hypothetical Questions For Couples

Let’s finish off with some lighter scenario questions for couples now then.

These are random-but-relevant hypothetical questions for couples, that you may not THINK to ask, but may actually WANT to ask… now you think about it!

They’re a mix of fun, different and interesting questions, so that conversation never runs dry. 

76) How would you spend the day, if we could swap bodies for a day?!

77) What would you do if you found out you could STOP time? And the two of us could do something within that time freeze?!

78) If you were given the opportunity for us to live as long as you want (whilst still aging), how long would you want us to live?

79) What would you do if you and I, were the only humans on the planet?!

80) If I got amnesia and couldn’t remember anything about our relationship, do you think you’d be able to win me over again? (BONUS: Couples Dare: Challenge your partner to “role-play” trying to “pull” you, to heighten that chemistry between the two of you again!)

81) Let’s say we’re home alone… You hear a noise downstairs… Do you send me downstairs to investigate, or go yourself?!

82) Do you think you’d be able to mange multiple girlfriends / boyfriends?! Not if it was behind my back… Like – could you handle 2 or 3 of me?! Plus – why / why not?! On a similar note…

83) If you could clone me, would you?! And for what reason?!

relationship hypothetical questions

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

84) If I was severely allergic to your pet, would you give them up for me, so that we could live together?!

85) What would you do if we had to live homeless for 3 weeks?! Plan of action?! Go, go, go!

86) If someone offered you $1,000 every time someone insulted me, how many insults would you let them fire at me?! (And let’s say they’re playing REALLY dirty with this one… They won’t be nice insults at all!)

87) Would you rather grant romantic wishes yourself or be granted them by someone else?

88) If you could create our DREAM life, what life would you map out for us? What would we do and have?! (This is an interesting one as it shows whether you’re on the same page!)

89) If you had to go to prison for a crime that I committed (FOR YOU!), would you take the blame for me so that I could keep living my life? Or would you have to drop me in it?

90) If I went to prison for theft (or something similar) would you still stay with me? And visit me in prison?!

91) What would you do if I phoned you every weekend, for a lift home at 3am – would you keep picking me up?!

92) If we could take over any company (any size!) – which business would you want us to run, and why?!

hypothetical questions for couples

Hypothetical Questions For Couples

93) If you could grant us both with superpowers, which superpowers would you give us? And why?

94) If you had the power to read my mind, would you use it, without me knowing?!

95) If you had superpowers, how would you use them to enhance our relationship?! (This is a couples hypothetical question you didn’t expect, right?! It also takes a little creativity!)

96) If we were stuck on a deserted island together, would you give me the last of our food? Or would you secretly eat it yourself?! (Ha! We love funny questions to ask your partner, like this!)

97) If I stopped shaving my body and my body hair just kept growing and growing – would you still sleep with me?! Or still WANT to sleep with me? (Where do you stand with that?!)

98) What would you do if you found out (years on, once you are now with me) that you had a child from a previous ex?!

99) If we had to spend a year in space, what would you want us to do and how do you think we’d get on up there?!

100) If we both went on a digital detox for a year – no phones, no laptops, no social media, nothing… How do you think we’d cope?

101) What’s the CRAZIEST hypothetical scenario you can think of putting us in? Then ask ME, how I’d cope! (Psst, you might want to be a little fun and flirty with this one, getting inspired by our spicy questions to ask your partner!)

Couples Scenario Questions

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – that rounds up our 101 (rather epic!) hypothetical questions for couples.

There’s plenty of funny scenario questions, interesting scenario questions and juicy relationship hypothetical questions in there.

Just remember – this is only the start; it’s here for inspiration too…

So be sure to build on this, to create your own hypothetical questions, that you can add into date nights, or even to simply pass the time on the nights.

For more quick-fire questions, try our Yes or No Questions For Couples (getting you straight to the point!)

But have fun, and keep talking, as it only strengthens your relationship!

Good luck. Take care.


Hypothetical Questions For Couples
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