50 Ideas For Acts Of Kindness

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It’s nice to be nice! Inspired by Mental Health Awareness Week and its theme of kindness, this post outlines 50 ideas for acts of kindness, that anyone can do – even in the comfort of their own home.

This shouldn’t just be a one-off thing however. Doing more acts of kindness should be part of daily life. Why? Because it doesn’t cost you anything, but it can mean far more to others than you may even think.

It also makes you feel good, and positively impacts your wellbeing. So, without further ado – let’s get started…

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today…

  1. Tell someone who you don’t tell enough, just how much you love them.
  2. Get up a little earlier and make someone in your household a morning cup of tea… or breakfast even – if you want to go one step further!
  3. Donate whatever you can (no matter how small) to a charity or cause, close to your heart.
  4. Ask someone in the supermarket how they’re doing – but take a genuine interest to show them you care.
  5. Leave a note on someone’s car, telling them how awesome they parked.
  6. Drop coins on pavements for people to find!
  7. Smile at someone when you cross paths on your daily exercise.
  8. Say hello and create conversation with people who respond openly and seem a little lonely. (This is especially kind in times like today!)
  9. Send a friend something you think they’d like. EG. a recipe to a friend who loves something you cook but isn’t close enough to enjoy it in person. Or an article on a topic that you know they’re interested in.
  10. Make a photo collage then post it to a friend – to remind them of all the good times they’ve had and the good times which will soon come again!
  11. Pop a note next to your mirror with a positive affirmation – being kind to yourself counts too you know!
  12. Spend an hour litter picking in your local area.
  13. Drop some canned food into your local homeless shelter.
  14. Offer to mow your neighbours lawn, or even just run an errand!
  15. Organise a surprise virtual get-together for someone who’s going through a rough time.
  16. Be the eternal optimist in your friendship group- give people hope in difficult times like this, even if you yourself are struggling to see the light!
  17. Stand up for the underdog, or defend someone who you think people are being mean to.
  18. Play cupid – introducing two people you think would get on really well.
  19. Write a Linkedin recommendation for a co-worker or a connection.
  20. Invite your friends list to ‘like’ the page of a local business to help it to grow.
  21. Clear out your old clothes ready to take to a charity shop. If you don’t need it, give it!
  22. Buy three things you need from three small local businesses. 
  23. Write a review for something you recently bought. These reviews can take just minutes to write and can make a big difference to the parties involved.
  24. Let someone who seems in a rush, or looks uncomfortable, go in front of you in a shop queue.
  25. Let a car merge into the main road, when you see them waiting on a side road… One of our simple acts of kindness you can easily do daily!
  26. Drop a note into an elderly neighbour to ask them if they need anything.
  27. Pop a baked treat in the mailbox for your postman or woman.
  28. Use your skill-set / knowledge to help someone with something you know they’ll benefit from, without them even having to ask.
  29. Take time to check in with a friend who you haven’t spoken to very much for a while.
  30. Send photos or videos to your parents or grandparents if you’re not living with them – I guarantee it will make them smile.
  31. Send a gratitude email to a co-worker who deserves recognition.
  32. Always say thank you – even for the small things that people do for you in your life. 
  33. Be super pleasant on phone calls with providers – even if you’ve had to wait a while to speak to someone. Remember, it’s not their fault. Things are even more difficult than usual right now. Don’t take out your frustrations on them.
  34. Place a positive body image note in the jean pockets of any clothing stores. (Once re-opened, or within clothing sections of supermarkets for the time being.)
  35. Create positive signs for traffic or in a park for people exercising outside!
  36. Write a positive comment on three of your favourite blogs.
  37. Go through your friends list on social media and like / comment on ten people’s photos, telling the person how wonderful they look or how awesome they are. Note: they don’t even have to be friends / close friends of yours. It will make their day if it’s genuine, trust me!
  38. Send flowers to someone for no reason. (You could also go for chocolates, pizza or something you just know they’ll like!)
  39. Remember a friend or relative’s birthday with an actual in-the-mail or in-person card, rather than just a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook (though that’s nice, too).
  40. Create a silly video for social media – designed to make people smile.
  41. Clip coupons that you don’t need and donate them to someone who does… Or save them until you go to the store and leave them beside the products that they’re for.
  42. Help a technophobe – this might be by fixing something that isn’t working, or setting up something new for them. Even if you think it’s easy, doesn’t mean they do.
  43. Let your partner put the football on tv – or watch something they enjoy, even if you don’t like it.
  44. Do a household chore that is normally someone else’s responsibility.
  45. Listen to someone’s story and show them that you care.
  46. Complement the next five people you see.
  47. Make a new online friend from a Facebook Support Group or even just befriend someone online who seems lonely.
  48. Don’t snap when someone snaps at you. Try to be more empathetic. Give them the benefit of the doubt instead, and a smile!
  49. Forgive people who have hurt you and make amends for the things you’ve done wrong.
  50. Inspire others to do more good! Let people know you are on a mission to spread kindness and they will be inspired to do the same too. 

So there we have it – 50 acts of kindness, you can do right now, today, from anywhere in the world. I hope this helps and inspires you, or at the very least – get’s you thinking about some other things you could do! SHARE this post to help others get ideas flowing.

Remember, kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give. And we rise by lifting others.

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Acts Of Kindness

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10 thoughts on “50 Ideas For Acts Of Kindness”

  1. Hi! This is a great idea, my favorite one is #42 Help a technophobe – I have done this before, especially with the older generation and they have trouble with all the new techie stuff! I do tech as a professional so whenever I see someone who needs the help… I can’t help it!

  2. These are some really good tips! Now is the time, more than ever, to practice kindness and generosity even to strangers. We’re all experiencing a difficult time and a simple greeting or help goes a long way!

  3. I am in love with your list! You put so much thought and care into it. I personally love talking to random people I don’t know so I can put a smile on their face and mine, but you have so many more creative ideas I can’t wait to try. I love the post it note car idea and that’s an easy idea that will make someone feel good. I’m going to share this post everywhere!

  4. Love this list. My kids made cards for our elderly neighbors the first week on lockdown and we let them know we’re happy to assist them with groceries, pharmacy pickups or anything else they needed help with. It was so rewarding and a few of them wrote us back. It’s important to me to practice kindness to others for my own mental health but it’s also more important to me to instill it in my kids. Will definitely adopt some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. LOVED this – there’s so many ways to show kindness. Really the list is endless but you’ve given us a great start. Thank you!

  6. These are all amazing and surprisingly simple ways to show kindness. The note in the jeans pockets is my favourite one. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this post! There are definitely some unique ideas! I love that you made it a point to factor in everything going on in the world today, and still finding ways we can show kindness! Such a wholesome post, thank you!

  8. LOVE THIS!!! Sometimes we just need some ideas the kickstart our hearts. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  9. What a beautiful post Ell! So many great ideas, I particularly loved #44 about doing someone else’s household chore, I’m going to to do that!


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