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My Lockdown Virtual Dating Challenge

My Lockdown Virtual Dating Challenge

Lockdown Virtual Dating

Oh another day, another mad idea. Honestly, this sort of impulsive behaviour gets me into SO MUCH TROUBLE. The last spontaneous decision I made (in a matter of minutes, then set up in just a couple of days) was to walk a million steps in a month for charity. I’m still in the middle of it now actually and it’s absolutely killing me. Did I learn my lesson from this and start to think before I act? Hellllllll no! I’m all about running with my ideas, following my heart, going with what feels right, and you know what, this new lockdown virtual dating challenge just FEELS RIGHT! So let’s backtrack ever so slightly…

Where The Lockdown Virtual Dating Challenge Came From

Well, it’s a creation I have literally just come up with, in all of, hmmm, 3 minutes maybe?.. Hence the less-from-inspiring name. But, it does what it says on the tin right? See, to give you a little backstory here, I’ve been single a year and a bit now and in that time – I’ve got to be honest, I’ve not done an awful lot of dating. Especially not proper dates.

And yes, I know, I know, a dating blog written by a girl who barely even dates. Ironic right? But I’ve just been so busy working on myself, learning to enjoy single life. I’m actually starting to enjoy this single life so much, it’s really upping the standards for what it will take for me to “settle down.” (Am I destined to a life with 5 cats, but no man to depend on? Maybe so!)

See, it’s not that I don’t want to find someone. It’s just that I’m happy where I am, happy where I’m at. The next relationship I get into is going to be with my life-long partner. That’s a big thing! A hell of a decision to make. So it’s not something I’m going to rush into. Even if someone does sweep me off my feet! I’m all about taking it SLOW.

In the meantime – I’ve actually been enjoying getting to know different people – learning what I do and don’t like, learning what is and isn’t important to me. You meet some cracking characters too! It’s pretty damn fun.

The thing is, although I’ve chatted to a lot of people, met up with quite a lot too – I’ve always kept it very UN-DATE like. I haven’t wanted the pressure. It’s more been like old friends meeting up or grabbing a drink, you know?

My First Night Of “Dating”

So anyway, a new year, a fresh start and I decided that maybe it is time to start dating properly. Maybe just maybe. I downloaded my favourite app, (I actually also have a dating agency but I won’t be matching myself on that, so back to basics it is!) I tried out the new dating strategies I created (I wanted to test them anyway so this came in pretty handy) and you know what – I was pleasantly surprised.

On my first night I had connected with a modern-day Danny lookalike (from Grease) who’s also moving over to London once normal-life returns and had decided we would make EXCELLENT roomies! This guy was probably the most intriguing as his values seemed to completely match mine, the chat just flowed so effortlessly and we got PRETTY DEEP, but with ease. So that was pretty cool.

I also started to get to know hmmm, well how would I describe him? Okay, I made a comment on this proper power-shot he had on his profile and his response was, “Someone said to pretend to be Christian Grey and I gave it my best shot.” He nailed it, honestly. He was a funny guy. In fact, since listing on my profile how much I value good fun and humour, I found some pretty amusing responses. There’s also some great profiles out there too. I mean, take this guy for example…

Lockdown Dating Profile

Is that not the most hilarious summary you have seen!? It certainly tickled me anyway. I think because it just put such a vivid picture in my mind, it made me laugh even more.

Anyway, anyway, enough about them. I then matched with this blue-eyed god. A blue eyed god called Rob actually. Fancy that! I messaged something like,

“So what’s the bet that like 90% of girls on here give an opener about HOW DAMN DREAMY your eyes are. I’m going to have to join them though because they really are stealing the show.” His reply?

Lockdown Dating Message

Cute right? That got me. I really am a sucker for a bit of charm! So anyway, I thought about it. I thought about how I’d actually written a post on 20 Virtual Date Ideas, just the other day… so I had PLENTY. Then I thought how ridiculous it was because I knew full well I wouldn’t actually do any of them. Why? Because I was a WIMP! 

I would rather sing in front of Simon Cowell, have an interview with Lord Sugar, or have to cook dinner for frickin’ Gordon Ramsey, than push myself out of my comfort zone with a virtual date (and trust me when I say my culinary skills aren’t all there!) And that’s when it struck me… it struck me how damn hypocritical I was being.

You’ve got to practice what you preach, right?! I’m giving you all these ideas, I’m getting you out your comfort zone (for many people anyway) so I’ve got to get out mine. That’s only fair, hey? The right thing to do! Hence my creation of the Lockdown Virtual Dating Challenge.

What is the Lockdown Virtual Dating Challenge?

So, what exactly is the Lockdown Virtual Dating Challenge and how will it work? Well it’s quite simple really. (Which means if you want to join me on it, you can also easily tweak it to make it your own!) I’m going to set myself a number, for the number of virtual dates I need to do in, let’s say, a 30 day period, and then I’m going to have YOU GUYS hold me accountable, as I’m going to make sure I blog about it after!

Sounds fun? I think it sounds pretty fun! So the big question now I guess, is how many? Hmmm. I’m going to go with… THREE! That gives me two times to “cock up” and by the third go, I will (hopefully!) be a virtual dating pro… 😉

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See, I’m a pretty confident person, but I like interacting with people in person… face to face. I’m good with calls too, calls are fine, they have been pretty fun to do to speed up the process of getting to know a guy… Although I always remember this one call with this brain-numbingly dull guy… I was a little tipsy at the time and I couldn’t take anymore so I GENUINELY had to pretend there was a sudden emergency so I could hang up! Shameful, I know. But put me on something virtual, and I can’t stand seeing my face staring back at me in the corner of the screen. I just find it so off-putting, so distracting!

But hey… I’ve got to overcome it right? So my friends, I can now say the lockdown virtual dating challenge has OFFICIALLY begun!

Are there any rules with it? No. Well… except that everyone I “date”, I can’t have met them in person before… Otherwise that would be cheating. And I’m not about that life.

So here we go guys…

DATE STARTED: 4th January 2021.
DATE TO BE COMPLETED BY: 10th February 2021.

I’ll do an update post at the end of the challenge, once all the dates are done. So if you want to stay tuned, hit the subscribe button below and I’ll notify you at the end.

Wish me luck! (I’ll need it.)


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