20 Long Distance Relationship Gifts

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Are you in a long distance relationship? Looking for long distance relationship gifts to show you partner how much you love, miss them and care? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s our top favourite long distance relationship gifts to melt your partners heart.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. This means that I may make a commission if you click through and purchase. As an Amazon Associate I also earn from qualifying purchases via the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Please note, I will never recommend anything that I personally have not bought or “approved!”

20 Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Looking for long distance relationship gift ideas, to make him feel special in a long distance relationship? Great thinking! Then, let’s jump in with those cute long distance relationship gift ideas, shall we? In no particular order, we’ve got…

1) Long Distance Relationship Mugs

Kicking off the list, we love these “soul mates” matching long distance relationship mugs. They have a complete range, with different designs, all created specifically for long distance couples. I honestly can’t get enough of them!

Long Distance Mugs
Long Distance Relationship Gifts
Long Distance Mugs

They’re the perfect way to your boyfriend or girlfriend, that you miss them and love them, every time they reach for that morning coffee! Cute or what?

You can order directly from them here, shopping the full range. Or grab them from Amazon – depending on where you’re based, which option works out best and which design is your favourite!

2) Long Distance Relationship Pillows

Also created by BoldLoft are these Long Distance Relationship pillows. Available in different sizes and different designs, and fully gift-boxed, they’re the perfect long distance relationship gift.

By bother pillows for your partner, or take one pillow each – there’s complementary designs that match up, without looking lost without the second part.

Again, it’s just a really lovely way to stay connected to your partner… Plus pretty nice for them to cuddle into on the nights that you can’t be there!

Gifts for LDR
Say I Love You Gifts

Click here to browse the full range. My personal favourite? The “No Matter The Distance” and “No Matter The Miles” couples pillowcase set.

Buy one for him and one for you. Each of you then has the male and female version of the set, which match up both together and separately… Perfect!

3) Matching Couples Keyring’s

A nice, easy, little extra gift to add or send on any occasion, is a matching keyring set. When it comes to designs, there’s endless options.

Simply have a browse, pick a set that best suits the two of you, order, separate and send their way!

4) Long Distance Relationship Bracelets

Keeping with the matching theme we have these beautiful long distance relationship bracelets from Rose Lives Love and – I have to admit – I am literally in love!

The King and Queen are my personal favourite, but you also have The Original Long Distance Relationship Bracelets too.

They offer free delivery all over the world, which comes in handy if your loved one feels unreachable. Click here to browse their full collections, as they also have some other cute long distance gifts on their site.

Long Distance Bracelets
Original Long Distance Bracelet @ Rose Lives Love
Long Distance Bracelets
King & Queen Long Distance Bracelet @ Rose Lives Love

5) Bond Touch Long Distance Bracelets

Talking of bracelets, these long distance relationship bracelets are NEXT LEVEL! Truly. They come as a set – one for you, one for your partner and are gender neutral.

When you touch the bracelet, your partner feels it. No matter where they are in the world! The bracelets literally send natural vibration that mimic your partner’s touch. You can also send colours, which could be your special code.

They’re great for keeping you feeling connected through a long distance relationship and are certainly one of our top favourite long distance relationship gifts. Click here to find out more.

6) Long Distance Relationship Rings

So we’ve covered our top bracelets, but what about rings? See, I also really liked the idea of matching long distance relationship rings, so I’ve done my research and – so far – my favourite comes out with these Thaya Bright Shining River Rings.

“Showcasing silver mountains and blue sparkling waters, the Thaya Bright Shining River Rings takes your everyday wear to elegant new heights. This enamel couple ring set features one small (0.11 inches wide) and one large (0.15 inches wide) band.”

A Word from the Designer: Here we took the abstract mountains and rivers as the design prototype. Our man’s ring is slightly larger with steeper cliffs and shaper mountain elevations. The woman’s ring features a wider band of sparkling water with softer cliff edges. Magnificent mountains and rivers symbolize lofty feelings and the flowing water represents lasting love.

Apolo has a couple of couple ring collections but this one is by far my favourite because the design is beautiful, it’s suitable for both sexes and the meaning behind it…

Well, it just makes a really special long distance relationship gift, with a constant reminder, on your hand every day, about just how much you love each here. Click here to check it out.

7) Personalised Love Book

Next up, we have one of my personal favourites – the love book. This really is the perfect long distance relationship gift, sharing your unique story in a cute and memorable way.

The company is awesome, the designs are cute as anything and I honestly can’t get enough of them!

How it works? Well it’s simple, use the Book Building System to completely personalise your book design!

  • Choose a cover and edit the title.
  • Make your characters look like you.
  • Then select the pages you want and personalise them too!

It will be something you can look back on in years to come that will really make you smile.

Click here to find out more and order your love book today.


8) Personalised Story Postcards

Liked our storybook suggestion? Want something equally (if not more) unique? Then you’re going to love this one!

With Telling, you can bring your love story to life with artist-drawn cards, specifically designed for you, looking exactly like you and your loved one!

The thing I love most about this as a long-distance gift, is they also have an option to turn it into a series. So you can break your story down into 3, 6 or 12 parts, and get it delivered straight to your partners door every week!

It’s special, unique and will keep them in anticipation. It also adds a bit of excitement back into the relationship, even when you’re apart!

This would be a great gift leading up to a birthday or anniversary, with a final surprise at the end! You can also use is to re-create moments or stories, reminding your partner of special memories.

Click here to find out more about how it works, and see the examples from others – giving you inspiration for your own.

Long Distance Gifts
Story Podcards @ Telling

9) Messages In a Bottle

Looking for more personalised gifts? Then this one is an absolute gem! 90 cute capsules in a modern glass jar. There’s quite a few of these on the market but this one is by far the most stylish.

Fill your capsules with secret love notes to remind your partner just how much you love them, every single day. It will take a little time on your part to create, but it’s worth it… Check it out.

10) Personalised Movie Poster

Another unique gift idea are these personalised movie posters by Your Film Poster. Honestly, they’re just awesome and make such an unexpected gift!

Pick a photo of the two of you and turn it into a best-selling movie premier! That too soppy? No worries. Put your partner as the leading man / woman in their own movie!

The great thing is, it’s free worldwide delivery, and these guys have heaps of exceptional reviews – so you can rest assured when you order that whatever goes through the other end, certainly won’t disappoint!

Click here to find out more and get inspiration for your personalised movie poster gift.

BONUS: Free Movie Subscription

Whilst on the topic on movies, if you’ve stormed your way through Netflix’s selection, I highly recommend Amazon Prime for your Virtual Movie Night Dates.

I have watched so many good ones on there, and the best part about it – each movie displays its IMBD score, which makes it far faster and easier to find the top-rated movies.

Click here for a free trial if the two of you are movie-mad (you can thank me later!)

11) 100 Dates Bucket List

Next up, it’s the 100 dates bucket list available to buy from one of my favourite stores – IWOOT – or over on Amazon. It’s a great long distance gift because it gives you things to look forward to. It also reminds you of all the things you’ve done together so far.

12) Experience Day Gifts

Talking of memories, another great long distance relationship gift is to buy your partner an experience – something that the two of you can do together, or something that you can treat your partner to.

Whether that’s buying a gift voucher experience from somewhere like Experience Days, Red Letter Days, Virgin Experience Days… Or something similar.

OR, searching the city you’ll next be in and finding an activity and literally booking it in, experiences are always a win-win when it comes to your partner!

13) 3D Photo Crystal

So once you have your wish-list, you’re working your way through all these different experiences and are capturing these moments through photos – scrap the standard frame (your love is far more special than that!) and check out these cool 3D crystals.

They actually have up to 30% off in celebration of reaching 30K customers. Click here for the offer. It’s unique, special, and makes your partner feel even closer to you when they turn over and see the two of you literally coming to life on their bedside table!

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

14) Unique Oil Painting

Another unique option for remembering those really special moments is to use PortraitFlip to turn your favourite photos into oil painting. Here, take a look.

The best part about this, is if you don’t yet have a photo of the both of you, they can combine two photos of the two of you apart and put them together.

It’s truly amazing and well worth checking out. From pencil portraits to watercolours, charcoal sketches to oil paintings, you have plenty of options to create a photo-painting to your exact style.

15) We-Connect Couples Toys

Talking of connection, I want to throw We-Connect out there, created by We-Vibe.

We-Vibe offers an innovative range of sex toys that can be controlled remotely via their free app, taking digital intimacy to the next level.

Start a video call, pair your favorite We-Connect toys with your smartphone, and control each other’s vibrations and pleasure – even if you’re in a different country. 

You’ll probably have seen the ads before on Facebook or Instagram – it’s what EVERYONE is talking about, and with good reason… there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about!

If you want to keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship and increase intimacy, even when you’re apart, I highly recommend checking out We-Vibes range. Click here.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

16) Open Me When Letters

Want to keep the excitement going? Then these “Open Me When Letters” will also go down an absolute treat. They’re handwritten love letters – 12 fold-and-mail ones with cute designs, at a great price too.

The best thing about these bad boys though, is you can use them for literally anything you like! Something flirty, provocative, romantic – you choose.

Either way, your partner will know to look out for that iconic love letter design in the post… and they’ll know -whatever lies inside- they’re in for a treat! Click here to check them out.

17) Our Moments Couples Question

Making the most of your time together and doing things as a couple is essential for a long distance relationship. But in between that, it’s kept alive by conversation!

For this reason the Our Moments Couples Question Game is a great long distance gift that not only supports your relationship but means that conversation will NEVER run dry! Click here to find out more.

18) Long Distance Lamps

Next up, we’ve got these awesome long distance lamps. Play the video below for a quick intro to how they work or click here to find out more.

Essentially, you have a lamp, your partner has a lamp, the two are connected and you touch yours to light up there’s. This means you can let them know every time you’re thinking of them.

The clever use of covers, also means you can send secret messages. This means no matter where you are in the world, you can let them know how you feel.

It’s a really beautiful idea and a meaningful gift, perfect for long distance couples. Click here for more info.

19) Cake, Chocolate, Cookies

So we’re coming to the end of our long distance relationship gifts list and – let’s be fair – there’s been some pretty good suggestions (if we do say so ourselves!)

And just when you think there can’t be many more, I want to throw in another absolute gem… which is hand-delivered cookies, cake, wine, fruit even… you name it, these guys have a good chance of doing it!

GiftsnIdeas offer FREE Worldwide shipping, getting fresh goods over to your loved one, packaged up as special gifts. Honestly it’s amazing. And we’re not just talking basics!

I mean, we’re talking Zucchini and Lime Sponge Cake, Caramel Florentines or even an Assorted Muffin Basket.

The quality of the food and drinks here is second-to-none and it means you can get your partners favourite treats, delivered straight across to them, fast and fresh! Check it out.

20) Couples Matching Tee’s

A little jokey long distance relationship gift, can also be some cringey couple tee’s. But hold up, hold up, before you rule this one out! My proposal:

Get a pair of couples matching t-shirts. The cringier the better. We’re talking “I Love My Girlfriend” style. Buy it. Ship it. Then turn it into a challenge… whoever wears it out in the most public place, when apart, wins!

Genius, huh? See it’s all about finding ways to still have fun together, even when you’re apart.

Our Top Long Distance Relationship Gifts

So there we have it! Our top long distance relationship gifts, making your buying decisions far easier.

Be sure to keep browsing our site for more long distance relationship tips, but I hope this has helped in the meantime.

Stay strong, be proud, and keep building up this beautiful relationship that you have. All the best!


Unique Long Distance Relationship Gifts
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