100 Best Love Puns (Of All Time!)

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Looking for cute and funny love puns? Whether it’s to add to your Valentine’s card, or leave as a cute note to surprise your partner – here’s our top 100, best love puns of all time, filling you with inspiration! So without further ado, let’s get stuck straight in…

100 Best Love Puns (Of All Time!)

In no particular order, here’s our top favourite love puns, featuring “the lines”, plus what pictures you can / should put with them.

Have a read and see which ones are your favourites, or see how you can tweak them to make them your own!

See, the best love puns are the most original ones… So get creative!

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100 Best Love Puns

1) I love you S’More and S’More every day. (With S’Mores of course!)

2) I just want you to know how much I ap-peach-iate you. (Next to peaches!)

3) You are the raisin why I smile, my love. (Next to raisins!)

4) We beLONG together. (Next to a tape measure and ruler.)

5) I am just so s-mitten with you! (Next to a mitten!)

6) We are mint to be. (With choc chip mint ice creams holding hands!)

7) I really do like you a latte. (Next to a coffee cup!)

8) I know that nothing will ever come be-Twix-t us. (Next to a twix bar!)

9) I just think you’re egg-cellent, babe! (Next to fried eggs!)

10) I’m so glad you egg-sist. (Again, next to eggs!)

Love Pun

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

11) You’re the coolest person I know. (Next to an ice cube cool box.)

12) If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one. (Next to an acute triangle! This is a great love pun for any mathematicians!)

13) I donut ever want to have to live without you! (Next to a donut!)

14) You are so pear-fect to me. (Next to a pear.) Or…

15) You’ve got to admit – we really do make a great pear! (Next to two pears!)

16) Olive you, so much! (Next to olives.) / I love you so berry much! (Next to strawberries.)

17) OR: Olive you, berry much! (Next to an olive and strawberry, holding hands – combine multiple puns for the ultimate love pun!)

18) I think you’re dino-mite! (Next to dynamite. Forget calling someone fire as this is next level!)

19) I didn’t know true love Lentil I met you! (Next to lentils.)

20) I cannoli ever have eyes for you. You mean the world to me! (Next to cannelloni.)

cute valentines day puns

Cute Love Puns

21) I’m defi-nut-ly yours, babe! (Next to some nuts.) Or…

22) I’m – quite simply – NUTS about you! (Next to nuts, of course!)

23) Thank you for puddin’ up with me! (Next to a chocolate pudding!)

24) I think we’re just a macha made in heaven! (Next to macha tea.)

25) Wow, you really do make me melt! (Next to ice cream.)

26) I’m your biggest FLAN! (Next to a flan!… Instead of “fan”, of course!)

27) You’re just 100% my jam! (Next to jam on toast.)

28) It may sound cheesy, but I think you’re rather grate. (Next to a cheese grater & some cheese.)

29) Will you brie mine forever?! (Next to brie cheese!)

30) My heart beet, beet, beets for you. (Next to beetroot!)

funny love puns

Let’s Keep Them Coming…

31) I love you watts and watts. (With a light bulb.)

32) I whale do love you. (Next to a whale.)

33) I really do love spending koala-ty time with you. (Next to a koala bear- cute! Talking of which…)

34) You are such a cute-cumber. (Next to a cucumber!)

35) I love you from my head to-ma-toes. (This is a classic! Next to tomatoes of course!)

36) It’s bean so long now, baby. I can’t wait to be back with you again. (Next to a bean! This is great if you want to make someone feel special in a long distance relationship!)

37) I’m sticking with you. (Next to a bottle of glue.)

38) You make me so hap-pea. (With a little pea!)

39) You’re my little / big cu-tea. (Next to a cup of tea of a tea bag!)

40) All you knead is love. (Next to a rolling pin and bag of flour, making bread!)

sweet valentines day puns

Classic Love Puns (You Have To Use!)

41) You will always have a pizza my heart, baby. (With a slice of pizza.)

42) I’m sew in love with you. (With a sewing kit / needle, thread and button!)

43) You’re my butter half. My one and only. (With a slice of toast and butter.)

44) I’m head over peels in love with you, baby. (Next to a banana half peeled!)

45) I’ve got to admit, you really do turn me on… (Next to a light switch!)

46) I just can’t “glaze” over the fact that I love you a “hole” lot! (Next to a ringed, glazed, donut!)

47) Muffin compares to you, my love! (Next to a muffin!)

48) I’d be so lost without you! (Next to a map.)

49) I really do A-door you. (Next to a door.)

50) I love you so deer-ly. (Next to a… you guessed it… deer!)

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We’re Half Way Through…

51) You are so turtle-ly amazing! (Next to a turtle.)

52) I never want to lose you! (Next to a phone charger… Or anything you constantly lose! This makes it a super personal love pun, that – in some cases – only two of you may get!)

53) I’m so glad I found you! (With two socks next to this – one talking to the other!)

54) I KNEAD you in my life, babe! (Next to cats kneading each other’s fur.)

55) Life would be un-bear-able without you! (Next to a teddy bear!)

56) I love you and I sure ain’t lion. (Next to a lion!)

57) You’re my boo. And I love YOU! (Next to a ghost.)

58) You octopi my heart, every single day! (Next to an octopus.)

59) I love you and cherry-ish you. (Next to a cherry.)

60) Time fries by when I am spending it with you. (Next to French fries.)

Cute love puns

Funny Love Puns

61) I love you a brunch. (Next to a full English breakfast… I.E. Brunch!)

62) I have never been with anyone who makes me feel so con-tent. (Next to a tent / couple camping! Remember – the best love puns for couples are the ones most suitable to the two of you and what you love to do!)

63) Just in queso you want to hear it again… I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU! (Next to a cartoon quesadilla character!)

64) You make me fall more and more, every day! (Next to Autumn leaves falling.)

65) Let’s always stick together. (Next to two plasters stuck, criss crossed.)

66) You are one in a melon. I’m so lucky to have you! (With a watermelon.)

67) Well orange you a cutie! (Next to an orange.)

68) I just know that we be-lung together. (Next to two cartoon lungs!)

69) You are udderly perfect! (Next to a cow with udders! Talk about unique love puns, huh?!)

70) There is no otter man I’d rather be with. (Next to an otter.) Or…

sweet love puns

Lets Keep Them Coming…

71) I just thought I otter tell you how much I love and adore you! (Next to an otter.)

72) No-bunny compares to you. (Next to a rabbit.)

73) Owl always love you, you know? (Next to an owl.)

74) I choo, choo, choose you… today and every day! (Next to a steam train!)

75) You brighten up my day. (Inside a sunshine with clouds disappearing.)

76) You will always be my purr-son. (Next to a cute cat. This love pun is great for cat lovers!)

77) I can’t weight to spend the rest of my life with you. (Next to some weights. This is great for gym-lovers!)

78) There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but you’re definitely my “sole” male. (Next to a fish!)

79) Okay, so I am O-FISH-ALLY head over heels in love with you! (Next to a fish!)

80) Ewe complete me. (Next to a sheep!)

valentines day puns

Cute Love Puns

81) We bee-long together – you and me. (Next to two bees.)

82) Trust me, I only have pies for you, babe. (Next to pies – of course!)

83) I glove you so much! (Next to an oven glove!)

84) I lava you! (Erupting out of a volcano!)

85) Are you a beaver? ‘Cause dam – you’re hot! (Next to a beaver, preferably poking out of a dam!)

86) I think you’re incredi-bowl. (Next to a bowling ball!) Or…

87) You’re right up my alley. (Next to a bowling ball! This would be a perfect cute note to leave your partner, revealing a surprise bowling date that night!) 

88) You’ve got me raptor round your finger… But I wouldn’t have it any other way! (Next to a dinosaur!)

89) Let’s taco ‘bout us, baby. (Next to tacos.)

90) I love it when you say we can avo-cuddle! You make me feel complete! (Next to avocados cuddling!)

Cute lines for couples

Onto The Last Ones…

91) Lime only yours, babe. Today and every day. (Next to limes!)

92) I dolphinately love you more than you know. You’re the biggest porpoise in life. (Next to a porpoise & dolphin!)

93) You’re shrimply the best boyfriend I could possibly wish for! (Next to a shrimp!)

94) I yam so thankful for you, you know?! (Next to a yam!)

95) You bake me crazy, babe! (Next to someone baking!)

96) You really are a tweetheart… MY tweetheart! (Next to cute birds!)

97) You’re mine fur-ever. (Next to your favourite furry friend!)

98) I’m so grape-ful for you. (Next to a bunch of grapes.)

99) Yoda one for me. (Next to Yoda, of course! The perfect love pun for Star Wars fans… Or anyone who’s a sucker for cute-looking characters, really!)

100) I love you so ducking much, babe! (Next to ducks!)

And There We Have It!

That rounds up our 100 best love puns (of all time!) Have fun. Use them well. And keep that romance and excitement alive in your relationship!

All the best.


best love puns of all time