Top 10 Matching T-Shirts For Couples

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Looking for the best matching t-shirts for couples? Fun, original couples t-shirts that are sweet yet still stylish? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s our top 20 favourite matching t-shirts for couples, actually… designed by us!

Please note, this is not an affiliate post. All t-shirts are created by It Must Be Love Tees (our sister company.) We create sustainable, fully customisable couples apparel. Click here to browse the full collection, and here to find out more about how it works.

What Makes a Good Couples Matching T-Shirt?

So what is it about matching t-shirt? And what makes some of the best? Well, you want to find ones that are: fun, original, and “you.” Some couples like t-shirts that are purposely “out there” – going for the “comedy factor.” Others prefer the ones which are more subtle, yet still stylish. So it entirely depends on you.

Top 10 Matching T-Shirts For Couples

In no particular order then, here’s our top 10 favourite matching t-shirts for couples: ranging from down-right funny to adorably cute!

That’s right, there will be something for everyone here! And remember, if there’s not – you can design your own via our fully customisable range. (Woohoo!) So let’s get stuck in…

1) Funny Couples Matching T-Shirts

So first up, let’s kick off with the funny couples matching t-shirts. These read:

“Matching t-shirts are not my thing.”
“I, on the other hand, LOVE THEM! Isn’t this just adorable?!”

It’s fun, original and – in most cases – pretty accurate! These funny couples matching t-shirts therefore make a great gift for your partner, or for other couples who you know this sums up!

Wear them at home or out and about. Go on… I dare you!

Funny Matching T-Shirts For Couples
Funny Matching T-Shirts For Couples

2) Together Forever Couples T-Shirts

Next up, we’ve got our Together Forever matching couples t-shirts. They’re simple, sweet and very much stylish. We like these as they’re subtly matching – which means people will only notice if they look closely.

These ones are also made on entirely recycled materials via the Remill Collection. This means that it’s created out of old t-shirts that have been sent back. Uh huh, our production process is pretty impressive. Click here to read how it works.

But in essence, not only do the Together Forever tee’s look good – they also feel good too (in more ways than one!)

Together Couples Tee
Forever Couples Tee

3) Heartbeat Matching Tee’s

Here’s a clever one now then – the Heartbeat Matching T-Shirts. These are pretty big, they’re bold, but they’re fun and fashionable too.

No words are needed with this design. It’s just the two hearts, on a heartbeat, following on from one another – left to right. Clever and cool.

What is symbolises? That your two hearts are connected. He is yours. And you are his. Your love is strong, unbreakable. And that’s without having to say a thing!

Heartbeat Couples Tees
Heartbeat Couples Tees

4) My Beauty, My Beast

What else have we got for you? Well the “She’s a beauty” / “He’s my beast” Remill couples matching t-shirt set. Again, this one’s very subtle and stylish – but made to be worn side by side, with two arrows pointing left and right. It’s certainly a fun one full of character! (It’s probably our all-time personal favourite actually!)

He's My Beast
She's a beauty

5) Avocado and Toast Matching T-Shirts

We’ve just hit half way through our favourite matching t-shirts for couples, so let’s throw in a different one now – one that’s character driven.

Are you a bit of a foodie? Or a millennial avocado and toast lover? You’ve got to admit, the two go together tremendously right?! Well – for this reason – we turned it into a couples funny matching t-shirt set.

One top reads: “You’re the avocado.” The other says: “To my toast!” Underneath it then adds, “Yes, this is a matching tee!”

Funny matching t-shirts for couples
avocado toast tshirts

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6) My Prince / My Princess T-Shirts

If you’re looking for super original couples matching t-shirts then this set could certainly be for the one for you. Using pretty typewriter font, the tee’s read:

“If fairytales existed, you would totally be my Prince.”
“Forget about fairytales, I already have my Princess.”

prince and princess t-shirts
prince and princess t-shirts

7) Work Hard, Play Hard Matching T-Shirts For Couples

Next up then, we have a couples matching t-shirt set, that encapsulates what you’re all about. “Work hard.” “Play hard.” That’s what the two t-shirts read.

The great thing is – although the two t-shirts do make sense apart, they are far, far better together. Which pretty much sums up the two of you, right?

This t-shirt set also isn’t overly cute, it isn’t silly or funny. It’s cool, stylish and a way to be connected, without being an obvious couples matching t-shirt. It’s therefore well worth adding into the mix!

Cool Couples Matching T-Shirts
Cool Couples Matching T-Shirts

8) Arrowheart Couples Tee’s

What have we got for you now then? Only our Arrowheart range. Now these are a little different – as you can actually buy them as standalone t-shirts. They’re unisex. And very cool. (Especially if urban is your style!)

However, you can also wear these together, making them matching t-shirts for couples. It’s another great tee if you’re looking for something that’s matching but more subtle. Don’t you think?

Arrowheart Tees
Arrowheart Tees

9) King & Queen Matching T-Shirts For Couples

We’re coming to the end of the best matching t-shirts for couples list now, but would such a list really be complete without some sort of “King” and “Queen” set?! I think not.

They’re super popular couples matching t-shirts… and for a reason! The thing is, many are a little too “out there” which can become tacky. We love this “King” and “Queen” set because it’s subtle and stylish.

With the text printed in the corner of the shirt, and an urban crown at the top – it’s very much wearable: both at home and out! Take a look…

King and Queen Matching T-Shirts
King and Queen Matching T-Shirts

10) That’s My Man, That’s My Gal

It’s here! Our very last one on our list! So we just HAVE to throw in the couples “That’s My Man”, “That’s My Gal” tee’s to finish!

There’s the copy, the arrow, and underneath it reads with the slight variations of:

“I’m very lucky!” / “I couldn’t be luckier!”

These t-shirts are fun, flirty and – again – totally original. They’ve got real character and are ridiculously cute.

They also make THE BEST gift when it comes to matching t-shirts for couples, as they couldn’t be more “coupley!” They’re funny – designed to make your partner smile.

And so whether you wear them out, or just for at home, they’re a great couples matching t-shirt set, showing exactly how madly-in-love you feel!

Cute Matching T-Shirts For Couples
Cute Matching T-Shirts For Couples

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – our top 10 favourite matching t-shirts for couples. Which ones were your favourite? Which will you be grabbing next?

Remember, when you buy through It Must Be Love Tee’s, you’re purchasing completely eco-friendly apparel, that protects the planet whilst showing your partner how much you care!

Buying matching t-shirts is fun, meaningful and thoughtful. So what are you waiting for?! Grab your favourite today.

Happy shopping!


Best Matching T-Shirts For Couples

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