The Best Morning Date Ideas

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So we hear all the time about “date night”, but what if you only have time in the day? Time in the morning in fact? What are the best morning date ideas? And how do you keep morning dates still feeling… date-like? Romantic? Well my friends, in this post, we reveal all.

The Best Morning Date Ideas

Here’s our 15 favourite recommendations for the best morning date ideas. 

These vary in suitability in terms of first dates, second dates and couple dates, but have a read through. See which ones jump out at you!

The most important thing is that you’re NOT ruling out morning dates, because – actually – they can be super sweet and special.

1) Go on a Morning Walk

So first up, let’s start with pure simplicity, which is to go for a morning walk! It’s one of my favourite morning date ideas, as it works well no matter what stage you’re at.

If you’re together – it gets you breaking your normal routine, spending quality time together and appreciating the world around you.

If you’re dating, it’s low-pressure. You can talk without having to stare directly at each other. It also offers some different conversation starters.

Going on a walk in the morning, also makes it quieter, more peaceful. Stretch your legs, get that blood flowing and take it all in (including the person you go with!)

… Or a Morning Hike

Want to go one step further? Then a morning hike is always a good idea.

Going early not only makes you feel like you have the place to yourselves, but it also sets you up for the day – makes you feel accomplished.

Head to some local hills or mountains, take a backpack with some drinks and nibbles (a blanket comes in handy too!) and get yourselves out there!

Different morning dates

2) Do an Activity

Another great morning date idea, is to kick it off with an activity!

So it could be hitting the waters early with a bit of kayaking, or trying a new class inside – like pottery or painting. Anything, everything, you decide!

But any date you could do in the day, you can still move it forward to the morning. There’s no set time for these things. So try it – you may well be surprised!

3) Head To An Attraction

Next up, I want to highlight how great it is going to popular tourist attractions early.

You miss the crowds, whilst still having the best of times! In fact, if anything it only makes the date BETTER when it’s quieter!

So maybe you skip the queue’s at a theme park – racing around there for half a day! Or perhaps you fancy going to a museum or local history site, an aquarium, an experience.

Whatever it is, don’t go when everyone else goes. Move it forward. It makes for a far better date!

4) Go For Breakfast or Brunch

Now let’s start off with a classic morning date, which is grabbing breakfast or brunch. We’ve all done dinner dates, right? So why not make that first morning meal as much of a thing?!

This is great for early-birds, or avid foodies. The venue choice is absolutely essential – so choose wisely! But use it as an opportunity to get to know one another or spend quality time together.

The other bonus of going out in the morning, is you still have the rest of the day ahead of you, but it starts it off in a fun way!

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Morning Date Ideas

5) Have Breakfast in Bed

If you’re in a relationship, I also want to throw our Breakfast in Bed as a fun morning date idea.

Stay in your pjs, cook up a feast together, or take it in turns to do it – swapping up the “chef” role each time.

Whatever you go for, then munch on it together in bed. Or (better yet!) make a cute little bedroom den and devour it in there!

Choose all your favourite treats, and chill out for an extra-long lie-in after, with your favourite tv-shows. If you’ve had a tough week, this makes a great morning date idea!

This leads me onto my next suggestion…

6) Watch Movies In Bed

What’s one of the most popular home date ideas? Well of course a movie night! Even newbie daters jump on this with “Netflix and Chill”, so why not make it a morning thing?

Instead of rushing around, getting up, pushing on with your day, appreciate the time you have with your partner – stay in your own little bubble!

Binge watch your favourite TV show together, watch a quiz show and go head to head, or snuggle up to a movie (always nice on a groggy rainy day!)

Staying in pjs are essential. And treating yourselves to all the nibbles you want (no matter what the time and “suitability!” It makes it more special then.

7) Grab a Coffee

Next up, a popular morning date idea (particularly for first dates) is, of course, a coffee dates! 

What makes this date better? Picking a quirky coffee shop, an independent one with a bit of character! You may also like to top it off with a cake, muffin or pastry (why not hey?! Treat yourselves!)

Or if you’re active people, and it’s a pretty morning, opt for a takeaway coffee and have a stroll through the city!

Things to do in the morning

8) Catch The Sunrise

Whether it’s on a walk, or a hike, or you just wake up in the early hours and go for a drive to catch the sunrise – sunrise chasing is probably one of the most romantic morning date ideas.

If you do opt for driving, take blankets, a flask and snuggle up on the bonnet of your car as you take it all in!

9) Go on a Mini Road Trip

Now you may only have the morning, but if you wake up for sunrise, you may as well continue your drive on to visit somewhere you’ve never been before.

There’s so many different places in the world, and many actually on your doorstep.

So wake up, make the most of the day and head out somewhere new! The early start only makes it more exciting (like when you wake up early to go abroad! Holiday vibes!)

Whats more, getting back and still having the rest of your day – like we said, it adds to that sense of accomplishment and shows the kind of people you are. Embrace your sense of adventure!

10) Try a Bit of Yoga

OMMMM. Looking for different morning date ideas? Then yoga is your thing! Combine this with meditation if you like. And if you’ve never done it before – all the better!

Find a class, or – for couples – if it’s a groggy day and you don’t feel like venturing out, pick one to follow online (there’s plenty) then simply give it a go. This makes a great free date idea at home, that’s also very different.

What’s more, studies have shown some major benefits of doing yoga in the morning, in general, so – even if the date is a disaster – the date activity itself will help to keep you zen!

Morning Date Ideas

Morning Date Ideas

11) Play a Sport

Think that getting sweaty isn’t a good date idea? Think again.

Working out with a partner (or potential partner) actually has some major benefits (click here to read) one of which, is that it improves your bond and increases attraction! Uh huh, who’d have thought?

This means that a morning game of badminton, tennis, squash, or so on, is actually not a bad shout!

12) Play some games

If sport isn’t for you, another great date idea is a games morning. Yep, I know, it’s usually “games nights” you’re familiar with, but scrap the booze and replace it with coffee – for a different date to mix it up.

Head to a cute coffee shop or cosy little book store and bring out your chess board (why not?!)

Whether it’s classic board games you go for, card games, couple games – take your pick! Games are always a good way to bring out your competitive sides, whilst keeping it light and fun!

13) Have a Spa Morning

Too chilled for competitions? Pampering more your thing? Then a spa morning is one of the best morning date ideas!

Now, this one is probably more so for couples, or those who have been dating a while (you’ve got to be comfortable with no makeup and swimwear on right?!)

But the spa is ALWAYS something worth getting up for!

Have a swim, open those pores in the steam room and sauna. Perhaps even treat yourselves to a treatment – with a facial or massage. Go all out my friends! It will be one date you’re sure to remember!

Morning Dates

14) Do Something Cute

Unless you’re SERIOUSLY not a morning person, the mornings are when most people are at their cutest and cuddliest.

Therefore, if you’re in a relationship, or things are going strong with the person you’re dating – it’s the perfect chance to capitalise on this and do something cute at home.

Create a scrapbook, go through old photos for a photo album, play a cute couples question game (here’s 100 cute questions to ask your boyfriend), make a backyard morning picnic… the ideas are endless!

15) Try Something New

On the flip side, our final recommendation when it comes to the best morning date ideas – is to try something new. To think outside the box!

Getting up early, seizing the day, going for a morning date instead of an evening one – it adds excitement.

So why not build on that by doing something new? It could be taking a new class together – pottery, painting, cooking even. Or going bold and brave with indoor skydiving!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to do an escape room… well, now’s the time!

Find something you both want to do but have never done before and jump straight into it when you’re fresh, awake, alive and full of energy!

Which Date Will You Go On Next?

So there we have it, our 15 favourite morning date ideas. Jump straight in – plan one for next week.

These dates don’t all need to take up hours of your time. But they do make your dates that little bit different.

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Have fun!


The Best Morning Date Ideas
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