225 Most Likely To Questions For Couples

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The “Who Is Most Likely To…” game is always a good one. It can be played as a drinking game, a date night question game, or even just thrown in when conversation is falling short and you want to spice it up a bit! But what are the best Who Is Most Likely To Questions For Couples? Well my friends, in this post, we’ve rounded up 225 fun & original Most Likely To Couples Questions, to get the inspiration flowing! So let’s jump straight in…

Most Likely To Couples Questions

The Most Likely To game is simple. When it comes to how to play:

  • Take it in turns to read the following question.
  • For each statement, both write down (in secret!) who you think is most likely to do that particular thing. It will either be “me!” or “you!”
  • You then both reveal your answers. 
  • If they match up, you get it right. If they don’t, you then discuss!

The great thing about this game is that it creates heaps of conversation – not only when you disagree on an answer, but also when you agree. You can talk about why that’s the case and examples of that being the case. 

And because our Most Likely To Couples Questions are pretty fun and entertaining, it brings a lot of giggles, whilst helping you to get that all-important quality time in a relationship.

You can also turn our Most Likely To Couples Questions into a couples drinking game. This actually works perfectly. So:

  • You’re essentially working together as a team here. Every time your answers match up, you get a point and win that “round”, together. Every time your answers don’t match up, you both have to take a drink!

Sounds good? We think so! So let’s crack on with these questions now…

225 Most Likely To Questions For Couples

Have a read, see which questions stand out to you, or simply work your way through the list.

Who Is Most Likely To…

1) Initiate a kiss?

2) Initiate something new in the bedroom?

3) Want cuddles after work?

4) Get clingy when they’re tired or hungover?

5) Embarrass their partner when drunk?

6) Organise a romantic date?

7) Plan a spontaneous trip away?

8) Go over-the-top on birthday presents?

9) Buy a gift their partner (secretly) doesn’t like?

10) Forget their partner’s birthday?

11) Forget an anniversary?

12) Do small, special things to make their partner feel loved?

13) Get distracted with other things & neglect their relationship?

14) Tell the funniest jokes?

15) Make the best dinner?

16) Bake the best dessert?

17) Share a soppy post on social media?

18) “Stalk” their partner’s social media?

19) Share things with their partner that they’ve never told anyone else before?

20) Not be embarrassed by PDA (Public Displays of Affection)?

21) Accidentally send a naughty text to the wrong person?

22) Send a double, triple or quadruple text?

23) Want to take their relationship to the next level?

24) Be most willing to do a long distance relationship? (If you had to!)

25) Be most willing to move for love?

Most Likely To Questions

Let’s look a little deeper at your personalities now then. How well do you know each other? How well do you understand each other? These couples Most Likely To Questions will start to reveal more!

Who Is Most Likely To…

26) Hold in their emotions when they’re upset?

27) Be indecisive with simple decisions? 

28) Complain about something?

29) Laugh off something that was painful?

30) Hide the truth to avoid the consequences?

31) Exaggerate a story to make it sound funnier?

32) Make up an excuse to get out of a commitment?

33) Go out of their way to help another person?

34) Spend all of their money on something stupid?

35) Be disliked by their partner’s parents?

36) Be the loudest within a group?

37) Get shy in front of the “in laws”?

38) Gossip about friends?

39) Get jealous about something silly?

40) Feel insecure when they don’t need to?

41) Apologise after a disagreement?

42) Go back on something they’ve said?

43) Stand up for something they think is / isn’t right?

44) Call their partner out on something they’ve done?

45) Rely on their partner?

46) Rely on their parents?

47) Become super loving when they’re tipsy / drunk?

48) Tell their partner they love them?

49) Cancel plans last minute?

50) Be late for an important event?

Most likely to questions couples

Most Likely To Questions For Couples

It’s getting pretty juicy now, huh? So let’s keep these Most Likely To Couples Questions coming!

Who Is Most Likely To…

51) Let themselves go?

52) Get impatient?

53) Hold a grudge?

54) Resolve conflict?

55) Win an argument?

56) Shout during an argument?

57) Storm out during an argument?

58) Get annoyed easily?

59) Get bored easily?

60) Give better “banter”?

61) Ask for permission to do something?

62) Get embarrassed easily?

63) Give the best life advice?

64) Face a fear?

65) Overcome a phobia?

66) Wake up full of energy?

67) Be grateful for the small things?  

68) Be calm in a crisis?

69) Solve a problem?

70) Confront a bully?

71) Donate to charity?

72) Achieve a work goal?

73) Achieve a personal goal?

74) Start a new hobby?

75) Pursue a completely different career?

Random Who Is Most Likely To Questions

Let’s lighten it up with some fun (but rather random) Who Is Most Likely To Questions For Couples now then. Some of these are guaranteed to get some giggles… or have you fighting over the answers. (You shall soon see!)

Who Is Most Likely To…

76) Become a social media influencer?

77) Dance around the room with no clothes on?

78) Twerk on the dance floor?

79) Buy too much at the supermarket?

80) Steal some of their partner’s food?

81) Take the toiletries home from a hotel room?

82) Use an item until it literally falls apart?

83) Go a week without showering?

84) Hoard old clothes they don’t actually wear?

85) Go “all out” with fancy dress?

86) Get a random tattoo whilst drunk?

87) Be in the bathroom for a ridiculous amount of time?

88) Take a nap in the middle of the day?

89) Grow their own fruit and vegetables?

90) Accidentally fall off a chair or down the stairs?

91) Fall asleep during a movie?

92) Curse in front of a child? (Oops!)

93) Set their friend up on a blind date?

94) Bring home a stray puppy?

95) Leave the dishes in the sink for days?

96) Pretend they’re drunk when they’re still sober?

97) Get up on stage and sing karaoke?

98) Wait 2 hours for a photo with their favourite celebrity?

99) Become friends with a stranger over the internet? 

100) Miss work because of a cold?

fun date night games to play with your boyfriend

Most Likely To Questions For Couples

We’ve made it half way and are storming through these Most Likely To Couples Questions now. Liked these? Looking for more light-hearted ones? Then click here for 225 Funny Questions To Ask Your Partner! In the meantime, let’s keep them coming with some quick-fire ones. Short, snappy Who’s Most Likely To questions for couples…

Who Is Most Likely To…

101) Go skydiving?

102) Run a marathon?

103) Survive in the wilderness?

104) Go skinny dipping?

105) Hike a mountain?

106) Go on a retreat?

107) Live in a different country?

108) Live in a different city?

109) Lose their keys?

110) Get arrested?

111) Get into a fight?

112) Appear on TV?

113) Swear at the TV?

114) Get a speeding ticket?

115) Take part in a protest?

116) Become a vegan?

117) Start a fad diet?

118) Burn the food they’re cooking? 

119) Have a midnight feast?

120) Binge eat?

121) Binge drink?

122) Forget to pay the bills?

123) Run out without paying a bill?

124) Pull a prank?

125) Break government rules?

Most Likely To Questions

Liked these quick-fire style questions? Then you’ll also love our “This Or That” Question Game – click here to play that next. Until then… Let’s keep these ones coming!

Who Is Most Likely To…

126) Embarrass the other person out in public?

127) Stay up the latest on a night out?

128) Spend the longest in the shower?

129) Spend the most time on their hair?

130) Snore in their sleep?

131) Ask where something is without looking for it first?

132) Forget something they said literally five minutes ago?

133) Make the other person laugh?

134) Cry at a movie? Or a tv show? Or just well, anything potentially “emotional?”

135) Watch the same movie more than once?

136) Have to have the “last word” in an argument?

137) Hold a grudge the longest?

138) Keep a secret, and not tell a single soul?

139) Save the most money?

140) Go wild when doing the grocery shopping & end up coming home with far more than you need?

141) Talk about their relationship to their friends?

142) Want to talk about the relationship to each other?

143) Talk to their partner about their ex?

144) Defend their partner to friends or family?

145) Fall out with friends / family?

146) Want to start their own family soon? Or want to expand their family further?

147) Do something that is totally unexpected?

148) Get comfortable with their routine?

149) Jet off traveling for 12 months?

150) Stay in the house for a week straight?

Most likely to questions

Most Likely To Questions for Couples

How are you getting on? Hopefully there’s lots of shock and giggles by now, so let’s keep them coming…

Who Is Most Likely To…

151) Write a love song?

152) Have the most celebrity crushes?

153) Daydream about their partner?

154) Lack confidence?

155) Want plastic surgery?

156) Pass out at the gym?

157) Give up on a dream?

158) Be a sore loser?

159) Get superstitious? 

160) Loose something on a night out?

161) Smoke next to a no-smoking sign?

162) Care more about global warming?

163) Accidentally drop their phone in the toilet?

164) Forget to pack something essential when going away on holiday?

165) Sleep through turbulence?

166) Delete all their social media channels?

167) Care more about what people think?

168) Start their own business?

169) Quit their job on impulse?

170) Win a dance contest?

171) Become a teacher?

172) Agree with a controversial leader?

173) Become the president?

174) Win an Oscar award?

175) Win the lottery? (Who’s the luckiest?!)

Risky(!) Most Likely To Couples Questions

We’re coming towards the end of our most likely to questions for couples – but not before throwing in a few riskier ones for you! (Remember, it’s just a game, it’s just a game!)

Who Is Most Likely To…

176) Start an argument?

177) Cry during an argument?

178) Throw out their partner’s things?

179) Ghost their partner?

180) Ignore their partner during an argument?

181) Say “I told you so.”

182) Break up over the phone?

183) Struggle after a breakup?

184) Walk out on a date?

185) Stand up a date?

186) Get cold feet on their wedding day?

187) Have a crush on someone else?

188) Get clingy in a relationship?

189) Sabotage their relationship?

190) Worry about their relationship?

191) Flirt with someone else?

192) Check out other people?

193) Text their ex?

194) Stalk an ex? (Online)

195) Lie to their partner?

196) Not tell their partner if they’re not happy in the relationship?

197) Stop making an effort in a relationship?

198) Be open to an open relationship?

199) Be open to adding someone else into the relationship?!

200) Snoop through their partners phone?

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Cute Most Likely To Questions For Couples

PHEW! We got through some pretty heavy questions there, huh?! So let’s finish off with some cute most likely to questions for couples, to settle it all. (These aren’t really proper questions – they’re just designed more for fun!)

Who Is Most Likely To…

201) Give the BEST bed-time cuddles?

202) Give the most heart-melting kisses?

203) Be the WORLD’S BEST partner?

204) AND the world’s best, best friend? (Because let’s be fair, you’re both, both, right?!)

205) Sing their partner a romantic love song? (Without TOO many off notes, of course!)

206) Create THE BEST romantic playlist for their partner? (Who has better taste in music?!)

207) Make their partner a nice cup of tea in the morning? (In bed? Even better!)

208) Chat on the phone to their partner longgggg into the night?

209) Offer the last donut in the packet to their partner? (How kind!)

210) Save the best chocolates in a box for their partner? (As opposed to gobbling them up for themselves!)

We’re Nearly There Now…

211) Give their partner a bad-ass massage after a long day at work?

212) Open the door for their partner? (What a gent!)

213) Leave little love notes for their partner? [Click Here For 100 Ideas!]

214) Do romantic gestures for their partner? [Click Here For Ideas]

215) Smile at their partner as soon as they see them? (Let’s see who’s grumpier!)

216) Politely laugh at their partner’s jokes? (Even if they’re not funny!)

217) Think of a fun, spontaneous date? (Challenge each other to do this, whilst you’re at it!)

218) Drive rather terribly to that date? (Oops! Maybe this should have gone in the controversial questions category!)

219) Keep the relationship fun & exciting? [Click Here For Our How-To Guide On That!]

220) Pay their partner a complement? (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge – you should both do this more often!)

221) Dance around in the rain?! (Because that kind of outlook to life is just quite-simply, refreshing!)

222) Shout “I LOVE YOU [PARTNER’S NAME]” from the roof-tops. (Maybe this should become a dare?!)

223) APPRECIATE their partner for everything and all that they are? (For this one we’ll allow you to both say, “ME!”)

224) APPRECIATE what the two of you have? (For this one we’ll allow you to both say, “ME!”)

225) LOVE their partner for the rest of their life? (And yes… For this one we’ll also allow you to both say, “ME!”)

That’s All For This One…

So there we have it. That rounds it up – 225 Most Likely To questions for couples!

Enjoyed this? Then you may also like to give our Couples Trivia Questions a go, Couples Never Have I Ever Game, or – of course – The Ultimate Couples Question Game (top-rated!)

Have fun. Enjoy!


Most likely to questions for couples
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