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How I’ve Hit 10,000 Sessions on My Third Month of Blogging – Through Facebook Marketing (No Ads Budget Required)

How I’ve Hit 10,000 Sessions on My Third Month of Blogging – Through Facebook Marketing (No Ads Budget Required)

Hit 10,000 Sessions on My Third Month of Blogging

Hey guys, so I’m super proud and excited to share that I’ve hit 10,000 sessions on Forgetting Fairytales this month, in just my THIRD MONTH of blogging! It’s quite remarkable really, especially when starting completely from scratch.

This was done solely through effective social media marketing – utilising the authentic growth and conversion strategies I’ve been developing for years through my social media marketing company.

But the great thing about this, is it means that ANYONE can do this – no matter how old their blog is, or even if they have absolutely zero marketing budget to work with. All you actually need is time, and the know-how.

So – due to popular demand – in this post, I’m going to very briefly break down how I’ve hit 10,000 sessions on just my third month of blogging.

How I’ve Hit 10,000 Sessions on My Third Month of Blogging

So before I get into it, I’ll give you a break-down of where I’m at and where it’s all come from. In the month of May, we had over 10,000 sessions, with more than 8,000 users (88.5% of these new as I’m currently still growing my readership), plus a mighty 17,700+ pageviews.

Month 3 of Blogging: Traffic Stats Overview

You’ll notice some days my traffic dropped significantly. This is because right now – my blog is too young to be picked up by google / SEO – to any high degree anyway. I have a few posts on the top page of searches, and quite a few more on the top five pages, but that’s not where the majority of traffic is going to come from, for a long while yet.

Right now, it’s therefore all about traffic from social media – that’s the only thing you can quickly control. So, if there’s day where I push less, the traffic will drop. That’s just how it is. This means you do have to work damn hard to begin with – and it is tough, it is tiring. But at the same time, like you can see, when you do take the time to properly promote it, it pays off. So the power really is in your hands… as cheesy as that may sound! 😉

Progress Since Month 1…

To jump back very quickly for where we started – this was the traffic breakdown for Month 1 in March. As you can see, I reached 3,000 sessions (which was a pretty awesome start in itself!) Since then however, I have more than tripled those monthly figures, just two months on – so it’s pretty fast work and progress!

Hit 10,000 Sessions on My Third Month of Blogging
FLASHBACK! Month 1 of Blogging Traffic Stats Overview

Let’s Break It Down a Little Further…

So how have I done it? Where is it all coming from? To look at the month’s traffic a little closer, you’ll see that nearly 80% of that has come from social media (probably a little more as some direct traffic will also be from social.) Then within that, my top three channels are:

  • Facebook – with 79% of all sessions
  • Twitter – with 13% of all sessions
  • Pinterest – with 4.7% of all sessions

This puts Facebook far above the rest – which can be surprising for a lot of bloggers, who typically think that Pinterest is the go-to route.

How To Direct Traffic To Your Blog Through Facebook, Without Needing a Marketing Budget

So how do you do it? How do you effectively direct traffic to your blog through Facebook, with no requirement for an ads spend or any kind of marketing budget? Well my friends, I’ll quickly run a few quick tips in this post now, but I’d also like you to click on through to here for more personal recommendations for your blog.

Ultimately however, it comes down to three key elements: Facebook Pages, your Facebook Profile and Facebook Groups. These all work hand in hand so you can use the one to promote and grow the other. But each are also all powerful elements in themselves. In the guide I mentioned above, we’re going to run through each aspect in far more detail, but in a nutshell, you want to have:

1 – A Facebook Page

On here you should post a mix of shareable and promotional content. My Facebook page has grown from 0 to 3700 followers in just 3 months, with my highest ‘shareable’ post reaching more than 88,000 people… on ONE post alone! But it’s gems like these that skyrocket your page.

If you want your pages to pay back, you need to focus on adding value. Don’t excessively PUSH people through to your site – get people invested in your vision and messages and they will then click through to it because they want to. This also then makes them become far more loyal readers and pays back the highest in the long run.

Hit 10,000 Sessions on My Third Month of Blogging

2 – Use Facebook Groups

This is a great Facebook marketing strategy for directing high volumes of traffic, without needing to spend a penny on ads. You can make your own group, but initially, when you’re new – I would personally recommend utilising the ones that are already out there. You don’t want to have the double effort of growing a Facebook page AND a Facebook group.

When looking for suitable groups to join you want to search based on the topics you cover, and the audiences you target. Join as many as you possibly can. Then use them to share your shareable Facebook page content within them (this will get approved because it’s not spam or noticeable self-promo.) You also want to bring your blog content into conversation within the discussions – BUT, you must, must, must be very careful with this to make sure it’s always valuable and relevant.

3 – Your Facebook Profile

Last but not least there’s then your Facebook profile. This is going to be different to how you are used to using Facebook at the moment – because it’s all about using it to build your personal brand, get people connecting to you as an individual and the ‘face behind your blog’ + build better relationships with your target audience.

Again, I cover this in thorough detail within the guide and it’s pretty important because it’s quite a new concept for many.

But just like your Facebook page, you will share a mix of promotional and shareable content. You’ll also share snippets of your life, ‘behind the scene’ action and get the right balance of it being FUN, but still credible.

Top Conversion Tips for Facebook

So these are the basic elements, but before we finish, I want to give you five quick-fire Facebook marketing tips that you can apply RIGHT NOW to increase the effectiveness of your efforts…

1. Share LINKS Instead Of Pictures

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to click through to your posts – so whenever you’re promoting a post, make sure that link is clickable and the picture that comes with it is clickable, taking them straight over to read more. This leads me onto my next tip…

2. Make Sure Your PICTURES Are Engaging

You want your content to stand out on Facebook to play around with the different cover images of your posts to see what pops out the most on social media. It makes a massive difference how things look visually. Of course you still need to make sure everything ties in properly with your branding too – but this is actually a great way to help you to develop that, based on visually what your audience responds to the best.

3. Improve Your Headings For Higher Click-Through

This goes into content creation on your blog now, but it influences the effectiveness on Facebook BIG TIME! Depending on your niche, you will have different types of content on your blog – but look at what you can create to draw people in more.

Some posts you’ll write more for SEO purposes, some you’ll write due to relevancy and maybe some based on requests – but alongside these you should also go for the titles that are going to draw people in on social. Or create different series or campaigns for the same purpose.

So for example, a big area of my blog is about becoming the best person that you can be – so I developed a series of 30 Day Challenges which gets crazy click-throughs but also really helps and supports the growth of my readers. I’ve also found ‘How To’s’ work well and big bold statements. So like “Why We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve.”

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Play around with different headings and titles because these are the kind of posts that will really push people through to you, particularly on Facebook when you already have an engaged, target audience following you on your pages.

4. Write About What People Are Already Talking About

This is a big one. Basically, you want to use Facebook groups for market research. You want to see what crops up time and time again. Then write a post that addresses that topic so that you can use it when interacting in groups.

For example, my blog niche is dating and relationships. I found that a lot of people were struggling to get over their ex / get their ex off their mind – so I specifically wrote a series of Break-Up posts that addresses their specific struggles – how to stop texting them, how to stop thinking about them, how to gain closure etc. Now I have these, whenever someone shares their struggles or asks what they should do, I can then add a little insight and complement my comment with the link to that specific blog post which explores the topic further. It’s a win win, because it then benefits them, and me.

5. Take The Time To Grow Your Audiences

You can do a lot within Facebook groups, you can reach a hell of a lot of people too. But it’s important to remember that social media often never stays the same. Every time new rules or restrictions get added in, you have to find ways to work around them. So with whatever you’re doing – the goal should be to:

  1. Find your target audience on Facebook (within groups.)
  2. Get them engaged and following you there on Facebook (either as a friend on your profile, in a group of your own where you can keep control, or on your master Facebook page – which is great because there’s no limit to how many followers you can have on that one.)
  3. Then gradually in time, you’ll be able to move these followers through to regular readers and subscribers.

Also remember, you can be creating the BEST content on your site, you can have all these engaging titles and awesome images – but if you don’t have your own audience there (or can’t effectively push that out within these groups), it will be impossible to make Facebook work for you.

BONUS TIP: Test, Analyse then Do More Of What Works

Like all social media channels, it’s a lot about trial and error. Invest the time into finding what works, try different things, analyse the results from each – and gradually you’ll find what does and doesn’t work, and know where to best spend your time.

Get Advice From Me

If you’re serious about taking your blog to the next level, click here, as for this month – and this month only – I’ll be sharing my tried-and-tested strategies and approaches that you can apply to quickly & significantly grow your blog.

In the meantime, I really hope this has helped – or at the very least, given you some things to think about / ideas you want to try.

Remember, your blogging journey is your own. If you’re not getting the traffic you want on your site – it’s not necessarily a reflection on you or how good your blog is, it just means you might need a little helping hand in getting the exposure it really deserves. So don’t give up! Carry on writing with love and passion.

Wishing you all the very best and lots of continued success.

Oh – and can I also say a mahouuusive thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me on my journey? Because this site is so personal to me, inspired so deeply by my past experiences, I was scared as hell before I launched! But all the love, comments and feedback I’ve gotten, has just shown me that I AM on the right path. So I want you to know how truly thankful I am to each and every one of you who has become a reader of this blog!

Lots of love,

Third Month of Blogging
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