What To Do On National Text Your Ex Day

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What is National Text Your Ex Day? When is National Text Your Ex Day 2023? And should you really text your ex? Is it actually a good idea? With National Text Your Ex Day firmly found on our calendar, we explore it all – to get you “celebrating” this mind-boggling “holiday” in the right way!

When Is National Text Your Ex Day?

So first up, if you’ve never heard of National Text Your Ex Day before, you may be wondering – when on earth is it? Well, National Text Your Ex Day is on 30th October every year…

I know, creepily close to Halloween! A coincidence? I think not! After all, your ex is basically the ghost of your past now! But actually, you can use it as a day to STOP THEM HAUNTING YOU!

When Does It Fall This Year?

This year National Text Your Ex Day 2023 is on Monday 30th October.

Yep, this year it’s not on a weekend, which means there’s no excuse for late-night drunken ex-texting. (Even if you do miss them!)

We’ve been blessed with it being mid-week, which certainly does make it better!

Why Was National Text Your Ex Day Created Anyway?

Now, when it comes to why National Text Your Ex Day was created, the history behind it all is something that can be debated. It’s not entirely clear when or why it came about…

We can assume someone, somewhere along the line, thought it was a good idea. (Madness, I know!) But if you think about it – there are some crazy National Days out there already.

I mean, we’ve got ones like “National Lost Sock Memorial Day”, “National Lima Bean Respect Day”, even “National Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day”

Uh huh, pretty funny, huh? Click here for more.

My point by all of this? Is you don’t actually celebrate EVERY National Day, so regardless of the history of National Text Your Ex Day, how it came about or why it’s there – it doesn’t mean you have to acknowledge it… well, especially not in the way it suggests.

“Don’t use this day as an excuse! Texting your ex – it’s not always a good idea!
National Text Your Ex Day

How To Celebrate National Text Your Ex Day

So what do you do? How can you celebrate National Text Your Ex Day? I mean, you’ve made it this far, right? You’ve read up about it now. So what could you do? 

1) Text Your Ex

Texting your ex on National Text Your Ex Day is of course, an option. But only in certain cases.

When NOT To Text Your Ex:

  1. If you’re not over your ex. This is only going to make it harder.
  2. If it’s not being very long and you’re doing it just to play games or be spiteful.
  3. If you’ve moved on and are with someone else. Disrespectful or what?
  4. If you have no actual desire or see no additional benefit in doing so.

Like we said, do you do something on every National Day? I think not. So don’t make this more than it has to be.

When To Text Your Ex:

What are the circumstances in which you could text your ex on this day? Well:

1) If you’re now friends and there’s no hard feelings.

You could always drop them a jokey message about it then. Like “Guess what day it is?! To be fair, I can think of no greater ex than you!” That’s not going to do any harm!

2) If you did things that were wrong and you want to apologise.

This could be the day you “put things right”, or show how you feel. The only thing I would say – is you can draft the text on National Text Your Ex Day, but I would wait to send it…

After all, if you’re going to make amends, you want it to come across as sincere – not like you’re only texting because “the day” reminded you to, you know?

Just bear in mind, if your ex is still hurting, texting to apologise or even just “check in” may send mixed messages. So reaching out again, is not always the best thing. Keep the past in the past.

3) If you feel like it will help you gain closure.

National Text Your Ex Day could be a great opportunity to well and truly put your breakup (and all the heartache that came with it) behind you. It can be symbolic, I get it.

However, I’m going to lead onto my next suggestion for what to do on National Text Your Ex Day now, because you could write the text… but that doesn’t mean you have to send it!

2) Draft The Text

National Text Your Ex Day could be used to gain closure.

You know all those things you wish you could have said? All those things you had playing on your mind? Or maybe you think a few final words will just really help to close that chapter?

Then that’s great! National Text Your Ex Day is giving you a date for finality. But (and this is a big but!) that doesn’t mean that you literally need to send the text.

Think about it:

  • What would you gain?
  • Would you have expectations for a reply?
  • How would you then feel if you didn’t get a reply? Or didn’t get the reply you wanted?
  • What if you got a reply that just threw everything up in the air – making the breakup hurt more, or making the situation now more complicated?

I mean, if you’re considering if you should get back with your ex, click through to this article – that will help you work out the answer.

But if you’re not, and things are still potentially raw, it’s just not worth it.

Your ex is your past. It’s time to focus on the future.
Forgetting Fairytales

So if you have things you want to get off your chest, things you wish you could have said, use National Text Your Ex Day as a chance to do this.

But just draft the message, read it then delete it and release all the feelings that go with it!

3) Turn It Into a Ceremony 

If you want to go a little “extra” or have more fun with it – gather your other single friends, or any friends who just want to come along and be supportive…

Write out your texts on pieces of paper, then BURN THEM! If that’s a bit much for you, get together for some cocktail making and toast to fresh starts!

You can also use it as a chance to offload any unresolved thoughts, feelings or emotions that come when you think about your ex. And FEEL the release!

Use National Text Your Ex Day As a Turning Point

So maybe National Text Your Ex Day is not the most well-thought-out day to introduce to our calendar.

In fact, whoever thought it was a good idea to make the world try to reconnect with the ghosts of their past, well, they must have been having a bit of a “mad moment!”

But this holiday – it’s like life… It’s all about what you make of it. So if you’ve stumbled across National Text Your Ex Day, and it’s now on your radar, use it as a turning point.

  • Look at how far you’ve come. Look at how much you’ve changed.
  • Think about how much you’ve learnt – how much you’ve grown.
  • Consider anything that’s holding you back – that’s stopping you from getting over your ex.
  • And decide that right now, you’re going to turn the page and welcome your next chapter.

Line up a date for the day, spend time with friends and family. And remember – your ex is an ex for a reason.

Don’t look back, keep moving forward. Because trust me, there is so much goodness ahead!

Take care.


National Text Your Ex Day
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