150 Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

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Want to play Never Have I Ever with your partner? Looking for Never Have I Ever questions for couples that are fun, suitable, yet won’t stir up too much trouble? (Some things you just don’t want to know!) Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s 150 Couples Never Have I Ever questions to ask your partner.

Couples Never Have I Ever Game

So when it comes to the best Never Have I Ever questions for couples – there’s actually plenty! We’re about to list our favourite ones for you to fly through now. But how do you play?

Well typically, Never Have I Ever is a drinking game. You each take it in turns to say “Never Have I Ever”, with a statement afterwards. 

The person who’s saying the statement typically HASN’T done whatever they’re throwing out there. This is because, if that statement rings true – you have to drink!

Now the alternative way to play it, is by holding up your hand, and holding each finger up. Instead of drinking at a true statement, you place a finger down.

The last player standing then wins!

How To Play Never Have I Ever With Your Partner

So how do you play Never Have I Ever With Your Partner? Well, exactly as above – either use your hands or go for the drinking version – whatever you prefer.

You could also have forfeits – so for example, creating a disgusting non-alcoholic concoction that the person who loses has to drink.

Or swap it around – make the Never Have I Ever’s GOOD things, whereby the more you’ve done… the better and it’s a race to get all 5 / 10 fingers up!

For this you may have activities, experiences or achievements as the statements.

We’ll give you plenty of couples Never Have I Ever questions to mix it up anyhow – so that you can try different versions and keep yourselves occupied for hours!

Because that’s the beauty of the game – Never Have I Ever is a great time-filler for those long nights in, or a fun addition for a date night to keep conversation interesting.

It’s also a bit of a game and how well you know your partner comes into it…

After all, you want to try to think of Never Have I Ever statements that you know you haven’t done, but you suspect your partner is likely to! You can be a little tactical with it, you see?

Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

So let’s get stuck in shall we? Here’s 150 Never Have I Ever questions for couples. 

Have a read, use the ones that intrigue you, or use it simply as inspiration to create your own. 

Uh huh, by the end of this, you’ll be bubbling with couples Never Have I Ever questions… guaranteed!

Love Life Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

Our first round of Never Have I Ever questions for couples is going to focus on love, dating and relationships. (Pretty juicy topics, I know!)

Now, we’ve tried to be a little selective with these topics, to keep the game fairly safe, friendly and argument-free! Sounds good? Then let’s get stuck in…

Never Have I Ever…

1) Broken someone’s heart.

2) Been heartbroken.

3) Experienced unrequited love.

4) Said “I love you” within a week!

5) Told someone I loved them when I knew I didn’t.

6) Thought I was in love when I wasn’t.

7) Said “I love you” before the other person.

8) Been rejected when going in for a kiss.

9) Kissed / dated / slept with someone in secret.

10) Fancied my friends brother or sister

11) Or fancied a girlfriend’s / boyfriend’s friend.

12) Believed in love at first sight.

13) Believed in soul mates.

14) Gone on a date and been stood up.

15) Gone on a date and had to leave early!

16) Been on a blind date.

17) Dated someone for their money or looks.

18) Kissed a random stranger.

19) Chatted up a random stranger.

20) Used online dating apps.

Couples Never Have I Ever Game

Never Have I Ever…

21) Stalked my ex on social media.

22) Stalked an ex’s new partner on social media.

23) Or stalked a partners ex on social media.

24) Cheated on a partner.

25) Been cheated on.

26) Felt ashamed of my partner.

27) Dated more than one person at the same time.

28) Dated someone just to make someone else jealous. 

29) Flirted with someone just to get a free drink.

30) Been ghosted.

31) Or ghosted someone.

32) Been in an open relationship.

33) Fallen in love with a friend.

34) Had a friend with benefits.

35) Had a one night stand.

36) Questioned or explored my sexuality.

37) Kissed someone of the same sex.

38) Sent a naughty picture!

39) Wrote someone a love letter.

40) Forgotten a partner’s birthday!

Never Have I Ever…

41) Dumped someone.

42) Been dumped.

43) Fallen out with a friend over a girl / guy.

44) Betrayed a friend for a girl / guy.

45) Kissed a friends ex.

46) Called a date the wrong name by accident. 

47) Or said the wrong name in bed!

48) Dated someone I didn’t find attractive.

49) Dated more than one person in the same day.

50) Catfished someone (to any degree!)

51) Had a holiday romance.

52) Lied about being single to keep someone away.

53) Lied to my parents about my love life!

54) Snuck out of someone’s house.

55) Sucked someones toes!

56) Tried guessing a partner’s password.

57) Snooped through a partner’s phone without them knowing.

58) Thrown up in front of a partner.

59) Said I’d call but didn’t bother.

60) Hated the pet of someone I was dating. OR secretly disliked the family of a partner!

Add In Some Dares!

Enjoying our Couples Never Have I Ever Game? Don’t want it to end? Then here’s spice it up with some DARES! Click below for our Couples Drink or Dare Game. 160 dares designed specifically for you and your partner – featuring dares which are fun, flirty, sexy and silly!

Never have I ever questions for couples

Relationship Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

Are you starting to feel the HEAT?! Good stuff. Then let’s move onto the relationship Never Have I Ever questions – admitting specific things about the two of you and your relationship. (Yikes!)

Remember to keep these types of questions pretty light and fun! And remember… just if you’re asking it – doesn’t mean it’s true or will be true!

Some question ideas to get the inspiration flowing here then:

Never Have I Ever…

61) Questioned our compatibility.

62) Been scared of you leaving me.

63) Wanted to leave the relationship myself.

64) Wanted to change something about you.

65) Wished the relationship would move to the next stage.

(Or on the flip side – thought the relationship was moving too fast!)

66) Thought about having children (or more) with you.

67) Thought about the day I marry you.

68) Wanted to spice things up in the bedroom with you.

69) Checked you out without you knowing.

70) Lied to you to try to protect you.

71) Complained about you to my family or friends.

72) Complained about you to my coworkers.

73) Cleared my phone or computer history.

74) Purposely hidden something from you to try to avoid an argument.

75) Pretended I liked something you cooked when I didn’t.

76) Pretended not to hear you!

77) Used your toothbrush by accident!

78) Made up an excuse to get out of something with you.

79) Said I was already on my way when I was still at home.

80) Broke wind and PRAYED you didn’t hear it!

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

How did you find those section questions? Want to switch it up a bit? Then here’s some random, but funny Never Have I Ever questions now. These are sure to lighten the mood!

Never Have I Ever…

81) Tried to guess the Neighbours Wifi password.

82) Spied on the Neighbours. (Nosey or what!)

83) Read a movies plot before watching it.

84) Or purposely given away a movie / book spoiler!

85) Been kicked out of a bar. (Stories needed for this one!)

86) Made an embarrassing video that I now regret!

87) Stuck gym under a chair.

88) Peed in the shower (Some would say, gross!)

89) Peed in the sea or a pool.

90) Eaten food that fell on the floor.

91) Served someone else something that fell on the floor!

92) Walked in on someone using the toilet.

93) Walked in on someone doing something worse!

94) Been caught cheating on a test.

95) Forgotten a loved one’s birthday!

96) Had food stuck between my teeth all day!

97) Binge-watched an entire series of something in a matter of days!

98) Not showered for a week!

99) Pretended not to be home when someone rang my doorbell.

100) Accidentally broken something in a store and then walked away!

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fun things to play with your partner

Never Have I Ever…

101) Ran to catch a bus or train… but missed it.

102) Walked into a glass window.

103) Fancied a friends parent!

104) Shaved my body hair into a random shape just for a laugh.

105) Eaten / drank leftover food / drink from another table.

106) Stolen food from a buffet, wrapping it up in napkins!

107) Phoned someone accidentally from my pocket and had them listen to me.

108) Forwarded the wrong text message to the wrong person.

109) Googled something so I would know how to spell it.

110) Spent the best part of an hour writing a “comeback” or reply.

111) Re-gifted a gift.

112) Woke myself up from snoring.

113) Laughed so much I farted.

114) Blocked someone else’s toilet.

115) Waved at someone who wasn’t waving at me.

116) Said a baby was cute when I thought it was ugly.

117) Picked out a wedgie in public… and was seen.

118) Locked my keys in my car.

119) Ate a bug by accident.

120) Bitten my toenails as an adult. 

Psst, if some of these are a little far-fetched, switch it up and play “Couples Who Is Most Likely To“.

Interesting Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

We’re into the final section, and for this one we’ll feature some different Never Have I Ever Questions for couples – to try to find some things that may surprise you about your partner (and vice versa!) With these – explanations MUST come after! 

In fact, explanations for any Never Have I Ever Questions are useful for couples as not only does it “get you out of the dirt” if you have to admit something that potentially, doesn’t look great – but it also fills the game out and makes you bond more. (Win, win!)

So let’s see what you can learn about your partner with this section…

Never Have I Ever…

121) Fired a gun.

122) Had surgery.

123) Stolen anything.

124) Gone skinny dipping!

125) Been in a fight.

126) Used a fake ID.

127) Pulled an all-nighter.

128) Cried in public.

129) Tried to impress someone who hates me.

130) Faced a fear.

131) Overcome a phobia.

132) Crashed a party or wedding.

133) Lied in an interview.

134) Or lied on a date!

135) Made a fake social media account.

136) Believed in a conspiracy theory. 

137) Participated in a protest.

138) Got in trouble with the law.

139) Thought about writing a book.

140) Wanted to be famous.

141) Gone comando!

142) Had a crush on a teacher.

143) Met a celebrity.

144) DM’d a celebrity.

145) Been fired from a job.

146) Had a dream job I was too afraid to pursue.

147) Doubted myself or hit rock-bottom confidence.

148) Held onto a regret.

149) Shared my biggest insecurity.

150) Lied in this game… if so, spill the beans now, about what?!

That Rounds It Up

So there we have it. We’ve stormed our way through some of our favourite Never Have I Ever questions for couples, giving you 150 suggestions to get you started.

I hope this fills you with ideas for the Never Have I Ever questions you can now ask your partner.

Good luck. Have fun! And if you liked this one, be sure to check out our Ultimate Couples Question Game, Couples Relationship Quiz (including 200+ fun couples trivia questions!) or these quick-fire “This Or That” Couples Questions.

And yes, you can thank me later… as there’s hours of entertainment there!

Have fun. Enjoy!


Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples
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