Top 20 Relationship Resolutions For Couples

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Looking for Couples New Year’s Resolutions? Want to work on both yourselves and your relationship in 2023? Then here’s our top 20 suggestions when it comes to New Year’s Relationship Resolutions for Couples. These are the best New Year’s Resolutions for relationships, even if you’re in a good place! They’ll help to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer. (They’re a definite win, win, win!) So let’s get stuck in.

Why Consider a Couples New Years Resolution

So before we get going with our New Year’s Resolutions for couples, let’s first quickly highlight the benefits of setting one.

  1. It puts more focus on your relationship. It’s all well and good working on the different areas of yourself or your life – this is important. But what is equally as important is your relationship. By setting a couples New Year’s Resolution, you’re making sure that this isn’t something that’s being neglected.
  2. It brings you closer. You’ll have your own resolutions, which is great. But by setting a Relationship New Year’s Resolutions, it also gets yourself and your partner, working on something together – as a team!
  3. They’re fun! Let’s also not discount the fact that many of these Couples New Year’s Resolutions are also pretty fun. So add in some resolutions that don’t feel like such a chore!

Couples New Years Resolution Incentives

Now as you work your way through our Relationship Resolutions, and pick one(s) that are right for the two of you, I also want you to consider: what will make you stick to this?

Can you add in some incentives for when you keep it up for a month, two months, three months and so on?

For example, every time you reach a new milestone and stick to your resolution, you treat yourselves to a little trip or something you’ve both wanted for a while!

Perhaps you can also use a habit-tracking app to keep you both on track?

So for example, if you’ve set a new resolution that requires that you do something small daily – use something like Streaks which marks each day you do it and makes you more motivated to want to not break it!

Have a think – discuss it together and come up with a plan of action for how you’re going to make your couples New Year’s Resolutions definitely last!

Relationship Resolutions

Top 20 Relationship Resolutions for Couples

So now we’ve got those things out the way, let’s kick off our list with the best New Year’s Resolutions for Couples. What have we got? Well…

1) Say I Love You Every Day

A nice simple relationship resolution to start this off, is to get into the habit of telling each other that you love each other every single day. (If you don’t already do this of course!)

I mean, once a day, every day, should be a bare minimum really. But for some couples, expressing their feelings is not always easy. And for others, they can slip out of this over time.

Sounds familiar? Then start with this as your relationship resolution.

Find it difficult to say those three words? Or perhaps think those three words don’t even do justice for the depths of your feelings? Then these articles will really help:

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2) Spend Quality Time Together Each Night

Another nice easy relationship resolution for couples that live together, is to make sure that they’re spending quality time together every single day.

Especially if Quality Time is one of your love languages – click here to find out.

It doesn’t have to be long – even just 30 minutes before bed. But it will do your relationship the world of good. Check in, catch up; kiss, cuddle, connect.

3) Kiss Hello & Goodbye Every Time

These first relationship resolutions are all about creating new, healthy habits – or getting back the habits that have perhaps been lost over time.

So if you don’t already – a great couples New Years Resolution can be to make sure you give each other a kiss and a cuddle every morning and every night. It’s just small things done daily.

Say I Love You Every Day

4) Do Something New Once a Month

Want to keep your relationship fun and exciting? Experience all that life has to offer? Then a great New Years Resolution for couples is to set yourselves the task of doing one different thing a month.

The best way to work this one? Brainstorm the things you want to do – the things that are on your wish-list.

Throw in some things that scare you! Pull together a master list of ideas and then map it out, picking the 12 things you’re going to do throughout the year.

You can then make this relationship resolution even easier by always having the next couple of things booked up in advance. That way, you have no choice but to stick to it!

Jumping out a plane in January? No worries! Trying a new romantic restaurant in restaurant? Sounds like a good shout! Mix it up. Make it your own. This ones a lot of fun!

5) Make Date Night a Regular Thing

One of the most popular relationship resolutions now then, is to make a new commitment for how often you’ll be doing date nights from the New Year, onwards.

Don’t spend enough time together? Stuck in a set routine? Then this one will really enhance your relationship.

Make it realistic – we’re not talking every day. But once a week, once every other week.

Remember, not every date has to be huge and lavish. Mix it up with simple home date nights, easy weeknight dates, the odd morning date (these can be good to squeeze into busy schedules!) or for a double-whammy of a social and date-night, try some group dates too.

See there’s plenty of ways to find time for your partner. It’s just about making it more of a priority in your life again – and what better time than with a fresh start in the New Year!

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Couples New Years Resolutions

Relationship Resolutions for 2023

When it comes to crafting your relationship resolutions for 2023, look at your relationship – what you need to work on, how it could potentially be EVEN BETTER and make it specific to the two of you.

6) Spend More Time With Others

Now you might find that the two of you are living in each others pockets and haven’t quite got the balance right.

Recognise that you’re being clingy? Or maybe the relationship has just taken over a touch?

It’s not a bad thing as such but it will benefit you both if it can be readjusted. So if this is the case – set new goals for spending time with other people.

Encourage your partner to go out with friends / family a set number of times, and vice versa.

7) Work On Building Trust In Your Relationship

Another common New Years Resolution for Couples is to focus on building trust. Trust is a difficult one – especially if you’ve been hurt badly in the past.

But luckily, there is plenty you can do to improve it, and this is certainly one relationship resolution you should be working on together.

Unsure where to start? Then have a read of this article: How To Build Trust In Your Relationship. It will begin to get the ideas flowing!

8) Support Each Other’s Personal Development

What next? What next?

Well, another nice Couples New Years Resolution is to each set personal development goals which will in turn benefit the relationship – and then support each other with those.

For example, let’s say that Relationship Anxiety is an issue and it comes from a lack of confidence. Or Fear of Abandonment is present and that creates challenges for the two of you.

It could even be something like – one of you doesn’t feel accomplished or fulfilled in their relationship which makes them less happy at home. Everything has an effect.

So whatever it is, talk about one way in which you could both improve or feel happier, then set a Self Improvement goal specifically focused on that.

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New Year Couples Goals

9) Master Conflict Resolution

Ah time for another favourite when it comes to the best Relationship Resolutions and that is to focus on… drum roll please… conflict resolution!

See no matter how good the two of you are, there will ALWAYS be times of disagreement, or challenges that you will face.

A New Years Resolution that therefore focuses on how to better tackle the things that come you way, is therefore very beneficial for all.

How to do this one? Well set time aside each week for reading… together. Take time together to learn about how to better manage conflict, learn strategies and then apply them as you need.

This is something that very few couples do – especially independently without the help from a therapist or coach.

But it’s more than possible. And it’s better to equip yourself with the knowledge you need, before you necessarily need it as it avoids any potential blow ups!

Conflict not so much of an issue? Then focus on communication as that is always something that can be improved. Identify the areas that it is potentially lacking and set specific tasks around that!

10) Take on the Relationship Challenge

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, shameless plug here, but the #1 Best Relationship Resolution for 2023 has got to be taking on Forgetting Fairytales, very own Relationship Challenge.

Sign up below to see what it’s all about (completely free of charge.) It’s fun, creative and covers a wide range of aspects of the relationship, to ultimately enhance it!

11) Do More Of What Your Partner Enjoys

We’re half way through our Relationship Resolutions list now then. So what’s next? Well, how about throwing yourself into your partners passions?!

Every month or so, set a resolution (and this couple be incorporated in one of your new date or conversation ones) to commit to doing something your partner loves.

So maybe find out more about their passions by asking questions, give one of their favourite hobbies a go, attend an event with them.

Hey – you could even simply sit and watch the football with them once a month, something they’d usually do alone but you could do together to get that quality time and bonding.

And of course it works both ways… swap and alternate it. Get creative too! So maybe there’s a favourite place you could take your partner, or a special memory you could re-create.

But that’s what it’s all about… putting yourself in positions you perhaps usually wouldn’t to bring back that spark again and further build on your bond.

Relationship Resolutions

12) Take on a Project or Challenge Together

Another popular Couples New Years Resolution is to take on a new project or challenge together.

So maybe you’re going to get into your DIY together – transforming your home, or pursuing something similar on the side.

Or perhaps you want to try a Personal Development Challenge, Fitness Challenge, Hiking Challenge even – something that you can train for and conquer together!

The options are endless, but whatever you choose – it’s guaranteed to bring you closer!

New Years Resolutions for Couples

Let’s keep these Relationship Resolutions coming. Here’s what you can do as a New Years Resolution, as a couple, in 2023.

13) Cut Out The Crap

We’re going to get straight to the point with this Relationship Resolution now.

You know all those little white lies you’ve slipped into telling each other, partially out of habit and partially for an “easy life?” Well a great resolution could be to cut them out completely.

All honesty from the New Year onwards. (I know, it may seem like a bit of a challenge but isn’t that what New Years Resolutions are all about?!)

The two of you – you’re strong enough to not need the lies. So create a simple change like this and see how it transforms your relationship.

14) Map Out Your Vision For The Future

Another nice activity to do with your partner in the New Year, is to map out your future together.

This actually makes for a great, romantic New Year’s Eve idea for couples, when paired with other cute activities.

Ask those all important questions, make sure you’re on the same page – then set goals and attach them to a timeline.

Have things that you’re both working on independently (with an end goal in mind), and things that you also both take on together. So for example:

  • Maybe your partner wants to earn £XXX by a certain date.
  • You also want to set yourself up Self Employed but need to do XXX training first.
  • This is all working towards the two of you settling down and starting to talk about starting a family in a couple of years.
  • You know what you both want. You have a vision for the life you want to share together. But you’re getting really focused on it now. (And what better time than in the New Year!)
Relationship Resolutions

15) Commit To Understanding Each Other More

A nice little Relationship Resolution that focuses on communication now then, is to ask each other something new every single day – to better get to know your partner or better understand them. Get back to being as inquisitive as you was in the early days!

To help you with this one, a few starting points I recommend for questions include:

That’s the thing though – you can mix up the heavy and light ones, some days will be shorter and snappier. But commit to asking your partner a new question a day, for all 365 days.

This becomes a super fun and addictive challenge and has got to be one of my favourite New Years Resolutions for Couples, so be sure to give it a go!

Relationship Resolutions for 2023

Relationship Resolutions can be exactly what you make them. In a bad place? They can be there to tackle specific issues.

Want to create some new habits? Use them exactly for that.

There’s also lots of fun ones you can go for, so simply see what takes your fancy… but make 2023 the best year yet, in every way that you can!

16) Pay More Complements

Too often in a relationship (particularly as time goes on) we can start to nitpick – pick up on the things we DON’T like.

For this reason, a great New Years Resolution for couples can instead be to focus on what we do like.

This ones super fun, super simple. You don’t have to be especially specific with it either – this is because the things you say have to be said from the heart, not just to hit that daily number.

But what you want to work on, is creating a noticeable difference in the number of complements and positive things you say to each other. So it could be:

  • Actually telling your partner when you think they look good, instead of just thinking it.
  • Bigging them up when they achieve something that day and telling them how smart they are.
  • Complementing them on their cooking when they make a boss meal.

Simple right? Simple yet effective – as it certainly brings the two of you closer.

Want to stay on track with this one? Set a reminder to “Review” your relationship resolutions at the end of every week or month and discuss how you’re getting on!

New Years Resolutions For Couples

17) Be More Affectionate

Next up, next up, I want to throw out there – the Affection Commitment.

Similar to the complements relationship resolution, there’s not a set goal in terms of numbers on this one. Instead, it’s more about making a conscious effort and feeling that conscious effort.

So sit down, discuss how affection can be improved, then commit to making those changes in 2023… And praise each other when your partner initiates that closeness and affection.

For example, it could be as simple as saying, “Let’s start holding hands more, that’s not PDA, we used to do it before, let’s start doing it again.”

Or, “Let’s get that intimacy back a bit. I don’t want to sit on opposite ends of the sofa every night – let’s sit by each other, have our arms wrapped around each other.”

Or, “Let’s get back to cuddling every night, even just for 5 minutes, in bed!”

You see? It’s just small simple changes or adjustments to how you currently act. But all of these things? They’re then likely to lead to more intimacy and affection so it’s a great starting point.

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18) Appreciation Before Bed

Another of my favourite relationship resolutions now then, is the Appreciation Challenge. How it works? Well it’s easy.

  1. Simply agree to take on the Appreciation Challenge.
  2. This means that every day, for the next 365 days (from January 1st) you both get into the habit of telling your partner what you’ve appreciated about being with them that day.

So for example, it could be something general like, “I appreciate how loved you’ve made me feel today” or “I appreciate being able to wake up next to you every morning.”

It could also be specific. So if you’ve had a hard day and your partner was there to support you, you could say, “I appreciate that you’ve got my back and I can always turn to you. Thank you for letting me offload tonight. I love you.”

It’s just about recognition. And you do this every night, from both sides. It takes less than a minute! The perfect couples New Years Resolution for sure!

Couple Goals 2022

19) Go To Bed At The Same Time

Talking of bed time, another great relationship resolution is to get back to going to bed at the same time, together. Why does this matter? Well, take it from Psychology Today:

  • “New research finds that partners with a disconnect between bedtimes reported lower satisfaction with their relationships and their sex live
  • Even when couples engaged in different activities in bed, they had greater satisfaction when they turned in together.”

You don’t have to sleep at the same time, but when you go to bed at the same time, it definitely has a positive impact on your relationship.

And that’s what Couples New Years Resolutions should be all about – finding small changes that you can make and commit to, to further enhance what you have.

20) Work On The Things You Need

My final point to finish off our master relationship resolutions suggestions, is to design it specifically around the things you need.

Hopefully this list has given you a lot of inspiration. (Uh huh, it’s amazing how creative you can get with these couples New Years resolutions, right?)

But go one step further:

  1. Look at any “issues” you have in your relationship.
  2. Look at how things could be better in a certain area, or potentially improve.
  3. Then craft a New Years Resolution Challenge around that.

It’s as simple as that! The key? To design it together. Then it doesn’t feel like a demand or a chore – but instead, an exciting new mission!

The Best New Years Resolutions For Couples

So there we have it – 20 top-class relationship resolutions and how to design your own.

What will you be working on, together, in 2023? We’d love to hear! Drop it in the comments below.

Other than that, I’d like to wish you a very happy holidays and all the best for the New Year!

Take care.


New Years Relationship Resolutions for Couples
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