30 Outdoor Date Ideas

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Looking for some fun outdoor date ideas? Spring / Summer date ideas? Different things to do, out and about, in the fresh air? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 30 suggestions to get that inspiration flowing! Your challenge? To pick one and do it in the next week!

“The perfect gift for anyone that loves the outdoors, is inviting them on an adventure…”

30 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

So let’s jump straight in. Here’s 30 fun outdoor date ideas, suitable for both singles (wait until you suggest one of these to your new match!) or couples (that’s right, add the excitement back into your relationship!)

1) Go on a Walk

Let’s start with one of the most common outdoor date ideas – a good old walk.

Now although it’s pretty standard, it doesn’t have to be dull. Pick somewhere scenic, picturesque! A nature reserve, a park, around a lake, along a river.

Getting out in nature is good for the soul, and you can find beautiful places wherever you are in the world!

Try to find somewhere you’ve never been before. After all, travel strengthens relationships & ignites romance. And going further afield only adds to the sense of adventure!

2) Go for a Hike

Head to the hills! Another great outdoor date idea is hiking. It may be tougher going, trudging up those slopes. Hiking boots are also always a good idea (who cares about a little bit of mud?!) 

The great tying is, when you get to the top – the views are always worth it. If it’s a shorter hike, head out on sunrise or sunset, to add to the romance.

Going on a longer one? A midway picnic is always essential – so get stocked up!

Hiking Date

3) Hire a Boat

A  motor boat, a rowing boat, a pedal boat, a canoe boat even – there’s plenty of choice when it comes to boat hire.

But it’s got to be well up there with one of the most romantic outdoor date ideas…

Explore the lakes, canals or rivers via boat – going for a team effort, or being whisked away (literally!) by the date of your dreams 😉

Okay, it sounds idillic. Have you added it to your outdoor date wish-list yet?!

4) Go on a Boat Trip or Tour

Canal boat, speed boat, maybe even a fishing boat or sailing boat – depending on where you are in the world.

You should also look out for boat experiences, like dolphin watching, whale watching, seal / wild life spotting. 

Then there’s things like boat parties, bottomless brunches on boats, romantic boat meals.

Uh huh, when you really research it, there’s no shortage of things to do – and different things too, which always helps to keep your relationship fun & exciting!

Outdoor Date Ideas

5) Go Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is another fun activity. It’s not quite a boat, it’s not like canoeing – it’s more of an activity and it’s FUN!

I mean, you could also vouch for something like water boarding or jet skiing, but paddle boarding is chilled, and still allows you to speak to one another (in between laughing at the other person falling off!)

For this reason, it’s got to be one of my favourite outdoor date ideas – especially when you’re comfortable around the person and are just looking for something fun to do!

6) Head To The Beach

A beach day is always a winning date, and the best part is – there’s plenty of different beach date ideas, once you’re there.

Whether you jump in for a swim, or just soak up the sun; play a game of beach volleyball or find a cool beach bar – it’s all about building memories, and this is certainly one that will stick with you!

The weather not up to much? No worries! Wrap up and vouch for a coastal walk instead. Don’t let the elements stop you – it’s all part of the experience!

Beach Date

7) Do A Day Trip To A New City

Another great date idea is a trip out to a new city. Pick somewhere on the app, jump in the car or hop on a train and spend the day exploring. Be a tourist! Go sight seeing.

It’s a great, simple way to be more spontaneous in your relationship!

You can also grab food and drinks whilst you’re there (cheat if they’re inside!) but a change of scene, it really adds to the excitement.

Don’t want to travel? Then try being a tourist for the day in your own town / city.

Pick out the “top rate things to do” in your area from something like Tripadvisor, then see your hometown in a new light!

It’s not just about what you’re doing, but the company that you’re in.

8) Go To An Open Air Cinema

Open air cinema, rooftop cinema, drive in cinema. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to have a ball!

Often, they show old classics, or theatre-like productions. It turns the old “Netflix and chill” into a real night to remember.

Rooftop Cinema Date

9) Go For a Swim

Hit the pool and go for a swim! If there’s a waterpark near you – even better. Or maybe there’s some safe outdoor swimming spots near you, perfect for summer!

Be careful of course. And make a real date day out of it – with food, drinks or nibbles afterwards. (You’ll have earned it with all that paddling!)

10) Go Cliff Diving or White Water Rafting

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even vouch for an outdoor water activity – like cliff-diving, or white-water rafting even.

It’s certainly a crazy date idea (not for the faint hearted!) but isn’t that what life is all about?!

And hey – it will certainly give you that adrenaline rush that you may be craving… which is great for bonding too.

Just be careful and remember to always go with a reputable tour to stay safe. But it’s a great outdoor date idea if you’re able to brave it!

Adrenaline Dates

11) Go Rock-Climbing or Abseiling

Talking of adrenaline dates, another brave one to try is outdoor rock-climbing or abseiling. There’s also bouldering too – although that’s more for the professionals!

Again, this is not something to do on your own – go with a company! But it’s great to get out in the fresh air, doing something different.

12) Have a Go At Fishing!

Talking of different outdoor date ideas, if your date or partner is into fishing – why not spend the afternoon seeing what you can catch?

It’s always great to take an interest in the things that other people are interested in, especially when dating or in a relationship. It will mean a lot to them and help you feel closer.

Fishing is also a super chilled, afternoon activity.

Remember, you don’t have to keep the little fellers that you catch when fishing – you can simply (and carefully) release the fish back, no harm done.

So grab a drink, pop your feet up, sit back, relax, and have a good chat!

From quick-fire this or that questions to heartfelt deep questions, there’s plenty of conversation starters to make the time pass faster!

Another alternative – if you’re close to the sea – is crab fishing. That’s always a fun outdoor date idea too!

Different Outdoor Date Ideas

13) Go Camping or Glamping

Okay, so definitely not a first date idea, but this one will certainly get you escaping daily life and making some special new memories.

Whether you rough it in a tent, rent a campervan or secure a night in a not-so-rustic cabin, braving the great outdoors with your loved one is sure to make a great summer adventure – especially if the two of you are craving off grid living!

Do this with some of the other outdoor date ideas, using the overnight stay as a chance to extend it.

14) Stargaze The Night Away

Grab a fire pit to keep you cosy, whatever the weather, complement it with wine (or mulled, depending on the season) and of course, nibbles, then wait until the night sky takes over!

See stargazing works whether it’s a Summer date idea, an Autumn date idea, or anything in between. You just adjust it for the time of year.

There’s no denying – it’s also got to be one of the most romantic outdoor date ideas, and will be sure to stick with you, no matter who you do it with.

So it’s certainly one for your outdoor date wish-list, that’s for sure!

Romantic Outdoor Dates

15) Toast Marshmallows

Another similar alternative, is to go for toasted marshmallows and hot chocolates. This is perfect when you’ve got yourself a little fire going!

Grab some blankets, snuggle up and share stories. Adorable, I know!

We’re Half Way Through Our Outdoor Date Ideas

We’re half way through our list of outdoor date ideas. Which is your favourite so far?! And what other ideas has this given you? This is just the base, the starting point… Let your creativity flow!

16) Go Horse-Riding

Another different outdoor date idea – which is both exciting, and romantic.

Grab a horse riding tour, the sunset ones are by far the best, and get out with your date or partner… even if you’ve never been horse riding before!

In fact, when it’s through stunning scenery, it’s certainly a bucket list experience… So one that you can then both tick off!

Different Outdoor Date Ideas

17) Go On A Bike Ride

Horse-riding a little too adventurous? Want something slightly more low key? Then grab some bikes, hire them for the day, and go on a scenic cycle.

Cycling is one of the best sports for couples.

If you’re in the countryside, this is always easy to do – just try to map out a route that has the least hills(!)

If you’re in the city – think, pretty canal paths, parks, quieter historic roads.

A lot of cities also offer electric scooter hire. This is also an alternative and a lot of fun. Or of course there’s roller-blading or skating – if either of those are your thing!

18) Go Sunset Gazing

Another outdoor date idea that’s perfect after a beautiful spring / summers day, is a simple sunset date night.

If the weather forecast looks good – simply go for a drive or pick a beauty spot close by. Perhaps at a viewpoint, a quiet spot along the river, wherever you think, mix it up!

You can do as much or as little as you like there, the key is to time is right so that you can watch the sun down. It’s very romantic!

19) Go Waterfall Chasing

Love the outdoors? A fan of water? Rivers? Waterfalls? Lakes?

See this outdoor date idea can actually be whatever you want it to be.

If there’s a particular thing in nature that you just LOVE – turn it into a date idea! Simply jump in the car, pinpoint the beauty spots, head out early and go and explore!

Adventurous Dates

20) Play Golf or Crazy Golf

Talking of active or exciting dates: an absolute classic that – surely – must be included in any outdoor date ideas wish-list, is crazy golf!

It’s fun, easy, and much-loved by many. In fact, it makes a great group date idea, if you want to bring others into it too!

Another slightly different alternative? Heading to the driving range for a bit of normal golf.

This is great if your date knows how to play… they can get “hands on” whilst showing you, if you’re at that level.

If not – you’ll be guaranteed a laugh, or two, or three, watching each other attempt to hit the golf ball!

21) Have a Game of Badminton or Tennis

Or even table-tennis! There’s plenty of different outdoor sports you can do when thinking of outdoor date ideas.

The great thing is – it gets your competitive streak coming out.

Active games or activities like these are good fun, and provide a focus… which is especially good for breaking any first date awkwardness or first date nerves!

Want to mix it up? Make it even more exciting? Add a forfeit… Loser buys lunch! Or use one of these more daring dares for couples to really spice it up!

This also then the perfect way to finish off the date, as well as giving you your energy back!

Active Date Ideas

22) Go To a Festival or Event

Need we say more?! Spring / Summer time creates ample opportunities, with ready-made dates, just waiting for you!

Have a mooch, see the different things that are going on, outdoors near you.

It could be a food and drinks festival, a cute little crafts fair, a local music festival – the list is endless.

23) Watch Live Sport

Talking of events, live sport is always a fun, different outdoor date day / night.

When it comes to outdoor sports, we’re talking more rugby / soccer / football / baseball – but the great thing about these sports is the atmosphere!

Grab a drink and a hot dog, get into the spirit of it and I guarantee you’ll have a good time!

24) Go To a Food & Drinks Market

Talking of things with good atmosphere – a food and drinks market is always a good shout, particularly if you’re looking for fun foodie date ideas.

Now, depending on where you’re based, there will be more or less of these.

But they are both fun and sociable – so they’re well worth traveling over to a nearby city for too. Just jump on a train and watch the day (excitedly!) unfold!

Dates for Foodies

25) Head To A Farmers Market

Talking of markets – why not head to a local farmers market on a Saturday morning and see what you can find!? It’s one of the best morning date ideas to set up your day!

The great thing about it, is its local produce. And there’s also usually a lot of tasters – which is always fun in good company, too!

Take your fresh farmers market finds home and create your own farm-to-table lunch or dinner! It’s like a two in one date! This leads me onto my next date suggestion…

26) Cook Up A Storm!

Whether it’s a BBQ, an outdoor pizza oven, or even cooking in the kitchen before bringing it out and eating al-fresco…

Use those fresh ingredients you grabbed, and turn it into something delightful!

Not feeling a feast? Then create more of a mix-and-match of nibbles and treats… turning it into a little picnic! This outdoor date idea is simple: good food, nice drinks, in quality company!

It’s one of the most popular lunch date ideas, when the weather is at it’s best.

So dress up in a pretty dress, or go casual (yet classy!) with these linen pants outfit ideas. But make a real effort, as that’s what makes it the most date-like!

Outdoor Date Ideas

BONUS: Eat / Drink Al-Fresco

Tired of cooking at home, with your partner? Is it a first date, and it’s a bit too soon to cook from each other’s homes? Then no worries – you can still eat out.

There’s plenty of outdoor bars and restaurants, which give you the fresh air, sunshine and atmosphere, instead of being cooped up inside!

You could also go for just drinks, if you’re not fussed on food – perhaps at a fancy rooftop bar. The choice is yours!

27) See The City At Night

We’ve said about walking dates, but have you ever thought about mixing things up by walking late at night?

Watch the city light up (if you live here of course!) And go for romantic walks to see the prettiest sights – only this time – in a new “light!”

Found a rooftop bar? Even better! Grab drinks there. If you time it right, you may even be able to go before sunset – to watch that go down before it transitions into night.

It could take a bit of planning, but it’s worth it for that extra special evening date!

Evening Date Ideas

28) Go On a Walking Tour

Talking of walking – another different outdoor date idea is a walking tour. It could be one for foodies – where you stop off at different places, trying new things.

It could be a ghost tour, where you walk to different spots, hearing stories on the way!

Or perhaps you’d just like to be a tourist in your area and find out more about the history of where you live. There’s plenty to choose from, so have a dig – see what you can find!

29) Do Something Simple or Chilled

We’re coming to the end of our outdoor date ideas now so I want to pull it back for one of our simplest suggestions – and that is to take the day, just for the two of you.

  • Grab a speaker and sit somewhere beautiful, just relaxing, listening to music.
  • Grab some pencils and get drawing – either your partner, or the scenes around you, then compare the end results between the two of you.
  • You could even just take a book to the park, find yourself a nice spot and sit there reading together.

These kind of simple outdoor date ideas are perfect once your relationship has matured and you’re just able to relax around one another. Or if you’re in the early dating stages and want quality time, getting to know each other.

It makes a nice change, a refreshing break and could be just what you needed!

It also works if you’re looking for last minute date ideas… Uh huh, something simple outdoors, could be your saviour!

Relaxed Outdoor Dates

30) Anything & Everything

Anything that you’d usually INDOORS, see if you can instead, take it OUTDOORS for endless options of outdoor date ideas this Spring / Summer.

Mixing up your environment really can make a big difference to the “experience” – and how you feel. The fresh air works wonders, trust me!

So have a think. See what you can do and what you want to do.

That Rounds It Up…

So there we have it! 30 outdoor date ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of the weather… get out and do as much as you can when you can, and have fun with it!


Different Outdoor Date Ideas
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