50 Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

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Looking for different places to hang out with friends? Different venues? Different meeting points? With slightly different things to do at each? Then you’ve come to the right place landing on this blog post right now! Here’s 50 fun places to hang out with friends – filling you with inspiration! That’s right, “mates day” doesn’t have to be dull anymore. So let’s get stuck straight in…

50 Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

In no particular order, here’s 50 fun places to hang out with friends, PLUS, suggestions for how to make each of these meeting points, that little bit different, in terms of extra activities to do there.

See there are many different female personalities and consequently – different people will like doing different things.

But with this comprehensive list of fun places to hang out with friends, you’ll never be short of ideas. (That’s for sure!)

There’s something for everyone within here, trust me! And many different things you may also have not have even thought of doing with your mates before now!

See when it comes to places to hang out with your friends, you could go for…

1) Your House

Let’s start off by stating the obvious, because meeting at your house (or theirs) is one of the BEST places to hang out with friends… Hands down!

There’s so many fun things to do with friends at home. The options really are endless. This means you could keep on meeting in the same place – and yet still do different things each time!

What’s more, it’s also cheap (if not free) to meet at home, and do something altogether there; making it a budget-friendly meeting point too!

TOP TIP: Try asking your friends more interesting questions, to keep the conversation flowing and your bond strengthening, even if you’re just chilling at home, not doing that much!

2) Online – Via Zoom

Can’t always get together in person? Then that doesn’t mean you can’t still hang out with friends… It then just comes in a different form!

With Zoom on your laptop or FaceTime on your phone, anything you’d rather do face to face, can be done virtually.

So it’s well worth considering – especially if you guys have busy schedules, or one of your friends lives further away.

Zoom Call With Friends

3) Restaurant

Restaurants are another classic and common place to hang out with friends. But again – it’s a no brainer. We’ve all got to eat, and there are always plenty of different restaurants to choose from.

From Chinese to Japanese, Indian to Italian, the list really could go on and on…

The great thing is, every time you try a different type of restaurant, it makes it slightly different. And even within these types of restaurants, there are multiple options too.

You can also pick the type of restaurant you want to hang out in, based on the occasion.

For instance, a fast food restaurant may work for a casual catch up, whereas a finer dining restaurant may be a better fit for a special occasion… So you can mix it up in many different ways!

Places to hang out with friends

4) Bar

On a similar note then – we’ve got to mention bars when it comes to fun places to hang out with friends. Bars are a no-brainer!

Why do we love them so much? Well, because they’re simple and can be as affordable or expensive as you want / need.

You also get the good atmosphere from being “out and about!” and so it’s a cool change of scene.

If you’re single and taking on the singles dating challenge with friends, bars are also a common and popular place to meet other new singles.

In fact, next time you’re out at a bar – try starting a conversation with a stranger. Go on, I dare you! What have you got to lose?! (Spoiler alert: the answer is, nothing!)

Cocktail Bar With Friends

5) Live Music Venues

Want a little extra added entrainment when hanging out with friends?

Then a live music venue is a perfect meeting point… Especially if the music isn’t too loud. (That way you can actually still sustain a decent conversation!)

Speak, dance, sing. Whatever you want!

If you’re looking for a place you can let your hair down with your pals, live music venues (or even just a bar that’s playing live music that night), is always a good shout.

Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

6) Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more casual… And without the temptation of alcohol(!)… You may like to consider a coffee shop instead.

In fact, grabbing a coffee and cake with friends, is the perfect afternoon activity; giving you ample opportunity to catch up in a calm, positive environment.

In fact, finding cute little independent coffee shops to hang out with friends is just part of the fun. Try visiting a different one each time!

7) Gym / Leisure Centre / Health Club

On a health kick? Looking for a positive, productive place to hang out with friends?

Then a gym / leisure centre / health club will ALWAYS ‘fit the bill’ for that.

Whether you go all out, meeting up for a workout, then chilling out together after, or simply use it as a place to meet up – the choice is yours.

Fitness classes also work well. As do group sports.

Psst, you may actually be pleasantly surprised with this one. It may also get you all into healthy, happy, active habits in the process too!

Different Places To Hang Out With Friends

8) Spa

Ommmm. Need a little detox? Want to switch off and relax? Or maybe you’re taking part in the 30 Day Self Care Challenge together?

Then meeting up at a spa is a no-brainer!

You can still do your own thing; with treatments to break things up.

But it’s a more relaxed way to spend time with friends, that’s good for both your mind and your body. (So it’s a win, win, all round.)

Relaxing Places To Hang Out With Friends

9) Nail Salon

A different place to hang out with friends (that you may not have thought of) is a nail salon.

It sets the scene for a perfect girly session, where you can be properly pampered whilst you have a natter!

Most nail salons are pretty friendly already, so you may find your nail technician jumps in with the conversation too! But… you can never have too many friends, right?!

Just book your treatments for the same time (or as close to as you can) and you’ll find this becomes a super cool – and monthly – place to hang out with friends!

10) Beauty Salon

Not into manicures? Then consider hanging out at a beauty salon instead, where you have a whole range of treatments to choose from.

Hair? Brows? Lashes? You decide! The benefit is – you can get your friend’s opinions on which look to go for, whilst you’re there!

You’re also all helping and encouraging each other to feel confident in the way that you look

Whilst still finding your own unique “look”, without feeling the need to try to fit in or compare yourself to others.

Well, it can be anything. Like everything in life – it’s all about what you make it.

And it’s certainly a different place to hang out with friends, anyway. Even if you don’t do it every week, every month or few months would, of course, work.

Beauty Salon With Friends

11) Museum

Liking these different places to hang out with friends? Then, how about heading to a museum?

There’s so many different types, with so many different things in each – you’ll never run out of things to see, which means there’s endless things to talk about too!

Museums are also generally free, or you can get free museum tickets with EBT, which is certainly another added bonus if you’re looking to watch your wallet that month, but still want to do something different with friends.

Museum With Friends

12) Art Gallery

Similarly, an art gallery is another great place to hang out with friends; especially if you’re pretty creative, or have an appreciation for arts.

Even if you’re not, it will help to bring out your creative side and – in turn – create different conversations with friends, so that things never get dull!

Just go into things open minded, with the outlook of making it FUN. (You can never go too far wrong, with anything in life, if you always go and make the best of things!)

13) Painting Studio

One of the coolest places to hang out with friends is actually a painting studio.

Across many towns and cities, events like “Drink and Draw” or “Paint and Prosecco” are TOTALLY a thing. (Who’d have thought?!)

And yes, you can do these at home, but doesn’t painting at a painting studio make you feel more professional?!

It’s fun, keeps you busy, gives you a focus, yet still gets you that quality time with your friends… Which sounds like a pretty strong combo, right?!

Different Things To Do With Friends

14) Book Store

Ever thought of hanging out with friends in a book store? Well you totally should!

Yes, you generally have to be a little quiet, but that can often be a blessing, because it gives a very calming “vibe” when hanging out.

Got a book club going on? Then even better! There’s plenty of great book club questions to keep you hanging out for hours and what better place to host your club in?!

Even if you don’t have a book club with your pals – you can still browse the vast array of books, picking out ones for each other, and discussing your favourites to date!

Short of ideas? Looking for inspiration? Then check out my very own reading list here.

Book Store With Friends

15) Library

A library is another place you can hang out with your friends, and – the good news is – there’s some key advantages to this.

  1. It’s free, so you can still “borrow” books, without having to buy them.
  2. You can hang out in them as long as you want or need.
  3. They usually have a coffee shop in, so you can combine different types of venues, all in one!

This also means there’s a mix of quiet areas and not-so-quiet areas. So there’s something for everyone!

Uh huh, library’s aren’t just for kids or students. They’re for everyone; of all ages. On this note…

16) Park

The park is a classic place to hang out with friends, and one that you DON’T have to grow out of!

See, parks offer great, open spaces, usually with plenty of trails. They’re not just all about the kids climbing frames.

So, have a walk through the park, take a picnic blanket to lie on, indulge in your favourite nibbles, or take some garden games – like croquet or badminton.

There’s endless things to do (even if they’re the smallest, simplest things!)

But it’s yet another public place that you can make the most of when looking to hang out with your friends. On the flip side…

Park With Friends

17) Garden

If you or your friends do have a garden, this also makes a great hang-out spot, especially in the Summer. (Soak up that Vitamin D, my friends!)

By chilling out in your own space, you then also get to nip inside to use the toilet you need, or can keep food / drinks, cold and fresh. (Which certainly comes in handy.)

And hey, if the weather’s really good or you’re celebrating a special occasion together as a group, why not consider going all out with a garden party?! It’ll be memorable, that’s for sure!

Places to hang out with friends

18) Summer House

Summer house’s have got to be one of the best fun places to hang out with friends.

They offer shade, style & extra quirky things inside. I mean, take a look at some of these summerhouses. How cute are they?!

Can’t you just imagine sipping Prosecco in a summer house, whilst hanging out with friends, on a hot day?!

So if you and any of your pals have got one – use it! As it’s one of the all-time top places to hang out with friends!

Garden Party With Friends

19) Botanical Gardens

Next up – we’ve got botanical gardens.

And these are a great (and again, different) venue of choice when it comes to cute places to hang out with friends.

You’re combining flowers, greenery, coffee and good company… of course!

See, it’s all about finding what’s in your area, and taking the initiative to organise something there, instead of hanging out in the same places every time. Similarly…

20) House & Gardens

Depending on where you are in the world, you may find that there’s beautiful public houses and gardens that you can visit for your next social gathering.

For instance, here in the UK, we have National Trust Houses, which are historic buildings open to the public, but they’re the perfect place to get together with friends.

So see what’s out and about near you!

Talking of which, if you and your friends are fans of history…

National Trust With Friends

21) Castle

A castle… Really?! I bet you never thought of THAT as a place to hang out with friends.

But why not?! If you have one in your area, there’s plenty to do there… So why not add it into the mix?! (You only live once, as they say!)

It’s maybe not somewhere you’d hang out every week (unless they’re free, old, castle ruins – which have to be safe remember guys!)

But every now and then – it’s good to go somewhere different. And hey – it may even get you brainstorming about how to create your own happily ever after!

22) Nature Reserve

One place you can hang out endless times – and will never get bored – is a nature reserve. Especially if you love the outdoors!

The walks, the wildlife, the tranquility… What’s not to love?!

It certainly sets a different tone for your social gatherings, and gives you a bit of much-needed fresh air and activity in the process too. Similarly…

Adventures With Friends

23) Woodland

Live near beautiful woodlands? Then it’s a great place to hang out with friends!

Fancy a day out? Then that’s another reason to find a woodland to put on your wish list.

Whether you tackle their scenic trails or take a picnic then just hang out and chill – the choice is yours. But it’s certainly a spot to consider!

Places to hang out with friends

24) Hills / Mountains

Imagine hanging out with friends on the hills!

Go for a hike, take lots of snacks, and admire the incredible views from the top.

Hills or mountains can be a great place to hang out with friends if they’re close by, easily accessible and safe.

Just make sure you allow plenty of time to get home before darkness hits. (Safety first, my friends!)

You’re after ACTIVE mates days out, not crazy date ideas, remember?!

Hiking With Friends

25) Lake / Pond

Ever fancied hanging out with an ice-cold drink, on a hot summer’s day, fishing next to a lake / pond? Sounds pretty idilic right? And it is!

Sometimes the simplest things are the best…

But by mixing it up, to make it slightly different each time, it makes it far more interesting when hanging out with friends!

Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

26) Beach

Next up, we’ve got the beach, and this is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to places to hang out with friends.

After all, it really has got it all! Need we say more?!

There’s actually heaps of different things to do at the beach when you think outside the box too! So whether it’s for a date day or mates day – get creative with it!

Places to hang out with friends

27) Beer Garden!

Want the “best of both worlds” with drinks AND nature?! Then scrap hanging out with friends in a bar or park, and head to a beer garden instead!

This is – of course – more of a Spring / Summer hang out spot, but when the weather’s good – make the most of it, with some social drinking outside!

(Psst, don’t forget – you can still opt for soft drinks or non-alcoholic drinks remember!)

Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

28) Riverside

A riverside is another cool, chilled place to hang out with friends.

Whether you simply sit by it, paddle along in a boat, or spend your time walking alongside it – it’s entirely up to you and your friends.

The great thing is – there really is something especially relaxing about flowing water.

In fact, researchers believe that the sound of water can guide the neuronal waves in our brain, allowing for a calming effect.  (Which makes sense right!)

Yep, there’s many psychological benefits of being outside, along a riverside. So it’s things like this that should be considered when weighing up different places to hang out with friends.

Essentially – you can feel good by the company you’re in and the place that you choose to meet!

29) Golf Course

Around 77% of golf players are men, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t get into it too!

Golf is a great sport, that’s simple, relaxing and social – making a golf course a great place to hang out with friends.

You’ve just got it all – good company, a different activity and something that can keep you guys busy for hours on end. So consider this – even if it means taking up a new hobby.

Because you may well find you enjoy it more than you think!

Different Things To Do With Friends

30) Mini Golf Course

“Normal” golf, not your thing? Then a mini golf course is a great hang out spot for anyone and their friends… as anyone can do it!

The great thing about hanging out with friends at a mini golf course, is they usually have a bar, a little restaurant and other games to keep you busy there too.

So it’s a super fun and sociable place to hang out with friends. Talking of which…

31) Pub

Now if you’re looking for places to hang out with friends and read “the pub” as a suggestion, you may think: well, that’s not very original!

But it’s not just about WHERE you go, but WHAT you do there too.

Many pubs have dart boards and pool tables, for cheap, simple entertainment whilst you catch up. So be sure to make the most of the things that are on your doorstep!

You can also play a fun, juicy game of pub truth or dare; using these hilarious dares for friends

Mixed in with these juicy questions to ask your friends. It’s guaranteed to keep you entertained whilst you’re there!

Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

32) Arcade / Arcade Bar

Arcade bars are something that are dramatically growing in popularity now. But they’re great fun as they offer classic games, good music and food / drinks.

If you like the classic games night in at home… Basically, this one is just “next level.”

So this is another great venue to consider when looking for places to hang out with friends.

Arcade Bar With Friends

33) Theme Park

Every now and then, theme parks can be another cool place to hang out with friends.

They can be pretty pricey, but they make a great day trip… And lasting (usually hilarious) memories there too.

Remember: return visitors are usually free or a fraction of the price, and there’s usually some pretty great offers going on too.

So it’s things like this you want to look out for if you’re after cheap / free date ideas with friends.

Places to hang out with friends

34) Zoo

Are you and your friends a fan of animals? Love watching all of their cute and funny ways?! Then the zoo is another different place to meet and catch up.

You can walk around, nattering away, whilst admiring some of your favourite furry (or non-furry, depending what your thing is) friends! Similarly…

Visiting the zoo

35) Aquarium

An aquarium is another cool place to hang out with friends.

Again, it may not be somewhere you head every week… unless you grab an annual membership of course – now that would be cool!

But it can be a cool place to hang out with friends, to mix it up every now and then. In fact, speaking of which…

visiting the aquarium

36) … Any Attraction Really!

We could take this list of places to hang out with friends FAR beyond 50 if we were to list all the different types of activities / attractions…

But the best thing to do, is work out what you guys want to do, then create a little “wish list” of places and experiences, then work your way through.

That way you’re continuously going different places and doing different things, as you hang out. It brings you far closer and keeps it nice and fun!

37) Shopping Mall

Whether you’re looking to go on a shopping spree, or just want to use the shopping mall as a different place to hang out with friends – both work well!

Even if you just grab a coffee there or do a little window shopping!

See, you can buy or do, as much or as little as you like at a shopping mall. But it’s a warm, dry, easy place to hang out with friends.

Shopping With Friends

38) Ice Skating Rink

Talking of both warm and cold places – indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks can be a COOL, fun place to hang out with friends too.

Glide around whilst having a natter! (Because – why not?!)

It’s different, active and very entertaining… Especially if one of your friend’s doesn’t have the best balance! But at least it always gives you something to talk and laugh about!

This is a popular Christmas date idea, but it can be a mates date or a romantic date. It works for either!

places to go with friends in winter

39) Cinema

The cinema is another great hang out spot, if you’re looking to switch off for a little bit, whilst still being in good company.

The great thing about hanging out at a cinema, is you can meet there a little earlier, before the film, to catch up. But there’s also endless new movies coming out – giving you something different to watch each time.

In summer time, there’s also open air / rooftop cinemas too, which provide an extra special experience.

Again, open air cinemas are a super popular summer date idea, but they also make for great mates-nights too. So get dressed up and make an occasion of it!

Ultimately – a cinema works well as a one-off meeting spot, but also the perfect place to hang out with friends, regularly, if you guys are movie buffs! (Awesome!)

40) Theatre

Want to step it up a notch? Then a theatre is another option when looking for places to hang out with friends.

It’s very much like a cinema, but all-the-better if you’re hanging out for a special occasion.

(After all, you’re unlikely to be able to see a play or musical EVERY week! But aren’t they brilliant when you do?! Uh huh – they’re well worth it!)

different things to do with friends

41) Comedy Club

Next up, we’ve got to throw in a comedy club! It’s the PERFECT place to meet up with friends.

I mean, you’ve got – a bar, entertainment, lots of laughs, good vibes, and of course then, good conversation!

Comedy clubs can be pretty cheap too, making it an affordable to hang out, whilst supporting local talent.

Laugh away any stress or worries with friends. Because hey – life is too short to be miserable!

Comedy Club With Friends

42) Bowling Alley

We also can’t forget a good, old, bowling alley when it comes to fun places to hang out with friends.

This is another affordable activity venue that never gets old, and ALWAYS brings a lot of laughs… Especially if you all have a bit of a competitive side.

You can turn it into a real challenge then!

Places to hang out with friends

43) Sports Ground

Sports grounds offer endless options to hang out and do different things.

For instance, you can socialise over the football, basketball or cricket – to mention just a few. And HEY – it’s not just for men!

In fact, ogling at the hot athletes with your single friends can be super funny and entertaining in itself! So see what’s on.

Or, on the flip side, give these sports a go yourself…

Basketball With Friends

44) Sports Club

Hit the badminton courts or tennis grounds, or maybe battle it out with some squash!

Sports clubs are a great place to hang out with friends because it keeps you busy and active, doing something fun and healthy.

There’s also heaps of team activities, whether you play singles or doubles – so it fits well for different friendship group sizes.

If you go to a sports club regularly enough – you’ll also end up getting pretty good at your chosen sport and will likely find, you’ve developed a new hobby! (Woohoo!)

45) Food & Drinks Festival

Depending on the time of year, a food & drinks festival could be a good choice, when it comes to places to hang out with friends.

(Especially if you’re looking for foodie date ideas with mates.)

See, you’ve got the food (obv!), the drinks (obvs!), the great atmosphere and the entertainment, all in one!

It’s simply about finding different things that are going on – and opting to give them ago, as opposed to meeting up in the same spots each time.

Talking of festivals…

Fun Places To Hang Out With Friends

46) Music Festival

A music festival has GOT to be added onto your bestie bucket list, because… well… need we say more?! It’s great fun and got it all!

Sing, dance, chat, laugh. And lap up the incredible atmosphere and top class performances!

Even if the weather is bad, or the acts aren’t quite as good ‘live’ as you expected – you’ll often find it doesn’t even matter.

A music festival is just, undoubtably, one of the best places to hang out with friends.

Fun Things To Do With Friends

47) Party

Then of course, whenever there’s parties going on – this is a great place to hang out with friends.

During these, you’ll mix with your closest friendship circle, but are also likely to meet older friends you’ve not seen for a while, as well as making new friends too.

So it’s a great place to socialise as a whole.

And hey – if there aren’t many going on, why not host one yourself one of the times?! It can be as chilled or wild as you like… honestly!

In fact, hosting a party is one of the (many) fun things to do as a couple, with your partner, so if you have a special man / woman in your life – why not combine both of your friendship groups altogether?!

48) Social Club

Talking of social settings, a social club is another great place to hang out with friends – especially if that’s how you found / made the friends in the first place!

Whether that’s within a university / college, a country club, a dinner club or a hobby club (to mention just a few), there’s plenty around and the whole purpose of the venues is to get you mixing with likeminded people.

This is therefore a great place to hang out with current friends, but also meet new people to form new friendships with too.

How To Make New Friends

49) Community Hall

Community hall’s are also places you can go with friends, particularly when local events are going on. They’re also places you can host your own…

For instance – Mother & Toddler events are popular within community halls (although it depends what life stage you’re in, of course!)

You’ve got to go through the key dating and relationship milestones before you get to that, of course!

Mother and Toddler Group

50) Church / Religious Centre

Last but not least – we’ve got a church / religious centre. And this is certainly not to be discounted!

You’ve got events, services and the “vibe” there can be super fun.

So if you and your friends are religious, don’t be shy to get involved and start to use your places of worship as a place you can get together more.

And if you’re not or aren’t sure – don’t be afraid to be open minded to it.

Places to hang out with friends

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – our mighty list of 50 fun places to hang out with friends!

I hope this has filled you with ideas and inspiration. Remember – romantic relationships are important, but they’re not EVERYTHING!

Value the friends you have in your life, and really put the time & effort in.

After all, they’re the ones who will help you through the bad times and the good. They’ll be your rocks (if you let them!)

So this is one of the key steps to developing your friendships!

Have fun. Take care.


Places To Hang Out With Friends
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