14 (Unexpectedly!) Great Places To Meet Men

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Fed up of dating apps? Want to meet new people in person? But wondering where to meet men? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s 14 (unexpectedly!) great places to meet men – that don’t require you hanging out at a pub every weekend!

See, when it comes to great places to meet men, it’s all about homing in on the KIND of men you want to meet, then thinking, “okay, well, where might they be?!”

Just remember: simply finding where to meet guys is only the first step. Once you’re there, you want to use our guide on how to start a conversation with a stranger to actually make the contact you need!

It’s also valuable to learn how to know if a guy is flirting with you, to work out if there could be a romantic connection there.

But, baby steps right? We’ve got to know where to find them first!

14 Best Places To Meet Men in 2024

So, where do you meet men? We’ve rounded up the 14 best places to meet great men in 2024, in this guide for you here.

Have a read and then let us know in the comments box below, how many of these places you’ve tried, and how well they’ve worked for you!

See when it comes to the best places to meet men, you might like to consider…

1) Parks

Big parks in busy cities are packed full of both men and women, especially in Summer.

The feel-good vibes and endless activities make it (surprisingly) easy to approach men there, too.

I mean, for example – consider taking garden games and “accidentally” throwing a ball too far to create conversations with men. 😉

Another genius idea is taking a dog with you, and going to a dog park, or simply interacting with other guys who are also walking their dog through the park.

Dogs create the easiest opportunities to approach people, and they also create endless conversation starters, so they’re a no-brainer!

If you’ve got your own dog – this is obviously the easiest. But even if you haven’t – borrow a friend, or use apps like “Borrow My Doggy” to walk someone else’s!

Places To Meet Men

2) Coffee Shops

Parks not your scene? Then coffee shops are another great place to meet men. The key with this one is to focus on getting eye contact with people.

I mean, have you ever been somewhere and started to wonder, “why is he staring at me so intensely?“, well he could be trying that trick out too! He’s attracted to you!

But if you go for a more subtle approach, it works a treat, then use questions to create conversations and you’re well on your way!

Just have courage, have confidence. You’ve got this.

3) CoWorking Space

An even easier place to meet guys is a co-working space. Why? Well because they’re more social and there’s more opportunities to create natural new conversations with a person.

You’re also likely to find and attract more like-minded people, especially if you’re passionate, ambitious and driven.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply work from home – switch up your home space for a co-working environment, and you’ll start to ask yourself how you ever wondered, “where can I meet men?!”

where to meet men

4) Business Events

From business talks, business training, right the way to networking events – business events are another environment where you’ll meet plenty of professional men, which may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Use your work as an excuse to introduce yourself, then notice if the chemistry is there, and if it’s therefore appropriate to progress the conversation on a more personal level.

Just be sure to look out for a wedding ring or take note of his phone screensaver (where possible) as the last thing you want to find out is that he’s secretly got a girlfriend or a wife! 😩

5) Meet-Up Events

When it comes to where to meet men, one of the best and easiest places to go is a meet-up event.

Meetup is a FREE app, designed to help you find like-minded people in your area. You’ll find groups you can join and within these groups, you’ll find listings of events you can then attend.

It’s nice and safe as these events are usually always hosted in public spaces, and with others also attending, so you’re never alone.

With mixed meet-up groups you’ll find ample men to meet. There’s even specific groups for single men and women, giving you an “already vetted” pool of people, right there, waiting!

Or, if you’re feeling nervous, you can always take a friend, to be your “wing woman” for you!

Either way, it’s well worth checking out – at the very least.

different places to meet new people

6) Sports Events

Sports events are another great place to meet men. We’re talking football games, baseball games, gee – even think, ice-hockey games, the options are endless.

Now in many cases, guys watching live sport are often drinking, and often with a group of friends. But if they end up being single men, and you go with your gals, you can be onto a real winner!

The plus side with this one, is if you do genuinely enjoy watching the sport – you’ll win some SERIOUS brownie points for having that common interest!

It also creates easy discussion points. On a similar note…

7) Sports Clubs

When it comes to where to meet men, sports club are a gal’s best friend!

Again – depending on what kind of man you’re looking for, a sports club could actually be “more your scene” (compared to business events.)

Simply search local sports clubs in your area. These can be group sports or double sports – like tennis, badminton and squash. These provide endless opportunities to get a little flirty as you go-head to head.

And the benefit is, if you do end up together, you’ll then have a ready-made couples sport you can continue!

Running clubs are another great place to men. Tinder has even partnered with a running app for this reason. So it may be time to get your trainers out!

different places to meet guys

8) Hiking / Walking Trails

Now here’s one you probably weren’t expecting – unless you’re already the outdoorsy / adventurous type!

See, walkers and hikers are generally known for being pretty friendly and, again, it’s a great opportunity to find someone with common interests.

(Imagine the crazy date ideas you might end up going on after this if you met on a trail!)

Just be sure to stay safe, go with others where you can. And then initiate conversation by innocently asking for directions or to check you’re on the right path…

You never know, you may end up walking together! How about that?!

9) Gym Classes

So we mentioned sports clubs as great places to meet men, but I think gym classes / exercise classes also deserve a spot on this list in their own right!

Now, when it comes to finding men – you may have to opt for a class like CrossFit over Yoga.

Think of classes that are popular amongst men. (Although these typically tend to be some of the most challenging!)

This one will be sure to put you through your paces, that’s for sure but hey – finding love in itself is tough right? And “no pain, no gain” as they say!

You may as well get fit whilst finding love – if and when it’s an option, hey?

how to meet guys

10) Hardware Store

Next up, it’s a hardware store, and yep – I know, this is DEFINITELY another unexpected place to meet men. But it’s a no-brainer when you think about it, right?

In fact, if you’re looking for a hands-on construction guy (or even just a hopeful at-home DIYer), you’re going to be in men-heaven!

When it comes to approaching new men at a hardware store, go for the easy option – ask for advice! Just choose your man wisely and your time wisely too…

Trying to ask a busy guy, mid week, who looks to be in a hurry, may not go down that well.

But choose the right one – asking for advice then also meets his needs to HELP. (Men are problem-solvers you see.) So it really is a win, win!

11) Weddings

Next up, it’s weddings! And I know what you’re thinking…

That next wedding you have coming up, WITHOUT a +1 to bring with you – you were dreading it right? But really, there’s no need!

See, at every single wedding, there’s going to be other single men, in exactly the same situation as you. (And you’re not the only one who hates being single at times like this, you know?!)

It’s all about getting social, spotting who’s attending alone, and use it as an opportunity to create conversation.

With love all around you, there really couldn’t be a better setting to spark a new and exciting romance! So again – be bold, be brave, my friends!

Places To Meet Men

12) At a Bar

Next up, we HAVE to mention bars as one of the best places to meet men. And sure, it may not initially sound very creative or original.

But we’re talking: bars over nightclubs. Bars that are more “your vibe” over any old pub!

See when you choose right, and there’s different things going on – you end up with endless potentials that really are too good to miss.

It’s also unexpected when you DO meet someone out, by chance, at random, at a bar. As it’s one of those things you hear about, but think will never actually happen to you! (In the best of ways!)

The secret with this one is to focus on getting eye-contact with guys you like, to show your interest. Then, they’ll either come to you, or if they reciprocate, you can approach them more confidently.

Also bear in mind – if there’s a queue for the bar, it’s actually good for you. Uh huh, forget groaning and instead, make the most of it by using that as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with a guy that’s stood next to you! Talking of queues…

13) On Public Transport

If you’re waiting in line for public transport, this can be an easy way to meet men and create a conversation with them.

For example, let’s say you’re waiting for a train – innocently ask if you’re own the right platform, then use it as an opener to lead onto conversations of where they’re heading and if they’re up to anything fun this afternoon!

Don’t worry about rejection when dating or approaching people. Remember – it’s nothing personal. This can actually be a bit of a numbers game. So don’t fear it, have fun with it!

where to meet guys

14) Volunteering

Last but not least then, our final recommendation when it comes to how to meet men – is by giving a little helping hand and doing some volunteering.

This could be at your local church, a community event, or social club even. It doesn’t have to just be charity volunteering. There’s endless ways to give back and get involved.

The good thing is – it FEELS good, whilst connecting you with like-minded, friendly and sociable people, who could actually be looking for the same things as you!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 14 (unexpectedly!) great places to meet men, to get the ideas flowing.

Remember, this doesn’t mean you should discount dating apps. In fact, use our dating app tips to learn how to use them more effectively.

But it is good to not have “all your eggs in one basket”, or so to speak.

In fact, if you’re bored of dating, looking for different ways to meet men could be exactly what you need to bring back the excitement again!

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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