50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better

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Want to know how to get to know yourself on a deeper level? How to understand who you really are and what’s truly important to you? Then it’s time for some self-awareness! Here’s 50 key questions to get to know yourself better – 50 questions that will really make you think!

How To Get To Know Yourself

How well do you know yourself? I mean really know yourself? Not the person you show other people that you are. The person that you really are. This is something that you may not be as clear on as you perhaps may think. Because think about it, how often do you actually spend time getting to know yourself?

We always invest time learning about other people, but what about ourselves? I mean, studies actually suggest that although that 95 percent of people would consider themselves self-aware, the more accurate figure would likely to be around 10%!

So when it comes to how to get to know yourself, you have to swat up a little… on YOU! We have therefore pulled together 50 questions to get to know yourself better – to get you started and make it a little easier.

How It Works:

– Each question is placed roughly into a different category: to  make them easier to work through and help you to identify where the gaps perhaps may be.

– It’s important to note that you don’t need to tackle them all at once. This should be an ongoing part of learning and development. After all, you may find these answers chance as you grow as a person.

– If you don’t know the answer to a question, write it down and take some time exploring it further. This is the most important part.

There’s also no right or wrong answers, so long as it’s true to you. So, you ready? Shall we get stuck in?

50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better

Without further ado, here’s our top 50 questions to get to know yourself better.

Starting With The Basics:

1) What’s your favourite book? Movie? Band? Food? Colour? Animal?

2) How about what you like to do for fun? To chill out? For self-care?

3) What would a perfect day look like to you?

4) Generally speaking, what’s your outlook like to life? Do you think you are a positive or negative person? 

5) What things have you never done before, but would like to do? Think about some things on your dream wish-list.

6) How about some achievements you’d love to reach in your life? What would make you feel accomplished?

7) Who are your greatest role models? And what do they inspire you to do / be more like?

8) What are your short-term goals and long-term goals? And why are these important to you?

9) Who and what matters the most to you in your life?

10) What are your strengths and weaknesses as a person?

11) And what areas do you know that you need to work on / develop?

learning who you are

A Little Self Awareness:

12) Are you happy in your life right now? If not, why not? In what areas are your desires not matching up with reality? 

13) If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be and why?

14) What is something you always love doing, even when you are tired or rushed?  And why?

15) How about the things that you really don’t like? What bothers you the most? Unsettles you?

16) What does success meant to you? And what would you have to do in order to feel successful?

17) How about happiness – what does that mean to you?

18) What is your relationship like with money? What’s your views on the power of money?

19) What are your biggest fears? And are these something you’d ever tried to overcome?

20) How might you overcome your biggest fears?

21) Are you good at identifying your emotions? How do you actually know when you’re stressed / overwhelmed / afraid? 

22) How do you deal with these negative emotions? What are your coping mechanisms? Are these good/ bad?

Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better:

23) What are you most embarrassed / ashamed / disappointed at yourself with?

24) Do you find it difficult to take responsibility for your mistakes or actions?

25) What you’re most grateful for / happy with / proud about?

26) What are your insecurities? And where did these stem from?

27) Do you listen to your inner critic? What does it tell you?

28) What lies do you tell yourself, and others, on a regular basis, and why?

29) How about any gifts or talents that you have, that you typically hide from yourself or others?

30) Do you ever underestimate yourself? If so, why do you think this is, where is it coming from, and what can you do about it? (Psst, these self love questions will help to explore this further.)

31) What would you consider to be your biggest failure in life? And how did you react to that failure? What did you learn, or can look back and learn from it now?

32) Do you rely on others to tell you what to do or how to act? If so, how can you remove this expectation and act based on your own beliefs?

33) Are there areas of your life that you notice you compare yourself to others? Your body, your job, your friend group, etc.

how to get to know yourself

It’s Time To Dig Deeper:

34) What are your values? What do you believe in?

35) How about your morals? Do you feel like you’re living your life with integrity?

36) Where did you get these from? What are the most important lessons you feel like you’ve learnt so far, and from which people, which experiences?

37) Of all the human needs that we have, what are the most important to you? Rank them in order.

38) What are the biggest problems in the world right now? And is there anything you could do to help solve them?

39) If you only have 6 months left to live, would you change the way you are living your life now? In what ways? What would you do?

40) What’s holding you back from living the life you would live if you were dying (refer to the question above)?

41) Do you think life should be a constant journey of self improvement? Where does self acceptance come in? How do you get the right balance between striving for perfection, and being everything that you can be?

42) What are you truly passionate about? What would you love to be your life mission / sole purpose and ultimate goal? Building on this further, what legacy would you like to leave behind? And what would it take for you to leave that legacy behind? Do you think you will be able to do this?

43) Do you believe there is a meaning to life? If so, what is it?

How well do you know yourself?

Let’s Look At Love:

44) Do you find you are happiest when single, in a relationship, or it makes no difference?

45) What do you think is the scariest thing about love? And do you find it scary?

46) How about the best thing about love? What do you think that is?

47) What does it feel like to be in love? How do you know you’re in love / how would you know?

48) How do you express love? And what makes you feel loved?

49) Is there someone inside of you that is blocking love from your life? Maybe a belief or a past experience.

50) How important is it to you that you experience love in your life?

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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

So there we have it – a starting point for how to get to know yourself, with 50 questions to get to know yourself better. Have fun working your way through them.

How well do you know yourself? You’ll soon start to find out, based on how hard you find these questions to answer! You may also find they inspire more questions to get to know yourself better…

This is a good thing. It’s what we want. It means you’re opening your mind to the things that are important to you, and relevant to your life.

So keep exploring! Keep expanding your own mind and watch to see how it starts to shape your life.

“Stop following others and start leading yourself. Discover your true, authentic self. The one that was buried beneath other people’s needs. Drive your own life forward, in the way that is best for you. The only path you need is your own…”


Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better

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  1. I got tearful when digging deeper into myself, especially in the question about legacy. I know now what I want to do, and what is missing in my life, thank you so much and sending you lots of love! Xxx


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