Top 10 Relationship Books For Couples

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Looking for the best relationship books for couples? Books to strengthen your relationship? Books that the both of you can read, learn and grow from? Then here’s our top 10 recommended books for couples.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That means that I may make a commission if you click through and purchase. Please note: I will never recommend anything that I’ve not thoroughly researched or personally read / approved.

The Best Relationship Books For Couples

When it comes to the best relationship books for couples, we’ve pulled together our top 10….

1) Getting The Love You Want

First up, the book of all books to kick off our relationship books for couples master list – it has to be no other than Getting The Love You Want.

Originally published in 1988, this book has helped thousands of couples attain more loving, supportive and deeply satisfying relationships.

Written by Dr Harville Hendrix, it taps into the psychology of love, with powerful techniques developed for over 30 years.

It’s therefore a great starting point for any couples looking to improve their relationship. Click here to find out more.

If you do go for this book, I also highly recommend grabbing the workbook which also builds on it further.

2) The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Another great choice when it comes to relationship books for couples, is The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

It’s light, easily discussable and can be worked through, one principle at a time, applied as you go along.

Now, you don’t have to be married to read this one. The principals apply if you’re in a relationship too. Click here to find out more.

3) I Hear You

What if making one tweak to your day-to-day conversations could immediately improve every relationship in your life?

Our next recommended relationship book for couples is I Hear You. This delivers simple, practical, proven techniques for improving any relationship in your life, looking specifically at communication.

It’s short, specialist and focused. Click here to find out more.

4) No More Fighting

No More Fighting is another great relationship book for couples, specifically created for you to work through together – just 20 minutes a week, that’s all you need.

See, it’s practical and designed exactly for this, offering fast, applicable strategies to stop fights now and build a stronger relationship long-term.

“From reconciling different values to navigating intimacy issues and everything in between, No More Fighting gives you the skills you need to fight less and love each other more.” Click here to find out more.

The alternative to this is also: Love More, Fight Less. It’s a workbook so it’s action-based. It’s also top rated, so well worth a look. Talking of workbooks…

5) The Ultimate Relationship Workbook for Couples

We’re storming through these relationship books for couples now, so what better half-way suggestion than the Ultimate Relationship Workbook?

This not only shares the tools and strategies you need, but gets you applying them as you go along.

Covering everything from relationship roles and trust to finances and sex, this workbook offers a simple but comprehensive exploration to strengthen your relationships. Click here to find out more.

ALTERNATIVE: The Big Activity Book For Couples

If The Ultimate Relationship Workbook sounds too formal, a nice alternative is The Big Activity Book.

Chock-full of games, puzzles, quizzes and more, this nifty little book is sure to entertain both you and your partner, whilst still building on that bond, and helping you to learn / grow. Click here to find out more.

Grab Your Free Audible Trial.

Many of relationship books for couples in this articles are also available on Audible for free, when you grab a free trial. Audible is a great to digest books like these together. Simply snuggle up on the sofa, grab a glass of wine and cosy in to tune into the latest book of your choice.

This makes it less intense, also means you’ll both definitely get through the books, and means you can pause and discuss things as you go along – making it far more interactive.

Click here for more details on Audible and sign up for your FREE trial today. No risk, nothing to lose, just these relationship books FOR FREE!

6) Questions For Couples Journal

Whilst we’re still looking at lighter relationship books for couples, another great option is the Questions Journal. This one is similar to the activity books above – whereby you’re “doing” as opposed to just listening. In fact, instead of learning from a book, you’re learning from and about each other.

Packed full of revealing questions, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time connecting with your partner, igniting conversations that are meaningful and fun. Improve your communication while you learn more about each other’s passions, dreams, and goals. Click here to find out more.

7) High Conflict Couple

Moving on now, if you want some serious improvements in your relationship and behaviour, instead of hiring a couples counsellor – why not try this therapist recommended couples relationship book?

“The High-Conflict Couple adapts the powerful techniques of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) into skills you can use to tame out-of-control emotions that flare up in your relationship. Using mindfulness and distress tolerance techniques, you’ll learn how to deescalate angry situations before they have a chance to explode into destructive fights. Other approaches will help you disclose your fears, longings, and other vulnerabilities to your partner and validate his or her experiences in return. You’ll discover ways to manage problems with negotiation, not conflict, and to find true acceptance and closeness with the person you love the most.”

Uh huh, cut the fluff, get to the heart of any problems and really work on yourselves – and your relationship – together. Click here to find out more.

8) Hold Me Tight

Next up, we’ve got Hold Me Tight, and boy – what a book this one is! Heralded by the New York Times and Time magazine as the couple therapy with the highest rate of success, this teaches – the once controversial – Emotionally Focused Therapy – that is now, in fact, backed by science.

The therapy programme focuses on the emotional connection of every relationship by de-escalating conflict, creating a safe emotional connection, and strengthening bonds between partners.

It’s a great relationship book for couples – to work through together, understand, unpick, digest and apply. Highly recommend! Click here to find out more. And again, this is also available as an Audiobook. Click here to grab it on a free trial.

9) The 5 Love Languages

Next up, we’ve got another critically acclaimed. In fact, Gary Chapmans Love Languages theory has been a  New York Times bestseller for 10 years running! We introduced his teachings in this blog post we love it so much.

“Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge. How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of everyday life?

In the #1 New York Times international bestseller The 5 Love Languages, you’ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide. Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman’s proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner—starting today.”

Click here to find out more.

10) Mindful Relationship Habits

Last but not least then, we have Mindful Relationship Habits. I love this relationship book for couples, because you can break it down into developing a new habit a week, that will really support and enhance what you have.

These habits will help you be more present with one another, communicate better, avoid divisive arguments, and understand how to respond to one another’s needs in a more loving, empathic, and conscious way.

Feel disconnected from your spouse or partner? Struggle to keep your relationship fresh? Worried that everything will end in heartbreak? Then this my friends, is the book for you. Click here to find out more.

The Best Relationship Books For Couples

So there we have it – our top 10 relationship books for couples, to work on what you have, together.

Pick one today: decide, commit and schedule in that first reading-session! Whether you read at the same time, read a section of it separately then discuss at the end of the week, or use Audible’s free trial to listen to it when snuggled up on the sofa – the most important thing is that you’re both digesting it.

This time that you spend working on the two of you – it will pay off. So hats off to you guys!

Take care. Wishing you all the best.


Relationship Books For Couples

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