10+ (Fun & Original!) Romantic Games For Couples

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Looking for romantic games to play on your next date night? Cute games, designed for couples, that are fun and original?! Then here’s our top 10 Romantic Games For Couples, with both free and ready-made versions to suit your needs!

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10 (Totally Original!) Romantic Games For Couples

So let’s get stuck in shall we? In no particular order, here’s our all-time favourite romantic games for couples.

1) The Wheel Of Love

First up, we’ve got the wheel of loveeee. And doesn’t it just sound mysterious, right from the name?! Think of it as a spiced-up version of spin-the-bottle…

Only, the Wheel of Love is a more elaborate variation of the original game, including more intimate suggestive prompts (instead of JUST kissing… Yawn!)

Ready to get “down and dirty?!” Or sweet and cosy? Well the Wheel and Love has both. From tasks like:

  • Kiss me below the waist.
  • Sing a love song to me!
  • Slow dance with me.
  • Massage my… uh hum… breasts!

There’s plenty of different things you can get. Once you have the wheel, you can also tape over the original suggestions and write your own new ones each time.

This means the game will never get boring as you can add different variations each time.

It also gives you full freedom and flexibility to add your own romantic gestures in, making it as cute and sweet as you want it to be.

If you’re recreating this from scratch, all you need is:

  • A circular piece of card.
  • A plastic arrow spinner which you secure on.
  • You’ll then draw different blocks around the circular piece of card and can number these.
  • With a number code instead of the prompts written straight on it, you can then change what each number means each time, without having to change your game.

It’s as easy as that! Clever, right?!

Cute couple games

2) Paper Desire

A romantic game you’ll probably never have heard of before, or thought of, is our very own “Paper Desire”

See, this is all about getting on paper, some of the things you perhaps haven’t said before, or would struggle to say, relating to what you want, or would like!

(This is therefore a great game for bringing you closer as a couple, as it includes some really intimate questions and conversations!)

To play, simply:

  • Cut up some paper into small cubes.
  • Sit down opposite each other and write for 5 minutes, 10-15 desires or fantasies that you have, or things that you would really like. (Bonus points if they’re unexpected!) These must be things you can do, or have done to you, in the comfort of your own home, because…
  • You then take it in turns to pull a piece of paper out of the bowl and you then do whatever is written on it! (Which then also comes as a surprise for your partner as they don’t know what’s coming next!)

Setting Boundaries & Categories:

Now it’s a good idea to talk about boundaries before starting the game, so you both know where you stand on different things and what you may not be comfortable doing.

E.G. Is there anything totally off limits? Then establish this before!

You can also make them as wild or PG as you like. For instance, have you really just craved your partner telling you all the different reasons why they love you? Then write this down!

To make it easier, you can do different rounds. For instance, you could do a round on:

  • Fantasies in the Bedroom
  • Desires Right This Very Moment
  • Things You’ve Been Craving
  • Things That Would Mean a Lot To You

You see? You choose the category beforehand, write your prompts, take it in turns to pick one / two out, then you have the fun of unfolding them all at the end, before the next round, and discussing what’s written on them.

(Which creates interesting conversation as a bonus there too!)

games to bring you closer to your partner

3) Mystery Dice

Now, some of the simplest games are the best, which is why we have to add “Mystery Dice” to our romantic games for couples list. All you have to do is:

Grab a set of dice. If you have different coloured dices, this enables you to more “advanced” versions. So for example…

Version One:

One way to play Mystery Dice is to create different categories for different dice colours.

For example: as you’re looking for romantic couple games, the categories can be things like: romantic gesture, cute treat, romantic activity, etc.

You then pick your chosen category and roll the dice which relates to a challenge within it.

So you could end up with things like:

  • Tomorrow, you’re cooking a candle-lit dinner!
  • I’m giving you a massage tonight.
  • Let’s have a hot bubble bath together.

You see? These are typically bigger challenges so it’s a game you’d play on-going, in the background, day after day. (Which is pretty different, right?)

Version Two:

Alternatively, you may like to turn the heat up, by making Mystery Dice solely about “romantic favours.”

So with this, you will roll multiple dices at one time and each dice relates to a different thing.

  • Dice 1 will be the body part.
  • Dice 2 will be the action.
  • And Dice 3 will be a descriptive word.

So for example, you could roll a 1 on dice one and that means “lips.” Dice 2 could come up with 4 and that means “kiss.” And dice 3 could end up with 5, which means “gently.”

The more dices you have, the more different options you can create. Simply come up with the list together before (which is also part of the fun!) then roll, roll, roll!

Psst, there are also ready-made versions of this game, if you want to make it EVEN easier.

But we personally prefer the flexibility when you make it yourself, as that’s where you can really heighten the romance!

cute valentines day games to play

4) Romantic Scrabble

Another great way to create your own romantic games, is to take standard games – but add a romantic twist! Here, let us demonstrate with Scrabble…

See, we all love the classic word game, Scrabble, right? Virtually everyone has tried at least once!

To then make your own “Romantic Edition”, you add your own rules around romance, such as making each player only spell out a word that has a romantic connotation.

Now of course, some words may be up for discussion. But that adds to the fun of it! If they spell out a word, they have to explain how it ties into romance.

So for example, words like: Candles, Kisses, Staycation, etc, can all be quite easily linked with romance. But you may get some raunchy words added in there, or wild ones…

It’s then down to you or your partner to pitch the “romantic” side of it, to try to bag the points!


To add an extra fun element in, you can even collect points to then cash in romantic rewards. For example:

  • X points earns you a kiss.
  • X points earns you a massage.
  • Or failing to get X points in X minutes, means you have to take off an item of clothing!

You see? There’s so many different creative ways to not only make it more romantic, but also spice it up a bit!

You can also add this points-element to almost any points-game, making it super clever tip when looking to make date-nights more fun and playful!

sweet games for couples

Romantic Games For Couples

Let’s keep these romantic games coming then, shall we? Next up, it’s…

5) The Perfect Shot

Looking for romantic drinking games for couples?

Then allow us to introduce “The Perfect Shot!” For this, you need a Beer Pong Set (which you can then re-use when hosting parties!)

The game is then nice and easy… You take it in turns to attempt to bounce the ping pong ball into the shot glass. But there’s a twist…

Every time, before you throw, you have to share a “Romantic Confession / Declaration!”

This is great if one – or both of you – isn’t great at expressing how you feel… As it forces you to open up. (Plus the alcohol then also works to get your guard down too!)

For Example:

See, there’s so many different ways to say “I Love You.” So you may hear confessions like:

  • “In all honesty, from the moment I saw you, I thought you were ‘out of my league.’ I couldn’t believe my luck to be given a chance with you!”
  • “I didn’t think it was possible, but I genuinely fall more and more in love with you every day.”
  • “I actually couldn’t see my life without you now. I do really believe you’re the one for me.”

They’re not cliches or lines, they’re genuine feelings and emotions… Making it one of the most romantic games for couples, that’s then kept fun and exciting with the drinking game twist!

Remember, “The Perfect Shot” will be played in exactly the same way as “Beer Pong” whereby whenever you bounce a ball in the other persons shot – they have to drink.

So it’s all about – speaking up, opening up, then air, throw… and if you get the perfect shot – it’s a shot for your partner and a point for you. (Woohoo!)

Romantic Games For Couples

6) Hugs & Kisses, Tic, Tac, Toe!

Next up, we’re bringing the classic “Tic, Tac, Toe” into the mix for romantic games for couples, and again – adding a few different spins on it.

So first up, tic, tac, toe (also known as naughts and crosses), looks a little like… hugs and kisses. Right? The X’s are like kisses and the 0’s can be seen as two arms hugging.

So the first addition to this couples romantic version of Tic Tac Toe, is to pic your “suite” – naughts or crosses…

Then, if you’re naughts, every time you draw your 0, you have to give your partner a hug. If you’re crosses, every time you draw your X, you have to give your partner a kiss!

This can get pretty funny if you’re playing it fast-paced. It’ll go: hug, kiss, hug, kiss, pretty darn quick!


You can then also create Romantic Prize Cards, so after each round, the winner picks a card from the prize pack (which you’ll write out and create yourself before.)

These can be big things, little things, or “prizes” they can keep and redeem anytime they want. This then keeps the romance going, even after the game is over…

And again, it’s a romantic element you can add to almost any game to add that extra special spin on it.

Romantic Games For Couples

We’re flying through these romantic games for couples now! Is this giving you lots of ideas and inspiration? I hope so! Now, next up, we’ve got…

fun couples games

7) 20 Questions

Now I know what you’re thinking – 20 questions, really?!

See it may not be original, but it would be very-nearly shameful NOT to include some sort of question game in our romantic games for couples, purely because question games:

  1. Get you talking and properly communicating.
  2. Get you focusing on just the two of you. (Especially when you add a phone-ban whilst playing this game!)
  3. Give you that much-needed quality time.
  4. Keep you learning new things about each other, and continue to get to know each other.
  5. Bring you closer once more.

Why? Because question games consist of just the two of you talking… And that’s the beauty of them. There’s no distractions, nothing else…

It’s just you and your partner having quality, focused conversation. What’s more, when you make it romantic focused / relationship themed? The end result is really quite beautiful!

How To Play:

So, to play this version of 20 questions:

  • Simply sit opposite each other and come up with 10 romantic questions that you want to ask your partner.
  • Your partner does the same so that you end up with a list of 20 questions, specifically based around the two of you and what you want to know.
  • To get ideas, here’s 100 cute questions to ask your partner.
  • + 365 deep questions to ask your partner to throw some of those in too!

See, even if you believe you understand everything, there is to know about your beloved partner, you might be surprised. Likewise, what your partner wants to know may surprise you…

But now’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions that ignite cuter, more intimate conversations that you wouldn’t usually have every day.

Want to step it up a notch?

BONUS: Couples Truth Or Dare

Your Romantic 30 Questions act as the “truth” part to the classic “Truth or Dare” game.

However, adding the dares back into the game too, isn’t a bad idea – as it then breaks up the “soppy” stuff, either with more romance… (But action, as opposed to just speaking!) Or something a little more saucy!

So you can deice on the subcategory, whether that’s: cute dares, romantic dares or hot dares.

You simply then mix up your Couples 20 Questions with challenges in between. Clever huh?

different couples games

8) Mystery Massage

Our next romantic game for couples now then, is Mystery Massage, and this may actually be one of my FAVOURITE couples games on this list.

To make it all-the-more romantic, you’ve got to make sure you set the scene…

This means, making the room dark, lighting romantic candles and giving a quick squirt of aromatherapy mist before beginning.

You then want to get into your underwear (or nothing!) and take it in turns to massage each other… Only there’s a TWIST! See:

  • One person is blindfolded whilst the other gives a massage.
  • The other person then uses different body parts to massage their partner, and their partner has to guess what they’ve used!
  • They can also use different things to make it all the more sensual. Think whipped cream or chocolate sauce! And again, their partner has to guess any “extra ingredients!”

You do this in rounds, with the both of you giving one massage in each round, heating it up and up, the more rounds you do!

You can add a points system in if you like – with rewards for correct guesses. Or, simply enjoy the game as you play it. (As there’s certainly a lot to enjoy with this one!)

Romantic Games For Couples

9) The (Ongoing) Kissing Game

Want a romantic couples game that you can play anytime, anywhere, for any length of time? Then “The Kissing Game” is the game for you!

It’s the simplest romantic game for couples that we’ve shared so far, but it’s genius too!

See to play, you just:

  1. Pick a word.
  2. Every time you hear that word, you have to kiss your partner.
  3. If you pick up on the word and kiss them before they kiss you, you win a point.
  4. If you both kiss at the same time – it’s a draw, which means there’s no points for either of you.
  5. You then keep a tally of your points and once you reach a certain number of points, you can “cash” them in for different prizes. E.G. 20 points earns you X, 50 points earns you X. etc.

The Points System:

With the points system, the “prizes” should be romantic treats or dates.

If one of you wants to skip a lower point prize, to work towards a higher one – they can. Or if they want to keep redeeming the lower prize – that’s okay too!

Simply decide on the prizes for different point levels, pick a set time-frame.

E.G. This game will be played over X days or X weeks or X month(s).

Then keep it running in the background as you get on with life, keeping a tally of the points you’re on, on your phones!

It’s totally unique, original and incredibly sweet…

If you play it over a longer period of time, there may be moments where you forget about the game. But that only adds to the entertainment when you find your partner planting an unexpected kiss on you, and saying “one point to me!”

PSST, did you know, there’s actually many surprising health benefits of kissing?! Uh huh. Throw these out to your partner if they’re sceptical about playing!

date night games for couples

10) Romantic Treasure Hunt

Last but not least then, we’ve got a treasure hunt game to round up our romantic games for couples.

And hey, what better one to finish on? After all, didn’t you used to love going on treasure / scavenger hunts as a kid? Well they don’t have to stop now you’re grown up!

Instead, turn one into a romantic couples game. How? Well it’s simple…

  • Take it in turns to create your own romantic treasure hunt. This can be on the same day (battling it out to see who can come up with the cutest treasure hunt), or do it week by week to break them up.
  • The person who’s creating the treasure hunt, then hides clues, which lead to other clues, and within these – there are romantic notes, romantic surprises, or romantic (mini) gifts!
  • The “treasurer hunter” then works their way through, to reach the end “ultimate treasure” which can be anything you wish.

The best end prize is if you can come up with something you know they’ve been craving, and where all of the “clues” hint towards this.

For Example:

So for example: you could book a meal at their favourite Italian restaurant (whether that’s to celebrate an anniversary or not!) Hidden around the house, they then might find:

  • A pizza cutter. (Clue!)
  • A love poem written by a famous Italian poet. (Clue)
  • A new outfit, in a box. (Romantic Related Present.)

You see? There’s so much you can do with it – and that’s the fun in turning this into a two-part game, giving you both the chance to create your own treasure hunt.

Now this is a different romantic game for couples, as it’s not so much about going head-to-head…

Instead, with this one, you’re both winners, as the one person gets to make their partner happy, and the other gets swept off their feet with all the romance! (So it’s pretty darn sweet!)

And that’s what it’s all about – coming up with different romantic games that bring you closer, and spread more love, kindness and happiness!

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – 10 totally fun and original romantic games for couples.

Which one was your favourite? Which game will you be playing next? I hope you’re now filled with ideas and plans.

Storm through these? Looking for more? Then challenge each our with our ultimate top-rated “how well do you know me question game“.

That can be one of the most romantic games for couples, of them all, if you get top scores!

So have fun! Enjoy!


Romantic Games For Couples
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