12 Most Romantic New Years Eve Ideas (For Any Budget!)

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Looking for couples New Year’s Eve ideas? Things to do with your partner on New Year’s Eve? Want to make it cute, memorable and romantic? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s our top 12 most romantic New Year’s Eve ideas for 2023; to do before the clock strikes 12pm – MIDNIGHT!

The best part is, these are all romantic New Year’s Eve ideas that are actually “doable”, no matter what your budget! (Uh huh, just what we want and need!)

Romantic New Years Eve Ideas for NYE 2023

So without further ado, let’s jump straight in with these romantic New Year’s Eve ideas, shall we?

In no particular order, here’s our top 12 most romantic New Year’s ideas for couples that are well worth considering if you’re looking for things to do this New Year’s Eve…

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1) Head To The Ball!

“YOU SHALL GO TO THE BALL”, my Queen (😉)

First up, first up, forget nightclubs and partying this New Year’s Eve, and instead – go to something you can’t go to every day… Like a ball.

There’s plenty of fancy Black-Tie events around New Year’s Eve, to get you dressed up and celebrating in real style for the night!

So who says “happily ever after” can’t sometimes FEEL like a thing?!

Haven’t got the budget for a ball? Then you can still go with the Black-Tie dress-code at home… and bring the ball TO YOU!

Dress up, do your hair (I like to follow a loose curls hair tutorial to make mine feel extra special), do your makeup, then cook your own romantic three course meal (depending on how “all out” you want to go with it.)

The best part from there, has then got to be learning a ballroom dance in the comfort of your own living room. (Oh so sweet!)

Dance the night away… just the two of you! It’s sure to be a romantic New Years Eve idea you won’t forget!

Luxury NYE date ideas

2) Go To a Fancy Restaurant

Is a ball a bit too much for you? Then save up and go out for a romantic meal out instead. We’re talking Michelin Star standard (if possible!) Imagine that!

That’s like… “anniversary-date-worthy” sort of standard, but hey – you guys deserve to celebrate in a special way this year!

If you can’t stretch your budget quite that far (totally understandable), instead go to a restaurant you wouldn’t go to every day… If you’ve wanted to go there for a while, all the better!

I mean, you can pick the cheapest thing on the menu once you’re there, if you need, but it’s all about doing something extra special, to add to the romance.

Yes, you can do a romantic meal at home, but being “waited on” and looked after, is all part of the experience. And if you don’t eat out enough – that too, makes it extra special.

So save up and splash out as much as you can. Then it’s just you, your loved one, a candlelit table, good food and – of course – good company. What more could you want?!

Romantic New Years Eve Ideas

Cute Couples New Years Eve Ideas

3) Make a Time Capsule

A different New Years idea for couples is to make a time capsule.

Simply grab a sturdy time capsule container and fill it with meaningful items from the year. Finding these items is all part of the fun.

You can also write romantic letters or cute notes to go in there – sharing how you feel and what you’re looking forward to in the next 1 year / 2 years / 5 years. (Whichever timescale you want to go for.)

And – seeing as it’s New Year’s Eve – you can use it as an opportunity to look forward to the future, mapping out some of the key things you want to do or experience together next year.

If you’ve made some Couple’s New Years Resolutions – all the better… Add these inside then see if you stick to them too. See, the time capsule allows for full creativity!

The great thing is – it’s a super special romantic New Year’s Eve idea: one which can actually easily become a tradition – finding, revealing then re-hiding something different every year.

It’s sweet, original and keeps your relationship fun and exciting!

What to do with your boyfriend on new years eve

4) Hot Tub Hideaway

Now we can’t have a list of romantic New Year’s Eve ideas, without throwing in a hot tub hideaway! Hot tub stays are one of the most romantic of the lot!

So why not get away for New Year’s Eve? Just the two of you. Escape for the night!

Find somewhere with a hot tub. If they have a fire pit… All the better. Bring your own Prosecco and toast to new beginnings (or new chapters for the two of you!)

There’s plenty of fun and romantic games you can play whilst you’re there.

The alternative is to have a hot bubble bath at home, get into matching comfies, grab your own little fire pit (either an indoor fire pit or outdoor fire pit, both will do the job!), then create your own little hideaway at home!

In fact, on this note – you could even make your own romantic den to chill out in after. (Because no – they’re not just for kids! See our step-by-step guide for how to make a secret love den on #11 here!)

See, creativity gets you a long way when it comes to fun & imaginative couples New Year’s Eve ideas!

Cute NYE ideas

5) Have a Spa Day!

Next up, next up – it’s a Spa Day / Night as a romantic (totally refreshing!) New Year’s idea for couples. Save up and get yourself to a spa retreat for a much needed detox and pampering…

Then, on the night time, turn the temperature up as you continue with your own spicy massages in the bedroom! 😉

You can even have a digital detox whilst you’re at it – scrapping scrolling through social media to see what everyone else it up to, and instead, focusing on the two of you!

It’s a great way to go into the New Year, and instead of having a hangover… you feel fresh, energised and totally positive, all whilst making time for quality time. (Starting how you mean to go on, in 2024!)

The alternative (for those on a budget) is to do your own pamper night at home. This isn’t QUITE as romantic, as you don’t get the change of scenery.

So even if you have to forget about Christmas presents for each other this year to make it happen – this then actually becomes your festive treat! (Which – in my opinion – is well worth it!)

Talking of which…

Couples new years eve ideas

Romantic New Year’s Eve Ideas For 2023

6) Go On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for unique, romantic experiences that are worth every penny and more – you might like to consider SOARING into the New Year on a hot air balloon flight!

This is one of the most romantic New Year’s Eve ideas for couples, FOR SURE (even if it does feel like a bit of a crazy date idea!)

Now, you can either opt for an evening flight on New Year’s Eve itself, taking to the skies and toasting to the two of you.

Or, you can get up before the crack of dawn on New Year’s Day for a morning flight, which is – arguably – even better!

Either way, it’s an experience you won’t forget, signifying fresh starts and new beginnings.

Not got the budget for a hot air balloon ride?

Then consider releasing Biodegradable Paper Lanterns into the sky, as this is a popular, symbolic New Year’s Eve tradition that can be just as beautiful, yet affordable too.

Uh huh, you’ll watch your own mini balloons fly high! Talking of the sky…

Romantic New years ideas for couples

7) Go Star Gazing!

We’ve reached the half way mark for our top couples New Years Eve ideas now. So why not consider… STAR GAZING?!

This is another romantic New Year’s Eve idea that can very easily be turned into an annual tradition for the two of you.

Drive off, away from the city, find a remote spot where you can see the stars (either with a telescope or not!) Then put your music on, cosy up in the open trunk of your boot as you gaze into the universe above!

The key to this one… is to make sure you stay out, right the way until mid-night. When the clock strikes 12, celebrate by dancing in front of your car headlights – as if you’re a star on the stage!

Passing the time until then is also pretty easy. It gives you quality time together, where you can reflect, ask deeper questions, more intimate questions, or cute relationship questions that get you reminiscing about the best bits of the year too!

This is by far one of my favourite romantic New Year’s Eve date nights – providing it’s done properly and fully, right to the end. So if you’re going to do this one – go all out with it!

(I promise, it will then become one of your most memorable New Year’s Eve’s yet!

Romantic things to do on new years eve

8) See The Fireworks!

Can you really talk about romantic New Year’s Eve ideas, without mentioning some sort of fireworks?! I think not.

They just add extra magic to the evening and really set the scene for that classic New Year’s Eve kiss, which came around by the old saying, 

“On New Year’s Eve, kiss the person you hope to keep kissing” all year. 

You’ve got the countdown, the atmosphere, the sparkles, the lot! Talking of which – don’t forget to grab yourselves some sparklers or glow sticks for extra magic on the night too!

The best part in all of this? There’s usually heaps of free displays around, making it a beautiful, romantic, yet affordable New Year’s idea for couples.

New years ideas for couples

Romantic New Year’s Ideas For Couples

9) Go To a Concert / Show / Live Music / The Lot!

Looking for different couples New Year’s Eve ideas? Then search the list of events in your local area (or beyond) finding a show, concert, live music gig or something similar.

It still gives you an excuse to get dressed up and have some fun, but it’s more romantic if you’re finding and swanky event that better suits the two of you, to attend on New Year’s Eve.

We’re thinking – a jazz bar, or a theatre show… Or the theatre show then jazz bar after!

There’s plenty of cool new years eve outfits for men & women, so you can feel and look the part.

The options are endless. But the key to making it a romantic New Year’s Eve evening? Doing something you wouldn’t do every day, and going, just the two of you.

See, you can be in a room full of people and not even notice anyone else as you’re just feeling the music, moving to the rhythm, your body interlocked with your partner’s, eyes firmly fixed on them.

It’s beautiful… But it is whatever you make it! So for this reason, you can also recreate something similar at home. Just again, go for something that little bit different to make it extra special.

romantic ideas for new years eve

10) Carriage Ride

Now I know this blog is typically about FORGETTING the fairytales, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a Princess and be swept off your feet, every once in a while…

And what better time than at New Year’s Eve?!

Before the clock strikes 12, get in your own magical carriage, to make it a New Year’s Eve one you will ALWAYS remember!

Unfortunately we dont have any cheaper alternative for this one… Unless you can think of any other fairytale cliches you can bring to life.

But if you pick the right city and save up – it is possible and sweet-and-special experiences like this, are well worth it. (Plus of course, it’s BEYOND romantic, so it really does tick all the boxes!)

Memorable nye activities

11) Cocktail Making or Chocolate Tasting

Next up, I’m going to throw out a few different, similar, romantic New Year’s Eve ideas for couples. So for instance:

  • Why not give a cocktail making class a go?! Shaken or stirred?… You decide. It’s fun, playful and a little flirtatious, getting you tipsy as you head towards the New Year!
  • On a similar note, if you want something boozy (but still “classy” and sophisticated, how about an early evening Wine Tasting class? You can do this out, or later on – make your own version at home. There will be toast after toast, as you try different types, but it’s fun and different, and a great couples New Year’s Eve activity! Talking of which…
  • Chocolate Tasting is a good one, for non-drinkers and those looking for foodie date ideas this New Years Eve. In fact, you can do any type of tasting, so long as you’re trying different things and it’s indulgent for you.

All of these things can be done at home to make it more budget-friendly, but they also help to make it more romantic two, as it’s more intimate when you’re at home, just the two of you.

In fact, there’s plenty of romantic home date ideas that don’t cost a penny; proving you don’t always have to splash out to have a special time. Talking of which, let’s finish off with…

what to do on new years eve with your partner

12) Create a Scrapbook

Last but not least then, one of the most simple, but incredibly romantic New Year’s Eve ideas for couples, is to cosy up and create a scrapbook.

Stay in, just the two of you at home, get all your favourite food & nibbles in, create a big batch of mulled wine, keeping it toasty in a slow cooker, then snuggle up and start creating!

Go through your phone, reflect and re-live some of your favourite memories and moments that year.

You can then print your best pictures out and put them into a cute couples scrapbook. Here, you add notes and comments with things you don’t want to forget!

You can also make this an annual tradition – updating it every year until you have a visual “story of us.”

Want something a little more digital? Then have fun making a video together. You can get super playful with this, and it will be amazing to look back on.

Then, from there, as the clock strikes 12, it’s all about looking forward and planning – not just for your year ahead – but for the future you want and know you’ll have. ❤️

How To Create a Romantic Den

That’s All For This One

So there we have it – our top 12 most romantic New Year’s Eve ideas for couples, with both “all out” and “budget friendly” options within.

Which ideas stood out to you the most? Which will you try this New Year’s Eve?

Whatever you do, I hope you have a truly special time and would like to wish you all the best for 2024.

Take care!


Romantic New Years Eve Ideas
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